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Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15Open in a New Window

Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15

As you may have seen in the last few months, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is combining some software assets with Micro Focus. As part of this spin-merge with Micro Focus, a new Software instance of an online community will go live on May 16, 2017.

All boards within the current Software category will be located to a new community. All URLs will redirect to the new community. All current users will be migrated to the new community as well. Please be sure to update your bookmarks after May 16.

As part of the migration to a new Software instance, all software content will be in read-only mode from May 9 – 15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will continue to provide further updates in this News board.


Use SYSTEM not connectOpen in a New Window

Hello, I have the following problem with the RCA 9.10.

Failed - Could not connect to the Client Automation Configuration Server localhost:3464. The Service might not be running - PASSWORD INVALID FOR USERID
while executing
"ok [array get z]"
(object "::rmp::nvdadm1091" method "::nvdadm::ZADMIN" body l

The SYSTEM user does not connect the DB. see the attachment.

What do I do?


Catalog does not show softwareOpen in a New Window

Hello, the software catalog does not show anything. I created 10 packages for installation but when I trigger the agent on the desktop does not show the same packages. What do I do?


Client Automation Application Self-Service Manager Error 502Open in a New Window

Outlook Updates - Broken. When click repair get the following message with the title in the Subject line above: The application could not be repaired locally, please connect to the manager to fix it. I am on the HP network. I don't know how to "connect to the manager". Another option would be to Remove it, but not sure how to get Outlook Updates back in the list of Client Automation Application Self-Service Manager applications to receive updates.


Radia 3rd party security patch supportOpen in a New Window

Hello Radia users, I hope everyone is doing well. Anyone interested in 3rd party patch support, or continued support for Windows XP security patching via Radia?


Most 3rd party security patches can be managed via Radia Patch Manager by using custom descriptor files. As long as the extension is supported in Radia and there is a file/reg to verify the patch can be managed by Radia. This does require someone create and manage the custom descriptor files but once a template is created it can be updated to reflect changes very quickly. For instance, I recently developed a custom descriptor file for Adobe Flash Player that can be used to update Flash via Radia(7.x,8.x,9.x) within an hour of a new Flash update which includes descriptor file modification, and acquisition. Radia 9.1 has Adobe patch support but there is about a 30 day window between the time a new Adobe patch is released before Radia can acquire/manage it. If anyone is interested in this type of 3rd party security patch support please send us an email at hpsupport@evergreensys.com and let us know which 3rd party security patches your organization is looking to manage via Radia. We also have a custom Radia Reporting Server with hundreds of Inventory, Patch, and Usage reports(formerly Site reports) that has been under constant development for over a decade, and a Proprietary Windows management utility to manage and automate routine admin tasks, and troubleshoot the Radia Infrastructure (Satellite servers) and Radia agents on demand.


Problem to see device in patch device status reportOpen in a New Window

Hi all:



I have a problem when I want to see one device that was scanned with discovery patch service.   I open the  device status report on patch management report section, but dont appear the device.


I check the reporting server --> managed services and if appear the services (discovery patch and finalize patch) with the status install successful.






I try with another device and if  work fine.


any idea?




Package Creation of Ms office 2010Open in a New Window

Dear Experits,


We are using HPCAE 7.9 in our environment,


Please provide us the steps to create Ms Office 2010 package




Adobe Reader software publishingOpen in a New Window



We tried to publish the Adobe Reader application but it is not showing in the Application self service Manager. CAE is deployed in workgroup environment. Please help me on this and find attached connect log for your reference.





HP CAE 9.0 Patch Manager problemOpen in a New Window



I am very new to HP CAE 9.0. We have installed the core server and deployed the client in some of the machines. Now we would like to push the patches from the configuration server to the client machines by assigning the policies to the respective machines. After assigning policies it running scan for patch vulnerabilities but not installing the patches.


Can anyone help me to resolve the issue. I tried to do it manually from client side by Patch Connect command from radtray icon and captured the connect logs and attached the same for your reference.






HPCA new version featuresOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,


Please share HP CA features for existing(7.5X) and the newest version.





APPX deploymentOpen in a New Window



Does HPCA support .appx package deployment for windows 8?





CAE agent roll-outOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


I'm newbie. Actually need to knwo about the agent deployment. If we need to deploy the agent from console, which have a size of 60mb. will it download fully or will scan the device first & allow to download the files compatiable with os [eg. win xp, win 7]. 


Really need a answer for this.


Help it out.


How to deploy the CAE agent Locally?Open in a New Window

Dear Frinds


We are doing a new implementation CAE 9.0. The customer is having around 6000 desktops around the globe (6 locations in India & 5 location in abroad).  The core server is in India & satellites are spread on all other locations. Now we need to start agent deployment. The size of agent bits is around 60MB. The customer not agreed to push the agent from the core server because he is worried about the bandwidth. He is asking alternative solution without using the WAN


Now my question is


  1. When we push the agent to all devices every time is it copy the agent from core server or is it have any internal intelligence to cache the installer bits in local subnet & install?
  2. Is there any other why to install the agent without using WAN network.





OSM 7.0 : How to use the class DRIVEMAPOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

i tried to use the attributes in the classe DRIVEMAP with different values :

examples :

type =MERGE, reserved space size=0, system partition size =1024

type =MERGE, reserved space size=0, system partition size =0

type =ADD, reserved space size=0, system partition size =1024


it seems that nothing change, because i have systematically 2 more partitions :


drive C:  (  system partition ) size = 100 Mb 

drive D:  (  OS partition ) size = 19 Gb


if someone knows why these partitions are created ?


Thanks you.


unable to login into CM admin packagerOpen in a New Window



when i am trying to login into CM admin packager, it is showing error as "unable to connect to server. please see browser log for details". any idea what went wrong??


How to uninstall software package?Open in a New Window

Dear Expert,


We are trying to uninstall a package through HP CAE 8.10 version but we were unsuccessful.


We have tried adding below command to uninstall the package.


ZCREATE – C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Msiexec.exe /x {product code} /qn

BDELETE - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Msiexec.exe /x {product code} /qn

The same command works fine out of HP CAE.


We have created a Adobe Reader 10 package.


I will be grateful if you can share some experience,


thanks a ton !!!


Client Automation doesn't install software automaticallyOpen in a New Window


I have a problem. We installed client automation enterprise and installed agent to our PCs

But we have problem with several PCs to install software automatically. If i run radskman dname=SOFTWARE manually  on PC - agent will start installing software, but if i notify software connect remotely - nothing to install and if u choose on PC at radtray "software connect"  - nothing happens


Log from one PC in atachment (after 12:03 i run command manually on PC and software installed)


Adding multiple devices in HPCAOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


I hope all doing well...


Is their any way to add mutiple devices at the same time ?


and it is possible to export hp zone devices list ?





Error received from client automation OS manager server: %sOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone,


I have Radia Client Automation OS Manager installed on the blade servers. While I start deploying the OS, after getting the IP Address from the DHCP Server and starting the OS Imaging, it gives the below error:


"Error received from client automation OS manager server: %s"


Can anyone help on this error ??? I have been searching since last 4-5days but could not find any solution.


Would appreciate the responses..


BR, Arpit


Copy Instance with in the same Domain\classOpen in a New Window



I am trying to copy instance in the USER class with the ZEDMAMS, but seems like i am missing something.


i tried with the below command.





Any suggestions would be approciated.




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