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application loader windows submit ios app from windowsOpen in a New Window

We know submitting the iOS build version IPA xcode or application loader.

Many iOS developers are now looking for iOS APP in the Windows system.

Appuploader Help developers to achieve your iOS APP in the Windows system.

Appuploader function

1、Create iOS certificate and configuration file

Application Uploader Support for the creation of a variety of Apple certificate, and the creation process is very simple, simply enter the certificate name, create mail and other information to create a certificate

2、Submit Mac in Windows, Linux or Ipa

With Application Uploader, you can upload one or more IPA files to the App Store in windows, MAC, or Linux system environments.

3、Batch upload screenshots and update APP information

Submit a screenshot to the itunesconnect is a very troublesome thing, had to upload dozens of screen shots, repeat boring. Application Uploader can be packaged upload screenshots.

4、Update multiple IOS applications at a time

Use the Application Uploader tool to update multiple iOS App at a time.

5、Template update

Use templates to update the app keyword, title, description, screen or other application information quickly and easily.



Uploading iOS Apple App to App Store using Windows PCOpen in a New Window

If you've designed an App using PhoneGap or any other app builder, and need to upload it to the Apple iOS App Store, then you need a Mac to use the Application Loader. 

If you don't have a Mac, You can use the Appuploader tool, he can help you create iOS certificates and upload IPA to App Store in Windows PC.


Have a look at their website  www.appuploader.net


Free trial

I've had no problems with them in the past, and my apps have been successfully upload :). 


Intergrating Microsoft Office 365 Management API with HP ArcSightOpen in a New Window

We have configured to monitor logs with HP ArcSight log monitoring solution using Microsoft Office 365 Management API. We require additional configuration details to get Exchange Online Message trace logs in HP ArcSight server.


Please share details, if anyone has configured above.


Thanks in advance for the time and knowledge.


Can someone please help me find HP anywhere in itunes & google playOpen in a New Window


I couldnt find hp anywhere in itunes or google play store. Can someone help me find it? I have setup HPA server so need to test it.




HPI enviroments to develop this applicationOpen in a New Window

HI am a developer and nedd move my APP aplication to Production, in this case i have many problems to acces a sites for example repository, only accept users HPE.


Somebody have some problem ? can help me?





Top navigation not scrollable on my note4 with lolipopOpen in a New Window


I am having some issues with hp anywhere and my lolipop note4 phone.
1- the top scroller keeps scrolling back when i scroll to the right
2- when using any pull down menu, the values are being returned empty.


Set default simulator userOpen in a New Window

I've created a new user in the default HPA user DB. When I click the open simulator button, is there a way to make the simulator auto-login to this new user instead of admin? I see that 'user=admin&password=admin' is part of the query string.


ds-provider.xml questionOpen in a New Window

Good afternoon,


I am trying to connect to my HP Quality Center environment thru the ALMadmin application. I am not sure what values are needed in the ds-provider.xml file to connect to my Oracle DataSource.  Does anyone have an example of their ds-provider.xml file that I could use? 


Thank you very much.




HP Anywhere doesn't show offline PIN optionOpen in a New Window

My HPA container doesn't show anymore the options to set PIN for offline access.
The server version is 10.11 and the app is 10.12. Can this affect something?



Cannot connect HP Anywhere to almAdmin (QC Configurator)Open in a New Window

Good morning,


I was hoping someone in the forum can help me out with my issue.  I am new to HP Anywhere.  And I have been assigned the task in installing HP Anywhere and installing the ALMAdmin ( QC Configurator) application so we can utilize HP Quality Center thru our IPADs.  After many issues, I have been able to to get HP Anywhere admin console up and also I was able to upload the almAdmin application.  I have configured the data source to what I think it should be to connect to our HP Quality Center environment.  However, it is not working.  When I get to to QC Configurator thru HP Anywhere, it brings up my Server information correctly, but then it just sits there and clocks for a long time.  Then eventually, another window pops up asking me to supply the Instance/User Name/Password.  I am really confused on what my issue is.  Has anyone ever had an issue like this before?  And if so, can anyone provide me some guidance on what I may need to do?


Thank you very much.


Penny Wall


Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <Open in a New Window



We are having issues trying to deploy our HPA miniapp to our HPA servers.


When we run the app for our local dev machines (from both the emulator and WebShell), the app runs as expected with no error . However, once we deploy the app to our HPA servers, the app never runs successfully. When you attempt to connect from the device, the app hangs at “Loading…”. When you connect to the server via WebShell, you can see the following error in the console:


Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <


This app was built leveraging one of the out of box Eclipse HPA JQM templates.


Any thoughts on what might be wrong or how we could proceed troubleshooting this?


Thanks for any assistance.


Move to aplication WebApp to ProductionOpen in a New Window



I am developer and work alone, i created one mobile's aplication using ENYO and need to pass a production my aplication, for the user have acces remote around the world. until here all ok.

But i dont know how to move to production only have this information( HP Enterprise Mobility )and the before developer he worked here, stop in step 9 . Making one SCRIP/TEST!! i need help thah i never used ALM never user Load Runeer i dont know make one scrip test. :(

ok y hope anybody can help me for pass my aplication to production and acces public.:)



Thanks & Regards


Guido Miranda Mercado 



STEPs TO PASS A ITG & MTG : http://cas.corp.hp.com/site/cas/enterprisemobility/path/onboarding/get_started.php



P.S. This thread has been moved from Community Feedback & Suggestions to HP Anywhere Developer Forum. - Hp Forum Moderator



Ionic Framework - UI/CSS IssuesOpen in a New Window

Hey All,

I'm running into some UI/CSS issues using the Ionic Framework (based on AngularJS) within the mobile HPA client.
From my understanding it's just a ton of CSS classes on top of AngularJS with some added utility here and there making for a nice, clean frontend.

It works fine in most situations, but not on the Android client (haven't tested iOS yet since latest client isn't on App Store).

I've only tested on two different devices, but don't imagine it is the device causing the problem.
I've based my project around the AngularJS (Reports) sample app (IDE 10.12.200).

I added the libs/css to the index.html like this for the HPA app. 


<script type="text/javascript" src='libs/ionic/js/ionic.bundle.js'></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src='libs/ionic/js/angular/angular-route.js'></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src='libs/ionic/js/angular/angular-resource.js'></script>
    <script src="libs/resourceLoader.js"></script>
    <script src="libs/requirejs/requirejs.js"></script>
	<script type="text/javascript">
 		// Specify the CSS and JS here for dev mode
	    var dev = {
				css: ['libs/ionic/css/ionic.css','css/common/app.css'],
				js:  ['app.js','libs/ionic/js/angular/angular-route.js','libs/ionic/js/angular/angular-resource.js']
		// Specify the CSS and JS here for production mode
			prod = {
				css: ['libs/ionic/css/ionic.css','css/common/app.min.css'],
				js:  ['app.js','libs/ionic/js/angular/angular-route.js','libs/ionic/js/angular/angular-resource.js']



The only difference with the native Cordova app is the index.html where I load the .css and .js files using normal script tags. Both versions use the same requirejs and bootstrap method with the exception of loading cordova.js a little later (workaround).


<link href="lib/ionic/css/ionic.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <link href="css/app.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <link href="css/loading.css" rel="stylesheet">

    <script src="js/require.js"></script>

    <script src="lib/ionic/js/ionic.bundle.js"></script>
    <script src="lib/ionic/js/angular/angular-route.js"></script>
    <script src="lib/ionic/js/angular/angular-resource.js"></script>

      <!--<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="cordova.js"></script>-->
    <script src="js/app.js"></script>



Client/Server Details

  • Android Client (10.12.00)
  • Server (10.12.200)

Works fine in

  • Native Packaged Cordova app
  • HPA WebShell
  • Native WebPage (index.html, Chrome)

Doesn't work in

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.1.2)
  • LG Nexus 5 (4.4)

Please see below screens within the spoiler tags.

S3 - Native Cordova App


S3 HPA Client



HPA WebShell



Seems like there's a problem with the 'css/common/app.css' not working or loading on the mobile client whereas the 'libs/ionic/css/ionic.css' half-works (see comparison between 2nd screenshots). It's fine in the WebShell however.

I can provide further resources such as sourcecode and even access to the HPA Server (personal setup) if requested via PM.

Also performance is night and day between the native Cordova and HPA client on both devices.

Let me know your thoughts.




Cordova Datepicker pluginOpen in a New Window

Hi, it's possible use with HPA a cordova datepicker plugin like this:






experience exceeded maximum cardsOpen in a New Window

I need to open a few tabs, and then return to the main screen.
You can close a tab or reuse the old new tab?

Because, I receive this error to 4 tabs open


Where to save a file?Open in a New Window



I am generating a file in the app. Where is it recommended to save the file on the mobile device? By asking "where" I mean the directory location on the mobile device.

For example: "cdvfile://localhost/myImageFile.jpg" will save the file on the root directory of the SD Card.



Doubts about the platform HPAOpen in a New Window

We show HPA to our customers and they send questions. Can anybody help me?

1. When HPA was born/create/first version?

2. Access to the cache is shared with the container's HPA or each application has a cache?

3. The development for RIM is possible? How can this be done? Mobile website ( in the tomcat) and access to external URL?


4. HPA, Is white label? Can I customize the HPA container, the logo, the splash, login screen and intens internal collaboration?

5. Can I add custom plugins to library HPA container?

PS. I understand, the HPA container is the app downloaded in app's stores (Google Play, Apple, Windows Phone).


HPA FocusOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone.


I need capture the event when HPA get focus in the miniapp.


I'm browsing in my miniapp and press the home button in my device to go to another app.

So I comeback to HPA.

In this moment the miniapp need to know that I'm at it again.


I already tried HPA.events "focus" and the cordova event resume, but not got successfully.


Is there anyway to capture this?


Thanks in advance.



Is push events handler ready now?Open in a New Window

Hi Team,


I noticed that push events api is ready on the newest server which is 10.12 : 



but seems it's not ready on 10.11:




I insert the demo code to our miniapp, but there's no alert msg when I clicked the notification msg(other client api works fine) :


var pushHandler = function( notification ){

    HPA.Message.info('' +
        'Received push notification:<br/>' +
        'Message: ' + notification.message + '<br/>' +
        'Stringified payload: ' + (notification.payload ? JSON.stringify(notification.payload) : '[not sent]'));


HPA.Events.on("push", pushHandler );

 The server version on my device was 10.11pb13-22.


So i want to check is it not possible to handle the push events right now?  Will it works while the server is updated within my device client?





SMS function on HPA platformOpen in a New Window



In HPA platform, I want to implement SMS function according to the requirement, but I had searched for the API, and not found  the method.


Can u give me some help.




Jay Ni

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