July 2012

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The IT Game Changers and HP Discover

Vivit Launches Efforts to Support Members Using Game Changing Technologies

HP Discover 2012, Frankfurt, Germany

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Webinar:

Managing Requirements in ALM: Avoid 10 Common Pitfalls

Local Chapter and Special Interest Group Leader Updates

Spotlight on a Volunteer

News from HP Software

The DNA of APM – Event to Incident Flow
By Larry Dragich, Director EAS, Auto Club Group / AAA Michigan

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Welcome IntelliCorp!

The IT Game Changers and HP Discover

By Jason Kennedy, President, Vivit Board of Directors

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and see what's new, innovative, and changing the game for IT.

We've been back from HP Discover 2012 for a few weeks now, and I think most of us have recovered from a long and intense week in Las Vegas. I'm hoping our amazing chapter and special interest group leaders and other volunteers have also, because they were fantastic!

  • Thank you Vivit volunteers!
  • What are the game changers?

Vivit Launches Efforts to Support Members Using Game Changing Technologies

We live in an ever-changing world, and the pace of change is showing no signs of slowing. This is more true than ever in the computer software sector. Key trends such as the moves to cloud and mobile computing bring with them opportunities and risks. IT is increasingly seen as an integral part of business rather than a supporting function. As the independent HP Software user group, Vivit needs to support members working in this changing domain and help members to embrace the opportunities brought about by key IT game changers: cloud, mobility, big data, and security.

Game Changing Special Interest Groups

Vivit hosts special interest groups organized around a specific technology. Join the following IT game changing groups to connect with some of the best minds from around the world for discussions, educational events, and collaborations.

  • Mobile
  • Business Intelligence (Big Data)

Member sign-in required to join a group

  • Cloud and Security
    Would you like to lead a special interest group on cloud, security or one of the existing game changing special interest groups?
    Contact us.

Video: How Can You Get Ahead of Game Changing Technologies in Your Workplace? PIPEDA, BYOD, Cloud, Big Data, SIEM...


It's Coming... The Discover Performance Tour

Achieve IT without borders.

We predict an interesting future for CIOs and IT leaders – where you’ll move from being the IT builder to becoming the power broker. We see an agile, mobile, cloud-enabled world, where IT needs to become embedded more deeply into the business. IT leaders will bring innovation by mastering a digital supply chain, and agilely designing and launching business processes that take advantage of new markets and opportunities. To thrive in this world, IT needs to operate without borders. And dissolving the boundaries between your development and operations teams is a critical place to start.

Here’s your chance. Join the Discover Performance Tour to engage with industry-leading solutions, experts and your peers as you get started on your journey. During this interactive event, you’ll gain perspective from industry leaders, benefit from the insights of IT leaders, interact with the solutions and get started on your DevOps journey.


Join the Conversation

Enterprise 20/20 is a collaborative effort to imagine and shape the enterprise of the future and thrive in a borderless world. How are you envisioning the future of the enterprise?

Mark your calendars for HP Discover in Frankfurt, Germany, 4-6 December. Find out more.

Upcoming Meetings

July 19, 2012• Des Moines, Iowa
What's New in ALM 11.5

August 7, 2012 • Saint Petersburg, Florida
Florida Chapter Meeting

August 21, 2012 • Liebefeld / Köniz bei Bern, Switzerland
User Group Treffen "Requirements-Engineering & Requirements-basiertes Testen mit HP QC/ALM"

September 18, 2012
• Columbus, Ohio
Ohio Service Management Group Event

September 25-26, 2012
• Bad Honnef, Germany
Vivit HP Software Anwendertreffen 2012

October 9, 2012
• Frihamnen, Sweden
Vivit Sweden Member meeting Q4 2012

Upcoming Webinar

July 26, 2012 • 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM CEST
Managing Requirements in ALM: Avoid 10 Common Pitfalls

Learn about the best practices and steps you can take to ensure that you maximize the results of the effort you put into your business requirements. We will reverse engineer from a DO NOT statement, to a DO statement, showcasing on the good/best practices for ALM customers to use the HP Requirements Management module within Quality Centre and the ALM suite.


Local Chapter and Special Interest Group Updates

We welcome the following new leaders, their expertise, and independent voice. We invite you to
get connected and join their Vivit groups.

Chris Carpenter
Solution Architect
Independent Consultant
Seattle Chapter Leader

Melissa Jacobson
Public Relations
Orasi Software, Inc.
Atlanta Chapter Leader

Brian Pohl
Lead Architect
San Antonio Chapter Leader
Mobile SIG Leader

Bernard Szymczak
Senior IT Systems Engineer
Progressive Insurance
Ohio Chapter Leader
TQA SIG Leader

Gustavo Torres
Outer TI
Brasil Chapter Leader

Maurice van den Driessche
Solution Architect
HP SM SIG Leader

Vivit now has 69 local chapters spanning 22 countries. Join a chapter near you. Vivit also has 12 worldwide special interest groups (SIGs) with an online hub of information around a specific topic. Join a SIG today.

Spotlight on a Volunteer

Paul Shovlin
Director - Professional Services
Checkpoint Technologies
Florida Chapter


News from HP Software

  • Explore HP’s new IT Experts information hub
  • Announcing the HP Software Awards of Excellence in IT Performance 2012 Winners
  • New Support Customer Forums live for key products
  • HP Software Premier Support Webinar – replay now available

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