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A rip-roaring good time in the Texas sunshine: Day 1 from the ITOM Americas SummitOpen in a New Window

Yee-Haw! The first day of the ITOM Americas Summit has been on fire. There is a palpable excitement in the air and attendees are excited about the future of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Keep reading to learn more and see what is in store for tomorrow.


New software deployment and delivery model: increasing innovation speedOpen in a New Window

We live in a fierce software environment and it is vital to continuously stay relevant in our space. We are proud to be the first IT Operation Management software firm to deliver container-based suites on a new software foundation. Keep reading to learn more. 


Rain or shine: EMEA Software Customer Forums coming to Dublin #HPEForumsDublinOpen in a New Window

Dublin is eclectic, energetic, endearing. Join us in May for the biggest HPE EMEA cloud and automation event of the year. guinness-cropped.JPG






Container Deployment Foundation delivers high capacity IT Ops Business Value DashboardsOpen in a New Window

Are you rolling out new apps or business services? It’s time for monitoring without limits. Keep reading to find out how to achieve this with IT Ops Business Value Dashboards.


Mastery of data center integration and compliance. A Data Center Automation customer explains how.Open in a New Window

Our blog guest today is Baris Altiner, IT System Support and Infrastructure Management Expert at an Istanbul-based bank. We discuss why automation acts like a translator across silos, the benefits of automated compliance remediation, and how to overcome challenges in automation. HPE20160714210_1600_0_72_sRGB.jpg


Vivacom uses HPE Network Node Manager i to monitor 1,000,000 interfacesOpen in a New Window

Got network devices?  Vivacom, a leading European ISP, has a few.  In fact, they have 50,000 devices with over a million interfaces under monitoring. Learn how Vivacom made a 50% improvement to MTTR by deploying HPE Network Node Manager i for their mission critical network.

vivacom cover.png


Supercharge IT Operations using next generation HPE Operations BridgeOpen in a New Window

In today’s modern IT environments, speed is everything -- if you’re not fast, you’re last! The next generation of HPE Operations Bridge is built to accelerate the business value of IT and meet the needs and speed of your organization. Learn more about what’s under the hood.


Meet John Register: How you can be a hero within your organizationOpen in a New Window

John register jumping teaser.png


Everyone has a hero; whether it is your favorite superhero character or your third grade teacher, someone has positively impacted your life. Keep reading to learn more about the HPE America's ITOM Summit keynote speaker and  how you can be a hero for your organization.


Organic changes that transform – Operations Bridge evolution announcedOpen in a New Window

Azalea Way  - Seattle ArboretumAzalea Way - Seattle ArboretumSpring brings natural change and we all love it. In the IT World change in OpsBridge is organic as well as transformative for customers. Today we announce details of both. Keep reading to learn more.



Announcing the Container Deployment FoundationOpen in a New Window

ITOM Containers teaser.png


Today HPE announced that our redesigned ITOM Suites will be delivered as  containerized suites on our new Container Deployment Foundation. Learn more about these capabilities here.


New in the Docker Store - Docker certified HPE Software shows business impact of Docker containersOpen in a New Window

Docker certified teaser.png


If you are a user of Docker containers, you can now move faster to Autonomous Operations with HPE Operations Bridge solution for Docker, and obtain our Operations Bridge agent directly from Docker Store. Keep reading to learn more.


Achieving IT Operations success: Hear from others on the power of IT Operations ManagementOpen in a New Window

Dallas teaser.png


Do you know how others are achieving success with IT Operations to accelerate IT to the speed of business? Keep reading to find out how to hear their stories at the ITOM Operations Management Summit.


6 ways a trusted advisor can guide your digital transformation journeyOpen in a New Window

Cloud Service Delivery teaser.png


Senior leaders across business and technology teams are inundated with marketing material on “what and why” they need to do to transform their businesses-- but they are missing the "how". Keep reading to get insights.


Easily see how much HPE’s Data Center Automation can save your business!Open in a New Window

HPE ROI model Approach teaser.png


Have you ever wondered just how much you could save by implementing our automation and orchestration solution?  Check out this interactive white paper to see just how much it could mean for your business.


Should you opt for a continuous delivery tool for application release automation?Open in a New Window

group conversation teaser.png


In today’s world, everyone shows interest in solving the problems faced by dev and operations teams. Is a continuous delivery tool the right answer? Keep reading to find out.


New video: Business Value Dashboard Tips and TricksOpen in a New Window

Visio allows shapes to be modified in a powerful way. Used together with HPE Business Value Dashboard (BVD), this potential can be fully leveraged for the shapes of the BVD stencil. The video shows the transformations necessary to turn an initial shape into its final form as a BVD widget. It's based on BVD 10.12.


Sungard AS + Data Center Automation. Conversations with a customer.Open in a New Window

Our guest today is Sungard AS. We discuss automation as a differentiator and an enabler, the importance of building solutions for the real, hybrid IT world, and benefits of touch-free automation. And if automation could talk, what might it just say?HPE20170223021_1600_0_72_sRGB.jpg






Important dates for the upcoming ITOM Summit in Dallas on May 1Open in a New Window

Don't miss your opportunity to learn from peers, share your business successes, and influence the future of HPE Network Management at the upcoming ITOM Summit in Dallas or the Customer Forum in Dublin.HPE20160512134_1600_0_72_sRGB.jpg


IT Operations Management: Insights from the success of othersOpen in a New Window

Customer Success stories teaser.png


IT infrastructure is changing rapidly with the advent of hybrid cloud and the proliferation of apps and mobile devices. This shift from traditional and virtualized environments to cloud is progressive. Keep reading to find out how to manage these challenges. 


Now available on-demand: Cloud Next - The next generation of cloud management softwareOpen in a New Window

cloud next teaser.pngThe HPE Hybrid Cloud Management announcement webinar is now available on-demand.  Keep reading to find out how HPE HCM can benefit your business teams by combining cloud and technology freedom.

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