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HPE Software Products: Data Protection
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(DP) Support Tip POSTGRESQL integration, after GUI restart barlist was not visible in GUI anymoreOpen in a New Window

DP 9.07 b109

Problem:  GUI did not show new created barlists anymore after restart of GUI.


Solution: After installation of recent patch bundle DP 9.07 b110 all worked fine.


(DP) Support Tip Authentification issue if name resolution of CS and GUI client are differentOpen in a New Window


Linux CS resolves with short names but GUI clients uses FQDN.

In case of authentification issues GUI client --> CS like the following
[ 99] 2016-05-09 13:36:39.073 ("/lib/idbclient/restclient.c $Rev: 50456 $ $Date:: 2015-10-21 04:39:18":740)
[ 99] <<=== (0) } /* restAuthToCell */
[ 99] RetVal: (int) 2
[ 99]
[140] Omniback::AuthenticateToServer: Authentication with default user: 2

[ 10] Omniback::AuthenticateToServer: ERROR in server

[ 5] 2016-05-09 13:36:39.073 ("/NewGUI/Core/omniback.cpp $Rev: 50319 $ $Date:: 2015-10-14 11:27:11":675)
[ 5] [MARK 3] in Omniback::AuthenticateToServer:675
Code: 568

[ 5] 2016-05-09 13:36:39.073 ("/NewGUI/Core/omniback.cpp $Rev: 50319 $ $Date:: 2015-10-14 11:27:11":405)
[ 5] [CLEAR 3]
Marked: ("/NewGUI/Core/omniback.cpp $Rev: 50319 $ $Date:: 2015-10-14 11:27:11":675)
Code is:568

[ 99] | Omniback::Omniback::AuthenticateToServer: Authentication fails.

it might be necessary to create certificates for short and FQDN.

Regarding certificates:
Bottom line. In case that:
- Only one network is available on CM
- Both CM and client are in the same domain
- CM hostname is resolved to the same ip on both client and CM
- CM ip is resolved to the same FQDN on both client and CM

Than connection should work from beginning.

Any difference in the IP/FQDN needs to be added to certificate generation.

A working certificate for the described environment was created by the following command:
perl /opt/omni/sbin/ -server_id <cellserver> -user_id hpdp -store_password <store-pw> -server_san dns:<cellserver>,dns:<cellserver>.domain

General procedure is this:

How to change the certificate
- cd to /opt/omni/sbin directory
- regenerate the certificate using the following command:
perl /opt/omni/sbin/ -server_id <cellserver> -user_id hpdp -store_password <store-pw> -server_san dns:<cellserver>,dns:<cellserver>.domain
(If you need help to identify the store_password please contact the support.)
- Also don’t forget to delete old certificate on GUI client (c:\Users\CURRENT_USER\AppData\Local\Hewlett-Packard\Data Protector\ca\CS_NAME)
- restart services
omnisv stop
omnisv start


(DP) Support Tip Oracle restore took wrong device, not that at backup timeOpen in a New Window

In case such situations occur it is always worth considering the possibilities that might affect the device selection due to user activities.
Two means to affect restore device should be taken into account:

    a) restoredev file
    b) omnidbutil -changebdev

to a) The common way to restore using another device is by making a /etc/opt/omni/cell/restoredev file.

   Restoring using another device
    Data Protector supports the restore of Oracle database objects from devices other than those on which the database  objects were backed up.
    Specify these devices in the
        /etc/opt/omni/server/cell/restoredev                 (UNIX systems)
        <DP-HOME>\Config\server\Cell\restoredev    (Windows systems)
    file in the following format:

   "DEV 1" "DEV 2"

   DEV 1 is the original device and DEV 2 the new device.
   On Windows systems, this file must be in the Unicode format.

Here it was a misleading restoredev file that existed.
After removing it restore took the expected device.


(DP) Support Tip Ubuntu 14.04 with kernel version 4 shown by blue icon in GUI clients contextOpen in a New Window

Normally UNIX/Linux clients are depicted by a green icon in client listing.
Only this Ubuntu 14.04 client with a manually upgraded kernel ( 4.2.0-42 ) was shown by a blue icon with white question mark.

DP 9.06 b107 per default supports only Linux kernel 3.
Full support of kernel 4 will be introduced by coming DP 9.08.


VSA replication - Different Size on disk between source and targetOpen in a New Window

Dear All,

We are testing two Storeonce VSA systems with one vtl replicated on the other VSA vtl.
Could you explain us why we have differences in Size on disk between Source and Target?

For example we have a source size on disk (dedup) of 338GB and a target size on disk (debup) of 778GB.

Thanks in advanced,



VMDK BackupOpen in a New Window

Is there a point at which a VMDK file would be too large for a VE backup and a file system backup (installing the agent on the VM instance) should replace the VMDK backup?


DP Integration - SAP + DatabaseOpen in a New Window

Hi guys,

I'm using DP since 7.x for SAP/Oracle to backup database, sapmnt and some other files with the SAP R3 integration.

On the other side, one customer was using Symantec BE with SAP agent to backup db and so on. The database was migrated to Sybase ASE (16) and BE was not able to provide us an agent for Sybase ASE, so we're duming the needed databases to a store and BE backup these databases with the windows agent (filesystem agent).

We want to switch now from Symantec (Veritas) BE to HP DP and going through the integration guide for 9.07, I found the Sybase ASE integration, but no connection to SAP.

So my question is, why is there only one SAP integration and that integration is just with Oracle and is the Sybas ASE integration also for SAP or just for a single Sybase installation?

I know that Sybase don't need to bring into a backup mode or something else, just do the dump or like the integration, start the backup via DP gui. But I want to know, if it's possible to use this integration also with SAP, or do I need to stay at the configuration (dump to share, backup dump to tape with WIN integration).


Thank you!

Best regards,



Advanced backup to disk - data protector 9.07 - StoreOnce catalystOpen in a New Window

Hi ,

I'm currently installing a new license "Advanced backup to disk" and want to backup over COFC to catalyst stores.

license capacity is 300TB and i'm curious if i can use Catalyst store for it or it is for VTL only?

Data protector 9.07, storeonce 6500 3.15

Please suggest.

Many Thanks,





DP GRE Plugin Problems with Smartcache on MS-ClusterOpen in a New Window



We have DP 9.07 and VSphere 5.5.

After New GRE-Request in WebClient we want to browse the disks. Then we get an error:

Error while trying to get the partitions for the disk(s).
Unable to present shared disks - Invalid parameters to access share.

The Backup of VM was done to a SmartCache-Device. This device is located on a MS-Cluster 2008-Node.

If we take the backup of VM to an SmartCache-Device located on a Standard Server (not MS-Cluster) we do not have any problems.

I did not found any support-matrix for this constalation.

Is it correct, that a smartcache have to reside on a standalone-Server?







Client Installation agentOpen in a New Window


currently i have DP 9.0, i have got a few new server to add in DP 9. i need to know which client agents do i need to install during the client installation. below are the type of server 

1. Domain controller   ( Physical Server)

2. Additional domain controller ( Virtual Hyper-v server)

3. Remote Gateway RDS 2012 ( Physical Server).

4. Application server including SQL on it  (Virutal Hyper-v VM) i need to take full image and SQL Level backup.

Thank you 


DP9: [61:1002] Inactivity timeout on CONFIGURATION objectOpen in a New Window

We do currently face some problems on different jobs where we are running a backup of the complete machine (see the error below):

If I unselect the CONFIGURATION object the job runs without any error. If I create an additional job with ONLY the CONFIGURATION object this one also completes without error. As soon as it is within one job we see the following error:

[Major] From: BSM@xxx.yyy.zzz "XXX" Time: 28.09.2016 03:20:36
[61:1002] The BMA named "XXX [GW 3836:1:4014134147542123963]" on host xxx.yyy.zzz
reached its inactivity timeout of 8400 seconds.
The agent on host will be shutdown.

[Major] From: BSM@xxx.yyy.zzz "XXX" Time: 28.09.2016 03:21:15
[61:1002] The BMA named "XXX [GW 3836:2:4014134147542123963]" on host xxx.yyy.zzz
reached its inactivity timeout of 8400 seconds.
The agent on host will be shutdown.

We're currently running DP 9.07_110, but we did see this already in earlier DP9 versions.

Any suggestions?


(DP) Support Tip: Debugging OpenVMS clientsOpen in a New Window

There are 2 possible ways to enable debugs an OpenVMS client:


- $ edit OMNI$ROOT:omnirc.
OB2DBG=1-99 Debugs.txt

And restart services:
- $startup:omni$
- $startup:omni$


- $startup:omni$

- Change INET startup script with:

- Change the folloiwng Line:
$ INET="$OMNI$ROOT:[BIN]INET.EXE -debug 1-99 Debugs.txt"

Start DP services
- $startup:omni$


DP9.07 - VMware backups - use of multiple devices greyed outOpen in a New Window

I am configuring some new vmware backups with DP9.07 and writing to 2 x D2D 4700 appliances. Using catalyst

I have a gateway for D2D_A and a gateway for D2D_B....In the vmware backup specification I cant select more than one device (destination). Once I select one, the other gets greyed out.

I can perform this for other types of backups but not VMWARE. Is this a bug??


While upgrading DP 7 to 9.07, Hyper-V backups failed... From VEPALIB_HYPERV Internal Error.Open in a New Window

Hello Everone, Thought I'd share this information in case it helps others...

During a DP 7 to 9.07 upgrade, after upgrading the DP 9.07 Cell Manager and the Hyper-V 2012 R2 clients in a particular Hyper-V Cluster, backups failed...
Internal Error.

The same Hyper-V backup specifications had worked OK at DP 7.

From debugging the problem it could be seen that DP was trying to contact other Hyper-V clients configured in the cell.

Two steps that solved the problem...
- Any clients imported as type Hyper-V that could not be upgraded were removed from the cell (using the GUI, Clients context).
- All clients that are imported into the cell as type Hyper-V were upgraded, whether they were in the same Hyper-V cluster or not.

After that all the Hyper-V backup specifications ran without error.


Virtual Machines backup not using all devices as selected on backup specificationOpen in a New Window

Virtual Machines backup used only 10 devices although more than 10 drives were selected on backup specification and concurrency set  30 ( Min=1, Max=30)

Reason for this behaviour is that OB2_VEAGENT_DISK_CONCURRENCY variable limits disk threads to be started in parallel for no more than 10 . 

In order to change this behaviour need to modify omnirc file on backup host and set OB2_VEAGENT_DISK_CONCURRENCY to value higher than 10 .

Note that setting OB2_VEAGENT_DISK_CONCURRENCY omnirc variable to low value will decrease backup concurrency and will avoid lack of hardware resources.


Deduplication is not supported on clustersOpen in a New Window

When Source Side Deduplication Gateway device configured on cluster node it should failed with the following :

[Major] From: "backup_specification" Time: 31.03.2016 09:18:52

Got error: "StoreOnce error: StoreOnce device offline, network error occurred or secure communication failed while contacting the StoreOnce device" when contacting "Device_on_GW" B2D device!

In order to workaround this failure need to configure GW device on agent that is not a part of a cluster .



Problem in Data protector incremental backupOpen in a New Window

I have the same issue, I'am running on dp 9.07.

But the bizar thing is dat I have this only when I run an incr backup, when I run a full I don't get this error on my backup job.


[Major] From: OB2BAR_VEPA_BAR@bu-dco06.bel.centric.lan "/Oostkamp"  Time: 15/09/2016 22:53:09
 Aborting connection to BSM. Abort code -1.


Oracle: spfile backupOpen in a New Window

I don't understand if DP 8.13 is able to backup the single Oracle spfile and to restore it.



(DP) Support Tip: Stopping StoreOnceSoftware stores.Open in a New Window



Before stopping the StoreOnceSoftware service/daemon, all stores should be stopped first. That can sometimes take a long time. If there is no time to wait then the --force option should be used:


StoreOnceSoftware --stop_store --name=<STORE_NAME> –-force


This will close existing connections to the store. This is the cleaner and preferred way. Killing the StoreOnceSoftware service/daemon should be avoided at all times.




(DP) Support Tip: BSM reports "Too many backup sessions are running in parallel."Open in a New Window


If you are seeing the below message during backups, consider installing the 9.07_110 patch for the Cell Manager and enabling the new option OB2IGNOREPARALLELSESSIONS to skip the check.



|Normal| From: BSM@<hostname> "" Time: <Date><Time>

|61:2050| Too many backup sessions are running in parallel.

Session is waiting for some other session to complete.




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