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the New world of RiskOpen in a New Window

digital-388075_640.jpgDigital transformation is rapidly increasing the amount of data, applications, people, and tools that businesses engage with each day. While the speed with which organizations are innovating is exciting, it is also making risk management an urgent priority.


Your next step on the road to GDPR readinessOpen in a New Window

steps-388914_640.jpg“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” Lao Tzu

I love this quote. One of the most important things about getting started on any project or task is simply to start. If something is important to us, is of significance or is simply worth doing, procrastination is never a legitimate strategy. This said, it is also important to know in which direction to take that dreaded first step.


Join us in the hustle and bustle of Legalweek 17 in NYCOpen in a New Window

LegalTechBlog17.pngWith LegalWeek New York 2017 right around the corner, we know that your organization’s ocean of data continues to rise, clouding visibility and control into the information that matters.


How to deploy SAN-based Microsoft Hyper-V backups using HPE Data Protector with HPE 3PAR StorageOpen in a New Window

Figure 1 – VSS default backups – over the LANFigure 1 – VSS default backups – over the LANWhen backing up Virtual Machines in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment, many people assume that the capabilities and options are the same as with VMware – providing the ability to do LAN-based or SAN-based backups simply using a virtual environment integration. 


European customers share insights at DiscoverOpen in a New Window

ICCBlog_Sharni.jpgOne of the best features of HPE Discover is the ease with which customers can share information about how they’re using our technologies to solve complex business problems. Last month’s Discover event in London again highlighted this, featuring presentations from numerous customers including the International Criminal Court (ICC) and Germany’s Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.


Five ways to stop ransomware ruining your day (and business)Open in a New Window

privacy-policy-445157_640.jpgRansomware is one of the biggest headaches for corporate IT managers today and proving incredibly hard to control. The reality for most businesses and governments is not when they’ll be the victim of a ransomware attack but when.


Microsoft Learning leads the way on easy backup to AzureOpen in a New Window

SharniMSFTblogDisc1.jpgOne of the newest capabilities in HPE’s backup and recovery suite is native integration between HPE Data Protector 9.08 and Microsoft Azure, making it even easier for customers to back up and restore data from the cloud.


Why it’s getting more dangerous to hold data than delete itOpen in a New Window

GouldBlog.jpgAs someone who has been paying close attention to the development of Europe’s new data privacy rules, I’m aware they are going to have a huge impact on European businesses and any other organization that stores data about European citizens. However, I gained an even greater sense of just how challenging these new laws will be when I hosted a discussion forum with a group of HPE customers at Discover in London.


Are you wasting money and resources keeping legacy applications running?Open in a New Window

AppRetirement.pngAre you one of the many organizations moving from the PeopleSoft Enterprise application to another Human Resource Management System (HRMS), but still paying for PeopleSoft instances to retain access to historical data for compliance and reporting purposes?


Records and Responsibility-Why Digitization is Not Only a Policy ArgumentOpen in a New Window

phone-1052023_640.jpgEvery four years the policy wind in DC blows in the direction of the new administration’s priorities. This January, post inauguration activities will be no different. Many of the initiatives we saw from the Obama administration, particularly in his second term, were done via Directive or Executive Order so as not to depend on Congressional approvals and appropriation setbacks.


Potential Technology Impact with the New AdministrationOpen in a New Window

the-white-house-1623005_640.jpgRegardless of administration, a Presidential election always leaves big questions in DC. While one President wants a focus on climate, the next could change it to a focus on terrorism or economy. The truth is, much like Forrest Gump states-a new administration is “like a box of chocolates-you never know what you’re going to get”. While the election is behind us, questions on our direction as a nation dependent on technology is not.


How to meet your GDPR obligations in five key stepsOpen in a New Window

5StepsGDPR.pngThe hottest topic at HPE’s Discover customer conference in London last week was Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this post, I outline a simple methodology that IT and information management professionals can follow to comply with GDPR and use as a catalyst to enhance their entire systems.


HPE Backup Navigator 9.50 is here!Open in a New Window

BackupNavigator952.pngHPE Backup Navigator 9.50 is here for you to try out or to upgrade your environment. A companion product to HPE Data Protector and a key component of the Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite, Backup Navigator is an analytics, monitoring and reporting tool which allows customers to optimize their backup and recovery environment.


The story of Chicken Little and the release of HPE Content Manager 9.1Open in a New Window

acorn-437057_640.jpgDo you remember the story of Chicken Little (or Henny Penny depending on where you live) and how an acorn hit her on the head resulting in hysteria about the sky falling in and the world coming to an end? There are two versions of the story – one with a happy ending and the other more common ending where Chicken Little and her friends are eaten by a fox.


HPE Storage Optimizer 5.4, a key component of the HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery, is here!Open in a New Window

StorageOptimizer 2.pngHPE Storage Optimizer, 5.4, the data storage optimization solution that lets you intelligently manage unstructured data and distribute information across multiple storage repositories, including the cloud, is now available.


How to Offload Backup Data into a Cloud Using HPE Data Protector 9.08Open in a New Window

cloudbu1.pngIn October we rolled out Data Protector 9.08, our enterprise-class backup and recovery software. With today's topic of cloud integration we are kicking off a series of deep-dive technical insights into the Data Protector 9.08 features.


Fourth consecutive year of leadership for HPE Content Manager in the ECM Technology Value MatrixOpen in a New Window

nucleus.pngGathering product and market information from a variety of sources is generally considered good practice, and gives you a more realistic and balanced overview. Looking at research reports from different organizations and industry analysts can unlock new perspectives, use cases and trends – which is important when making business decisions.


Addressing your IM&G Challenges at HPE Discover LondonOpen in a New Window

DiscoverSessions.jpgThe Information Management & Governance (IM&G) group of Hewlett Packard Enterprise will be participating in the HPE Discover London 2016 show taking place at the ExCel London November 29th- December 1st 2016. Join IM & G professionals to explore an integrated approach to content, risk management and compliance.


What is HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery? Check out our new video to find out!Open in a New Window

kembryABRBlog.jpgecently Hewlett Packard Enterprise introduced the HPE Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite, which provides a modern approach to intelligent, adaptable data protection.  In order to help illustrate the power and flexibility of the ABR suite, we have created a short video that provides an overview of market trends and requirements, and demonstrations of the ABR product components.


The paradox of GDPR “constructive compliance”Open in a New Window

relax-1702639_640.jpgFor many corporates, the General Data Protection Regulation may be seen as either – just one more regulation OR just more of the same from the 1995 GDP Directive?

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