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HPE software Discover Performance Community for IT Experts


Vivit's Expanded Reach into the HPE software Discover Performance Community for IT Experts

Discussion forum integration
Vivit category Your expanded resource

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise software IT Experts Community is hosted by HPE and is another place for you, your peers and HPE experts to meet and exchange information, tips and tricks and best practices for getting the most out of HPE solutions. With the launch, Vivit and HP have decided to host the Vivit discussion forums on both Vivit's and HPE's communities and link them with RSS feeds. This extends the reach of the Vivit discussion forums and allows you to keep up with posts and news from both sites. Vivit also has its own category for Vivit news and information. As you (a Vivit member) are the best and brightest in the HPE software universe, HPE and your Vivit board are reaching out to ask you to add your independent voice to the Vivit discussion forums and category and ensure the content is as relevant, interesting, and as current as possible.

Vivit Avatar in HPE software Discover Performance Community for IT Experts

Announce your Vivit affiliation to the world

Additionally, we hope you'll use the new Vivit avatar in your profile in the Software IT Experts Community to identify yourself as a Vivit member and subject-matter expert.


To assign the Vivit avatar to your profile, simply follow these steps:


  1. Go to the HPE software Solutions Community at
  2. Once you have signed in with your HP Passport account, navigate to the "User Settings" link under "User Settings" from the top right of the page.
  3. Click on the third tab, "Avatars”
  4. From this screen, choose the Vivit collection and click on the Vivit avatar.

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