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Vertica is the most advanced SQL database analytics portfolio built from the very first line of code to address the most demanding Big Data analytics initiatives. Vertica delivers speed without compromise, scale without limits, and the broadest range of consumption models.

Vertica SQL Analytics Platform delivers:

  • Fast and Comprehensive SQL Analytics - Gain insights into your data in near-real time by running queries 50x-1,000x faster than legacy products with a comprehensive library of SQL-based analytics, such as geospatial, predictive, and more
  • Massive Scalability - Infinitely scale your solution by adding an unlimited number of industry-standard servers
  • Open Architecture - Protect and embrace your investment in hardware and software, with built-in support for Hadoop, R, and a range of ETL and BI tools
  • Optimized Data Storage - Store 10x-30x more data per server than row databases with patented columnar compression for the lowest overall TCO
  • Deploy in minutes - Get started in minutes with optimized and pre-configured Vertica software for AWS Cloud
  • Achieve maximum uptime - Eliminate any single point of failure with our innovative “no -leader node” design, native load balancing and fault tolerance capabilities

This SIG is focused on helping Vertica professionals get in touch with one another, share knowledge, and keep advised of the latest innovations in the Vertica Analytic Database. Stay connected with experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of the Vertica Analytics Platform. We invite all current and former Vertica employees as well as database professionals who are interested in working with Vertica, the industry's leading analytics platform, to join this Vertica SIG.

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Mary Rasmussen wrote on the Special Interest Group: Vertica wall: With the move to Micro Focus we are updating our Software Education Accreditation & Certification Program - Information on the new program can be found here: http://bit.ly/2wZlxBo We are building out this new program - so far Vertica has one new exam. Posted 1 minute ago
Posted Thursday, September 14, 2017
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