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Diagnostics 9.30 Does Not Display SQL StatementsOpen in a New Window

I am having a hard time to see SQL statements in Diagnostics because neither in Diagnostics Server nor in HPE Diagnostics profiler are being shown which is very strange.

Our environment is composed as follows:

HPE Diagnostics Server 11.30 on top of Windows Windows server 2012 R2 standard
Weblogic 11g on top of HP-UX 11.30
HP Diagnostics server 9.30
HP Java Agent 9.30 (This one is an uncompressed folder from a .tar file that comes packaged by HPE)

Could you address me on what could be happening here?




Multiple Action in JAVA HTTP protocol - VUGEN scriptOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

Does Java HTTP protocol support multiple Action in the script ?. When i checked it "Create new action" option is greyed out.




rum engine health Resolver Active End Users shows always REDOpen in a New Window

rum engine health Resolver Active End Users shows always RED for all the engine. . What could be the issue 




Export data out of ArcSight Data PlatformOpen in a New Window

Hi ArcSight Data Platform Team,

I have an analytics tool. It basically is a BI tool which can be used to create reports and dashboards. I would like to export data out of ArcSight Data Platform and import into the tool for analysis.

Does ArcSight Data Platform use any local or cloud database, if so can you offer queries to connect and export data?

If ArcSight Data Platform supports API for data export, we can use it as well.  Share your thoughts. 


System health logsOpen in a New Window


I am getting some errors when retrieving the logs in system health.

When I click on grab logs > choose the server > save, I get the error 'cannot handle response stream'.

In log manager, I also get an error when I try to download the logs which says, there was an error retrieving the logs, please see server log files.

Do I need to stop any BSM services when retrieving the logs? Also, which server log is it referring to?


BSM groovy helpOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I am on BSM 9.23 on Windows 2008 - 3 GW's and 2 DP's and a MSSQL 2008 DB on a seperate server.

I am creating a groovy script under Admin --> Operations Console -> Custom Actions so that the operators can right click and execute this groovy.

The script is processing some event attributes and calling the MIR3 notifications system using its default CLI method. I have placed this CLI and its related utlities on all my 3 Gateway servers.

Here is the script -

import java.util.List;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.Event;
import java.util.*;
import java.util.Date;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.Action;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.Event;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.EventActionFlag;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.LifecycleState;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.MatchInfo;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.NodeInfo;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.PolicyType;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.Priority;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.ResolutionHints;
import com.hp.opr.api.scripting.Severity;
import com.hp.opr.api.ws.model.event.*;
import com.hp.opr.api.ws.model.event.OprCustomAttributeList;
import com.hp.opr.api.ws.model.event.OprCustomAttribute;
import com.hp.opr.api.ws.model.event.OprEvent;
import java.lang.*;

class GroovyScriptSkeleton{
  def init()

  def destroy()

  def process(List events)
        events.each {
             event -> modifyEvent(event);

def modifyEvent(Event event)

//get event data
String title = event.getTitle();
String category = event.getCategory();
String description = event.getDescription();
String ciInfo = event.getRelatedCiHint();
String severity = event.getSeverity();

// Will do some kind of processing on the above data and store it in a variable which will be passed into below command.

// def command = "cmd /c E:\\MIR3\\bin\\inconsole -H company.mir3.com -u user -p password -I -i Server";
def command = "cmd /c E:\\MIR3\\bin\\inconsole -H \"company.mir3.com\" -u \"user\" -p \"password\" -I -i \"Server\"";
// Process runcmd = ["cmd ", "/c", " E:\\MIR3\\bin\\inconsole", "-H company.mir3.com", "-u user", "-p password", "-I", "-i Server "].execute()

I think grovoy is executing fine as i dont see any errors in opr-scripting-host log file. I see this entry in the file whenever a event passes the groovy, which if fine.

2017-05-05 08:00:26,840 [RMI TCP Connection(48137)-] INFO  ScriptExecutionService.execute(152) - Script execution (General MIR3 - CLI - e35af131-46ca-cb74-6e72-d4b8501ecb7e) took: 1 ms.

But the issue is - I am not getting the desired output, which is to send an email to my inbox. When i execute the same command which i have in the script from CLI on the GW server it executes fine and i get an email which states the command is working fine.

E:\MIR3\bin\inconsole -H company.mir3.com -u user -p password -I -i "Server"


Please let me know where i am going wrong.



Time interval for BPM VUGEN Scripts ( Java HTTP protocol)Open in a New Window

Hi Team,


Can we we set 30 seconds as polling interval for vugen scripts in BSM ?. i can see the minimum value that can be set is 1 min . Is there anyother way to change it ?. 





RUM 9.26/9.26.1 Integration with APM 3.0 -- Doable?Open in a New Window


I have had conflicting information in regard to integrating RUM 9.26 with APM 3.0

Is it supported?  If so, where could one find additional information?  Is it as simple as 'aiming' the RUM Engines toward an APM gateway?

I am concerned about the port communications between APM and RUM.   

Has anyone integrated the two products?  If so, what were the hiccups?


Issue whit Orcacle DB Tier - RUMOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone

We are configurinting RUM Monitoring for an application HTTP whit Multi Tier. The problem we have now is that the Back end Tiers is not seeing data for Oracle DB Template.

In RUM Engine we are seeing traffic for the oracle servers and their related ports, but in APM Multi Tier Reports, we don't seeing data for this tier.

Anyone have some idea the have solve this problem?




How to integrate Azure OMS email alerts (events) to OpsBridge/SitescopeOpen in a New Window


Here is the requirement to integrate "Azure - OMS (Operations Management Suite)" events to HP OpsBridge.

Coud you please help me the right approch for OMS tools event integrations, as we observed, there is no OOB BSM connector available for Azure offered OMS tools. And also OMS -tools can notify email alerts, but these email alerts can't be parse at HP OpsBridge/OMi for events. ( HP OpsBridge not having email parsing feature).

Our mandate requirement is to integrate OMS tools emial notifiactions to OpsBridge only. (external element manager events/email notifiactions are not allowed to integrate directly to ticketing systems.), so that we can maintain the correlations and controlled event stroms.

Is this OpsBridge/OMi v10.20 supports for email parsing and convert email notifications to events ?

           Sitescope v11.33 supports for email parsing ?

Appreciated your throughts.




SITESCOPE API for Adding acknowledgement for multiple monitors in errror state using REST API.Open in a New Window

Hello experts,

I am using the latest version of SiteScope in which i want to add acknowledgement for monitors in error state using rest api. For this i am trying to use The Search_entities.bat and add_acknowledgement.bat in a script. But everytime this scripts get loaded it will first display a list of monitors in error state and add acknowledge for all the monitors. So their is a repeatition of acknowledgements on monitors. So i want to implement time factor in that. Or is their any other method or way to achieve the goal ie Adding acknowledgement for multiple monitors in errror state using REST API.

Thanks & Regards,



Incomplete Transactions TotalOpen in a New Window

Please suggest how to trouble shoot and fix "Incomplete Transactions Total " of sniffer probes. All the probes in configured ( 12 probes ) display more than 50% value for Incomplete Transactions total.


Monitoring a TFTP (UDP) 69 port with SiteScopeOpen in a New Window


In our environment, we need to monitor the 69 (TFTP/UDP) port of a appliance UNIX by SiteScope, but after configure the monitor we noticed that it can't retrieve data.

It's possible, of some way, to monitor this protocol port? 

Thank you.


Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15Open in a New Window

Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15

As you may have seen in the last few months, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is combining some software assets with Micro Focus. As part of this spin-merge with Micro Focus, a new Software instance of an online community will go live on May 16, 2017.

All boards within the current Software category will be located to a new community. All URLs will redirect to the new community. All current users will be migrated to the new community as well. Please be sure to update your bookmarks after May 16.

As part of the migration to a new Software instance, all software content will be in read-only mode from May 9 – 15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will continue to provide further updates in this News board.


BSM and OMi intergration with HelpOpen in a New Window

Hi HP Support

i have project that client wants BSM and OMI events to generate and log tickets on BMC Remedy , please can someone advise with implementation document.

your assistance would be grateful




Monitoring Single Page Applications using HP RUMOpen in a New Window


I am trying to monitor a  web application using HP RUM and this web application is a  Single Page Application developed using AngularJS, HTML5. I have configured Sniffer probe to capture the traffic .

The traffic that is  before and after load balancer , downlink of access swtiches ( backend servers) is captured and sent to sniffer probe. I can see traffic in sniffer probe using tcpdump and also in probe discovery .

But the Application health dashboard shows no data.  I have used the General Web Application template. Is this the right template ? Am I missing something ?

The application url is : http://application.domain.com/app

In the General settings of RUM , URL is configured as http://application.domain.com/app* along with IP Addresses of application's Virtual IPs and webserver IPS and ports.


Export License BSM 9.26 to APM 9.30Open in a New Window

Hello Everyone need your help asap,

I would ask some question, how we can import License from BSM 9.26.371 to APM 9.30 ? Because the old bsm and new apm 9.30 it's in diffrent machine


SiteScope script monitor changes not being savedOpen in a New Window

Hi all


Got a bit of a weird issue on SIteScope 11.33 where making changes to script monitors aren't being saved successfully. Not all script monitor types are displaying this behaviour though.

Playing around with the issue, it seemingly makes no difference what changes are made, even just changing logging results in SiteScope displaying a "Please Wait" message forever.

Has anyone encountered this issue before, and if so, what did the root cause turn out to be?


Thanks in advance.


HP System health for monitoring BSM 9.26Open in a New Window

I was looking for download link for HP system health for monitoring BSM 9.26 environment. Could not find it. If anyone has this link, please post it.


Regular expression all digitesOpen in a New Window

Just made a Script Monitor that output the following strings:

Totaal-GDI 757



Window Manager\DWM-1 0


VATASW4661\sshd_server 0

SWH04\hppc_admin 712

VATASW4661\hpperf 0


Window Manager\DWM-3 40

 I would like to get all digits matches after the username. F.e.


Window Manager\DWM-3 40 > must match 40

What is the correct regular expression?



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