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2/1 - Agile Delivery in a Continuously Regulated EnvironmentOpen in a New Window

Agile sc 2-1.jpg

When: Wednesday, 1 February 2017
6:30 AM - 7:30 AM EST (GMT-5:00), 12:30 - 13:30 CET (GMT+1:00), 17:00 – 18:00 IST (GMT+5:30)
Where: Webinar

More Info. here:  http://bit.ly/2hbQPdJ

The Almac Group is an established contract development and manufacturing organisation that provides an extensive range of integrated services globally to companies within the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

With mandates from the business to drive forward an automation effort, the Information Services team needed to deliver faster, while at the same time continuously improving their processes – a substantial task in this highly regulated environment (Almac goes through over 200 audits per year). But in the world of waterfall planning with 2 – 3 year project plans, it was taking longer than the business was willing to give.

Join this webinar and hear how Almac Information Services implemented HPE Agile Manager and enabled the team to re-scope the project with an Agile planning perspective and deliver the project in 9 months as opposed to 2 years -   with all of the quality and functionality the business demanded.


Brendan Woods
Group Head of Systems Delivery
Almac Group

  • Over twenty years experience successfully delivering IT solutions to large corporations
  • Currently leads a large team of architects, software engineers, system implementers and test analysts in the delivery of Innovative solutions for Almac Group and its customers


Release oriented Document Generation (User Stories and Defect) for automatic Release NotesOpen in a New Window

I as a Product Owner would like to generate a Word Document containing all User Stories and Defects of a release to refine and publish a release note to my user group so that i do not need to go one by one thought the content of AGM and to build up the document automatically to save a lot of time.


java appletOpen in a New Window


Is it possible record a script that contain a java applet?




AGM 2.50 Patch 01 is now availableOpen in a New Window

Dear Customers, 

This patch added a support to ALM 12.53. 

Binaries can be found here:


SSO -   https://softwaresupport.hpe.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/LID/AGM_00004





Unable to display Lines Of Code in HP ALM, HP ALI issueOpen in a New Window

Hello  all, 

I have configured HP ALI for HP ALM  with the scm Subversion and Jenkins as build server

This are the steps I did

1) I installed ALI plugin in jenkins and established the connectivity between jenkins and HP ALM 

But somehow I am seeing this error on  jenkins build job (configured with HP ALI integration enabled)  for ALI Integration log file 

WARN:  [ALI] Unable to post file aliBuildTree.xml to HP ALI. Endpoint scm/build-push-service/{0}/build-tree doesn't exist.
INFO:  [ALI] Build code changes pushed to HP ALI.
WARN:  [ALI] Unable to post file aliMetric_ali.loc.xml to HP ALI. Endpoint scm/build-push-service/{0}/metric/NUMBER/ali.loc doesn't exist.
INFO:  [ALI] Process of updating build information in HP ALI finished.


And because of this, I do not see any lines of code information at HP ALM when I clicked on build details ..

Any help with this is is really appreciated. Thanks .


Batch Acceptance Test editOpen in a New Window

It's currently very cumbersome to view and/or edit Acceptance Tests, as I must do it one-at-a-time. It would be very handy if I could open them all up at once in a window, similar to how I can currently create multiple Tests in a single window.


Ready to Get Serious about DevOps?Open in a New Window

HPE has DevOps classes that will help you meet your training needs, no matter where you are in your DevOps journey. Training includes:

  • Workshops for Decision Makers
  • Transforming an organization to a DevOps organization
  • DevOps Awareness classes
  • DevOps Adoption and Tools Training

Find out more here - http://hpsw.co/ALseKe3


Exporting Tasks to ExcelOpen in a New Window


Is there a way to export/import Tasks into AGM from ALM, or just export Tasks from AGM to excell or other format?

the tasks insider the User stories.




Team calendarOpen in a New Window

I would like have team calendar available from Release Management/Product Backlog/Defect Management views. If you are working with multiple development teams it would be great to have one place to see Sprints activities, sync ourselfs and plan better.

Option to sync with calendar from outlook/gmail would be great.


Release and Sprint relationshipOpen in a New Window

Hi folks, I'm new to AGM. I'm trying to decouple Sprints from releases to do things like:

Global Product Backlog - Initially needs to be prioritized, and each Theme/Feature or even Story will not be slotted for a release

Team Backlog - Some teams are working on things that are not MVP for the current release, or even any release. Some teams are working on user stories for the current release, but also on some user stories for the next release.

How can I look at the team's Sprint commitment (user story or task view)  if the User Stories are not necessarily related to the current release?



AM should have Sprint Goal, DoD, DoR, code review and estimation optionsOpen in a New Window

1. Add to sprint option to set a Goal of the sprint within a text field.

2. Add in AM a place where Scrum Teams can keep DoD (Definition of Done), DoR (Definition of Readiness) as a plain text. DoD  and DoR could be written in Settings, section Set a Backlog Items to Done. DoD should be visible among US in AM by info window in the right menu, below Development Metrics as another info box (or ex. popup). DoR could also be visible from US by button near Description and Acceptance Tests fields (in a form of ex. popup) where you can see full text of it. 


Additionally to Settings, section Set a Backlog Items to Done please add check box Code Review for US/Defects. This field could work with ALI, SCM, build servers or code review tools and sync with US statuses/history.

In Estimated work in Settings there should be fixed option to choose for ex. Fibonnaci, power of 2, t-shirt sizes etc. 



Add fields to task cardsOpen in a New Window

I'd like to be able to add fields to task cards, specifically:

  • "Reviewed By" - drop-down 
  • "Revision Number" - text field

Our team currently creates tasks for reviewing code and doing unit tests, so it would be extremely helpful if there was a way to link these tasks within a story. Then it would be possible to create these task-level fields:

  • "Unit Test" - selectable from task IDs in that user story
  • "Review" - selectable from task IDs in that user story

If possible the review field populates the "Reviewed By" field based on who is assigned the review task


Acceptance Test - IDOpen in a New Window

When an extract is taken from AGM which includes acceptance tests it contains a Acceptance Test ID. This ID is unique for each acceptance test but not shown in AGM. I cannot find a way to show this? Can this be added?


Enhancement Requests: History for Acceptance TestsOpen in a New Window

As a user I would like to see the history of changes for the Acceptance Tests of a User Story, like it's already done for the description.

Thank you,



View options for Tasks and itemsOpen in a New Window

1. If AGM recent items icon is showing latest updates from US/Defects/Tasks that user is involved (assigned to, watcher, commenter) then this feature be developed as widget with constant updates. Such widget could be acting instead of mail notofications.

2. There is a widget My User Stories, My Defects but we would like to have also My Tasks.

3. There is a filter to see US, Defects but it would be useful to see in this filter also Tasks.

4. We would like to have option to watch Task and what's more have a widget for watched tasks.



Create links between US/Tasks/DefectsOpen in a New Window

In case of Tasks I would like to create links between them inside US but also between tasks in different User Stories. With additional visualisation like in US "Linked Items" and on Task Board some type of visual information about it. Available link options for tasks should be: Related, Blocked. 

Related: we can properly recognize which tasks should be done first, possible option of creating list of relations.

Blocked: we can blocked tasks that cannot be moved to In Progress before some other tasks will not be Completed.

Creating links between different US/Defects should be also possible with options; Related, Blocked. Currently I can block US/Defect but I would like to block US/Defect with additional information like: blocked by US/Tasks/Defect XXXX.


Is it possible to search for a work item by id from all screens?Open in a New Window

It'd be nice if you could simply type an items id into a textbox (preferably available on all screens) and jump directly to the item without having to menu dive. Is this currently possible?


rom the entity details of a User Story, we should be able to see the ID of the related Feature.Open in a New Window

From the entity details of a User Story, we should be able to see the ID of the related Feature. The only information we have is the API ID not useful as long as you do not use an API to retrieve the related feature. See attached


Dashboard should be design responsiveOpen in a New Window

We created dashboards to easy up the reporting. To include these dashboards in a report, we make snapshots and a responsive design would help to keep the layout chosen (2 columns or 3 or ...). When you reduce the window of the application, this layout is lost and we lost time to come back to something appropriate.


Attachment in the Feature, User Story to be save by default in teh AGMOpen in a New Window

This is a use case where a feature, user story is created and an architectural document or product ducument is attached to the said feature or user story. It has been observed that this document becomes a living document for a author to make several edits.

When a edit has to be made, it has to be downloaded to a staging area temporarily  (for e.g  Desktop) , edits are made and then again has to be uploaded from a staging area.


What would be better, if the document is clicked from the AGM, it opens , edits are made and when it is asked to save , it should provide a default option to be saved to AGM directly  and also an option for saving the document  outside AGM.




By doing this , it removes the hassel of downloading and again uploading from a temporary staging area.

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