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Summary of the news regarding Data and AnalyticsOpen in a New Window

A summary of what's in the news regarding Data and Analytics (it's pretty much all machine learning)

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HPE's spin/merge and acquisition strategyOpen in a New Window

From Jason Newton, VP of pan-HPE strategic marketing - Jason's take on HPE's spin/merge and acquisition strategy.



Examples of intelligent spacesOpen in a New Window

From Paul Beauchamp an HPE solution architect  in the UK : detailed examples of possible intelligent spaces. 




Intelligent SpacesOpen in a New Window

You can greatly improve customer engagement by creating Intelligent Spaces

Intelligent SpacesIntelligent Spaces


From Systems of Record, thru Systems of Engagement to Systems of ActionOpen in a New Window

In this post, I look at how systems of action compare them to what has gone before - systems of record and systems of engagement.

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Systems of Action and why "Everything Computes"Open in a New Window

The model where all workloads are run on one type of compute architecture, located in a central data center, is gone. Why? And what replaces it?

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Three beautiful SlideShare presentations on Digital DisruptionOpen in a New Window

With our agency, gyro:, we created three SlideShare presentations on digital disruptionslideshare first slide.png


The new, “digitally powered” lifecycleOpen in a New Window

Digitization means that we can use a different product lifecycle. What are the elements of this new produt lifecycle?new product lifecycle.png


Welcome to the new pan-HPE, Digital Transformation blogOpen in a New Window

The Digital Transformation blog will explore how digital technology is being applied both from a technical and a business point of view. It will also cover technologies involved in digital transformation, like IoT, machine learning and continuous delivery.old ladys hands.png


Spoiler alert: Security’s leading role in moviesOpen in a New Window

Just like a thriller, movie making has a complex storyline, where the protagonist is the film studio guarding their precious products from the cyber villains who want to steal them. Luckily, there’s a hero: Information security.  


We’ll be at Mobile World Congress 2017 … join us!Open in a New Window

Will we see you in Barcelona? Whether or not you’ll be in Spain next week, find industry insights from our team at the event on Enterprise.nxt.


Where security meets the Internet of ThingsOpen in a New Window

The IoT offers solutions, from charting medical records to running our houses remotely. But, with greater connectivity comes greater potential for vulnerabilities. From healthcare to home, how do we keep our lives and businesses secure?


Technology conference ahoy! 100+ events that will up your game in 2017Open in a New Window

From cloud to mobility to IoT to big data, there's a wealth of opportunity for you to connect at a focused event in your technology area of interest.


Creating smart cities: Lessons in digital transformationOpen in a New Window

As the smart city evolves, the benefits are clear. So are the challenges. City officials and security experts shine a light on the considerations for adding connectivity to communities.


Adaptation: How industry leaders are evolving along with changing technologyOpen in a New Window

Innovation and automation are evolving the enterprise. What are the most successful ways for leadership to evolve with technology? Learn from the ways healthcare is adapting to change and how industry is being Uberized.


A year of technological innovation: How do we store it?Open in a New Window

While technological advances address critical needs in every field, the issue of data storage increases. Learn what the experts forecast for the future of data storage, and what they advise for workload hosting.


‘Tis the season for digital transformationOpen in a New Window

Tech toys may be in our hands for the holidays, but digital transformation and the ways it will impact the enterprise is on the minds of top technology leaders.


Cool Intelligent Edge and IoT demos at Discover, London 2016Open in a New Window

Cool Intelligent Edge and IoT demos from Discover, London 2016. 





Digital transformation at HPE Discover London 2016 – from strategy to practiceOpen in a New Window

Digital transformation is now high on the agenda of many CEOs and CIOs. It is also the major theme of HPE Discover. However, with so many sessions and demos on offer, what should you focus on? Where should you spend your time? Where will you learn the most? This will depend of course on what digital transformation means to you, the role you play in your organization and the priorities you have.

So rather than just list a whole bunch of session, I am going to – in this blog – try to provide a guide. This guide will take you from the 30,000ft view all the way to the trenches, from strategy to practice, from the HPE view to real customer stories, so you can apply it to your own situation and needs and get the most value out of HPE Discover.

Getting your strategy on the right track

Digital transformation can mean many things, but one thing is clear: it is all about generating business value for your customers. The IT4IT Transformation Workshop will describe to you how you can take a value driven, customer centric approach to drive faster time to results and obtain more value from your enterprise solution portfolio. It is a slide free discussion with thought provoking ideas, taking you from strategy to quick wins and leading practices. We can then show you what implementing IT4IT can look like for your organization.

Focusing where you need it the most

One of the things we cover in the IT4IT Transformation Workshop are the 3 roles IT needs to assume in order to evolve into a modern, agile, innovative organization: the service provider, the service developer and the service broker. We map these roles to 3 major market trends respectively: cloud, DevOps and service broker. Each one of these is a domain unto itself, with its own challenges and value propositions. If you are wondering how you could develop an actionable transformation roadmap to drive business outcomes you should visit the Transform to Cloud, Enterprise DevOps and Transform to a hybrid infrastructure workshops.

Enough talk, can I see it?

Unlike some events where you can only hear a lot about these topics, we – at HPE Software Services – believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. So we put together what we call a Model Office: a fully functional environment, with pre-built integrations across HPE Software portfolio, showcasing key, common, real-life use cases where you can see Hybrid Cloud Management, DevOps, Mobile and Service Broker in action, all aligned to the IT4IT architecture. We can show you what the end state looks like and bring it to life right before your eyes.

Where have you done this before?

We get asked this quite a lot. Attending HPE Discover is as much about learning from your peers, and we have some great experiences us and our customers can share with you. You can hear about how SKF used IT4IT to transform and how ENEL used it for portfolio management and governance. You can hear what some of our customers have learned from their DevOps journey and how you could manage the performance of multiple suppliers with our service broker solution. Undoubtedly, you are trying to automate as much as possible. We can share with you recommended practices on your journey to excellence in automation, and how we can deliver them to you with Automation as a service.

Using this guide you can experience what your transformation journey might look like with the transformation experience workshops, see it in action with our Model Offices and hear how other customers made it real.

We look forward to seeing you in London at Discover 2016, 29 November – 1 December.


It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month: What do the experts predict for 2017?Open in a New Window

When HPE Business Insights asked four IT security experts to look into the future, they predicted the cyber trends and hazards CISO's will encounter in 2017.


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