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Dear App Developer: Ready for the 'Big Daddy' of big data?Open in a New Window

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From sharing fun memories to capturing critical incident footage, from mobile phones to security cameras, from detecting sentiments in people images to differentiating between staff and intruders in a restricted area,  video data and the analysis of this increasingly rich and abundant resource may just be the key to unlocking game-changing business and/or risk mitigation opportunities.


HPE Vertica at the Denodo Fast Data Strategy Virtual SummitOpen in a New Window



The HPE Vertica team will be participating at the Denodo Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit on March 29th. Please come join us to learn how the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform and Denodo can be used together to help companies gain business agility and insights by creating unified data discovery and virtualization.  


Big Data Analytics in action for a safer worldOpen in a New Window


gsoc.PNGIf you are planning to attend ISC West in Vegas (April 5-7), be sure to secure a spot for an in-person briefing where you can see a variety of solution demos and more, plus our top technologists -Vidsys CTO and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Video Analytics CTO - will be on-hand for free consultative discussions.   


Big data goes to D.C.Open in a New Window


Join us at the HPE Software Government Summit on March 22nd, to learn about using IoT, big data analytics and information management to course-correct and continually improve federal “Digital First” initiatives.


Get the knowledge you need from the data experts you trustOpen in a New Window



Save-the-date for the must-attend Big Data conference of the year with the most in-depth technical discussions and stories delivered by your peers and experts in the industry. The rules are clear – no sales, no marketing, just the people who write the code and the people who use the code.  Get straight to what you want to know.


Big Data Analytics is Vertica: Get the fastest analytics at the lowest priceOpen in a New Window

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Do you wish you could speed up the performance of your analytics?  Do you wish you could do it for less than you’re spending now?  We think so and that’s why we’re excited to share our VERTICA MARCH MANIA promotion!  The clock is ticking … analyze and act!


Are you gambling with your security infrastructure?Open in a New Window


In the world of security, the odds of going ‘bust’ are rapidly increasing given the escalating variety and volume of threats. Security operators walk a very fine line between potentially disastrous oversight and costly false alarms. Either way is a ‘bust’, which differs only in the degree of damage. 


Crowd-sourced reviews compare Oracle, Vertica and othersOpen in a New Window


Crowd-sourced reviews are becoming more and more important in our lives. When you’re thinking about going to a new job, you check out Glassdoor. If you’re heading out to dinner, you check out Yelp. Crowdsourced reviews are not always 100% accurate and reliable, but they give you some insight into how users rate a product or service. So why not with big data databases?


Put your big data to work with an optimal data analytics architectureOpen in a New Window


To keep up with today's data explosion and capitalize on new data-driven business opportunities, enterprises must choose a data analytics architecture that fits the specific needs of their business and the structure of their data. It’s not one-size-fits-all! 


Don’t fall for the Hadoop hypeOpen in a New Window


Big data and Hadoop…seems like you can’t talk about one without the other. It makes sense, since Hadoop began as the foundation for big data tasks! However, these days, it’s not necessarily the best tool for every use case or every project. Times have changed, and so has the technology.


Looking back at Big Data management in 2016Open in a New Window


I’m an interested follower of the data management space and have been doing so for some years. This year, we had some amazing changes that have happened in 2016.  I know many bloggers in this space are looking ahead and trying to prognosticate about what the future will be for big data, but before we do that, let’s reminisce about some of the noteworthy things that have happened this year.


Machine Learning APIs power a more intelligent Internet of Things at the EdgeOpen in a New Window


The Internet of Things is the evolution of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and is the interconnection of devices and management platforms. Some IoT devices see, while others listen, sense, monitor, and/or control. A few are even capable of near-human-like interaction. In many cases these devices are continuously capturing and processing a lot of data that only gets used once before being archived in some sort of log-lfile or even dumped.


Today, Natural Language Processing finally means businessOpen in a New Window

IDOL 11 Natural Language Question & Answering fig1.JPG

Among the biggest challenges facing organizations trying to leverage Big Data, is providing answers to users’ questions in a natural, effective manner without cumbersome user interfaces or extensive training.


Accelerate your big data transformation at AWS re:InventOpen in a New Window

reinvent.jpgWe are pleased to announce that HPE is a gold sponsor of the 2016 AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas and a AWS - Big Data Competency partner! Join us and explore how data-driven organizations rely on analytic solutions to load, store and analyze volumes of data at high speed, deriving timely insights.


The future belongs to the fast — Accelerating data-driven innovation in the enterprise today!Open in a New Window

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Learn how to harness Big Data and Applied Machine Learning from real-world pioneers that have made it happen in their own organizations. Join us for this mind-bending HPE Discover Spotlight session on Big Data at Discover London!


3 best practices on your path to analytics maturityOpen in a New Window

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As you move through the five stages of big data adoption, you’ll gain more value from your investments in big data analytics. You can successfully reach analytics maturity by employing a few common best practices…


Discover the path to a hybrid infrastructureOpen in a New Window

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Join us at HPE Discover London to learn how to accelerate effective knowledge discovery in a hybrid infrastructure using advanced search and analytics.


How Big Data will benefit from the HPE and Micro Focus spin mergerOpen in a New Window

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The upcoming spin-merger between HPE Software and Micro Focus offers amazing capabilities for our Big Data software business. Keep reading to learn more about this new enterprise portfolio.


Benchmarks to prove you need an analytical database for Big DataOpen in a New Window

Passing and failing TPC-DS Queries teaser.jpg

When it comes to big data, it’s important to ask “What’s next?” Sure, users find lower licensing costs when storing data in Hadoop—although they often do pay for subscriptions. Storing data efficiently in a cluster of nodes is the table stakes for data management today.


Dealing with Big Data and you don’t even know it? Get insights into your data!Open in a New Window

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The process of becoming a mature, data-driven organization is not an easy process, but the benefits of the maturation process far outweigh remaining with the status quo.

Keep reading to learn how to begin your journey toward big data adoption.

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