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HPE takes aim at customer needs for speed and agility in age of IoT, hybrid everythingOpen in a New Window

HPE's new vision: To be the leading provider of hybrid IT, to run today's data centers, and then bridge the move to multi-cloud and empower the intelligent edge.



Strategic view across more data delivers digital business boost for AmeriPrideOpen in a New Window

Learn how improved data analytics allows for disparate company divisions and organizations to come under a single umbrella -- to become more aligned -- and to act as a whole greater than the sum of the parts. This is truly the path to a digital business.



Swift and massive data classification advances score a win for better securing sensitive informationOpen in a New Window

Learn how data recognition technology supports network and endpoint forensic insights for enhanced security and control.



2016 election campaigners look to big data analysis to gain an edge in intelligently reaching votersOpen in a New Window

Learn how BlueLabs relies on high-performing analytics platforms that allow a democratization of querying, of opening the value of vast data resources to discretely identify more of those in the need to know.



ServiceMaster's path to an agile development twofer: Better security and DevOps business benefitsOpen in a New Window

Learn how home-maintenance repair and services provider ServiceMaster simultaneosuly gains security posture maturity and DevOps business benefits.



How propelling instant results to the Excel edge democratizes advanced analyticsOpen in a New Window

Learn how HTI Labs in London provides the means and governance with its Schematiq tool to bring critical data services to the Excel spreadsheet interface users want.



How JetBlue turns mobile applications quality assurance into improved user experience winsOpen in a New Window

Lean how JetBlue cultivated a DevOps model by including advanced performance feedback in the continuous integration process to enable greater customer and workforce productivity.



How 3PAR all-flash storage provides competitive edge for Canadian music service provider SOCANOpen in a New Window

Learn how Canadian nonprofit SOCAN faced digital disruption and fought back with a successful storage modernizing journey. We'll learn how adopting storage innovation allows for faster responses to end-user needs and opens the door to new business opportunities.



Strategic DevOps—How advanced testing brings broad benefits to Independent HealthOpen in a New Window

Learn here how the reuse of proven performance scripts and replaying of synthetic transactions that mimic user experience have cut costs and gained early warning and trending insights into app behaviors and system status.



How always-available data forms the digital lifeblood for a university medical centerOpen in a New Window

Explore how adopting storage innovation protects Nebraska's largest hospital from data disruption and adds operational simplicity to complex data lifecycle management.



Loyalty management innovator Aimia's transformation journey to modernized ITOpen in a New Window

Learn how improving end-user experiences and leveraging big data analytics helps IT organizations head off digital disruption and improve core operations and processes.



Big data and cloud combo spark momentous genomic medicine advances at HudsonAlphaOpen in a New Window

Learn how HudsonAlpha leverages modern IT infrastructure and big-data analytics to power a pioneering research project incubator and genomic medicine innovator.



Cybersecurity crosses the chasm: How IT now looks to the cloud for best securityOpen in a New Window

Learn how a secure content collaboration services provider removes the notion of organizational boundaries so that businesses can better extend processes. And we'll hear how less boundaries and cloud-based security together support transformative business benefits.



How software-defined storage translates into just-in-time data center scaling and hybrid IT benefitsOpen in a New Window

Learn how scaling of customized IT infrastructure for a hosting organization in a multi-tenant environment benefits from flexibility of modern storage, unified management, and elastic hardware licensing. The result is gaining the confidence that storage supply will always meet dynamic hybrid computing demand -- even in cutting-edge hosting environments.



Infrastructure as destiny — How Purdue builds an IT support fabric for big data-enabled IoTOpen in a New Window

Learn how Purdue extended a research and development IT support infrastructure to provide a common and "operational credibility" approach to support myriad types of compute demands by end users and departments.

Purdue UniversityPurdue University


How Allegiant Air solved its PCI problem and got a whole lot better security culture, tooOpen in a New Window

Learn how security technology can lead to posture maturity -- and then ultimately to cultural transformation with many business benefits.

Allegiant AirAllegiant Air


How European GDPR compliance enables enterprises to both gain data privacy and improve their bottomOpen in a New Window

Explore EU data privacy regulations and learn how companies can extend these needed compliance measures into essential business benefits.

European ParliamentEuropean Parliament


Here's how two part-time DBAs maintain mobile app ad platform Tapjoy’s massive data needsOpen in a New Window

Examine how Tapjoy’s data-driven business of serving 500 million global mobile users runs with extreme efficiency on HPE Vertica.



451 analyst Berkholz on how DevOps, automation and orchestration combine for continuous apps deliverOpen in a New Window

Learn more about trends and developments in DevOps, micro services, containers, and the new direction for composable infrastructureContinuous development challengesContinuous development challenges


Alation centralizes data knowledge by employing machine learning and crowdsourcingOpen in a New Window

Explore how Alation makes data more actionable via such innovative means as combining human experts and technology systems.

Tower of BabelTower of Babel

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