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Analytical Difference: Digital Safe Claims Top Honors Within Radicati ReportOpen in a New Window

adventure-1834841_640.jpgHPE’s Digital Safe, a core component of HPE’s Information Governance Solution, was recognized today within Radicati’s Information Archiving Report as Best in Category.   Digital Safe’s advanced analytics and product roadmap allowed it to capture best in class for both Functionally and Vision categories.


How to cultivate a culture of legal complianceOpen in a New Window

law-1991004_640.jpgVarious domestic and international regulations require organizations to retain sensitive information for set periods before securely disposing of it. For law firms, in particular, this once meant storing boxes full of printed documents—maybe in a warehouse and maybe indefinitely.


Data Protector v9.07 / 9.08 - Postgres : "autovacuum: found orphan temp table"Open in a New Window

WHAT TO DO  - Cell Manager/IDB error messages - Postgres : "autovacuum: found orphan temp table".

RECOMMENDED PATCH FIX - This error is fixed in DP A.09.08_b113 patches.


Beyond keywords: Information archiving and risk management with HPE Digital SafeOpen in a New Window

scm2.pngSecure content management was a hot topic at last week’s Legaltech event in New York. But so was the idea that “security” is only one part of the management equation; it’s not enough to lock up data and throw away the key. Some organizations—especially in the fields of law, financial services, and pharmaceuticals—are required to identify and respond to potential fraud, insider trading, breaches of confidence, and other risks hidden within the vast volumes of information they produce or are entrusted with.


Information governance isn’t just the law, it’s good businessOpen in a New Window

PlenarySession2.jpgWhen it comes to compliance and eDiscovery, the rules of the game—and even the size of the playing field—are always changing. This is true both for corporations, and (as we focus on here) the law firms that serve them. 


A deep dive into HPE Data Protector 9.08: Integration with Recovery Manager Central 3.0Open in a New Window

Figure 1Figure 1Here is another technical blog in the series of Data Protector 9.08 deep dive feature discussions. Data Protector 9.08, released late last year, brought new functionality such as native integration with Microsoft Azure, Oracle 12c CDB/PDB and Oracle ASM with 3PAR ZDB/IR support, and compatibility with HPE Recovery Manager Central 3.0


Breaking Down Silos: Alignment of Security and Info Gov Is Changing the Face of the EnterpriseOpen in a New Window

sharni10.pngCorporate data continues to evolve and influence the enterprise, executive suite and the general market.

 Corporate data has been widely recognized as a critical asset that allows organizations to apply analytics and unlock the value of data to make smarter business decisions and create efficiencies across the organization.  The need for information insight has given rise to new markets, new companies, new technologies and more streamlined business practices at the corporate level.


Dealing with an Information Overload in Life SciencesOpen in a New Window

lsblog.pngThere’s one thing life sciences organizations don’t lack--information. Infinitely multiplying trial outcomes, data sets, etc. there are such large amounts of growing volume and types of data, information, and records that many companies don’t know what to do.


DP 9.x and DP 8.x on Windows- Services running, getting random errors: Cannot open databaseOpen in a New Window

database1.jpgMicrosoft security patches enforces ASLR feature, which is incompatible with posgres.exe database engine executable.


HPE Integrates with Objective Corp's Suite to Expand Info Governance Capabilities for CustomersOpen in a New Window

Increased regulations are causing organizations across a wide spectrum of industries to reexamine information governance and classification practices.  Regardless of the information asset, enterprises need to ensure that their assets are protected and managed in a way that allows for transparency, can be shared seamlessly, and are protected and comply with evolving regulations.


Legaltech 2017: Information Insight is the First Step to Protecting Data and Achieving ComplianceOpen in a New Window

taxi-cab-381233_640.jpgFor many, the first risk that comes to mind is security-related.  Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently published its 2017 State of Security Operations Report. The annual report, published by HPE’s Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting Division, examines the security practices and readiness of nearly 140 organizations across the globe.


HPE VM Explorer takes the lead on G2 CrowdOpen in a New Window

G2crowd1.pngAs HPE Software partners and customers know, we take pride in delivering the best user experience in the market. From data protection to content management, our user-centered solutions are designed to satisfy both customer and business needs.


Protecting your digital enterprise—it’s not just up to ITOpen in a New Window

london-441853_1280.jpgWhile digital transformation is an exciting opportunity, it also presents new threats. 

At Discover 2016 in London, HPE hosted a discussion that addressed the risks businesses face as they consider or undertake digital transformation programs. In the session, I talked to Duncan Brown, the Research Director for European Security at IDC, as well as HPE’s security experts, Tim Grieveson and David Kemp.



The Many Faces of Enterprise RiskOpen in a New Window

human-977414_640.jpgHewlett Packard Enterprise’s recent spin/merger of its software business with Micro Focus to create the 6th largest stand-alone software company in the world has created a number of changes, opportunities and personally has put me on the road more.  I recently returned from Europe where I had the opportunity to engage with customers across a wide range of markets to discuss the latest data trends impacting their businesses.


the New world of RiskOpen in a New Window

digital-388075_640.jpgDigital transformation is rapidly increasing the amount of data, applications, people, and tools that businesses engage with each day. While the speed with which organizations are innovating is exciting, it is also making risk management an urgent priority.


Your next step on the road to GDPR readinessOpen in a New Window

steps-388914_640.jpg“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” Lao Tzu

I love this quote. One of the most important things about getting started on any project or task is simply to start. If something is important to us, is of significance or is simply worth doing, procrastination is never a legitimate strategy. This said, it is also important to know in which direction to take that dreaded first step.


Join us in the hustle and bustle of Legalweek 17 in NYCOpen in a New Window

LegalTechBlog17.pngWith LegalWeek New York 2017 right around the corner, we know that your organization’s ocean of data continues to rise, clouding visibility and control into the information that matters.


How to deploy SAN-based Microsoft Hyper-V backups using HPE Data Protector with HPE 3PAR StorageOpen in a New Window

Figure 1 – VSS default backups – over the LANFigure 1 – VSS default backups – over the LANWhen backing up Virtual Machines in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment, many people assume that the capabilities and options are the same as with VMware – providing the ability to do LAN-based or SAN-based backups simply using a virtual environment integration. 


European customers share insights at DiscoverOpen in a New Window

ICCBlog_Sharni.jpgOne of the best features of HPE Discover is the ease with which customers can share information about how they’re using our technologies to solve complex business problems. Last month’s Discover event in London again highlighted this, featuring presentations from numerous customers including the International Criminal Court (ICC) and Germany’s Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.


Five ways to stop ransomware ruining your day (and business)Open in a New Window

privacy-policy-445157_640.jpgRansomware is one of the biggest headaches for corporate IT managers today and proving incredibly hard to control. The reality for most businesses and governments is not when they’ll be the victim of a ransomware attack but when.

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