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Achieving IT Operations success: Hear from others on the power of IT Operations ManagementOpen in a New Window

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Do you know how others are achieving success with IT Operations to accelerate IT to the speed of business? Keep reading to find out how to hear their stories at the ITOM Operations Management Summit.


6 ways a trusted advisor can guide your digital transformation journeyOpen in a New Window

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Senior leaders across business and technology teams are inundated with marketing material on “what and why” they need to do to transform their businesses-- but they are missing the "how". Keep reading to get insights.


Easily see how much HPE’s Data Center Automation can save your business!Open in a New Window

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Have you ever wondered just how much you could save by implementing our automation and orchestration solution?  Check out this interactive white paper to see just how much it could mean for your business.


Should you opt for a continuous delivery tool for application release automation?Open in a New Window

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In today’s world, everyone shows interest in solving the problems faced by dev and operations teams. Is a continuous delivery tool the right answer? Keep reading to find out.


New video: Business Value Dashboard Tips and TricksOpen in a New Window

Visio allows shapes to be modified in a powerful way. Used together with HPE Business Value Dashboard (BVD), this potential can be fully leveraged for the shapes of the BVD stencil. The video shows the transformations necessary to turn an initial shape into its final form as a BVD widget. It's based on BVD 10.12.


Sungard AS + Data Center Automation. Conversations with a customer.Open in a New Window

Our guest today is Sungard AS. We discuss automation as a differentiator and an enabler, the importance of building solutions for the real, hybrid IT world, and benefits of touch-free automation. And if automation could talk, what might it just say?HPE20170223021_1600_0_72_sRGB.jpg






Learn. Share. Influence. Do it all with Network Management at these upcoming customer events!Open in a New Window

Don't miss your opportunity to learn from peers, share your business successes, and influence the future of HPE Network Management at the upcoming ITOM Summit in Dallas or the Customer Forum in Dublin.HPE20160512134_1600_0_72_sRGB.jpg


IT Operations Management: Insights from the success of othersOpen in a New Window

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IT infrastructure is changing rapidly with the advent of hybrid cloud and the proliferation of apps and mobile devices. This shift from traditional and virtualized environments to cloud is progressive. Keep reading to find out how to manage these challenges. 


Now available on-demand: Cloud Next - The next generation of cloud management softwareOpen in a New Window

cloud next teaser.pngThe HPE Hybrid Cloud Management announcement webinar is now available on-demand.  Keep reading to find out how HPE HCM can benefit your business teams by combining cloud and technology freedom.


How to integrate Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) into OMi 10.60 and OpsCx 10.11Open in a New Window

Learn how to install and configure Operations Connector for OEM with OMi. This blog offers a step-by-step guide to the process.


Accelerate IT to the Speed of Business at the Americas ITOM SummitOpen in a New Window

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The HPE Americas ITOM Summit is headed to Dallas. Keep reading to learn four reasons why you should plan on joining us for this event.


Automation Logic + Data Center Automation. Conversations with a customer.Open in a New Window

Data center automation with Automation Logic. Of success metrics, culture shift, efficiency and agility, what makes automation successful, and why there’s nothing quite like HPE’s data center orchestration. HPE20160512234_1600_0_72_sRGB.jpg





Chatbots in the Enterprise: Part 3- Starting and maturing your ChatOps journeyOpen in a New Window

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While integrating systems and Chatbots with a collaboration tool can deliver value in many ways, it is worth beginning the process by looking at inefficient collaborations that are currently happening in your organization. Keep reading to get tips on where to begin.


NNMi and NA 10.21 Release – Expanding visualizations and enhancing automation efficiency!Open in a New Window

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Come and see what’s new in Network Operations Management 10.21.  These new versions of NNMi and NA enhance the ability to automate tasks effectively and expand the view into your network!


What’s new in the Operations Manager i Management Pack for Infrastructure 2.0Open in a New Window

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Have a quick look at the new monitoring capabilities provided by OMi Management Pack for Infrastructure. Keep reading to learn how to use these capabilities for yourself.


Bridge to the Future: From Operations Analytics to the new Operations Bridge Analytics 3.0Open in a New Window

bridge teaser.pngThe revolutionary new Operations Bridge Analytics 3.0 is finally here! Discover how the power of analytics has been integrated into event management – changing the way you view your data center environment.


A new year, a new suite: Introducing HPE Data Center Automation Suite 2017.01Open in a New Window

We’ve just announced the release of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite 2017.01. What's new about the release? What are the customer benefits? Let’s read to find out.






Cloud Next: The next generation of cloud management software from HPEOpen in a New Window

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The next generation of unified multi-cloud management platform (CMP) from HPE is now here. Keep reading to learn how Hybrid Cloud Management can benefit you.


The Post-Discover London Summit 2017 On-Demand now!: Accelerate your business with IT ManagementOpen in a New Window

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Join HPE and Vivit Worldwide on January 31–February 2 for the Post Discover 2016 London Summit. Keep reading to see how HPE software can Accelerate your Business.


Cloud Next: Discover the potential of the next generation of HPE Hybrid Cloud Management SoftwareOpen in a New Window

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Hybrid cloud management addresses your requirements for unifying cloud management while supporting your application release automation needs. Keep reading to find out more.

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