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HP BSM TrialOpen in a New Window

Can someone direct me to the HP BSM Trial?  I know that previously this was available but I haven't been able to find if either the name changed or something else is different.  




can someone send me a link for downloading sitescope 11.33Open in a New Window

Hi All,


looking forward to try new version of sitescope 11.33. can someone send me a link for downloading it ?



SiteScope (11.32/33) and Microsoft's OpenSSH-portableOpen in a New Window

Microsoft's PowerShell team, with others, have been working (Original Announcement) on making OpenSSH-portable work on Windows (Project Status) and getting the changes integrated upstream.  Installation Instructions

Experiences, positive or negative, monitoring systems running this OpenSSH sshd with SiteScope 11.32/33?



What is step download timelimit in VugenOpen in a New Window


I am getting the error -step download timeout(120 secs) expired often.

What is this step download time and  What is the impact if I increase the time to 180 secs


How to sync customized event type indicator to SiteScopeOpen in a New Window


We come with an issue that customized event type indicator can not be synced from OMi to SiteScope.

OMi version is 10.01 with latest Patch on Linux

SiteScope vervion is 11.33.401  on Windows

We have created a new ETI in OMi --> Admin --> Service Health -->Health and Event Type Indicators

Ideally, it should be sync to SiteScope, and we can use it in Indicator Settings for each monitor. However, we cannot find it no matter how many times syn (soft and hard) performed.

And we can find the indicators.xml under D:\SiteScope\conf\integration\bsm, and it doest not contains the ETI we created in OMi console.

I tried to delete the indicators.xml and it gets generated automatically after SiteScope restart, and still does not contains the one we expected.

Is there any offical step to do the ETI sync from OMi to SiteScope?

thanks for your help




resolver active end users failed in rum engine healthOpen in a New Window



in resolver health we see resolve active end users count is zero . what could be the issue here ?


HPE Real User Monitor

Resolver Active End Users /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_0_red.gif 0 /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifLocation Configuration Validity /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif   /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifResolver End User DNS Cache size /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif 0 /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifResolver End Users by IP Cache size /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif 10,000 /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifResolver End Users by User Name Cache size /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif 0 /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifResolver Locations By resloved Ips Cache Size /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif 0 /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifResolver Missing Components Site Hosts Cache size /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif 279 /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifResolver Server DNS Cache size /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif 10,000 /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifResolver SessionBeacon GUID to Session Properties Cache size /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif 50,000 /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifResolver SessionBeacon GUID to SessionId Cache size /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif 0 /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifResolver SessionBeacon GUID to User Name Cache size /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif 50,000 /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gifResolver SessionBeacon SessionId to GUID Cache size /rumwebconsole/images/gui/indicators/ind6_3_grn.gif 0


OMi 10 UCMDB webservice URLOpen in a New Window



Hi everyone, 

Is it possible monitoring AIX VIO Server by using sitescope?

And about IBM Hardware Management Console, is it also possible? 

Both of them can be accesed by ssh; I think is posibble. Did somebody try to configure this solution?

Thanks in advance!

King Regards!


Omi login calling 3rd party urlsOpen in a New Window


We are passing 3rd party URL in omi browser .. challenge is we need to do twice login ,,first one in omi and second after accessing 3rd party URL .

Any way we can restrict 3rd party urls login to view it from omi ?


Unable to install app : build using android studio for rumOpen in a New Window

Hi we are using rum client monitor probe for monitoring android based application

We observed when application build using eclipse runs fine with instrumentation and we able to install on mobile device

When application build using android studio , we run instrumentation and when we installed it on mobile device , it says unable to install app on mobile device

What could be the issue here ?



APM keeps removing SiteScope from Monitored by field in CI propertiesOpen in a New Window


I have been facing this issue for a while now.

We have EMS integration monitors which are sending SiS (11.32) metric data to APM (9.30). While I can see measurement data in cross performance reports as well as user reports. For a few of the CIs though, when I go to IT universe Manager, to change the "Monitored By" field to Sitescope, it automatically removes this field the next time I open CI properties. This issue is hampering setting HI on those CIs.

Have you faced a similar issue in your environment? Any suggestions of how you fixed it would be great!

Please note this is a Production environment and the issue occurs only on a few CIs.




Integrating BSM with ServiceNowOpen in a New Window


Could you please help me out with the process of integration of BSM with ServiceNow with detailed steps using REST API.

Thanks and Regards,

Prerna Mote


SiteScope HandshakeOpen in a New Window

hello experts,

is there any handshake protocol in Sitescope.because sitescope is generating alert after every 10 minutes.Even if the particular team is working on the ticket. so is there any api or method which can make sitescope know that the ticket is open and currently in progress...


Sis to OM integration Issue, Events are not going to OM ServerOpen in a New Window

Hi Team, 

I have integrated the SIS with OML , suddenly the integration stopped working . When i check the OM Agent Status, there is a SIS Config Agent status being aborted. 

I think this is the one that is causing the issue, where the events are not been forwarded to the OM Console. 

I have attached the screenshot of the OM Agent status 


APM 9.3 : Creating DB manuallyOpen in a New Window


In APM 9.30 there is no more description in the deployment guide and database guide to create manually the database.

is it possible to create database before running the APM configuration Wizard ?







Upgrading from BSM 9.13 to APM 9.3Open in a New Window

Hello Expert,


I need to upgrade from BSM 9.13 to APM 9.30.

I will upgrade in staging mode with an upgrade from 9.13 to 9.25 and from 9.25 to 9.30.

A the end of the upgrade in staging mode I need to configure SDR in order to replicate data from BSM 9.13.

Do you know if SDR 9.30 can synchronize data from BSM 9.13 ?







APM Online Expert day is now live.Open in a New Window

Hello everyone,

APM is hosting an Online Expert Day today April 20th !

If you are a customer with a support contract, then we would like to invite you to join us Application Performance Management Support Customer Forum on April 20th, when HPE product Experts will be online for 25 hours to answer any questions regarding APM.

You need to have a valid support agreement ID (SAID) in your passport profile and need to be logged on to the community. We have a process which checks the SAID when you login and then grants you access to the Application Performance Management Support Customer Forum . If you don't have access then you won't see the forum..

To check this please do the following:

Looking forward to your questions.






SiteScope REST API "search" call returns nothing (sis version: 11.32.301)Open in a New Window

Hello all !

I am currently playing with SiteScope REST APIs and "search" method in particular. I need to find a monitor with a certain name, for example.

I faced an issue with that method - it returns nothing but "{} " all the time despite of all my attempts (using parameters and combinations of them all according to the SiteScope_API_Reference manual).

My current parameters:





Query parameters:

entity_type = Monitor
(from SiteScope_API_Reference manual: Monitor/Group/Tag/empty string (for both monitors and groups))

name = log
(from SiteScope_API_Reference manual: Monitor/Group/Tag name)

path = My first child folder_sis_path_delimiter_My second child folder_sis_path_delimiter_My third child folder
(from SiteScope_API_Reference manual: Full path to the monitor with path elements separated by the string "_sis_path_delimiter_")

Note from the manual: One of the parameters either name or path must be provided and must match, else no results will be returned. (So, this condition is met)

Resulting URL is:

http://<sitescope_host_name>:<sitescope_port>/SiteScope/api/monitors?entity_type=Monitor&path=My first child folder_sis_path_delimiter_My second child folder_sis_path_delimiter_My third child folder&name=log

authorization: Basic <encrypted username and password>
accept: application/json


The result, as I mentioned, is empty string: "{}"

I played with most of the available parameters for this method including searchregex - "true" or "false", but without any success.


It would be great if you could help me with this.

Thanks in advance.


sitescope api to read particular monitor statusOpen in a New Window


Sitescope SMS AlertOpen in a New Window


Is there any way to send a Alert via sms in Sitescope? I think it is,  search in a google but iam looking for a little guide. In SMS services provider there are many way to send sms. POST, PUSH, GET etc. methods but How can i integrated those metods?  


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