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SOAP API to Export DataOpen in a New Window

I am trying to configure a SOAP API connector for my HP UCMDB environment.  I am trying to extract the server, storage, applications, and their ci relationships one another.  I am very new to UCMDB and SOAP so if you could provide any assistance it would be greatly appreciated.  Anything helps.


Custom Pyhton ScriptOpen in a New Window

Hi Expert,

I am trying to create host based on the IP.

e.g hostIP = ''

pimOSH = modeling.createHostOSH(hostIP,'node')

logger.debug("host name is %s" %pimOSH)

Gives me an output as

<log start="14:29:26" severity="debug">ip address is : ''</log>
<log start="14:29:26" severity="debug">host name is [OBJECT: id="UNKNOWN"" id_type""UNKNOWN"" class="node]</log>

Please assit


uCMDB server Unable to startOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

We are getting password authentication failed user for our postgrs databse userid. and due to that uCMDB is unable to start.

Error message in log:

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "ucmdbadmin"

ucmdbadmin is username for postgresql db.

We have install uCMDB Server and probe on a server, and we are using 10.22 version.

Can you help me 



Error test credential WMI/NTCMDOpen in a New Window

Hello experts,

I am running a test for wmi and netbios credentials, but I have the following errors:

NTCMDB  Protocol: Error: % 1 is not a valid Win32 application.

WMI Protocol: Error: Class not registered.

Why is this error?




Integration log between UCMDB 10.30 and SM 9.5Open in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I have succesfully integrated ucmdb and SM and I can see data is flowing between UCMDB and SM.

Now I have added one custom attribute in UCMDB but now i can see data not flowing for this attributes for SM.

I would like to see from ucmdb data is pushed for this custom attribute or not.

In ucmdb which log gives the information about data is pushed or not i.e I would like to see all values pushed from ucmdb to SM.





uCMDB ConnectionOpen in a New Window

Hello all,

I am trying to create a web application in order to fetch results from uCMDB and display them (I know that uCMDB browser does the same but I want a personal implementation of this). The application is running on Oracle Weblogic Server. I have an EJB calling a class which has a simple method quering uCMDB. In this class I am trying to connect to uCMDB in the following way (as I have seen in many examples in the web):

UcmdbServiceProvider provider = UcmdbServiceFactory.getServiceProvider(HOSTNAME, PORT);

Credentials credentials = provider.createCredentials(USERNAME, PASSWORD);
UcmdbService ucmdbService = provider.connect(credentials, provider.createClientContext("getTenants"));

My problem is that at this point (provider.connect - I have logging to see the steps of execution) it takes very long time to connect and continue. After it connects it fetches the results quickly. I have tested the same code in a single standalone Java class and it works really fast. 

So my question is, why does it take so much time to connect in my case with Weblogic and EJB calling this code? 

I would really appreciate any help/hint on this.

Thank you in advance.


Identify discovery userOpen in a New Window

Hello to All

It is possible to identify the user that was used for the discovery of a server, is possible found in the comunicattion log or table?

*Es posible identificar el usuario y contraseña (sobre todo usuario) con el que se realizó el descubrimiento de un servidor, es decir con el que se logro test exitoso al probar/check de credencial.


Thanks for your help!


Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15Open in a New Window

Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15

As you may have seen in the last few months, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is combining some software assets with Micro Focus. As part of this spin-merge with Micro Focus, a new Software instance of an online community will go live on May 16, 2017.

All boards within the current Software category will be located to a new community. All URLs will redirect to the new community. All current users will be migrated to the new community as well. Please be sure to update your bookmarks after May 16.

As part of the migration to a new Software instance, all software content will be in read-only mode from May 9 – 15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will continue to provide further updates in this News board.


Browser Firefox unable to open uCMDB consoleOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I've installed java in uCMDB server but still i am unable to open UCMDB UI from FIrefox Browser.

uCMDB version 10.30.

please let me know if anyone face the similiar issue and got fixed the same.


Issue occurred after up-gradation rolback from UCMDB 10.20 to 10.11Open in a New Window


Dear Experts,

Issue has been occured with HP UCMDB rollback from version 10.20 to 10.11. Below is the error message I am getting :-

2017-04-28 12:58:38,141 [Starter for "model_topology" (during Writer server startup). (customer 1, id name: Default Client)] ERROR Failed to execute command [CmdbDalLoadModelGraphComplexCommand] time [124 ms] customer ID [1, id name: Default Client] operation stack [N/A]
com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalException: [ErrorCode [-2147483648] undefined error code] Error loading model graph due to exception: com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalException: [ErrorCode [-2147483648] undefined error code] Can't execute statement [ select INLINE_COMPOSITION_CMDB_ID is not null ], due to exception: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: [mercury][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.dal.command.datamodel.impl.CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.getModelGraph(CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.java:168)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.dal.command.datamodel.impl.CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.perform(CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.java:122)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.dal.command.datamodel.impl.CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.perform(CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.java:42)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.DalAbstractCommand$FlowControlDalCommandExecutor.execute(DalAbstractCommand.java:36)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.manage.flowmanagement.api.FlowManager.execute(FlowManager.java:227)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.manage.flowmanagement.api.FlowManager.execute(FlowManager.java:222)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.DalAbstractCommand.execute(DalAbstractCommand.java:54)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalJdbcDAO$CmdbDalDeadlockRetriable.performAction(CmdbDalJdbcDAO.java:120)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalJdbcDAO$CmdbDalDeadlockRetriable.performAction(CmdbDalJdbcDAO.java:105)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.util.retry.impl.DefaultRetriableExecutorImpl.doExecute(DefaultRetriableExecutorImpl.java:37)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.util.retry.impl.AbstractRetriableExecutor.execute(AbstractRetriableExecutor.java:37)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalJdbcDAO.executeQuery(CmdbDalJdbcDAO.java:61)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalJdbcDAO.executeQuery(CmdbDalJdbcDAO.java:53)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.dal.dao.impl.CmdbDalJdbcDataModelDAO.executeQuery(CmdbDalJdbcDataModelDAO.java:96)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.dal.dao.impl.CmdbDalJdbcDataModelDAO.loadModel(CmdbDalJdbcDataModelDAO.java:219)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.dal.dao.impl.CmdbDalJdbcDataModelDAO.loadModelTopology(CmdbDalJdbcDataModelDAO.java:195)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.model.manager.impl.ModelTopologyManagerImpl.loadModelTopology(ModelTopologyManagerImpl.java:142)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.model.manager.impl.ModelTopologyManagerImpl.startUp(ModelTopologyManagerImpl.java:90)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.service.impl.ServiceComponentImpl.startup(ServiceComponentImpl.java:118)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.service.impl.ServiceComponentImpl.startupSubsystemManagers(ServiceComponentImpl.java:108)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.service.impl.ServiceComponentImpl.startUp(ServiceComponentImpl.java:70)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.instance.CustomerInstanceImpl.startComponentLocally(CustomerInstanceImpl.java:104)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.instance.CustomerInstanceImpl.startComponentLocally(CustomerInstanceImpl.java:94)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.instance.Controller$ComponentLifecycleImpl.startComponent(Controller.java:291)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.instance.CustomerController.startComponent(CustomerController.java:482)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.instance.CustomerController.access$200(CustomerController.java:29)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.instance.CustomerController$RunnerWrapper.run(CustomerController.java:444)
at org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.QueuedThreadPool.runJob(QueuedThreadPool.java:599)
at org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.QueuedThreadPool$3.run(QueuedThreadPool.java:534)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:722)
Caused by: com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalException: [ErrorCode [-2147483648] undefined error code] Can't execute statement [ select INLINE_COMPOSITION_CMDB_ID as CMDB_ID, 'composition' as -------------


[Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalStatementImpl.executeQuery(CmdbDalStatementImpl.java:284)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.dal.command.datamodel.impl.CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.queryLinks(CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.java:327)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.dal.command.datamodel.impl.CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.queryLinks(CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.java:268)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.dal.command.datamodel.impl.CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.getModelGraph(CmdbDalAbstractLoadModelGraphComplexCommand.java:149)
... 29 more
Caused by: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: [mercury][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

at com.mercury.jdbc.oraclebase.ddcr.b(Unknown Source)
at com.mercury.jdbc.oraclebase.ddcr.a(Unknown Source)
at com.mercury.jdbc.oraclebase.ddcq.b(Unknown Source)
at com.mercury.jdbc.oraclebase.ddcq.a(Unknown Source)
at com.mercury.jdbc.oracle.ddal.a(Unknown Source)
at com.mercury.jdbc.oracle.ddal.a(Unknown Source)
at com.mercury.jdbc.oracle.ddam.t(Unknown Source)
at com.mercury.jdbc.oraclebase.dde3.w(Unknown Source)
at com.mercury.jdbc.oraclebase.dde3.v(Unknown Source)
at com.mercury.jdbc.oraclebase.dde3.executeQuery(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.commons.dbcp.DelegatingStatement.executeQuery(DelegatingStatement.java:208)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalStatementImpl$FlowControlQueryExecuter.execute(CmdbDalStatementImpl.java:327)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalStatementImpl$FlowControlQueryExecuter.execute(CmdbDalStatementImpl.java:317)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.manage.flowmanagement.api.FlowManager.execute(FlowManager.java:227)
at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalStatementImpl.executeQuery(CmdbDalStatementImpl.java:274)
... 32 more


Also thethe error was occured during upgrade from 10.11 to 10.20 and as per it the application was upgraded at application end but not upgraded at DB end.

Kindly share the steps to fix them.


Kind Regards,



SWID Tags and DiscoveryOpen in a New Window

Has anyone used these to asist in discovering running software? 


How discovery windows NT in UCMDB 10.30Open in a New Window


is windows NT support in ucmdb 10.30?

is necessary port 135,137,138,139,445? 


Required package of hpucmdb_dataflowprobe-10.21.462.exeOpen in a New Window

Hi ,


I want to do integration between OMi 10.10  and Ucmdb probe.  i have searched the manual (KM01914048) in hpe site but i am not able to find the package of hpucmdb_dataflowprobe-10.21.462.exe for windows. 

could you please privide the download link of hpucmdb_dataflowprobe-10.21.462 package. 


Datamodevents opening changes in SM from UCMDB without actual changesOpen in a New Window


Has anyone had this issue before and could point me in the right direction of where I can fix this?

Our ucmdb-sm integration is bringing in InstalledSoftware and IpServiceEndpoints as array strcutures in SM as opposed to individual ci's. very often after a scan an incident ticket is opened in SM that looks like this when there were no changes in ucmdb:
old value 1 2 3

new value 3 1 2

I have also seen instances of it being the exact same

old value 1 2 3

new value 1 2 3

Any ideas where this should be addressed (tql queres etc...)?



Report Generation in UCMDB For all the existing applications along with their infrastructure CIsOpen in a New Window

We have a request from Customer where the requirement is to have a report of all the existing applications with their infrastructure.

However, the problem lies with the count/number of relationships and number of Related CIs overall which leads to failure in generating the report.

I was told to increase the sub graph depth settings under report settings in Infrastructure settings from 50(default) to 100 or 150, but was also informed of several other triggers in the environment.

Can someone please help me in generating this report?


UCMDB 10.31 - Creation of an "Integration User" with only that right possible?Open in a New Window

Hello to All,

our customer has the following request for UCMDB 10.31 (RHEL 7.3/ Oracle 12c):

Is it possible to create an so called "integration Only User" - a UCMDB User-Account which could log into the UCMDB but only then use a several integration Point (start / stop that). At the UCMDB given oob user roles I couldn´t find anything.


Thanks for your help!






How to filter CI Nodes by licenses attributesOpen in a New Window


In the class model Node, we have 3 attributes about license type, but under TQL query we cannot select this attributes :

Attribute name      Attribute display label             Attribute type
lic_type                           License Type                            string_list
lic_type_udf                 Has UDF License                       boolean
lic_type_udi                  Has UDI License                       boolean

How to do this ?

Server version 10.22 cup3

Kindly help


Server to Network relationship in UCMDB 10.30 versionOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

In our UCMDB 10.30 we have a requirement to show up the relationship between Server to Network node.

If I discover all the servers, network devices in my environment, will it automatically shows the relationship between server and network devices?Which jobs we need to run to see this automatic relationships.

or I need to create manual relationship between Server and network device which involves huge effect.Please suggest.




how to view UCMDB license summary from UCMDB UI not from JMX console.Open in a New Window

Hi Experts,

How to view UCMDB licenses summary report from UCMDB UI. I have logged into UCMDB UI and can see staus as Compliant.I am not finding any option in status bar to find licenses summary report.

from where we can get licenses summary report.

Attaching the screen shot from my installed tool and also expecting report from document.




process during agentless discoveryOpen in a New Window


Is there any process (Scanner) that runs on the target node during agentless discovery in ucmdb 10.x?

Thanks in advance

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