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Install package at computer startupOpen in a New Window


We have a requirement to install software at computer startup before the user can log in. Is this possible with HPCA?



OS Deployment IssueOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,


I amtrying to capture OS to RCA server running on W2k8 R2, when I capture OS using oscapture.exe, I get the error message that "PREPWIZ could not find IMAGEX.EXE and/or BOOTSECT.EXE on the RCA OSM Server. These utilities must be present for ImageX/Winsetup-based imaging to succeed.


But on RCA, I have installed Windows ADK features (Deployment tools, USMT and Win PE) like user guide.


Anyone knows, please kindly help.


And also, could you please provide me the steps necessary to do capture and deploy the OS image with the notes.


Appreciate your help,





synch issue in CAE 7.9Open in a New Window



i am getting below error in synch log


20150613 14:28:49 Info: ProxySync: Syncing service: MS14-056 (SOFTWARE.ZSERVICE.MS14-056)
20150613 14:28:49 Info: ProxySync: Resources to check for this service: 4
20150613 14:28:49 Info: ProxySync: RESOURCE/SOFTWARE/FILE/A100ECA71502 (267 bytes, 0.06 seconds)
20150613 14:30:05 Info: ProxySync: RESOURCE/SOFTWARE/FILE/A100ECA71540 (9925061 bytes, 75.826 seconds)
20150613 14:30:05 Warning: ProxySync: http://PROJOUTIPC020.rrbbob.com:3466/RESOURCE/SOFTWARE/FILE/A100ECA74D40 - ok
20150613 14:30:05 Info: ProxySync: RESOURCE/SOFTWARE/FILE/A100ECA74D40 (43972572 bytes, 0.113 seconds)
20150613 14:30:05 Warning: ProxySync: http://PROJOUTIPC020.rrbbob.com:3466/RESOURCE/SOFTWARE/FILE/A100ECA75400 - ok
20150613 14:30:05 Info: ProxySync: RESOURCE/SOFTWARE/FILE/A100ECA75400 (270 bytes, 0.092 seconds)
20150613 14:30:05 Info: ProxySync: Sending APPEVENT due to service event flag = B, err = 209


The problem is that whenever i executed synch its try to synch same service again.


20150613 14:52:08 Info: Proxy Server /proc/rps/sync invoked
20150613 14:52:08 Info: ProxySync: Connecting to cms tcp://emscae001.rrbbob.com:3464 as RPS_PROJOUTIPC020 for catalog resolution
20150613 14:52:08 Info: ProxySync: Reading catalog from C:/Program Files/Hewlett-Packard/HPCA/ApacheServer/apps/proxy/etc/catalog.dat
20150613 14:52:08 Info: ProxySync: Services in catalog: 26
20150613 14:52:08 Info: ProxySync: New or updated services: 1
20150613 14:52:08 Info: ProxySync: HostUrl:   http://PROJOUTIPC020.rrbbob.com:3466
20150613 14:52:08 Info: ProxySync: Syncing service: MS14-056 (SOFTWARE.ZSERVICE.MS14-056)
20150613 14:52:09 Info: ProxySync: Resources to check for this service: 4
20150613 14:52:09 Warning: ProxySync: http://PROJOUTIPC020.rrbbob.com:3466/RESOURCE/SOFTWARE/FILE/A100ECA74D40 - ok
20150613 14:52:09 Info: ProxySync: RESOURCE/SOFTWARE/FILE/A100ECA74D40 (43972572 bytes, 0.086 seconds)
20150613 14:52:09 Warning: ProxySync: http://PROJOUTIPC020.rrbbob.com:3466/RESOURCE/SOFTWARE/FILE/A100ECA75400 - ok
20150613 14:52:09 Info: ProxySync: RESOURCE/SOFTWARE/FILE/A100ECA75400 (270 bytes, 0.055 seconds)
20150613 14:52:09 Info: ProxySync: Sending APPEVENT due to service event flag = B, err = 209
20150613 14:52:09 Info: ProxySync: Services:  1
20150613 14:52:09 Info: ProxySync: Resources: 4, 52635 kbytes checked
20150613 14:52:09 Info: ProxySync:
20150613 14:52:09 Info: ProxySync: APPEVENT send complete
20150613 14:52:09 Info: ProxySync: Saving catalog to C:/Program Files/Hewlett-Packard/HPCA/ApacheServer/apps/proxy/etc/catalog.dat
20150613 14:52:09 Info: ProxySync: Proxy sync complete



Kindly help to resolve the issue.





+91 8454977579


Radia Patch Manager extended support for Windows Server 2003Open in a New Window

 Hello Radia community! I hope everyone is doing well.


 Windows Server 2003 end of life is July 14, 2015. If you are extending support with Microsoft and wish to continue using Radia Patch Manager to manage 2003 security patching drop me a note. We provide extended Windows security patching for Radia Patch Manager.




Publishing software component select method.Open in a New Window

Hi Experts,


I'm trying to publish the software (exe files) using component select me thod.


I store the software source at: C:\Software


For example: I want to publish java.exe to HP CA so I put zcreate command: cmd C:\Software\java.exe


I put it as optional to use SSM on client machine to install the software, but when we try to install, nothing happens.


Please correct me If am wrong.


Please kindly help me.





Radia Patch Manager custom JDK and JRE security patchingOpen in a New Window

 I am in the process of building custom JDK and JRE bulletins for Radia Patch Manager and would like feedback from users on which Java products(versions) are currently packaged and updated via Radia Software Manager and how often Java is updated to the newest release. Is there a 48 hour SLA for high securify risk?   Are you using both JDK and JRE or only JRE? Do you have 2 seperate packages for JDK and JRE if using both or just a single package for JDK as JRE is also installed with JDK?


 Any feedback will be helpful. 




Radia Client Automation Enterprise 9.0 client inventory data issue.Open in a New Window

Hi Experts,


I'm implementing CAE 9.0, with LDAP integrated, and I want to have the inventory manament reports for inventory data of the clients (like: CPU, Memory, disk, and so on).


I have configured the following steps:


- entitle AUDIT to managed clients

- create job "audit connect" to the clients need to discover the information


I have also follow the CSDB ref guide, Inventory_Manager guide to check the configuration, and everything's fine. But when I check the inventory data for these clients, it shows no data for all the data.


Please kindly help.





ZStop for Windows 8Open in a New Window

This seems like a really easy question and I've looked through this forum and I've looked through all the documentation that we have and I can't seem to find the answer...  We have a piece of software that is specific to Windows 8.  I wanted to put a ZStop on it so that it will only run on that Operating System.  I thought it would be similar to the Win7 stop and assumed it would just be called Win8.  Unfortunatly, the software doesn't seem to show up on the Windows 8 machine so it seems like the zstop is incorrect.  Any idea what they are using for a Windows 8 stop?  Here are the stops my software is using that do not appear to be working:


1. WORDPOS(EDMGETV(ZMASTER,ZOS),'WIN8')=0     (this is just a guess since it's similar to the Win7 ones)

2.  WORDPOS(EDMGETV(ZMASTER,ZOSTYPE),'WINX64_NT')=0   (this stop should be working since we've used it in the past. Yes, the test machine is 64bit)


Custom Radia Reporting Demo, and Infrastructure managementOpen in a New Window

 I Developed a custom Radia database front-end that is made up of over 2000 SQL queries and hundreds of custom reports developed over the past 13 years. Demo the custom reports (Webulae) by using the following tinyurl. Best viewed using Internet Explorer.

Reporting Demo:     http://tinyurl.com/pzkzs2v

 I Also developed Windows based management utility (Doge SIA) designed to automate routine admin tasks and troubleshoot remote systems from a central web-based console. It was developed specifically for Radia administration where hundreds of Windows Satellite/Proxy servers and thousands of Windows clients may need a repetitive admin task performed like stopping/starting services, collecting system information, verifying/deleting a file, remote shutdown/WOL,  executing scripts, and more. Since Doge is a server side utility that requires credentials to execute on remote systems a demo is not possible. You can browse Doge using the Doge link inside the Reporting Demo.


 Both Webulae and Doge run on same tclhttpd framework as a standard Radia Integration Server and use the same interpreter so the TCL server pages(tsp) are interchangeable. For more information about these applications send me an email at james.longo@evergreensys.com





Radia 9.x Patch Manager has "Download Manager" enabled by defaultOpen in a New Window

Anyone upgrading to Radia 9.x should check the following settings which are enabled by default and change Radia Patch manager behavior from previous versions. I recommend disabling Download Manager so patches are installed during the scheduled patch connect. Download Manager installs patches outside of the normal patch connect and acquires metadata only.


In the Console navigate to Configuration/Patch Management/Agent Options and uncheck "Enable Download Manager" to disable it. Also check the Distribution Settings and uncheck "Enable Download of Patch Metadata only".


SapStats processing and reporting in Radia 9.1Open in a New Window

  To enable SapStats processing in Radia 9.1 navigate to PRIMARY.CLIENT.SETTINGS and set SAPPING to Y.  This will trigger the processing of the sapstats object which contains valuable information about Radia client/satellite traffic.  If anyone is interested in a demo of my custom reports to view sapstats data in Radia 9.1 send me an email and I will send you a link to demo the reports. 





radconct.exe - Application ErrorOpen in a New Window


A pop-up

"radconct.exe - Application Error The instruction at "0x00433ad7" referenced memory at "0x0000100a". The memory could not be "read".   Click on OK to terminate the program"

is frequently shown on a Windows Server 2003.


A dmp file (radconct.dmp) was created - see attachments.


Can anybody see what is the problem?


I'm thankful for any help.


Best regards



couldn't open socket: connection refusedOpen in a New Window



In rms-default-0 and 1 i m getting below error


20150210 15:36:56 [8228] Warning: MSG/QUEUE<default> default: To: core.rmp, From: rms@ROALWAPC002, subject: rms heartbeat - unable to deliver to all recipients
20150210 15:36:57 [8228] Warning: MSG/HTTP<rmp> rmp: To: CORE.RMP, From: rms@KHWCHCPC001, subject: rms heartbeat - couldn't open socket: connection refused
20150210 15:36:57 [8228] Warning: MSG/ROUTER<router> failed to deliver


20150210 15:36:27 [960] Warning: MSG/QUEUE<default> default: To: core.rmp, From: rms@KEKAJAPC001, subject: rms heartbeat - unable to deliver to all recipients
20150210 15:36:28 [960] Warning: MSG/HTTP<rmp> rmp: To: CORE.RMP, From: rms@MGLSIKPC001, subject: rms heartbeat - couldn't open socket: connection refused
20150210 15:36:28 [960] Warning: MSG/ROUTER<router> failed to deliver


kindly suggest






In extracted software or patch report Device column shows blankOpen in a New Window

i have extracted report from enterprise console when i filtered to Event column as Install, Repair, verify in Device column device entry shows blank


Core, satelite & CA communicationsOpen in a New Window



When we have core,satelite & client agent architecture. Is there a possibility that in absence of satelite server due to satelite breakdown or satelite being switched off the client agents will download the patches from core server? If it is not, in what all scenarios the client agent will communicate with core server. As we are suspecting the bandwidth utilisation is due to clients downloading patches from core not from satelite, even though satelite is up and running..


Your response is highly appreciated..


Thanks in advance


CAS Agent installation error..Open in a New Window

Hi Experts,


Please suggest me .. As  I am getting CAS agent installation error..


ERROR:- Failed to Install HPCA Management Agent - Reason: Failed when Enumerating network shares Code: Access is denied.




CAS server Version : 7.90.010

CAS Agent Version : 7.90




OS Post-reboot agent installOpen in a New Window

good Afternoon,

in post-reboot tasks after deploying an operating system is the runsync to install the agent. For some reason does not run and the agent is not installed. Leaves no log file.
can help me out.
thank you very much.


radexecd.log - Invalid ArgumentOpen in a New Window

Hi, All.


I don't really know where to post this in this forum but I have a problem with one of the client.

I'm getting this Invalid Argument in radexecd.log when trying to notify a client.


NVD000001V [accept socket  ] 13:54:23 [RADEXECD / 000002fc] SYSTEM ---  22-Invalid argument


I have already deployed many applications and patches here but suddenly get this issue.


Please help. Thanks!





executing nvdkit command in vbscriptOpen in a New Window

Hi, Guys.


I am trying to create a script to check the compressed size in the CSDB.  Executing the command below in the command prompt is fine.


nvdkit tp -host <servername> db/export PRIMARY.PATCHMGR.FILE.E901142D8EC0_8B97BBBD "ZCMPSIZE"


When I tried putting it inside the vbsript (below), it doesn't work.


Dim oShell
Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")

oShell.run "cmd /c" & "nvdkit.exe " & "tp " & "-host " & "<servername>" & "nvdkit tp db/export PRIMARY.PATCHMGR.FILE.E901142D8EC0_8B97BBBD "ZCMPSIZE""

Set oShell = Nothing


I'm a newbie in scripting as well as manipulating radia properties via nvdkit. I can appreciate if someone can teach me how to do it, please?





Patches fail to install with "Access denied" errorOpen in a New Window



I have some issues with installing patches. My patch connect fails at Patch Finalize with error 709. While going through the log file I noticed this error for several of the patches:


Error: Access is denied while executing "com::Invoke $patch CopyToCache [list VT_DISPATCH $stringCollection]"


This error appear for some of the patches but on all of the machines. I've checked the permissions and they seem to be correct.

Can somebody help me in troubleshooting this issue?


Thank you!


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