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Business pressures are driving many IT organizations toward faster release cadence, Lean, and more Agile-like development processes. Many groups have developed processes and practices that already work very effectively, without requiring significant change. But to succeed in a bimodal world, many customers are looking at multiple tools to support newer practices and Continuous Integration (CI). Micro Focus ALM customers already have access to the tools and capabilities to succeed.

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  • To understand what’s new in the Micro Focus ALM portfolio
  • To see all the new capabilities that help you unlock your existing investment
  • To view a demonstration of the latest capabilities in the ALM platform, including the integrations between ALM and ALM Octane and the Development, Testing, and Build environments


Vandan Nayak
Senior Product Manager
Micro Focus

  • Over 15 years of experience in the Application Lifecycle Management and Quality solutions
  • Started career in Mercury Interactive as technical consultant for LoadRunner & Performance Center
  • Led teams of senior technical consultants & enterprise account managers who worked with Fortune 1000 customers
  • In the past 5 years, he has been focused on modernizing the ALM Platform and delivering next generation of Application Lifecycle Management software
  • Started his career in Mercury Interactive as technical consultant for LoadRunner & Performance Center
  • MBA from Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University specializing in Product Marketing and Leadership


Zoe Smith 
Global Product Marketing Manager
Micro Focus

  • Product Marketing Manager for ALM Octane, ALM / QC, Rhythm, SCCM, Connect
  • Formerly Solution Architect in Presales for Application Delivery Management Software
  • Holding a B.S. in Accounting and Marketing from Grove City College in PA

Unlock ALM Invest Micro Focus ALM & ALM Octane

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Slide Deck PDF (4.68 MB) T. Sarallo 3/1/2018
Webinar Recording Link J. Rutten 3/1/2018

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