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Sitescope monitor trigger another monitorOpen in a New Window


As you know,when we run a monitor,it returns good,error value.I created a service monitor which controls service.I want to learn,when monitor returns an error,,is there any way to trigger different monitor?


Sitescope version:11.24


Performance Testung using Load RunnerOpen in a New Window


We have a licensed version of LR 12.

Wanted to know will LR 12 allows the same user to login at different time i.e will different logins of the same user be treated as same session of different session.





SiteScope - The monitor property form is currently unavailable errorOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I currently have Sitescope 11.30 in a lab with Ultimate (emergency licensing)... I have run into an issue where I am unable to create the following monitors:

- VMware Host CPU
- VMware Host Memory
- VMware Host Network
- VMware Host State
- VMware Host Storage

I can create VMware Datastore and VMware Performance just fine.

When I attempt to create the monitors above, I get an error box pop up that says 'The monitor property form is currently unavailable error', 'The monitor type VMwareHostCPUMonitor is currently not supported'.

I read in another thread that I should replace the file below to fix the issue.
<SiS install dir>\conf\integration\bsm (overwriting the existing files):

- ciSubTypes.xml
- indicators.xml
- meas2eti.xml
- userDefinedCiType.xml

Does anyone have a set of these files for 11.30 they could possibly send my way? I cannot find a way to get these files repaired (sitescope repair option doesn't work)...

Thanks in advance!


URGENT - CUSTOMER IMPACTING!!! RE: Issue with TLS 1.2 Outbound Calls to Active Directory LDAP froOpen in a New Window

Forum Members –


As a follow up to the below request, please note the following information relative to the issue that we have identified:


Our current implementation of BSM is 9.26 IP2 running on RHEL. The implementation runs JDK 7 rel. 79. Our investigations uncovered a blog ( that indicates JDK 7 supports TLSv1.2 protocol however another section in the article indicates “jdk.tls.client.protocols” are supported “…in all JDK 8 releases, or after Java 7 update 95”. Confusing to say the least!


While our outbound calls do work for TLS 1.0, our customer requires the use/implementation of TLS 1.2 – hence our need to correct our outbound call issue.


Is there a way to update our BSM JDK platform to 7 update 95 or later? Would we even want to or are there other workarounds to tweak our jar files to communicate with the required TLS 1.2 protocol? Any other suggestions to address this CUSTOMER IMPACTING ISSUE?


Thank you for your time and consideration with our issue.







Experts –


We are currently experiencing issues enforcing OUTBOUND TLS 1.2 LDAP calls from our BSM 9.26 implementation running on RHEL to our customers Active Directory LDAP. Is anyone familiar with a successful implementation of such and can advise of any required configurations or considerations?


Note that we can successfully handle TLS 1.2 INBOUND calls – the problem is the OUTBOUND calls.


Appreciate any assistance and/or guidance with this issue.






HP RUM Mobile Sniffer probeOpen in a New Window


RUM 9.26

We already have sniffer probe for web site RUM. Now we want to monitor the native mobile application using sniffer probe. port mirroring is configured

1)is sniffer probe supported for RUM Mobile ?

2) can we use only sniffer probe (without CM probe) for monitoring mobile app ?

2)If we are using only sniffer probe, what all parameters we will get ?

3)Client monitor probe is mandatory for RUM Mobile ?

4) what parameters, will get only with CM probe?





BPM For Mobile DeviceOpen in a New Window


I want to monitor the native mobile app through BPM.

I have installed vugen and i can see tru client mobile native protocol. but to record using tru client mobile protocol we need to provide mobile centre server details.

1)Is there any license required for mobile centre to install?

2)If we record using mobile centre, do we need to install mobile centre on different location to run the script ?

3)Is there any other way to monitor mobile native app through bpm, wihtout installing mobile centre.


Please help i am completely new to this.

Any documents for how it works and what pre-requisite required to record the script.




How to change health indicators valueOpen in a New Window


We want to change the value of the health indicator which comes under health indicators contributing to events.

for eg:- default threshold value for Real user session performance indicator is 98% if value goes below that it will turn red.

We need to change the default value to 95. from where we can change the value

Attached screenshot for reference.




Get SiteScope Alerts' Action Details via APIOpen in a New Window


Is there a way to get from SiteScope the Alerts' Actions details via API?

The details are like type of action (Mail/Script) and for Mail to get the recipients.

I coouldn't find how to do it via either SOAP or REST APIs.

I can get the alert name (as well as full_path and is_disabled properties) using the getAlertSnapshots endpoint. for ex:


but it doesn't show the nested actions and their details and I coudn't find any other API endpoint to provide me the required information.



ILYA Reshetnikov


Connecting APM 9.30 to BPMOpen in a New Window

I've having difficulty tracking down the instructions on how to connect APM and BPM. Is it in one of the administration guides for either of these? Is there a seperate integration guide?

Any help would be great.




SiteScope to OMi, how to fix event description all on one line?Open in a New Window

Hi all,

I currently have SiteScope labbed up out the back at work, I've succesfully integrated with OMi and I have an event flow.
I do however, have an issue where my event description is coming in on one line, I would like the event to have line breaks so that our service desk can read it easier at a glance.

My event mapping appears as so:

<<monitorClass>> <<etiType>> for server <<targetHost>> has breached threshold '<<thresholdCrossedFull>>', current value is '<<metricValue>>'.
Node: <<targetHost>>
Node Type: <<remoteMachineName>>
Severity: <<severity>>
Monitor Name: <<monitorName>>
Alarm URL: <<monitorDrilldownUrlSecured>>
SiteScope Server Time: <<time-date>> <<time-time>>
SiteScope Server Name: <<siteScopeHost>>


However when an event is created, all of the information is on one line, how do I get around this issue? (I have CPU threshold set to 1 so simulate events).

2016/10/21 14:38:45:234	MINOR	SiteScope	SiteScope:SiteScopeWin.cwc.local:Windows Servers: Monitors for SITESCOPEWIN.cwc.local: Performance Monitors:CPU Monitor for SITESCOPEWIN.cwc.local	sitescopewin.cwc.local	CPULoad utilization changed from 'good' to 'warning'. Threshold: 'utilization == 1', current value: '1'	CPUMonitor CPULoad for server sitescopewin.cwc.local has breached threshold 'utilization == 1 warning', current value is '1'. Node: sitescopewin.cwc.local Node Type: SITESCOPEWIN.cwc.local - Remote Windows Server Severity: MINOR Monitor Name: CPU Monitor for SITESCOPEWIN.cwc.local Alarm URL: http://SiteScopeWin.cwc.local:8080/Sit... SiteScope Server Time: 21/10/16 2:38 PM SiteScope Server Name: SiteScopeWin.cwc.local	CPU	utilization	SiteScopeWin.cwc.local:10cdbeb0-4ee9-40fd-bae6-5fd6574b36db:utilization:Busy:MINOR	SiteScopeWin.cwc.local:10cdbeb0-4ee9-40fd-bae6-5fd6574b36db:utilization	CiHint:@@sitescopewin.cwc.local	CPULoad:Busy:1	SiteScope@@SiteScopeWin.cwc.local	SiteScope:SiteScopeWin.cwc.local:utilization	http://SiteScopeWin.cwc.local:8080/Sit...	SiteScopeMonitor:201723029:201723031	1	 	 	 	 	 

Thanks for your help in advance!


Failed to create a connection for pool (Oracle db) in BSM 9.25Open in a New Window

Hello community,

I have a situation where oracle db (bsm_profile) is not accessible and the account is locked in BSM; therefore it's not generating reports (all of status and analysis) in BSM and indicating "no data was found".

I digged in and looked at the several different logs, and I found an error message which I think causing the issue (root cause) in <HP BSM>\log\offline_engine\offline.engine.all

[CrawlerCore-151515-] ( Error - MERQ-120492: Found delayed taskdelayed tasks=Failed  to get tasks table. See noa log file.
[CrawlerCore-161616-] ( Error - MERQ-120474: Failed to sign task from tasks table
com.mercury.infra.utils.pools.MNoSuchElementException: Failed to borrow object from pool: dbType=(ORACLE Server); hostname=xxxxx; dbName=bsm_profile; userName=bsm_profile;; sid=xxxxxx; port=1521 com.mercury.infra.utils.exceptions.MNoSuchElementException: Failed to create a connection for pool: dbType=(ORACLE Server);; dbName=bsm_profile; userName=bsm_profile; server=xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx; sid=xxxxx; port=1521:  [mercury][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-28000: the account is locked
         at com.mercury.infra.utils.pools.MonitoredGenericKeyedPool.borrowObject(
         at com.mercury.infra.utils.pools.ConnectionManager.getConnection(   
         at com.mercury.infra.utils.pools.ConnectionManager.getTransactionalConnection(
         at com.mercury.infra.adapter.BACConnectionProviderImpl.getTransactionalConnection(
        at com.mercury.infra.adapter.DBConnectionFactory.getTransactionalConecction(
        at com.mercury.topaz.noa.task.NOATaskManager.lookForNextTask(
        at com.mercury.topaz.noa.task.NOATaskManager.signNextTask(
        at com.mercury.topaz.noa.NOAMainThread.runNextTask(

I was told and checked that all of DB credentials are correct, but still having this issue and therefore it locked the account. I asked DBA to unlock the account several times and restarted the services serveral time, but it kept having the same problem.

Has anyone faced this problem? Can someone point me to the right direction if you have encountered the issue like this?



TruClient BPM 9.26 Event Handlers and Function LibrariesOpen in a New Window

Hi all, I'm using Vugen 12.53, BSM 9.24 and BPMs on 9.26IP

I've got a TruClient script that is using an Event Handler to deal with a Dialog box. This runs perfectly in Vugen but when deployed to a BPM gives errors that it cannot find the Function Library thats handling the dialog input.

20/10/2016 16:20:38 Notify: The 1st error message associated with transaction "Trans1" is "Error -205177: ** : Call Function MyLib.Authenticate Dialog ** failed - library named 'MyLib' could not be located" [MsgId: MMSG-16819]

20/10/2016 16:20:38 Notify: The 2nd error message associated with transaction "Trans1" is "Error -205177: ** : Handler ** failed - library name was not specified" [MsgId: MMSG-16819]  


I've tried including the MyLib.xml file as part of the Extra Files in VuGen but that hasn't helped. The only way I've been able to solve this and have it working is to manually go to the location the script is stored on the BPM and make a sub-folder called "Libraries" and move my MyLib.xml file in there. If I do that the script behaves correctly on the BPM. However I canno't feasibly do this for all the BPMs and constant updating this script goes through.

Is there anything I'm missing here to have this work as expected?


Tibco MP LicenseOpen in a New Window

Does Tibco MP need separate license?


How can we export script name and version details from ADMIN->EUM->Script repositoryOpen in a New Window

Hi experts,

I am looking to automate daily report for how many scripts were uploaded with the "owner" name of a script.

How can we export script name and version details from ADMIN->EUM->Script repository->search option->Entire script repository option.


Is thr any API query or other option for the same ?





CI's Getting RestoredOpen in a New Window

We have obsrevred whenever we configure CI wherther it could be BPM / RUM after few days those CI's get restored with some dummy value id.

Please suggest what could be reason behind it.




OMI SiteScope Integration and Solution TabOpen in a New Window


Is there any way I can populate Solution for SiteScope monitor issues in

OMI- >Additional Info-> Solution

Solution Tab is right below description tab








Sitescope alert action using scriptOpen in a New Window


I have configured monitoring for CPU, Memory and DiskSpace in Sitescope. I am configuring notification for these montiors using default Sitescope script - opcmsg command. Can you please tell how to include the current utilization values of above monitoring in alert text using script alert action through opcmsg command.

for e.g : if CPU utilization is 90% then when hoe can I include current CPU utilization value in alert text so that i can pass it in opcmsg command to OM. 

Thanks in advance





Sitescope Middleware Apps TemplatesOpen in a New Window

Hello Team,

Is there any out of the box Templates for the following Middleware Applications in Sitescope:

a)LoadRunner ( for version 11.x)  (b)QuickTestPro Testing (for version 11.x)  (c)HTTP Server (Apache) (for version 5.x and 6.x and   (d)IBM HTTP Server


SiteScope 11.24 local users & LDAP users utilizationOpen in a New Window

Hello experts,

We have a SiteScope 11.24 deployment that we are about to integrate with LDAP. But we have the doubt of having at the same time local users and LDAP users.

Does SiteScope allow access to both kind of users? Or once you configure LDAP, local users are disabled?

Thanks in advance,



Profile User Schema Properties - Oracle Server (Password Retrieval)Open in a New Window

Hello community,

BSM9.25 (Distributed environment)
Windows Server 2012 Datacenter

Is it possible to retreive the password for Profile User Schema Properties - Oracle Server in BSM UI? (Platform Admin->Setup and Maintenance->Manage Profile Database)

If someone forgot about the password then how can he retreive the password information? Is there some sort of back-door to retrieve this info in BSM side?

I believe DBA can reset/change the password and going through recofiguration, but I do not want to go through that process.

If anyone has an ideas of how to retreive the password information, can someone point me to the right direction.


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