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CSA 4.7 SSO ConfigurationOpen in a New Window

I'm having issues configuring CSA SSO with OO.  CSA is 4.7 with patch CSA_00036 applied.  I followed instructions in 4.7 config guide page 87, and it did not work. 

The documentation specified a config file to change on the CSA server "CSA_HOME/jboss-as/standalone/deployments/idm.war/WEB-INF/hpssoConfiguration.xml" and I couldn't find it.  The only file I could find matching that title and description was C:\Program Files\HPE\CSA\jboss-as\standalone\deployments\idm-service.war\WEB-INF\hpssoConfig.xml and when I tried configuring it there it did not work.  In order to encrypt the initString field for the config file, I used the instructions on page 158 on the config guide.  And each time I tried, I restarted the CSA and Marketplace service before testing.

Any assistance to get this fixed and working would be appreciated.  Thank you.


[CSA 4.6] API "HTTP Put" to Update subscription artifact propertyOpen in a New Window

According to the "CSA 4.60 API Guide" on the "Update Artifact" chapter it says it's possible to update an artifact, the one I need to update is a property on a subscription, without the need to send the whole artifact content in the request body but then there is no example on how to do this.

I only need to update the value of one property of an active subscription and don't have any example of the URL to use on the put and also don't have an example of the xml body that needs to be sent.

Has anyone got any example of this?

Thank you in advance



Can I Modify MarketPlace Notification EmailsOpen in a New Window


I am using HP CSA 4.50 .

There are two users for marketplace one is consumer and other one is consumer's manager. When consumer request a service, manager is notified via email. I want to write some additional information in this email such as cpu number, disk size, ram information and more.

Is this possible ?





Get Provider Properties and Resource Offering Properties in OOOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

1. I have a Resource Provider (i.e. vCenter) with a property (i.e. datacenterName). How can I get this property in OO, using which Operation or Subflow?
Can I make use of the "Get Artifact Properties" subflow with the input "artifactId" = "RSC_PROVIDER_ID"? 

2. I have a Resource Offering (i.e. vCenter Compute) with a Offering Properties (i.e. clusterName). Similarly, how can I get this property in OO, using which Operation or Subflow?

Any help is very much appreciated.


Thank you.


what are the BI tools of verticaOpen in a New Window

I am asking about Vertica, I know SQL server has tools (SSIS , SSAS , SSRS) to build a BI process (ETL, Analysis and reprting ) , Now i want to try Vertica analytics, how I start a an ETL or analysis process , is there a tool installed with Vertica. or vertica is just a database engine and we use third party tools to extract and analize data ?



HP CSA and OO errorOpen in a New Window

Hello everyone.
I made a request via HP CSA and during the execution of flows in HP OO, tokens [TOKEN: RSC_PROVIDER_ID] and [TOKEN: RSC_SUBSCRIPTION_ID] are not generated. What passes my flows in "failure".
The problem is encountered in the development environment so that it works in the production environment.
Someone could explain to me why these tokens are not generated?
Thank you in advance.


Portal PrivateCloud ERROROpen in a New Window

Hello everyone.
I meet a problem right now with the CSA portal that refuses to create me an order. The error that the portal sends me is this:

"Internal error. An unexpected error occurred while processing your request. For more information, contact your administrator."

In the CSA log the error is:

"October 13, 2016 10: 16: 58.406 [http- / 8444-51] HpSsoGeneralUtils ERROR: Exception Occurred, Error message: parseSsoToken - failed to decrypt token

HPSSO STATUS: QNDW1nRJ: VALIDATION_DECRYPTING_ERROR: Validation: Failed to decrypt token - more info: Verify That configuration of crypto and sign tag is okay and matches across all servers in the system. Make sour That an up-to-Date lw-crypto jar is in the classpath of your app: Can not parse token. root cause: Unable to decrypt The Following bytes: [-80, 96, 121, 116, 89, 97, -50, 50, -49, 87, 81, -45, 30, 4, -42, 47, 105, 101, 118, -11, 19, 114, 115, 110, 35, 113, 51, 71, -67, 116, 0, -81, 72, -107, -50, 19, 5, 22, -81, 109, 122, -63, -99, -53, -13, 98, 89, -120, 8, -34, 13, 40, -39, 76, -19, -22, 68, 52, -96, -70, 89, -37, 89, -90, 122, 34, 77, 69, 58, 17, 49, -72, -119, -101, 55, 37, 116, -41, -30, 54, 9, -98, -20, 78, -84, -52, -39, 67, 1, -88, 49, 114, 63, -68, 44, -115, 60, 10, -62, -51, -22, 120, -86, 84, 115, -93, 7, -89, -81, -42, 39, 106, -89, 112, -86, -122, 107, 87, -35, 40, 67, 93, -116, -13, -104, 32, -16, 72, 84, -115, 121, 11, -118, 122, -16, -125, 53, -85, 67, 119, 2 , -37, 18, 18, -27, 4, 23, -71, 17, -117, 76, 111, -54, -68, 61, -61, 48, -119, -92, 56], Were qui decoded string from the Following: sGB5dFlhzjLPV1HTHgTWL2lldvUTcnNuI3EzR710AK9Ilc4TBRavbXrBncvzYlmICN4NKNlM7epENKC6WdtZpnoiTUU6ETG4iZs3JXTX4jYJnuxOrMzZQwGoMXI_vCyNPArCzep4qlRzowenr9YnaqdwqoZrV90oQ12M85gg8EhUjXkLinrwgzWrQ3cC2xIS5QQXuRGLTG_KvD3DMImkOA ..

Can anyone help me please?
Thank you in advance.


CSA Subscription extract for billing.Open in a New Window


I am actually looking to do an extraction of subscription datas in order to build a billing for our (internal) customers.

Does anyone have already done this kind of extraction and how ?

We need to do something simple, only subscription reference and comments and price ...

Thanks by advance for your answers.

Best regards.


CSA 4.7 Community Edition - Portal fail registrationOpen in a New Window

Try to register the CSA-CE 4.7, but when I run the first login in page:


I get "Error while product registration", no dns issue, no connection issue.
OO and MP work.

Any help/suggestion


Custom Provider Type in HP CSAOpen in a New Window


I am using HP CSA and HP OO with provider type Openstack and I can create instances from MarketPlace Portal successfully.

I am considering that I can supply a requirement via HP CSA environment. Below is similar to what I would  like to achieve.

I want to create a specific service account for a telecom service. User will log in to Market Place portal and request an account. Service is not SaaS or PaaS,  it is like just a new subscriber request. And when the user requested it, I will create an account for that user via API communication with my telecom server.

I can create or edit existing widgets over MarketPlace portal, but I want this request to be shown under "All Services" tab and operate it over HP CSA and HP OO.

According to my HP CSA and OO knowledge I need a provider type which communicates with my telecom provider. So I need a custom provider.

Can I achieve this? If yes what tools I needed beside HP CSA, HP OO web interface and HP OO studio? And could you please inform me what documents might me well to read?

Or HP CSA already can handle ths kind of scenarious?

If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.





Timeout on loading dynamic list - whole server unstable?Open in a New Window

When using a dynamic list for a service design option, all of CSA becomes unstable. Sometimes it will load, then fail when users try to create a new request. Sometimes it won't let them log in at all.

When I look at the logs, I see the following:

Read timed out after 30 seconds. (URL=/virtual path to my Rhino.js script in propertyresources/)

When I restart the (JBoss) service and test my dynamic options from the service design, they load OK. But a few minutes later, MPP stops responding to users.

(using CSA 4.6)

Any thoughts?


Access Control Creation Using Rest APIOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I have been trying to add Access Control to an Organization but there is no any document. I can create Organization and I can configure LDAP of the Organization but I don't have any API document to add access control.

Could you please help?

Thank you.



[CSA 4.6] CSA HTML notifications translationOpen in a New Window


The Marketplace takes in consideration the language configured on the browser to present it with the according locale rb.json file but how does it work with the HTML notifications that CSA sends? Does it only exist in english?

Doesn't seem to make much sense to have the marketplace with one language and then send all notifications in english...


Can I Run a Shell Script After Openstack Machine DeployedOpen in a New Window


I am using HP CSA 4.50 and HP OO 10.21.

I can create virtual machines successfully with provider type Openstack. from MarketPlace Portal I want to ask that can I run a script after machine is ACTIVE. Is there any interface where I can import from CSA or HP OO.

I see that HP OO studio scriptlet , but it just manipulates the flows. 

I can not do it via HP Helion Openstack, because my virtual machine vmdk does not contain cloud-init.

I just want to import a script while creating the design and expect that script to be executed when the machine deployed. Can I manage something like this?






MPP extension: XSRF tokenOpen in a New Window

I have an extension that had been working in CSA 4.6, including MPP API calls using GET. When I tried to add a call using POST, the server fails me on the XSRF token. When I sniff the network traffic, I see that every GET request is receiving a new token. It seems that my POST is being sent with one of the tokens received along the way, but perhaps not the last one generated.

What is the accepted approach for dealing with this?


cloud servicesOpen in a New Window

which is the best colud service provider ?


API call to list providers of specific type?Open in a New Window

Hi all,

API Manual has the call to list all providers (https://<host>:<port>/csa/rest/artifact?userIdentifier= 90d96588360da0c701360da0f1d5f483&artifactType=RESOURCE_PROVIDER) but doesn't have information on how to get a filtered list of a certain type.

The response of the call:

<resourceProvider> <id>90e72e583d4c6e77013d4c96b1ab0010</id> <objectId>90e72e583d4c6e77013d4c96b1ab0010</objectId> <isCriticalSystemObject>false</isCriticalSystemObject> <description>Sitescope A</description> <name>Sitescope_A_March 9, 2013 12:39:36 AM UTC</name> <displayName>Sitescope A</displayName> <disabled>false</disabled> </resourceProvider></ResourceProviderList>

doesn't have the type in any tag so I cannot filter it using xpath query or anything like that.

Is it possible to list only providers of a certains type using an API call ?


Search Option in CSA propertyOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

Is it possible to create a property using search option. 

I have a property where I have 200+ options which is a mandatory field for users. So in MPP, users need to scroll and select the required value.

Can we use a search in the field...??





MPP customization: localized textOpen in a New Window

Had a really hard time figuring out why my customization of rb.json worked in every locale except en.

Turns out that in 4.6 (optimization?) the en locale is preloaded, so I needed to copy my modifications into the minified scripts.js file in mpp-ui/dist. Not so cool.


Dynamic List with values only higher than what was previously selected [CSA 4.6]Open in a New Window


Is it possible to have a dynamic list of numeric values (js script) that on modify would only show values equal or higher to what was previously selected?

Has anyone done this for Disk Flexing for example ?


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