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what is the list of supported TLS ciphers for SiteScope v11.23Open in a New Window

is the list of supported ciphers for SiteScope v11.23 documented somewhere?

I recent change in ciphers for a site caused our URL Sequence monitoer to fail.  the Load Balancer change modified to cipher list:


to:        'DHE:ECDHE:!SHA:@SPEED'

which includes the following:

        ID  SUITE                            BITS PROT    METHOD  CIPHER   MAC     KEYX

0: 49200  ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384      256  TLS1.2  Native  AES-GCM  SHA384  ECDHE_RSA

1: 49192  ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA384          256  TLS1.2  Native  AES      SHA384  ECDHE_RSA

2:   159  DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384        256  TLS1.2  Native  AES-GCM  SHA384  EDH/RSA

3:   107  DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA256            256  TLS1.2  Native  AES      SHA256  EDH/RSA

4: 49199  ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256      128  TLS1.2  Native  AES-GCM  SHA256  ECDHE_RSA

5: 49191  ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA256          128  TLS1.2  Native  AES      SHA256  ECDHE_RSA

6:   158  DHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256        128  TLS1.2  Native  AES-GCM  SHA256  EDH/RSA

7:   103  DHE-RSA-AES128-SHA256            128  TLS1.2  Native  AES      SHA256  EDH/RSA

 however, the monitors started started to fail with 'handshake fialure' errors.  Suspect the new cipher is *not* supported.  trying to find out what the list of supported ciphers is, or why SiteScope would not support this change.





SiteScope 11.32 Port Monitor - UDP QuestionsOpen in a New Window

Good morning all;

I am having some difficulty setting up a SiteScope 11.32 Port Monitor - the port I need to monitor is Port 514 over a UDP connection - however, after a couple hours troubleshooting (ensuring firewall isn't blocking it, network segmentation isn't the issue, etc), it has come to my attention that SiteScope appears to be sending a TCP connection instead of the required UDP connection. 

Is there any way to force a UDP port check? I did not find anything browsing around the internet that indicated this was possible, or how to do so, so I come to you hoping for advice.




Test bbcutil ping to GW return (bbc-289) status=eServiceUnavailable time=2605 msOpen in a New Window


I have Site Scope (version HP SiteScope 11.24.321 64-bit JVM) and BSM 9.26 with 2 GW.

Today I restarted GW1 and GW2.

After restarting I checked Site Scope communication with GW.

One SiteScope return (bbc-289) status=eServiceUnavailable time=2605 ms with GW2.

used command
bbcutil -ping
(bbc-289) status=eServiceUnavailable time=2605 ms

checking for GW1 does not reproduce the problem, communication working.

bbcutil -ping
status=eServiceOK coreID=e633fc62-f6ab-756a-01b1-f6756f89710c
bbcV=11.14.065 appN=OMi appV=09.26.151 conn=0 Time=749 ms

How repair communication SiteScope with GW2? Please, help to solve this problem.


OMi-Zabbix IntegrationOpen in a New Window

Hi, we have integrated OMi to Zabbix for event, metrics and topolgy integration. Everything went fine in the installation and in the genicrypt, we have added server username and password where Zabbix is installed. But when we enable policy, we could not find any event in OMi GUI. When I checked for logs in /var/opt/OV/log/zabbix_eevnts.log , I found below:

2016-09-27 00:31:09 [28255] CONF lua_plugin::lua_source_node - Zabbix integration settings:; timestamp_file=/var/opt/OV/tmp/HPBsmIntZabbix/zabbix_event_timestamp.txt; interval=60 s;
2016-09-27 00:31:09 [28255] ERROR lua_plugin::lua_source_node - Couldn't get session id. Topology and event collection is likely to fail!
2016-09-27 00:31:09 [28255] ERROR lua_plugin::lua_source_node - Script run was not successful ! Lua Error: '/var/opt/OV/installation/HPBsmIntZabbix/lib/zabbix.lua:400: attempt to get length of global 'result' (a nil value)'
2016-09-27 00:31:09 [28255] ERROR lua_plugin::lua_source_node - Retrying to run script in 10 seconds

Can somebody help in this respect how to rectify this session ID issue.



Sitescope description field and HTML formattingOpen in a New Window

Hi there

I am trying to insert some formatting to the sis monitor description field with HTML code. I read that this is supported. Not anything fancy just some breaks (b). But when this monitor goes to BSM the description field is showing as plain text without taking account the HTML I have imported. I mean that in BSM the description shows like that


Anyone has tried this HTMl formatting and worked?

Thank you!


marble supervisor service not starting in BSM 9.25Open in a New Window

Hello community,

I have BSM 9.25 (2 GW servers and 1 DPS server). The DPS marble supervisor (dashboard) service is not starting, it's toggle between STOPPED and STARTING.

The below log was from \HPBSM\log\marble.supervisor.all

2016-09-26 09:25:39,998 [ClientListener xxxx-xxxxx-xxx_marble_supervisor_tracker:CLUSTER$CONNECTION$ (xxxx-xxxxx-xxx:2507)] ( ERROR - Connection was dropped
2016-09-26 09:25:39,998 [ClientListener xxxx-xxxxx-xxx_marble_supervisor_tracker:CLUSTER$CONNECTION$ (xxxx-xxxxx-xxx:2507)] ( ERROR - on exception was called [tracker=CLUSTER]
javax.jmx.JMSException: Connection dropped
at progress.message.jimpl.JMSExceptionUtil.createJMSException(
at progress.message.jimpl.Connection$DefaultMessageHandler.handleMessage(
at progress.message.zclient.MessageHandler.deliverToClient(
.......... skipping.......
Caused by: -5
at progress.message.jimpl.Connection$DefaultMessageHandler.handleMessage(
.....15 more
Caused by
at progress.message.util.StreamUtil.readyByte(
at progress.message.msg.v26.Mgram.initStaticHeaderFromStream(
........ skipping..........

I've checked with DB admin and I was told that DB is up and running. He was able to tnsping the database and connect to the database using sqlplus from the server.

Because of this one nanny process is toggling between STOPPED and STARTING, the BSM is not up; thefore no access.

Has someone encountered a problem similar to this and if so, can you please point me to the right direction on how to resolve this issue?



After change of hostname the on BSM 9.26, i could not bring the serverOpen in a New Window

I had to change the hostname and dns on BSM 9.26 ( GW & DP) . Once i have done the change, i service is being stuck at Mercury AS Jboss for very long time and im also seeing 2 intance of the server , the old name and new one the configuration setting as attached.

Please do advice me on this on how to overcome this issue. Appreciate your help

bsm-hub is the new hostname


App Owner zone dashboards in Omi10.10Open in a New Window


Is it possible to export/display the app owner zone dashbaords into omi 10.10 dashboards.

I have tried using app owner link into the external component link. but its not working.

Is there any other way to display these dashboards in omi10.10

BSM Version 9.26



Dynamic Disk space monitor topology is not available in BSMOpen in a New Window


  I have SiS 11.32 with IP1  integrated with BSM 9.26 (IP1). Im pushing the topology from Sitescope to BSM. I get the topology details for all monitors except for Dynamic Disk space monitor. I have the same issue on my Dev and Prod Setup with multiple sitescopes. 

is anyone receiving Dynamic Disk space monitor topology in your environment with above versions? Any details regarding this would be very helpful.





APM 9.26 installationOpen in a New Window


I was recently told to implement APM 9.26. the problem is I am unable to find APM 9.26 in HP portal.

So, can anybody tell me that is APM 9.26 a separate product or it gets installed with BSM 9.26?


Site Scope 11.32 Custom DataBase monitor data samples not transferring to BSM 9.26Open in a New Window


On last week we upgraded version Site Scope to 11.32 with IP1 (patch 396) from 11.30.

SiteScope Custom DataBase monitor try transferring data to BSM 9.26.

and data samples from this monitors rejected by WDE engine with following error:

2016-09-22 15:22:52,388 [ajp-bio-] ( ERROR - Customer #1: Monitor Connection Id: 3608987 Failed to find CMDB_id for BSQI_KPI_CDR: hint - SiteScope:101:3608987

Please help to solve this problem.


BSMC 10.00 GUI issueOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

I have installed BSMC 10.00 on windows server for integration of Zabbix (on separate server) with OMi 10.10 (again separate server). Everything went fine in the installation of BSMC and no errors were found in log too when I double verified. But the problem am facing is am unable to open the GUI of BSMC. I tried every possible way out for troubleshooting the issue but in vain.

Any help will be appreciated. Please respond.



log level for MonitorLogOpen in a New Window



I have a custom log monitor, and in the data processing script, I write some information into the log:


var logger = myContext.getMonitorLog();"test");


I expect "test" to be written into <SiteScope>\logs\custom_monitors\custom_monitor.log. But it doesn't.


If I change the above to be :



then "test" is written to <SiteScope>\logs\custom_monitors\custom_monitor.log succesfully.


I write below in the data proccessing script:

var logger = myContext.getMonitorLog();

logger.error("isInfoEnabled: "+logger.isInfoEnabled().toString());
//logger.error("isErrorEnabled: "+logger.isErrorEnabled().toString());
logger.error("isDebugEnabled: "+logger.isDebugEnabled().toString());
logger.error("isWarnEnabled: "+logger.isWarnEnabled().toString());


and from the custom_monitor.log, the output is :

2016-09-23 15:27:54 - isInfoEnabled: false
2016-09-23 15:27:54 - isDebugEnabled: false
2016-09-23 15:27:54 - isWarnEnabled: false


it looks like the log level is not set to "info", this is why when I use"test");

it cannot print anything.


Does anybody know how set the log level ?


thank you.



Is it normal of Shutdown HP BSM server take 20 min or more ?Open in a New Window

when ever i shutdown the server it takes sometimes more than 20min to stop all service before server shutdown, it that normal or there is something wrong that i have to tune to make it under 5 min, thx before


Dynamic disk space monitoring - Sitescope unable to get counterOpen in a New Window


I wanted to create file system monitoring for linux server but sitescope is unable to get counter for one particular file system , however the file system was mounted correctly on the server.

Kindly suggest.



No BPM reports on Ops bridgeOpen in a New Window

Hi we have integrated BSM 9.26 with Ops Bridge 10.10. The integration is successful.

But we are not able to see any data in performance perspective dashboard,

Please find attached screenshot for more details.





BPM office 365 scriptOpen in a New Window


We have created office 365 tru client web script and it is working fine from 2 location but for one location it is showing " Your Browser Is Not Currently Set to Accept Cookies" on after login page.

I have tried with simulate new user iteration checked and unchecked,but still no luck.

Please help.




JBoss error message in jboss_server.logOpen in a New Window

Hello community,

I was in the process of troubleshooting the BSM issue and I found the Error message that I am not quite sure what it means.

My understanding is that jboss_server.log is basically "logs all JBoss activities including JBoss messages, deployment and startup status". and it's located <HPBSM>\log directory.

When looking through, there is a one line that I am not quite sure what it means.

( ERROR - Incomplete Deployment listing: --- Packages waiting for a deployer --- org.jboss.DeploymentInfo@f70edd3f {url=file: /HPBSM/AppServer/deploy/Site/placeholder.txt} deployer: null status: null state: INIT_WAITING_DEPLOYER watch: ................... (I am omiting some info because it's pretty much same with different numbers)

I've looked at the /HPBSM/AppServer/deploy/Site/placeholder.txt but I did not see anything in there.

Can anyone tell me what this ERROR message indicate? Or is it too vague of a question? Or perhaps it's not a big of deal?




SNMP configurationOpen in a New Window


After install a 9.26 version of BSM, we are going to configure the SNMP traps. We have the MIB file ready but we dont know how to load it in the BSM and we are not finding documentation clear about that.

Could you please guide us about how to do and if its necessary anything more ?




I am looking for the BSM Connector 9.20 to integrate HP BSM 9.25 with NNMIOpen in a New Window

Hello Experts,

I am looking for HP BSMC connector to integrate NNMI and HPBSM 9.25 version. I am unable to get the HP BSM 9.20 base version and then upgrade to 9.23.

Is there an site where i can get this bsmc exe. Or do i need to use the HP Operations Connector.


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