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BPM vs RUMOpen in a New Window

Hello Community,

These decriptions of BPM and RUM sound very similiar and I think it is essentially doing the very similar thing. Please correct me if I am wrong. Can someone clarify futher on these two products?

BPM: software is a synthetic moniotring solution that simulates business transactions - whehter or not real users are active. You use VuGen to create scripts for BPM, in order to reuse assets in testing and production environments.

RUM: software monitors application peformance and availability on business critical application services, for all users. You use VuGen to capture and replay user sessions, and to create test scripts that reflect real user behavior.

My understanding is BPM does provide application performance and availability as well. This led me to belive that they (BPM & RUM) are pretty much same if not identical.



APM 9.30 implmentationOpen in a New Window

Hello community,

I am very curious to find that what is the recommended numbers of GW/DPS for an enterprise systems environment. (Production)

I am more than sure that there is going to be multiple GW/DPS involved in such an environment, but I would like to know the recommeneded or specific numbers of severs. (Certified, tested, absolute recommendation in terms of number of servers "DPS & GW").

It looks like the minimum is 2 of GW and 2 of DPS. One GW is for the end user to access. Another GW is for the data components to access. One DPS is to connect DB and another DPS is for DB back up.

Can someone point me where I can find this information? is there an information such like this even exists?

Thanks in advance.


SiteScope Monitor Status If UnavailableOpen in a New Window

When a SiteScope log file integration monitor is unable to login to a server to parse a log file, it assumes an error status if the "Unavailable" threshold drop down "Set monitor status to Error" is selected.

What I would like to do is create/send an event to BSM when such a condition occurs.

I've tried adding a trigger alert to the monitor but this doesn't fire so no event is sent to BSM. Alert triggers it appears relate to thresholds i.e. "Error if", "Warning if" or "Good if", that said there is also "Unavailable". I've tried an alert with both "Error if" and "Unavailable" selected but no event is sent to BSM (I also created a custom event map).

Attached is an example of the monitor dashboard showing the monitor status. Also nothing in SiteScope log files indicating the firing of the monitor alert.

Is this possible or am I going about it the wrong way?





Not to display directories and FS in viewOpen in a New Window


When I create perspective view based on Business Service model and if I select particular node(server), I am seeing all files systems under that particular server.

Is there any way not to show file systems when I click on that particular server in my view.


SiteScope Regular ExpressionOpen in a New Window

Need to match from below log file text:


Want to match if value of abc01app1:xyz-1 or abc01app2:xyz-1 or etc are greater than 1, also hostname needs to be fetched dynamically as per the monitor name.

abc01app1 is the hostname xyz/def is the instance 0/1/2/3etc are the count.


Monitor Sqlserver 2012 database queryOpen in a New Window


i have sqlserver 2012 and i need to monitor database query.

how can i do it ?

i need databse driver path but where i can download driver ? and how the syntex is writing ? 


[ SOLVED ] BSM 9.26 not showing BPM 2.26 dataOpen in a New Window

Hi everybody

I have installed in a W2008R2 64 a BSM 9.26 with the trial version.

Im using a MSSQL, I have create all schemas, PDP included

I have connection between BSM and BPM, the is not firewall enabled and they are in same network.

BPM show that can contact BSM perfectly, the URL im using is the machinena.domain.com/topaz
the machine.domain.com is included in the host file correctly

Im bsm I have scheduled to run a script every 2 min in the bpm, and I can see see that the script is running perfectly with good result every 2 min in the bpm

I have checked with the vuser that the script is correct, and it is working fine in another bsm.

I have seen some log files, but nowhere is any error data about what is happening.

I have checked the HPBMS/log/db_loader/loader.log and I have allways these data

2017-XX-YY 23:22:33,985 [DBLoader-CnfgChngSbscr] (ConfigurationAdapterImpl.java:172) INFO - Loaded all db contexts mappings. Size = 3


Any sugestions about what could be? 


BSM licensingOpen in a New Window

Hello , 

I'm a confused , did BSM need license to be installed without integration with others connectors ? 



Not able to find CI instances when creating new modelOpen in a New Window

Hi All

I am trying to create new pattern based model and did following,

1.  Created new business application and went to Running software->Web Server->Apache Tomcat(5) and dragged to      the right screen.
2.  Right click the object and clicked on Add related query node wizard and went to Managed Object->Infrastructure element->Application resource->Apache Module
3.  Added query node properties with query Display label Like use (%) and in value gave one of Apache module. and clicked Next.

However I get result that there are no CI instances found.

Am I doing something wrong, please correct me.


Redeploy Monitoring Automation on BSM 9.25Open in a New Window


We have BSM 9.25 with Monitoring Automation in it. We've done redeployMASP and Configration Wizard that time.
We've installed Intermediate Patch 2 recently.
So BSM is now on version 9.25.361.
Monitoring Automation is now displayed to be 09.22 131.6192 where this should be 9.25.
Can we do redeployMASP and Configration Wizard from 9.25 bin folder again?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Richard de Bie.


WDE ErrorOpen in a New Window

HI team,


I have BSM 9.25 with OMi in it. Also BPM has been integrated.

We are not getting any events in OMi and the BPM samples are not getting forwarded.

When did  the WDE entry test http://servername/ext/mod_mdrv_wrap.dll?type=test , getting "Service Temporarily Unavailable" error.

All the services are running fine in both GW and DPS.

In wde_all.log file getting the error Connection refused: connect: tcp://BSM-GW:2507] continuously.

Kindly suggest on this issue.




Need information on Java versionOpen in a New Window



  Could any one help me with below question .We have BSM 9.26 on windows platform with Java 8 u 66 but we are facing valanability issue with it so need to remove and move to higher version.But BSM 9.26 does not support higher version it will only support java 8 u 66.So can some one help me with below question.

1.Need to know which java version is supported by BSM 9.26 windows
2.Need to know how can we determine which java version BSM 9.26 using currently?
3.Need to know what will happen if we remove java from our DPS and GW?will it impact any of our services ruuning on DPS and GW server?
4.Need to know which java version is used by BSM browser from JMX console?


Online APM Expert day today !!!Open in a New Window

Hi all,

APM is hosting an Online Expert Day on Feb 15th – Feb 16th, 2017! 

If you are a customer with a support contract, then we would like to invite you to join us in the Application Performance Management Support Customer Forum on February 15-16th, when HPE product Experts will be online for 25 hours to answer any questions regarding: Any topic on APM


Event start time: Feb 15th at 03:00 PM PST / 06:00 PM EST / 11:00 PM GMT

Event end time: Feb 16th at 04:00 PM PST / 07:00 PM EST / 0:00 AM GMT

What is an Online Expert Day?

Online Expert Day is an event when HPE product, R&D, and Support team members and other employees join our online forums to answer your toughest technical questions. Online Expert Days give you a chance to talk directly with the HPE Experts!




BSM only allows to set one parameter field for VuGen ScriptOpen in a New Window

Dear specialists,

we've created several scripts using vugen for probing different kinds of applications now, but we've allways had issues with parameters. I want to ask you if there's a workaround, how we can get this running.

We've created two parameter fields in a web/citrix script for example - to hold the username and password, that should be used to open the citrix session. In vugen the parameters work just fine (i've tested file and custom parameteres now, as what i've read so far, those are the only, that can be changed in BSM).

I've uploaded the script, as usual, to BSM and assigned it to a DC (BPM). When i now try to set the parameteres, to set the to be used account and password for the special DC, there is only one of the two parameteres available.

I've no clue what causes this, and how i can come around this issue.

And ideas ?


sitescop WMI error: Could not retrieve counter values for : Timestamp_PerfTime, Frequency_PerfTimOpen in a New Window

i am monitoring some servers, and while the monitoring running its give this error frquently 

WMI error:  Could not retrieve counter values for : Timestamp_PerfTime, Frequency_PerfTim


and then come back to run again normally.

where is the issue?

is it sitescope or windows server ?

is there a timeour issue? while when i create cutom power shell query its running without failure?




SiteScope integrations failed status in OMi > Administration > Connected ServersOpen in a New Window

Hi Every one, I have a SiteScope 11.30 successfully integrated with OMi 10.11 for event forwarding, nevertheless for policy, RTSM attributes and metrics integration in OMi > Administration > Connected Servers, the SiteScope integrations shows Status:Failed all the time.

jboss/opr-webapp.log file shows the error below:

2017-02-15 10:22:39,062 [pool-41-thread-4] ERROR ServiceFacade.doRegister(125) - : Fail to get SiteScope info for profile with name: SIS_SYSMGT -- 0 -- Error Code: 0. Error Description: 0
2017-02-15 10:22:39,064 [pool-41-thread-4] ERROR SiteScopeWorker.doRegister(52) - Registration of server with DNS [icrmxppue01.t-systems.com] failed! Integration won't work proper.:

Steps performed until now:

  1. Ensure communication (SiS and OMi in the same lan);
  2. Review MANAGER id registered in OA agent in HP SiteScope, as specified in integration guile;
  3. Review certificate granted in OMi (performed when event forwarding integration was made)


Sitescope Events are not coming to the OMOpen in a New Window

I have integrated Sis 11.31 with OML 9.21 . I am able to send test events froM SIS to OM . I am able to view it in OM . But, I am unable to see any Monitored Events in OM. I am able to see the Events in the Integration logs. I am not sure what i m missing in my Integration. Any help will be appreciated Thanks AK


BSM 9.30 Upgrade WizardOpen in a New Window

We have install gw / DPs on distributed system and now moving ahead with run upgrade wizard utility

First running on DPS upgrade wizard but we are getting confused what should we apply on screen RTSM Orcale Schema Settings while connecting it .

Do we have to apply earlier one which was used in 9.25 or do we create new one??? Also what schema should have to create new and for which schema should have to use which was in 9.25???


Plsz susggest asap... 


Site Scope Start upOpen in a New Window

I used the HP_SiteScope_11.30_for_Windows_64bit_T8354-15015 installer on my 64bit Win 7 system running IE11 32bit. After installation when I launch it all I get is this? Am I doing something wrong, where is the rest of the interface? I've uninstalled/reinstalled Java and I'm running version jdk1.8.0_121 32Bit

After InstallationAfter Installation




Getting handshake exception error when configuring URL monitorOpen in a New Window

URL: https://xyz.unix.dvn:443/nnm/, host:xyz.unix.dvn, port: 443, UsingProxy: false, isHTTPS(SSL): true, javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure, currentRetry: 0

I tried to configure URL monitor, but getting handshake error. I have imported all the related certificates in both the tools. I have even tried enabling winlet but nothing works.

It would be great if anyone can help me on this.

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