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How Vivit Members Can Lead in HP Software Community Content

We hope by now that you’ve all heard about the new HP Software Community site; it’s where the ITRC forums have moved, and it’s where the Vivit product-specific discussion forums will be synchronized to. It’s a central place to get active & useful conversations to solve problems, solicit and receive feedback from HP, partners & peers, and find out what’s new in HP Software.

As you (Vivit members) are the Best & Brightest in the HP Software universe, HP & your Vivit board are reaching out to ask you to ensure that the content at HP Software Solution Community is as relevant, interesting, and current as possible.

Below we’ve outlined some simple steps for how you can get involved (and we know many of you already are, THANKS!) in the discussion forums, and even become bloggers on the site contributing at your availability to the great wealth of information & educated opinions we are helping HP grow here.


  1. Create an HP Software Solution Community Online Forum account, or use your existing ITRC account

  2. Update your Profile on the site, make sure to include reference to your involvement in Vivit

  3. Notify Jason Kennedy and Susan Russel that you are signed-up & ready to go; they will get you organized for the HP Guest Bloggers training.

  4. Select the Vivit logo as your site avatar

  5. Familiarize yourself with the Blogs that exist today on the site.

  6. Participate actively in any of the discussion forums, post replies to current blog entries, show yourself to be a contributor!

  7. Once the training has been completed, you will be ready to go.

Vivit Blogging Guidelines

Please note that these guidelines are supplemental to the HP Blogging guidelines & policies that will be defined for you in the HP Guest Blogger training. Where there may be discrepancies, the HP guidelines, rules, and policies supersede these.

  1. Choose an HP Software related topic that you like and that you know. Posting on areas that you hold no experience or knowledge in is a dangerous path! This guideline seems obvious, but we’ve "officially” said it now.

  2. Try to give your posting an attractive title to catch the attention of the reader. You would like them to be drawn into your posting if it’s relevant to them amongst all the content available.

  3. Every post that you write for the blog needs to be unique to ensure quality and variety of content and build yourself a reputation as a valued content creator.

  4. We recommend that the central theme of your posting be put in the first paragraph. This catches the reader’s attention and creates that "stickiness” factor.

  5. Please make sure you respect other contributors by using links or proper attribution to the works of others that you are referencing or quoting.

  6. Use micro-blogging services (such as Twitter) to promote and share your blog posts, and others of interest on the HP Software Solutions Community site.

  7. Test your links, and use them selectively. Inappropriate, broken (untested), or commercial links to sites or other online resources must not be given; please respect HP when posting as a contributor to their site. It’s OK to constructively criticize where appropriate, but remember that at least on the HP Community site, you are a guest.

  8. Ensure correct spelling and grammar to the best of your ability for your postings; this is a professional image for yourself & Vivit.

  9. Avoid being "too thorough” with your postings; leave room for feedback & future follow-up postings while not "leaving your readers hanging.”

  10. Please show your mutual interest in your readers by monitoring your posts for feedback and responding respectfully.

  11. Vivit recommends against the use of specific places, names, contact details or addresses, unless previously specifically permitted by those you are quoting/referencing. The exception would be making reference to trade shows or other significant events; we certainly don’t discourage discussion on those topics.

  12. Avoid front-loading your content with keywords. It makes it a dry read and you’ll lose people’s interest quickly, as it will come across as more of an advertisement than opinion or insight.
Download the HP-Vivit Blogging Guidelines here.

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