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2/1 - Enabling the Shift towards Agile and DevOps CapabilitiesOpen in a New Window

 Enable shift sc 2-1.jpg

When: Wednesday, 1 February 2017
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EST (GMT-5:00), 14:00 - 15:30 CET (GMT+1:00), 18:30 – 19:30 IST (GMT+5:30)

Where: Webinar

In this time of continuous improvement, the pressure on IT has never been greater to deliver. The business expects a steady stream of innovation, and to deliver, it is imperative IT find ways to deliver continuous improvements measured in days in weeks, not months and years. And the mandate rarely goes hand in hand with budget increases. 

The HPE Pre-sales Value Consulting team can help you unleash the value in your existing investment.  Join us for this webinar to learn about a proven methodology we’ve built to take you on this journey and to help you and your IT teams understand your current state, share HPE’s broad experience in this area and identify quick wins you can adopt for repeatable success.


Petr Kunstat
EMEA Pre-Sales
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Francesco Colavita
ADM EMEA Business Consultant
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Over 26 years of experience in IT where he has developed broad experience ranging from software developer, evolving to Project & Program Manager, IT Governance consultant, Service Manager, Strategy solution leader, and Business Developer.


Can i see everything assigned to me across projectsOpen in a New Window

As a developer can I see everything assigned to me across a) projects and b) releases within a single a project within Agile Manager


HP Digital Safe Cloud Archive.Open in a New Window

Hello Good people,

Had a few queries regarding HPDS , and it would be great if some one could help me understand them ?

--Do we need any special export license? If yes, what is the cost?

--What is a MAX Size limit of exporting data from archive to PST?

--Apart from PST, what other export formats are supported for a Journal Archive like MSG, EML, MBOX, etc?

--Is there any daily limit on size of archive exports to PST?


If there is any other point of contact where I can go looking for the answers , kindly do guide.




Shared WorkspaceOpen in a New Window


I am new here.  Any suggestion of other subscriptions are greatly appreciated.  I am new to AGM and would like troll this one and others to increase my understanding of AGM and the intergration with ALM.

Now to my question: Shared Workspace

I went to Vegas and heard that shared workspace is coming to AGM.  It is my understanding that this workspace sits above all of the worspaces.  It could be used for reporting, queries, etc. that would include the data from all of the workspaces.




Not possible to attach files to user storiesOpen in a New Window


I am not able to attatch files to user stories. I am getting an error message.

Any help about that? I am using  Agile Manager 2.2 version.


Many thanks



Ready to Get Serious about DevOps?Open in a New Window

HPE has DevOps classes that will help you meet your training needs, no matter where you are in your DevOps journey. Training includes:

Workshops for Decision Makers

Transforming an organization to a DevOps organization

DevOps Awareness classes

DevOps Adoption and Tools Training

Find out more here - http://hpsw.co/ALseKe3


Load Runner 12..02Open in a New Window

#warning:  Code Generation Error
			// Found an undefined object of type System.ServiceModel.InstanceContext. Assigning it the name callbackInstance_1.
			// Suggested solution: adding both this type, in assembly System.ServiceModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089, to the filter 
			// and/or any other types that return instances of this one.
			// Note:  This script will not compile as is.
			lr.log("Event 245: ((MarshalByRefObject)(DuplexChannelFactory<IArmsMessage>.CreateChannel" +
			  "(callbackInstance_1, NetTcpBinding_5, EndpointAddress_5)));");
			MarshalByRefObject_5 = ((MarshalByRefObject)(DuplexChannelFactory<IArmsMessage>.CreateChannel(callbackInstance_1, NetTcpBinding_5, EndpointAddress_5)));
i alresdy included "System.ServiceModel.InstanceContext" at the filter, though it showing an error


AGM API Get Backlog item IDOpen in a New Window

Hey, I was just wondering if there was a way to get the ID of a backlog item in. Currently all I am able to get is the API ID.




Max limit on workspaces to choose from in API Integrations?Open in a New Window

There appears to be a max limit on workspaces that appear when editing a client ID to select a workspace when doing an application integration.

We have 110 workspaces in AGM, and the last 10 or so are not showing up...any suggestions? Tried adding a new API client but still only shows the first 100 +/- 2.


Couldn't find anything in help on this...



How to configure capacity of user for a sprint to be able to generate right workload graphOpen in a New Window


I have recently moved from JIRA and RAlly to HP Agile Manager

I would like to know how to edit a users availabilty for a sprint so that i can generate right graph for workload and burndown.

Appriciate any help




AGM Installation GuideOpen in a New Window


I need the installation guide for AGM 2.5 please help me.





AGM application progress roadmap chartsOpen in a New Window

How do i create a roadmap chart in AGM using widgets?


I want to show the applciation development progress based on the themes, features that are completed in varous previous releases(Releasewise representation). Also it should show the pending stories or planned itesm for future.

This will really help higher management to  to provide highlights on current product status and future scope of product and invsestments.


Change mail addressOpen in a New Window


Due to some internal changes inside HPE Belgium, some of us here received a new mail address (still an HPE mail address, but a different one). So now I would like to update my Agile Manager account and replace my old HPE address with my new HPE address.

But I have the problem that this isn't possible or supported from the Agile Manager website itself. Or I can't find that option? I can find the form to change my name, password etcetera, but not my mail address? Which is probably because the mail address is also the login username.

I asked my account administrator to change this, which sent my request forward, and they forwarded it again and again. In the end, I guess I'm now in touch with the right people. But they aren't sure if the mail address will not result in any weird problems. For example losing my history on my current account?

Is there anyone with experience in changing of mails in Agile Manager?
How did you manage to do this? Did you have any problems afterwards with your new account? Was there any information lost (issues, tickets...) in the process?

Any help is appreciated.

Kind Regards


Mark release as closedOpen in a New Window


Is there a way to mark release as completed so my team members will not be able to assign new stories into it? 

Thanks, Arik.


how to differentiate a bug from a defect?Open in a New Window

I see an Item type as 'Defect' but, I don't see any way to make this a Bug. did anyone try this? 


invested hours burn chart for a team. team members Vs applicationOpen in a New Window

Do you have any widgets to see the invested hours burn chart. Team members as X-axis and Application as Y-axis.

Do user able to create their own widgets in HP AGM tool.


Rest API helpOpen in a New Window


I have gone through all of the online API documentation I can find as well as spent a fair amount of time in the Interactive help in AGM. I have been tasked with integrating AGM with one of our existing dashboards to assist our managers.

I am able to get almost all of the information I need out of the releases and backlog_items apis but I am currently stuck trying to figure out how to get information about sprints. I can relate sprints and items in the backlog_items api but unforunately on our dashboard I can only identify the sprints by their id, which is not very readable by our managers as they need to manually keep a map of what ids map to what sprints. Can someone help me Identify an api that will allow me to extract the following information:

    1. sprint id
    2. sprint name
    3. sprint start date
    4. sprint end date

Thanks in advanced for your assistance!


ALI Dev Bridge - Host on its own server?Open in a New Window



We are in the final stages of purchasing AGM on SaaS. It is my intention to use the ALI Dev Bridge to connect it to on-prem installations of QC Enterprise and Subversion.


As far as the installation location of the ALI Dev Bridge goes, are there any recommendations? I had an ALI Dev bridge installed on an on-prem test environment for QC Enterprise which then pointed to a trial of AGM SaaS but an external person had told me that they generally recommend the ALI Dev Bridge is hosted on its own server.


I thought creating a new on-prem virtual server solely for ALI Dev Bridge might be a bit of overkill as we generally only have around 70 concurrent users on QC Enterprise and AGM wise, we will start off with 20 licenses.


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.






AGM - Release over release graphs/ metricsOpen in a New Window


I want to be able to generate release over release graphs from AGM backlog items and I could not find a way to do it seamlessly using the AGM APIs.


Any ideas, help would be great!




Build Server - Authentication is happening but for specific usersOpen in a New Window


We are facing a strange issue with Build Server configuration in "Build Management".


We have setup Jenkins server with LDAP authentication. When configuring ALI AGM is accepting username and passwords selectively. Generally speaking all users are able to login to Jenkins using there NT login credentials but in AGM only some users' NT login creadentials are able being accepted by AGM. Even admin login credentials are not being accepted.


Please see attached image for a visual on the specific issue.


Any help would be great.


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