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How to Test NNMi Web Service APIs using SoapUIOpen in a New Window



Monitoring PostgreSQL with OMi Management PackOpen in a New Window

Is your Database running slow? Worried about slow queries? Impact on application performance? Have a quick look at the monitoring capabilities provided by OMi Management Pack for PostgreSQL.



Wipe off those flip-flops it’s time to get out of the Sandbox!Open in a New Window

Sandbox teaser.jpg

If you’re looking for scale, fluid delivery, extremely fast upgrades and the ability to re-use effort throughout your organization—Containerization and Microservices are likely something you are looking at utilizing. You can learn more about this technology and our value add at HPE Discover.


The Future belongs to the fast: Transform your business with IT Operations ManagementOpen in a New Window

ITOm Keynote teaser.png

The world is moving faster and faster, and IT has to keep pace to remain competitive. Keep reading to find out how IT Operations can empower your business to move faster.


Demystifying Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite Operations Portal’s offerings-Series#4.2: New DesignOpen in a New Window

Join me as I continue through the description of creating a new design use case in Data Center Automation.





Demystifying Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite Operations Portal’s offerings-Series#4.1: New DesignOpen in a New Window

If you have read my blog series, you know that we have been working hard . Keep reading to put all pieces together and build something from scratch!





Right and tight, makes your cloud fight!Open in a New Window


Knowing that a VM is  over-sized or under-sized is not a capacity admin's problem. Applications and daily operations running in your on-prem or public clouds can suffer performance issues and even outages if the VMs these run on, are not right-sized. It is important for the ops monitoring team to understand where the root-cause of their operations event arises from and not spend time fixing the symptoms.


Configuring OMi to propagate Event KPIs with the parent displaying the sum of eventsOpen in a New Window

OMi workspaces teaser.png

Are you looking to configure OMi to propagate Event KPIs to the parent, and for the parent to report a sum of the most critical events for each Event KPI? This blog gives you a step-by-step guide to accomplishing this task.


Using Business Value Dashboard with the Internet of ThingsOpen in a New Window

Many Internet of Things devices have an internal source of metrics and sometimes alarms. Use Operations Bridge Suite to monitor performance metrics and manage the alarms as events. View the data using Operations Bridge Suite’s unique Business Value Dashboard.



Jump start Network Automation and performance-tune NNMi with these two upcoming webinarsOpen in a New Window

The Network Management team from HPE along with power-user Chris Powers from General Motors is excited to deliver two outstanding webinars for Network Automation and Network Node Manager on December 7th and 8th.





IT Operations Management hits London! Get insights into the latest at HPE Discover!Open in a New Window

HPE Discover buildings teaser.png

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2016 London is just around the corner and we can’t wait to show you around all of the IT Operations Management sessions, demos and breakout sessions. Keep reading to learn more about thse sessions.


Two new videos: How to install an Operations Connector + How to integrate Microsoft SCOMOpen in a New Window

Check out these two new videos of our OMi tutorial series!







Demystifying Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite Operations Portal’s offerings-Series#3: InstallAgentOpen in a New Window


1010 image teaser.png


  Here we are! Keep reading to learn how to Demystify an ootb offering “Install Server Automation (SA) Agent




NNMi Traffic Smart Plug In - maximizing Network efficiencyOpen in a New Window

Title Picture 2.jpg

 Hear from Joe Reves on how to use NNMi Traffic SPI to maximize network efficiency and improve traffic pattern visibility across your network. 



Demystifying Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite Operations Portal’s offerings - Series#2: Basic ReqsOpen in a New Window

Still interested in learning the various subtleties of DCA and its offerings? Be sure not to miss any of this new blog series!

Today we're setting the playground!




Demystifying Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite Operations Portal’s offerings - Series #1: OverviewOpen in a New Window

Interested in learning the various subtleties of DCA and its offerings? Be sure not to miss any of this new blog series!


Why NNMi/ISPIs is the best choice for monitoring banking and financial org’s network infrastructureOpen in a New Window

As financial organizations transition to the digital era, the need to be more secure and agile is top of mind. Supporting such agile changes in infrastructure with efficient monitoring systems is both a matter of regulatory adherence and a lifeline for business operations. 

Keep reading to learn more about the comprehensive monitoring features provided by NNMi and different ispi’s addressing day-to-day challenges of financial organizations.


Introducing Storage Operations Manager 10.20Open in a New Window


HPE Storage Operations Manager 10.20 was recently released. Read about new features like EMC Data Domain and IBM XIV support, and event support for numerous devices.


VIDEO: Fall into HPE Operations Analytics (ITOA)Open in a New Window

The dawn of the fall season means a change in the weather - and also HPE Operations Analytics!





Benefits of Storage ReclamationOpen in a New Window













Check out the surprising results of Dimensional Research’s study on the benefits of Storage Resource Management! 

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