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Cloud Next: The next generation of cloud management software from HPEOpen in a New Window

Hybrid Cloud Management teaser.png

The next generation of unified multi-cloud management platform (CMP) from HPE is now here. Keep reading to learn how Hybrid Cloud Management can benefit you.


The Post-Discover London Summit 2017: Accelerate your business with IT ManagementOpen in a New Window

Post Discover Summit teaser.png

Join HPE and Vivit Worldwide on January 31–February 2 for the Post Discover 2016 London Summit. Keep reading to see how HPE software can Accelerate your Business.


Cloud Next: Discover the potential of the next generation of HPE Hybrid Cloud Management SoftwareOpen in a New Window

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Hybrid cloud management addresses your requirements for unifying cloud management while supporting your application release automation needs. Keep reading to find out more.


RUM Actions - From minimum configuration to maximum valueOpen in a New Window

Real User monitor teaser.png

Expectations for automated OOB configured systems increases. In HPE Real User Monitor software we have a choice of several types of configuration modes for actions, as well as a totally automated mode to meet these expectations.


Managing network change with the power of automationOpen in a New Window

Surgery teaser.png

Both network change and surgeries require careful planning to ensure you are doing the right thing, at the right time, to the right patient or to the right network node.  Keep reading to learn how automation can help you with network configuration change.


OMi documentation – A new look, feel and simplified access to learn about Operations Bridge SuiteOpen in a New Window

Well-designed documentation is essential to the success of a software product and is the key to building customer satisfaction. Keep reading to find out how we made it easier for you and learn about the great capabilities of HPE Operations Bridge Suite.



Configuring OMi to exclude event KPIs from impacting service healthOpen in a New Window

OMi Workspaces administration teaser.png

Have you ever wanted Service Health to reflect the status from health-based KPIs, rather than event severity? Read on to discover how to exclude event KPIs from impacting service health.


Chat Bots in the Enterprise: Part 2Open in a New Window

chatOps robot.pngChatBots provide value to enterprise users both when used by individuals as well as when serving teams. Let’s take a closer look at the role of ChatBots in an enterprise environment.


Getting Orchestrated for SAP with IT OrchestrationOpen in a New Window

SAP helps companies operate more efficiently, yet it is one of the more complex systems to deploy and maintain.  HPE’s Operations Orchestration can increase the value of your SAP deployment, reducing costs and increasing the speed of service delivery.


ChatOps – ChatBots and Enterprise ITOpen in a New Window

Chat Ops Robot teaser.png2016 has been the year of the ChatBots (bots) disruption. Most of the new hype is focused on Consumers or Small Businesses, though. In this post I will explain how ChatBots can transform Enterprise IT.

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Use Operations Bridge to Monitor Containerized ApplicationsOpen in a New Window

Is your organization leveraging container technology? Learn how the OMi Management Pack for Docker discovers and monitors Docker and containerized applications via OMi Management Pack for MongoDB and MySQL.


How to Test NNMi Web Service APIs using SoapUIOpen in a New Window

People in server room teaser.png

In some scenarios, HPE NNMi users may want to retrieve data at the XML layer without writing a line of code.  This blog demonstrates a step-by-step procedure on how to use a free tool, SoapUI, to test NNMi Web Service APIs without developing your own client code.


Monitoring PostgreSQL with OMi Management PackOpen in a New Window

Is your Database running slowly? Are you worried about slow queries? Impact on application performance? Have a quick look at the monitoring capabilities provided by HPE OMi Management Pack for PostgreSQL.



A step-by-step guide to configuring CSA (4.5 and up) with Chef Server – Service ProviderOpen in a New Window

download Chef Server teaser.png

In this blog, learn more about installing and configuring Chef Server in CSA cloud services software. Discover how to install Chef Server on a Linux node, connect to it properly and then configure it in CSA as a provider.


Wipe off those flip-flops it’s time to get out of the Sandbox!Open in a New Window

Sandbox teaser.jpg

If you’re looking for scale, fluid delivery, extremely fast upgrades and the ability to re-use effort throughout your organization—Containerization and Microservices are likely something you are looking at utilizing. You can learn more about this technology and our value add at HPE Discover.


The Future belongs to the fast: Transform your business with IT Operations ManagementOpen in a New Window

ITOm Keynote teaser.png

The world is moving faster and faster, and IT has to keep pace to remain competitive. Keep reading to find out how IT Operations can empower your business to move faster.


Demystifying Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite Operations Portal’s offerings-Series#4.2: New DesignOpen in a New Window

Join me as I continue through the description of creating a new design use case in Data Center Automation.





Demystifying Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite Operations Portal’s offerings-Series#4.1: New DesignOpen in a New Window

If you have read my blog series, you know that we have been working hard . Keep reading to put all pieces together and build something from scratch!





Right and tight, makes your cloud fight!Open in a New Window


Knowing that a VM is  over-sized or under-sized is not a capacity admin's problem. Applications and daily operations running in your on-prem or public clouds can suffer performance issues and even outages if the VMs these run on, are not right-sized. It is important for the ops monitoring team to understand where the root-cause of their operations event arises from and not spend time fixing the symptoms.


Configuring OMi to propagate Event KPIs with the parent displaying the sum of eventsOpen in a New Window

OMi workspaces teaser.png

Are you looking to configure OMi to propagate Event KPIs to the parent, and for the parent to report a sum of the most critical events for each Event KPI? This blog gives you a step-by-step guide to accomplishing this task.

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