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Accelerate your big data transformation at AWS re:InventOpen in a New Window

reinvent.jpgWe are pleased to announce that HPE is a gold sponsor of the 2016 AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas and a AWS - Big Data Competency partner! Join us and explore how data-driven organizations rely on analytic solutions to load, store and analyze volumes of data at high speed, deriving timely insights.


The future belongs to the fast — Accelerating data-driven innovation in the enterprise today!Open in a New Window

sl session.jpg

Learn how to harness Big Data and Applied Machine Learning from real-world pioneers that have made it happen in their own organizations. Join us for this mind-bending HPE Discover Spotlight session on Big Data at Discover London!


3 best practices on your path to analytics maturityOpen in a New Window

big data analytics.jpg

As you move through the five stages of big data adoption, you’ll gain more value from your investments in big data analytics. You can successfully reach analytics maturity by employing a few common best practices…


Discover the path to a hybrid infrastructureOpen in a New Window

hybrid infrastructure.jpg

Join us at HPE Discover London to learn how to accelerate effective knowledge discovery in a hybrid infrastructure using advanced search and analytics.


How Big Data will benefit from the HPE and Micro Focus spin mergerOpen in a New Window

City lights teaser.png

The upcoming spin-merger between HPE Software and Micro Focus offers amazing capabilities for our Big Data software business. Keep reading to learn more about this new enterprise portfolio.


Benchmarks to prove you need an analytical database for Big DataOpen in a New Window

Passing and failing TPC-DS Queries teaser.jpg

When it comes to big data, it’s important to ask “What’s next?” Sure, users find lower licensing costs when storing data in Hadoop—although they often do pay for subscriptions. Storing data efficiently in a cluster of nodes is the table stakes for data management today.


Dealing with Big Data and you don’t even know it? Get insights into your data!Open in a New Window

Journey through the 5 stages teaser.png

The process of becoming a mature, data-driven organization is not an easy process, but the benefits of the maturation process far outweigh remaining with the status quo.

Keep reading to learn how to begin your journey toward big data adoption.


Achieving Big Data Analytics Maturity- getting to the heart of your dataOpen in a New Window

stages of big data analytics maturity teaser.png

Today, many organizations are collecting increasing amounts of disparate data. In fact, many are collecting more than they can manage or analyze, yet they realize that big data and data analysis can provide an important strategic competitive advantage. Keep reading to learn how you can discover where you are in the maturity process.


Make the most of big data analytics with this transformation guideOpen in a New Window

Big Data Transformation teaser.PNG

Are you frightened by the thought of tackling your Big Data analytics? Are you worried about spending millions on unnecessary data warehouse solutions? Keep reading to hear from five businesses who have been in your shoes on how they overcame these obstacles.


Knowledge workers demand intelligent search!Open in a New Window

Knowledge workers teaser.png

Knowledge workers have to think for a living and they rely on access to the best information at the right time—on their device of choice—in order to be effective and proficient at their jobs. Read on to learn how your business can implement Machine Learning APIs from HPE Haven OnDemand to build an intuitive and consistent intelligent search experience for all your apps across your business.


Get started today with Big Data tools on the Big Data Marketplace!Open in a New Window

Big Data Marketplace browseteaser.png

Our Partner Engineering team has recently developed QuickStarts to show you how products and tools from our partners work with HPE Vertica. Keep reading to learn more about these unique applications and where you can see them for yourself.


All the data or the right data? Have a Big Data strategy to create the perfect stormOpen in a New Window

Transformation workshop teaser.png

When organizations begin their big data journey, they often feel overwhelmed by the amount of data they currently have and the information they are missing within it. Keep reading to find out how you can uncover the vital information hiding within your data.


Discover a new “Sparkitecture” for modernizing your data warehouse at Strata+HadoopOpen in a New Window

Strata Hadoop teaser.png

Strata+Hadoop World is next week in New York, and we will be discussing the evolution of Big Data architecture and the spark that will spur the modernization of your data warehouse. Keep reading to find out how to connect with the team.


Get a complete view of the HPE Big Data ConferenceOpen in a New Window

BDC videos teaser.png

Now that the Big Data Conference is behind us, we know that everyone is looking for the valuable content that we shared and created during the week. Keep reading to find out how you can easily get access to this information.


Identify business value and align stakeholdersOpen in a New Window

Identifying business value teaser.png

You've identified a real business need for a big data project — now what? How do you articulate and justify this need in order to fund the initiative? Keep reading to see how to accomplish this task.


Join HPE’s Advanced Analytics World TourOpen in a New Window


Join us as we seize the data around the world! 


Don’t be a Big Data ostrichOpen in a New Window

Ostrich_2.jpgLearn about what I call the Big Data Ostrich Approach. 


What's New in 7.2.3 Part 2: Apache Parquet ReaderOpen in a New Window


HPE Vertica 7.2.3 includes several new features that enhance Vertica's integration with Apache Hadoop, including Apache Parquet Reader.


HPE Vertica 8 “Frontloader” front and center at HPE Big Data Conference 2016Open in a New Window


Here are the top eight features of HPE Vertica Frontloader.


HPE Haven OnDemand Combinations: Chaining Machine Learning APIs to Accelerate DevelopmentOpen in a New Window

Haven.jpgWe’re delighted to introduce HPE Haven OnDemand Combinations, a groundbreaking new way to chain over 70 APIs into powerful cognitive services and build intelligent applications in record time.

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