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Needed Ports to comunicate BPM and AppPulseOpen in a New Window



We are planning to connect AppPulse with a private BPM installed in customer's CPD. We need to open the port 80 or 443 from BPM to AppPulse. The doubt is: Should we open the port 2696 from AppPulse to BPM?.




Response and Loading time of the URL PageOpen in a New Window



I'm Currently using the trial version AppPulse Active and using the URL Monitoring.

In the URL Monitoring does it include the respond and Loading time of the page?

What is the difference of between Transaction Perfromance and Respond time?

Can we also customize the dashboard (e.g. Instead using Line Graph  can we use bar Graph).





Quick Links to AppPulse Active VideosOpen in a New Window

This post lists the latest videos about AppPulse Active.

We will update this post whenever we release new videos.


List of Available Videos 


AppPulse Active - Overview

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How to Create Scheduled and On-Demand Application Status Reports in AppPulse Active


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How to Set Up a Private Location in AppPulse Active


How to Set Up the TruClient Script Recorder and Create and View a Script


How to Use Script Transactions to Monitor Your UI or API Application Flows


Integration with HPE Operations Manager


Integration with HPE OMi 10 and Operations Bridge 


Integration with HPE Mobile Center



Using the Analytics function in AppPulse ActiveOpen in a New Window


I have recently started using AppPulse active and have both URL monitors and VuGen script based transactions.

This data is being collected with no problems and I have created SLA's and alerts for these.


When I look at the analytics section for the applications, it just states

"Analytics did not detect any significant abnormal behavior in the application"


When I dig for more detail I see "Anomaly Contains No Business Metrics to Display"


How do I see what metrics are being used or how do I setup the analytics funtion to use the data collected?

Does this need any additional applications to be in use?  I understood this was part of the AppPulse functionality.


Many thanks


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