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HPE Software Products: Cloud Optimizer
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Cloud optimizerOpen in a New Window


I have installed the Clout Optimizer on VmWere, I can access it using the URL, now my manager says integrate it with VMwere, I'm not sure it is possible or not, I'm totally new to this product, I coudn't see any document related to it.

If yes,  can you please send me the document.

Also I have to integrate it with Omi.

Your help be highly appreciated.



unable to login to cloud optimizer server after upgrading with the latest 3.01 patchOpen in a New Window


recently we upgraded the cloud optimizer from 3.0 to 3.01 patch and after that we are not able to login into the cloud optimizer through webpage, gives invalid user name. Also, the ldap authentication is not working.

kindly advise,



Cloud Optimizer 3.01 (patch) update availableOpen in a New Window

All, please note the availability of CO 3.01 - this is a minor-minor release providing these features over the previous release CO 3.0.



  • New CO-CSA 4.7 integration, delivered through a health-indicator API from CO
  • Move to Kafka messaging bus for internal communication
  • File System Alerts – VMware only - events for disk full / nearing full on your VMware guests
  • OA 12 co-existence on Cloud Optimizer server
  • TLS based communication for KVM collection (in addition to ssh over tcp for libvirt communication)


Here are the locations from where the patch installer, or VA update files could be downloaded for your particular needs.

Knowledge doc KM02528354, patch name VPVZIP_00006

CO 3.01 update in zip format for CO VA 3.00  

Knowledge doc KM02528352, patch name VPVISO_00005

CO 3.01 update in iso format for CO VA 3.00

Knowledge doc KM02528350, patch name VPVINSTALLER_00006

CO 3.01 installer ( Upgrade on CO 3.0 installation) 


Here's the list of updated documents for CO

Cloud Optimizer 3.01  Getting Started Guide

Cloud Optimizer 3.01  Installation Guide 

Cloud Optimizer 3.01  Metric Definition Reference Guide

Cloud Optimizer 3.01  Online Help (PDF)

Cloud Optimizer 3.01 Open Source Third Party License Agreement

Cloud Optimizer 3.01 Release Notes

X86 Virtualization Technology Evolution to Cloud Optimizer

Cloud Optimizer 3.01 ComputeSensor User Guide

HPE CO Documentation Library

Cloud Optimizer 3.01  Complete Documentation Set 


Hope this helps.



Error Connecting to LDAPOpen in a New Window


Trying to set up a new install and integrate with my AD for LDAP.  When i click "Look Up User" i get the following in my trace file: Validate LDAP information operation is for admins only!

Is this an issue with the admin user specified  (AD throwing the error) or is this a misconfiguration in my LDAP Properties in CO?





Data collection Status Not completedOpen in a New Window

Hi ,

I have added vcenter server 6 to my cloud optimizer.(First Time)

test connection is successful

data collection status changed to data collection is progress, but it does not get completed .(I left it for 3 days still same)

I changed the logging level to 2 in vcenter server

max query value to 600

please help me on this.


Rakesh Shrivastava


Enabling AuthenticationOpen in a New Window

The HPCO installation guide for the virtual appliance on Page 26 states ..

"If authentication is enabled, log in using the user name and password. The Admin page
opens for the first time."

I have always installed with the "default" settings, and not aware of an option to enable "authentication".

Question 1. Is there an option to enable authentication as part of the install ?

Question 2. How does one enable authentication when HPCO is installed WITHOUT authentication enabled ?


Unable to Integrate with CSAOpen in a New Window



Whenever i try to add the CSA  datasource, i get the following error:

"Failed to save the CSA information due to wrong credentials or URL"

The URL is https://IPADDRESS:8444 and the credentials are tested and working.

The VPV version is 3.0.0 and the CSA version is 4.7.
(The vpv firewall is disabled and communication works)


Is there anything else i should check???



Document Set for Cloud OptimizerOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,


I am new to the Cloud Optimizer product(vpv). Can any one of you help me with the document library for this product.

The kind of documents I am looking for is...installation, configuration, possibilities, limitations, etc.


Thanks in advance.






OpenStack Instance NamesOpen in a New Window

I've deployed a Cloud Optimizer 3.00 virtual appliance to see how the product works with OpenStack (Liberty), and I'm wondering if what I'm seeing in the interface is correct.  I've added the KVM compute nodes (Ubuntu 14.04) as datasources, and have also added an OpenStack data source.  Something that I noticed though is that all of the OpenStack instance names are showing up as their name in KVM - like instance-0000005d.  I guess I would have expected a rationalization of the name to take place once the OpenStack datasource was added so that instance name was more intelligible, and I'm not sure if maybe I just have a configuration issue with Cloud Optimizer, or this is how its supposed to be?

I've also noticed that even though the OpenStack user that I've given to CloudOptimizer has access to several projects, I'm only seeing one project's worth data showing up.  I'm using Keystone v3.0, and I'm not sure specifically what CloudOptimizer is expecting.

Is there anyone that could say whether the data that I'm seeing in Cloud Optimizer is what I should expect, or should it be presenting instance names more appropriately as well as pulling data from all tenants that the user account has access to?


Starting The KVM Hypervisor.Open in a New Window

Hello everyone.
I am incorporating "OpenStack Datasources" within Cloud Optimizer.
As a first step, I should add the KVM hypervisor.
CONNECTING achievement with both Hypervisors and add them, but and remain in state "Not started".
Should I activate a process or tool origin (OpenStack) to get your "started"?


Best Regards.


vPV Monitoring DataStore SensitivityOpen in a New Window


Regarding vPV monitoring of vmware... 

As i understand it I can alter the datastore threshold that vPV raises an alert to HPOV by editing the vPV_Alerts_Custom_Configuration.ini:

a. Edit the vPV-CustomAlertSensitivityDefinition policy.

b. Update RIGHTSIZE_DISK_HEADROOM as follows:

But can i apply different thresholds to different datastores ? Eg. by cluster or datastore folder, or by datastore name ?

Any help greatly appreciated


Compatibility versión bOpenStack RHEL-OPS 8 VS HPE Cloud Optimizer 3.00Open in a New Window

Hellow.  I want to moritored OpenStack compute nodes whith Clodu Optimizer.

I can´t find de official doc. with his compatibilities.

The versions are : OpenStack RHEL-OPS 8 and HPE Cloud Optimizer (03.00.152)

Can anyone confirm me that these versions are supported?

Best regards.

Personal Info Removed


Cloud Optimizer integration with OMi 10.11Open in a New Window

Hello experts,

I do have installed succesfully the Cloud Optimizer ->Version : 03.00.152 and integrated with OMi ->Version 10.11 (Build 016.001)

In the documentation and help guide there is only mention integration the Operations Agent version 11.14!

In the current CO in the CLI: ovc -version -> HP Software Control 12.00.057 ?

Question: can I install the Operations Agent the same version or instead the latest version already -> HPE Software Control 12.01.020?

Best regards,
Frans Franken







Helion openstack Carrier Grade 2.1 - how to get stats (https+certificat)Open in a New Window

Is there a way to get statistics in CloudOptizer from my Helion Openstack Carrier Grade 2.1 knowing it uses https, port 5000 and a certificat for authentication ?


HPE Cloud Optimer with VMware ESXi 6Open in a New Window



I'm just beginning with HPE Cloud optimizer and I want to install & use it on my VMware ESXi6 server. So far I'm not able to retrieve info from my VMware environment. Now I'm wondering (as I'm not using vCenter):  Will I be able to connect HPE CO with this server for analysis?



Cloud Optimizer 3.0 - unable to get stats from KVM HostOpen in a New Window


Wondering if anyone could assist. I've installed CO 3.0 on a linux box successfully. I have been able to add two KVM Compute hosts (part of a helion openstack install) successfully. However, in the web UI the messages for these two servers never progress past "Data collection in progress".

If i check the status.kvm log file I see it make a connection, get some basic guest info and then fail due to a cAdvisor error.

[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Collecting data for host helion-cp1-comp0001-mgmt.
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Got a guest instance for 639fe1b5-8cd0-421c-b628-6241bbd6fd64
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Collecting data for guest instance-00000053.
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Got a guest instance for 6d0fdec6-0957-486e-ad61-cad58f52931a
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Collecting data for guest instance-0000004f.
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Got a guest instance for 34167614-a016-47f4-8840-054219856ae3
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Collecting data for guest instance-00000051.
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Got a guest instance for 88f1a286-dabc-41dc-afd1-27512d776fc6
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Collecting data for guest instance-0000001d.
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Connected storage pools count = 0.
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:Disconnected storage pools count = 0.
[Sat 28 May 2016 01:29:45 AM UTC]:cAdvisor client creation failed. please check if cadvisor is installed and running on configured port.

I have installed pvcadvisor on both the KVM hosts, it seems a little strange though. The log for pvcadvisor on the KVM hosts has the below messages:

E0528 01:38:49.721300 09240 cadvisor.go:81] Docker registration failed: unable to communicate with docker daemon: di  al unix /var/run/docker.sock: no such file or directory.
F0528 01:38:49.730090 09240 cadvisor.go:153] listen tcp :8080: bind: address already in use
goroutine 1 [running]:, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
        /usr/local/google/home/vmarmol/go/src/  g/glog.go:726 +0xcd*loggingT).output(0xf1c4c0, 0x4c200000003, 0x4c20810c540)
        /usr/local/google/home/vmarmol/go/src/  g/glog.go:677 +0x24c*loggingT).print(0xf1c4c0, 0x4c200000003, 0x4c20808ff38, 0x1, 0x1)
        /usr/local/google/home/vmarmol/go/src/  g/glog.go:626 +0x17c, 0x1, 0x1)
        /usr/local/google/home/vmarmol/go/src/  g/glog.go:1019 +0x50
        /usr/local/google/home/vmarmol/go/src/ +0x17c6

Can anyone advise on how to get this working? 


SEVERE Entry in pvtrace logOpen in a New Window

Hi should I worry about the SEVER entry @ 11:42:01 ?

May 6, 2016 11:41:52 AM FINE: 17 com.hp.reporter.collector.TreemapTriggerTask:run() -> Triggering TreemapCreation.
May 6, 2016 11:41:52 AM FINE: 17 com.hp.reporter.collector.TreeMapCreationTask:run() -> 17 : Starting Treemap Creation Task
May 6, 2016 11:41:58 AM FINE: 38 -> Successfully executed the command :/opt/OV/bin/pvconfig -stop -ty oneview
May 6, 2016 11:42:01 AM SEVERE: 17 -> difference between 2 treemap timestamps :300321
May 6, 2016 11:42:01 AM FINE: 17 com.hp.reporter.collector.TreeMapCreationTask:run() -> 17 : Completed Loading of treemap
May 6, 2016 11:42:01 AM FINE: 17 com.hp.reporter.collector.TreeMapCreationTask:run() -> 17 : Completed Loading Opc Node List
May 6, 2016 11:42:05 AM FINE: 17 com.hp.reporter.collector.TreeMapCreationTask:run() -> 17 : Completed Treemap Creation Task milliseconds taken = 13667


kind regards 

Steve C


HPOM Cloud Optimizer Integration ViewOpen in a New Window


I've just installed the Cloud Optimiser appliance and completed the OV integration, I have deployed three policies to the appliance 




Documentation states to wait until nodes are discovered before deploying



But how do I kow when the nodes have been discovered ? Should I see a populated node group in OV ?

Any help greatly appreciated


Steve C


My latest blog post - Important tip about VM memory monitoring, wth hyperV, KVMOpen in a New Window

Have a read.

- ramd


Cloud Optimizer - Linux installation issue (LVM related)Open in a New Window

Hi all,

For POC purpose I am trying to install HPE Cloud Optimizer, but the issue is that installation fails:

[Failed]: Install aborted as LVM present.

But it's not an LVM filesystem: /dev/md0 on /var/opt/OV type ext3 (rw)


Also, there is a similar topic on this forum, but no solution provided (advice is to raise a ticket and then get a knowledge document and a workaround script):

Maybe since that time something changed.


Need your help !

Thanks in advance.

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