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What’s New in SiteScope 11.33Open in a New Window

Learn about the newest capabilities and features of SiteScope version 11.33. Support for AWS Autoscaling, integration with Microsoft Azure and AWS, UI Rejuvenation, and more.


How to make most of Probe auto-assignment feature in HPE Diagnostics 09.30?Open in a New Window

Configuring auto-assignment with HPE Diagnostics 09.30.


Global ALM Octane Hackathon is LIVE: Enter to compete and WIN!Open in a New Window

Enter the worldwide virtual ALM Octane Hackathon with $10k in PRIZES. Hosted by AngelHack and & Hewlett Packard Enterprise

ALM Octane HackathonALM Octane Hackathon


Check out the new User Management Console in PPM 9.40Open in a New Window

Every existing and new Hewlett Packard Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management customer can realize efficiencies with the new User Management Console. Just imagine managing user security group assignments or license allocations from the browser rather than the workbench.

PPM 9.40 User4 Managaement ConsolePPM 9.40 User4 Managaement Console



Simple but impactful benefits of HPE PPM 9.40Open in a New Window

Every new version of HPE Project and Portfolio Management introduces some new usability benefits. Here is a quick summary of what was delivered in PPM version 9.40.


HPE ALM Groups>Users. Know who belongs where (or to which group)Open in a New Window

Large group teaser.png

Knowing which ALM users are in which ALM groups, for a single project or all projects, may be essential to maintaining your environment.


MF-Test and HPE ALM - Making a Difference in Mainframe Testing and Lifecycle ManagementOpen in a New Window

tester workstation teaser.png

The Israel Ministry of Transport (MOT) decided to expand vehicle registration numbers from 7 to 8 digits with the increase in cars on the road. But this project requires more than simply updating a number. It meant updating mainframe applications as well, while keeping quality high and through maintaining product’s lifecycle well defined for the present and for the future.


What’s new in the integration between HPE BPM 9.30 and HPE MobileCenter 2.0?Open in a New Window

BPM integration teaser.png

End user applications are no longer limited to workstations or laptops. The number of handheld devices is increasing and more applications are being developed for them. Learn how to embrace the power within the integration of HPE BPM and HPE Mobile Center.


Email delivery after ALM project is upgraded for the users belonging to itOpen in a New Window

There are times where you need to upgrade a project and remove users to perform the work. Now there is an easy way to alert HPE ALM users that upgrades have been performed successfully. Keep reading to learn more.  


HPE Discover Keynote: Hear how HPE can help you deliver high-quality apps at speed & scaleOpen in a New Window

Bad apps happen to good people. But they don’t have to. Join us for this session, where industry leaders and customers will show you how to successfully deliver high-quality apps at speed and scale. Learn tips and tricks to help you maneuver past obstacles and avoid bad apps. See some of the high-powered solutions Hewlett Packard Enterprise will bring to market that enable you to address the needs of the digital economy.


Want Speed, Quality and Scale in Software Test Automation? Look to a Magic Quadrant Leader, HPEOpen in a New Window

The ability to automate the practice of software testing is one of the critical success factors to delivering digital innovation with speed, quality and scale.  Digital quality successes and failures continue to explode on the social media scene and can become a signal of brand success or failure.  The road to expanded software test automation takes focus and skill expansion, but it can be greatly facilitated by the use of software test automation solutions.  Gartner, Inc., a leading IT industry analyst firm, evaluates the market and providers of software test automation in their new Magic Quadrant, and HPE is pleased to be a leader for the second year in a row.  Explore what went into the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation and why we believe HPE was selected as a leader in the blog that follows.MQ, Software Test Automation teaser.png


Chatbots at HPE Discover - How Chatting Makes the Enterprise More ProductiveOpen in a New Window


Join HPE at Discover London to learn about the rise of Chatbots in the Enterprise. Learn first hand from peers, industry experts, and HPE experts on how bots are being used to make developers and operations more powerful and work faster. Experts discuss how bots are being using to solve real problems, changing the way we work in a more intuitive and faster way.


Quality Center Edition vs. Application Lifecycle Management EditionOpen in a New Window

When you install HPE Application Lifecycle Management you receive the benefits of Quality Center. Keep reading to learn how to maximize your usage of this software.


Get the most out of HPE ALM Octane: Watch our Live Day webcast recordings!Open in a New Window

ALM Octane Live DayALM Octane Live Day

1 product, 6 hours, 12 webcasts, limited seats, unlimited excitement! Join us at the virtual online HPE ALM Octane Live Day on December 5, and learn about Agile, DevOps and ALM Octane from our thought leaders and product experts.  


Improving global search in Application Lifecycle ManagementOpen in a New Window

 Time is of the essence, and we understand how important yours is. Keep reading to find out more about our new global search capabilities.


Monitoring real mobile devices on AWS using HPE BPM and HPE Mobile CenterOpen in a New Window

infographic teaser2. png.pngIs your organization having trouble finding mobile devices available for synthetic monitoring? BPM Real Device Monitoring enables you to leverage the large collection of mobile devices available in the AWS Cloud to test and monitor the availability and performance of mobile applications.



Must attend ADM sessions and demos at HPE Discover London!Open in a New Window

HPE Discover lights teaser.png

Starting November 29th and right through December 1st, the HPE ADM team will be on stage at HPE Discover. You’ll hear about mobile app performance, DevOps, Docker technology, continuous integration and testing, and more. Keep reading to find out more about sessions and demos at the event.  


SiteScope Docker Monitor: Monitoring Oracle database Container within minutesOpen in a New Window



HPE PPM earns PRINCE2 certification from SERVIEWOpen in a New Window

SERVIEW Certified Tool Logo.png

As of August 2016 SERVIEW testifies that HPE Project and Portfolio Management fully complies with seven PRINCE2 processes. Keep reading to find out what this recognition means.


Wedding Planning utilizing Agile project management: Creating a successful big dayOpen in a New Window

wedding teaser.JPG

As I was planning my recent wedding, I realized that wedding planning is similar to an Agile project. Keep reading to learn how we utilized Agile capabilities during our planning.

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