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How HP’s ALM Shows Its Dedication to Quality

Posted By Michelle Pivonka, Thursday, February 19, 2015
Bernard Szymczak

Bernard P Szymczak, Vivit Ohio Chapter Leader

Anyone who has installed an upgraded version of software knows there are challenges. Will it function like the prior version? Will the hardware requirements change? How long will the installation take? All of these are good questions, but one question tops them all for my company.

Will my existing artifacts transfer over to the upgraded system with minimal data loss?

I use the word minimal here, because it is uncommon in an enterprise class system. No one can really guarantee 100%, usually it is 99.99%. This usually leads to have a one-off not get transferred right and require some manual intervention to correct. Sometimes you need to just recreate the item from scratch.

Then there is the conversion process. How long will that take? How complex is it? What risks are associated with doing this?

A little background here on our environment. We have over 300+ databases and well over a terabyte of file storage in our system. We use on-shore, off-shore and near-shore resources to access the QC/ALM system. QC/ALM is up 24/7 unless we have a scheduled downtime done well in advance for patches and upgrades.

When we upgraded from Quality Center 10 to Application Lifecycle Management 11.52, we experienced something wonderful in terms of data. We lost none of it. Not a single item at all. While we did experience some challenges along the way, none of them concerned losing the data we had in the system. Our Technical Account Manager at HP worked with us every step of the way and got us answers in a timely manner.

As for the upgrade process for each project, it was easy to follow. I was impressed at how accurate the verify/upgrade project steps were. We had a few projects in our system that needed to have some cleanup done (caused by us and not HP). The instructions on what needed to be done in the error logs were descriptive. The result was a quick turnaround on resolution.

In my role, I deal with all the major players in the enterprise class software industry. Most of the time, there are always those little undocumented features that cause an issue here or there. Sometimes those issues cause conversions to become quite the challenge or worse yet data to become misplaced or lost.

This is a testament to how HP has taken a product they acquired. The enhancements HP made were not only the feature set upgrades, but the overall quality of the system. While future upgrades will always present their own unique challenges, I know with high confidence that data loss will not be among them.

Thank you, HP, and keep up the good work.

Bernard P Szymczak

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Sahil Chauhan says...
Posted Thursday, March 5, 2015
I am currently working on an upgrade from 11.00 to 12.20 and find your article quite motivating. But I didn't find the verify/repair to be smooth as you mentioned. Verify keeps on complaining even when repair is successful. HP representative said it is because of cache but even bouncing JBoss didn't help.

I hope all ends well with the upgrade.
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