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Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15Open in a New Window

Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15

As you may have seen in the last few months, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is combining some software assets with Micro Focus. As part of this spin-merge with Micro Focus, a new Software instance of an online community will go live on May 16, 2017.

All boards within the current Software category will be located to a new community. All URLs will redirect to the new community. All current users will be migrated to the new community as well. Please be sure to update your bookmarks after May 16.

As part of the migration to a new Software instance, all software content will be in read-only mode from May 9 – 15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will continue to provide further updates in this News board.


Unable to start my RCA Configuration serviceOpen in a New Window

For some reason Radia Configuration Server service stop automatically and when i restart the service it will run for 2-5 seconds and then stop automatically. Please advise if anyone experienced this before and if there is any fix.

I have Checked my NVDRM Log file but unable to understand what its trying to say

NVD0055I 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- Current Client Automation Configuration Server directory is <C:\PROGRA~2\PSL\RCA\CONFIG~1\bin>
NVD0051I 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- Verifying License
NVD4026I 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- License is taken from <C:\PROGRA~2\PSL\RCA\CONFIG~1\bin\license.nvd>
NVD4027I 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- License1 string found <8E1382BC45A3CD1C BB9FB3DF4967E049 9A2C5A5B56950E77 9A2C5A5B56950E77>
NVD4028I 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- License2 string found <27F3C2119154C055 B6CC1CA1E7CD787D 2B8FE4625A0C0244 4532DEAEDDFCE7C2>
NVD0081E 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --! Failed to send email to Administrator on license issue.
NVD9116E 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --! ****************************************************************
NVD9117E 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --! * WARNING: NUMBER OF MANAGED DEVICES: <9> APPROACHING LICENSE LIMIT OF <100> *
NVD9116E 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --! ****************************************************************
NVD9500I 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- The Client Automation Configuration Server Database is encoded in <UTF8>
NVD9501I 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- The locale LC_CTYPE is <English_United States.1252>
NVD0052I 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- Verifying Database
NVD8405I 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- <ZEDMAMS> with parameters <VERB=VERIFY_DATABASE,DOMAIN=ALL,DEPTH=CLASS> started <> at <11:01:13:365>
NVD5955W 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --? Could not reset administrator timeout to <0> seconds
NVD8413E 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --! METHOD <ZEDMAMS> , EXECUTION ERROR PID =<0>, rc = <8>
NVD0061E 11:01:13 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --! DATABASE VERIFICATION FAILED, RC <8>.
NVD0074I 11:01:18 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- Shutting down Client Automation Configuration Server <100>
NVD9300I 11:01:18 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- TASK CONTEXT AND INTENT LIMIT STATISTICS - TOTALS
NVD9301I 11:01:18 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- Intent Limit Curr Peak Pri Allowed Retrys
NVD9302I 11:01:18 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- * 65535 0 0 0 0 0
NVD9300I 11:01:18 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- TASK CONTEXT AND INTENT LIMIT STATISTICS - UNATTENDED
NVD9301I 11:01:18 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- Intent Limit Curr Peak Pri Allowed Retrys
NVD9302I 11:01:18 <ztoptask /1834> System Task --- * 65535 0 0 0 0 0

NVD0002I 11:01:18 <zlogmgr /924> Client Automation Configuration Server is terminating



Export policy and assigning edm policy in powershellOpen in a New Window

Hi, I'm fairly new to PowerShell but I was wondering if anyone has had success exporting the software policy and then being able to assign a package to an AD group? Thanks for any help in advance.


streamline satellite RPS_ entry is not reporting in reporting console.Open in a New Window



i m able to successful synch streamline satellite with core server.preload is also successful but RPS_ entry is not reporting in reporting console.








CAE PAckage User Context Admin PrivilegesOpen in a New Window

The MSI has to be installed under User Context, but requires Admin Privileges. Easy in SCCM, but run into problems in CAE.

That is, we need to Run As Administrator option, but User Context.


CAE Login problemOpen in a New Window



Having a problem were after the firs login on CAE console, after disconnect or timeout disconection, the Directory Souce its giving me NULL, and i cant login anymore even after restarting all services. 


The way i can login to the console is to reboot server, but the problem returns.


Anywone have a clue, or what log can i check to see i can find any problem?




unable to open HP Client Automation consoleOpen in a New Window


Unableto open HP Client Automation Console giving error unable to communicate with the authentication portal.


Portal service is running


Proxy SyncOpen in a New Window

Hi, While checking the sync.log file under the HPCA\ProxyServer\scripts\logs folder I see the following message:


ProxySync: Sending APPEVENT due to service event flag = B, err = 000


Should I be concerned with this ?   Thanks for any help in advance.


Incremental Proxy server syncOpen in a New Window

Hi, we are using Radia 7.8. I'm trying to update our proxy servers with new software by using this command.  http://proxy_host_or_IP_address:3466/proc/rps/sync . It looks like it is redownloading everything. Is there a command for just an incremental sync? Thanks for any help in advance


Question about User NotificationsOpen in a New Window

Hello. The company I support is on Radia 8.1. I am new to supporting Radia. I am looking for some information on user notifications. I have read through the documentation but cannot locate what I need. Is it possible to send an software update to a user and notify them that an update is avaiable. If they cannot install at the time they receive the notification they can postpone it for a later time?


Thank you for the information.


Basic Publishing ModeOpen in a New Window

Hi, when using the Basic Publishing Mode it states "no advanced capabilities will be available."  What capabilities will not be available?  Thanks for any help in advance.


New ZSERVICE folder location?Open in a New Window

Hi has anyone ever encountered HPCA creating a separate ZSERVICE folder with the computer name? 

For example :

C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HPCA\Agent\Lib\2UA2371LXS\Radia\SOFTWARE\ZSERVICE   instead of using the normal  c:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HPCA\Agent\Lib\SYSTEM\RADIA\SOFTWARE\ZSERVICE


Dump and RunsOpen in a New Window

Hi, has anyone found a way to have Radia wait until a dump and run(install placed in a folder and kicked off with a cmd file) is done before it moves on to the next install?  We are also looking for a way to delete the source files that are dumped down after the install so it doesn’t eat up hard drive space.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Can i trigger radia client in my app.Open in a New Window

hello, is there any way to run radia client in my windows mobile app to get updates? thanks.


Error to get software and hardware inventory from virtual machinesOpen in a New Window

Hi all;



I have a problem when I try to get the Software and hardware inventory from virtual machines,    the version of Client automation is 9.00, This error does not happen with the physical machines




any idea about this




Syncing erorOpen in a New Window

Hi we are encountering the following error in the dmabatch.log file when syncing from teir 1 to teir 2 servers:


20140121 18:24:14 Note: =============== Completed with Errors ===============
20140121 18:24:14 Nvdsync error: Unable to Prepare HPCA-CS Databases %s
20140121 18:24:14 RC=16


Has anyone encountered this and what causes it?  Thanks for any help in advance.


Error - /rrs/results.tclOpen in a New Window



I have installed HP CAE 8.10. When i click on "view managed devices" on core console it gives a error--



42S02 208 {[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'dbo.deviceconfig'.}
   while executing
"$dbHandle "$query""
   (object "::sql0" method "::rrs::sql::query" body line 33)
   invoked from within
"::sql0 query "SELECT a.device_id AS device_id, 
a.mtime AS mtime,
a.device_id AS userid,
b.clientrel AS clientrel,
a.devicename AS devicename,
   invoked from within
"subst $windowQueryExec"
   (procedure "window_PrintWindow" line 150)
   invoked from within
"$procName $viewparams($window) $windowParams $window"
   (procedure "resultStub" line 49)
   invoked from within
   invoked from within
"catch $cmd"





i have checked the ODBC configuration..it is ok...plz help me guyz 










publishing s/w form CSDB editor in radia 5.11Open in a New Window

Please let me know howto install non msi software client syatems using CSDB editor. We are creating the package in installation monitor mode and using Radia 5.11.

Thanks in advance.


query on CAE consoleOpen in a New Window

Dear Team,


I have some query on CAE console, Kindly clarify the same.


  1. I found the changing of device number in “devices connected today” under Summary Tab.

For Eg: morning the count is 1500 afternoon it changed to 1200. Why it is decreased?


2. Sometime the device is on line but it is not scanned. If you locate the device in RAMDevice list, it is showing old date for “last connect”. Why it is not connected today.







Virtual Mgr Location (MGRVLOC) Class ( Audit to capture file )Open in a New Window

Good day,


I've created an Audit zservice to find file and capture, but there is an error of sending the file back to configuration server.


Please need your help to defined the value in the MGRVLOC class, I leave the value to be "_Base_Instance_".






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