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Hyper-V Datasource integration without SCVMM serverOpen in a New Window

Hello experts,

We have a Hyper-V deployment with 4 hosts in a cluster. The customer does not have SCVMM server since they manage the VM's and hosts on the Hyper-V administrator tools available on the server administration windows on any of the 4 hosts.

Is there any other way to add the Hyper-V Datasource? (The deployment does not have a proxy server either)

Thanks in advance,



missing VMWare alerts in CO and OMiOpen in a New Window


We are using OMi 10.12 in our environment, and I'm now doing a proof of concept to use CO as monitor for our VMWare virtual environment.

I've installed the CO appliance, and configured it to connect to our vCenter. I'm getting all perfomance graphs, etc..

I've also installed an Operations agent on the appiance, configured it to point to our OMi and uploaded and deployed the policies to it.

But when something happens on my VMWare environment (ex reboot or poweroff of an ESX server), I don't see anything in CO nor in OMi.

Am I missing something? What do I need to do or configure in order to get alerts from vCenter into CO and OMi?




Unable to connect to Hyper-V host through vPV collector ServiceOpen in a New Window

Dear All,

I have installed cloud optimizer 3.01. Installed vPVWinVirtCollector.exe by downloading from the HPE CO interface and in the vPVWinVirtCollector.properties have added Hyper-V host as well. When i am restarting the service it starts successfully but the data is not collected for the Hyper-V host.

Gone through the logs it has error which states that 

03/21/2017 17:00:50, ERROR: , vPVWinVirtCollector, 4, Error occurred : Target pabcsimhost01 is not a Hyper-V setup or unable to connnect : The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)
03/21/2017 17:01:32, ERROR: , vPVWinVirtCollector, 4, Error occurred : Target pabcsimhost01 is not a SCVMM setup or unable to connect : The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)
03/21/2017 17:01:32, INFO: , vPVWinVirtCollector, 4, Target pabcsimhost01 is neither a SCVMM nor HyperV setup. Please add a valid target.


I have verified all the ports and services. Port between Windows proxy system and Hyper-V host (135) is open.

 Targets added in the properties files as below



Please help on this


prerequsites for ESXi Monitoring using monitoring only Edition of HP COOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

We have our CentOS server ready for deploymen of CO where we will be deploying Monitoring only Edition of CO.

1) Can anyone help me with the ports that will be needed for monitoring ESXi servers?

2) Port required between CO and OMi for event forwarding and the mechanism of this event forwarding?

3) Where to Download the CO installable media for CentOS, as I can only see Linux and virtual appliance in link, direct link will help.

very basic quest, need this to be confirmed, please help.

Please suggest!


Built in virtual router Cloud Optimizer Virtual ApplianceOpen in a New Window

Hi Cloud Optimizer Expert,

We had found virbr0 virtual router appear on CO virtual appliance host. Is this require for CO function to work or can we remove it permanently. 

The reason why we need to remove it is againts client network security compliance. 

P/S: screenshot attached.



Jeff Hang


HP Cloud Optimizer Monitoring edition for integration with OMiOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

Can somebody help me with the details of monitoring ESXi hosts using HP CO monitoring edition.

Does the monitoring edition of HP CO needs license

Does it monitor the ESXi using VCentre

Does it require any OMi MP for ESXi monitoring

Where to download the HP CO monitoring edition.

I need to deploy the ESXi monitoring in our client environment, please help.



Hanumant D. Madane


OMi not collecting performance data from COOpen in a New Window

Getting below error when opening vPV graphs from OMi

No data found for selected resources. Exception occured - Error Connecting to Datasource : vPV - Error getting metric data for the system : 297ab1ef9c148851ef24d9270e6b3626 -> Invalid JSON String for Shared Common Memory (GB)


Extension of HPE Cloud Optimizer Evaluation LicenseOpen in a New Window

Hello everyone,

we are working with the Cloud Optimizer and the integration into Operations Manager i. We started using the Cloud Optimizer and activated the Evaluation License in December 2016 and reached the end of the 60 day trial period. So basically we miscalculated our project timeline and had a few backsteps with the Operations Manager i.

Is it possible the get a license key for a trial period and if yes, where can we get one.

Thanks in advance!


ComputeSensor not sending information to Cloud OptimizerOpen in a New Window

Hello experts,

We have a CO 3.01 deployed and we want to monitor some Windows hosts. After installing the ComputeSensor as indicated in the guide we found we have no data in CO. We checked the port 381 on both sides but it seems to be OK (picture attached).

One thing we found when enabling the CS service is that this error appears, despite having "regBBC=false"

3: INF: Tue Feb 07 18:59:40 2017: (19940): g_BbcClient is NULL!!

Please find attached the hpcs.conf file of the windows server.

We have opened the port in the firewall and seems to have connectivity. Any suggestion on what else to check? Anything else to configure in host or CO server?

Thanks in advance,



Monitoring AWS EC2 Instances using Sitescope.Open in a New Window

Hi all,

I am not able to monitor Aamazon (AWS) EC2 instances using HP SiteScope.

Sitescope will be running in separate Vm (inside Hp's network) and i need to monitor amazon Ec2 instnaces (running on amazon public cloud) to sitescope(inside hp's network).

Also suggest me if there are any methods where we can integrate cloudwatch to sitescope.

Can any one let me know how it can be done.


Prajwal V


CO Data collection stopped - PVCD getting stoppedOpen in a New Window


Cloud optimizer data collection gets stopped with PVCD getting abord automatically.

Kindly suggest solution to fix this.

Cloud Optimizer version : 3.0

OS: Linux Cent



Althaf Hussain


Overview report for Clusters are not showing for Memory and CPU usageOpen in a New Window



Discovery errorOpen in a New Window


we are using CO 3.01 and get an error in the discovery script:

0: ERR: Wed Oct 5 15:30:05 2016: agtrep (23659/140238358066944): (agtrep-132) Error in executing discovery action(s): WARNING: Policy action "/opt/OV/nonOV/python/bin/python /var/opt/OV/bin/instrumentation/service-discovery.py services" returned with non-zero exit value. Output of action is ignored.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/opt/OV/bin/instrumentation/service-discovery.py", line 555, in <module>
File "/var/opt/OV/bin/instrumentation/service-discovery.py", line 368, in GenRPXml
wp.write( rp_inst)
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'rp_inst' referenced before assignment

0: ERR: Wed Oct 5 15:30:05 2016: agtrep (23659/140238358066944): (agtrep-133) No output received from discovery policy action

I have seen that the script contains a variable with name rp_rp_inst so I guess it is a typo. So I am wondering if this is a know defect or where this is coming from?

Can somebody advise on this?

Kind regards,


changing threshold for datastore utilisationOpen in a New Window


can someone help me know how to change the threshold to monitor datastore utilization as i cound not find any configuration for datastore in the policy vPV Custom Alert Sensitivity Definition.



Organize VMs in Cloud OptimizerOpen in a New Window


Would anyone know how to organize VMs by groups in Cloud Optimizer?





Delete hostname entries from "Status Of Datasources "Open in a New Window

Dear Team,

is there any way to clear hostname entry from "Status Of Datasources " as this creating false status.

attached screenshot.





enforce fqdn for esx guest hostnamesOpen in a New Window

Hello! My customer has a large ESX env with guests partially having short, partially FQDN hostnames. When intgreting this into OMI we get duplicate CIs. It seems as if fixing this in OMI does not help because attempting to show VPV graphs using the corrected hostname will fail to return any data (since VPV still knows the short guest hostname). So it seems as it the only way (besides changing the actual hostnames of all the wrong guests - which is very risky due to the number and productive state) is to make VPV somehow convert the short hostnames to FQDN. Is that possible and if so how? Or is there any other way to solve this problem? Many thx!!


HP vPV - 'Download Collector ' link is not respondingOpen in a New Window


The 'Download Collector ' link is not responding while i try to download datasource for hyper v.

Kindly find attachment

Server OS: Cent OS 6.4

Client : Windows server 2008

Client browser: Chrome, ie10


Thank you.


vSphere guests are missing link to HypervisorOpen in a New Window


we are using CO 3.01 (with hotfix) to monitor vSphere environment and Omi 10.12 IP. The vSphere has around 450 vms. I can see the vms populated to OMi. All guests have the "is data collector for" link correctly set. But only a few of the Guests have the "Execution environment" link to the hypervisor set. So the vPV_Infrastructure view is mostly empty (or missing 95% of the Guests).

- Why is the link from the guest to the hyperviso missing?
- How to debug this?

Kind regards,


CO: OMi integration error during script runOpen in a New Window


I am integration CO 3.01 and OMi 10.12 IP1.
During the integration script run:
./vPV_integration_install.sh -i

the following error occurs:
[INFO] Copied HP vPV Integration Pack UCMDB views.
[INFO] Uploaded UCMDB package successfully.
[INFO] Copied HP vPV Integration Pack Packages to upload.
[INFO] Uploading HP vPV Integration Pack to Content Manager. Please wait..
[INFO] Uploaded HP vPV Integration Pack successfully.
Error: Connection refused
Error: Connection refused
[ERROR] Error in setting Infrastructure packages. Please update manually
[INFO] ## HP vPV Integration Pack Installation Finished: (Wed Nov 16 08:36:41 CET 2016) ##

  • What is going wrong here?
  • Why can't the error message be precise and tell me what is going wrong without having to debug the script and the error log? BTW: The error log also does not show any more details..I am assuming it wants to set the "HPOprVir" to the Infrasettings...

Kind regards,

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