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Data Protector 9.07 Digital signiature problemsOpen in a New Window

Hi all .  We've recently installed HP DP 9.07 installation server onto a Windows 2012 R2 system.  The installation completed fine, and this has been imported succesfully into the Cell (RHEL).  When we try deploying any components via the installation server (using the DP GUI), we get the error shown below.  We also get the same error when trying to run an upgrade against the installation server (as a test).  When we run the check against the installed software, this completes OK.


Digital signiature verification of the install kit failed necessary trusted root certification authorities and intermediate certification authorities.

We haven't been able to find anything specific to Data Protector for this issue although have checked the 'certificate propogation' service is running - this was mentioned on another certificate issue found on the web.

Any help appreciated!



nicocor1Open in a New Window

Buen dia,


alguien me podria ayudar con la siguiente consulta. Tengo programada una tarea de backup en data dataprotector, el archivo full que se respalda tiene una capidad de 2.2 TB Aprox. la libreria soporta cintas LTO6 y despues de ser formateadas toma un tamaño aprox de 3.5 TB, pero el backup toma un promedio de 3 cintas, validando el tamaño de las cintas veo que una solo asigna un tamaño de 66 GB, la otra un tamaño de 22 GB y la tarcera de 1.6 TB.




DP 9.08 does not honour gateway policy for object copies -still uses gatways for source object copyOpen in a New Window


We do object copies out of catalyst stores to tapes for offsite backups. Our object copies are now taking a long time, as they are using the original gateways to pull the data out of the StoreOnce and write it to tape.

However for each of the gateways, in the policy tab we have unticked the box that says:

"Gateway may be used as source gateway for object copy"

and yet we can see that the gateways are being used to read from the StoreOnce Catalyst store.

So data protector seems to be ignoring the setting.

How can we fix this?


(DP) Support Tip VSS transportable backup and Deduplicated files from Windows 2012 R2 volumenOpen in a New Window

Running VSS transportable backup using LeftHand writer for P4000. When target volume\disk has not Windows deduplication feature enabled, backup size is right.

Object name : server.local:/Filesystem/S
Object type : MSVSSW
Object status : Completed
Started : Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 5:10:20 AM
Finished : Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 5:12:08 AM
Object size : 9490873 KB------------------------------------------------->RIGHT
Backup type : Full
Protection : Protected for 4 weeks
Catalog retention : Same as data protection.
Version type : Normal
Access : Public
Number of warnings : 0
Number of errors : 0
Device name : HP:Ultrium VT
Backup ID : 2016/11/08-7
Copy ID : D89B81E6-B2F2-407B-9227-30F69BD74788/1717 (Orig)
Encrypted : No
DiskAgent ID : 1478578202

As soon deduplication is enabled and run the same backup backup size is reduced to 6MB¡¡¡¡¡¡

Object name : server.local:/Filesystem/S
Object type : MSVSSW
Object status : Completed
Started : Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 5:37:16 AM
Finished : Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 5:37:19 AM
Object size : 6637 KB------------------------------------------------------------->WRONG
Backup type : Full
Protection : Protected for 4 weeks
Catalog retention : Same as data protection.
Version type : Normal
Access : Public
Number of warnings : 0
Number of errors : 0
Device name : HP:Ultrium VT
Backup ID : 2016/11/08-9
Copy ID : D89B81E6-B2F2-407B-9227-30F69BD74788/1727 (Orig)
Encrypted : No
DiskAgent ID : 1478579817

The files on volume with volume deduplication enabled are changed to reparse files. Please request to support fix QCCR2A71425.


Data Protector v9 migrationOpen in a New Window

just need to clarify.... I have a physical DP cell manager running 9.06 and I want to move this to a new Virtual machine.

I'm assuming this process....

  1. Build VM with v9.06
  2. On physical server perform a "omnidbutil -writedb"
  3. copy data over to the new VM.... including DCBF and SMBF
  4. perform "omnidbutil -readdb"
  5. copy in DCBF and SMBF data...
  6. upgrade to v9.08

seems like a plan....


12:1121 cannot open internal database (sombody is runnig omnidbcheck or omnidbutil command!)Open in a New Window

Hi Champs,

We are facing this problem after moving my old IDB to new server with same OS and patch level. This restoration and upgradation start with old IDB tape backup. after successful upgradation not able to open any IDB parttition. Always given error 12:1121 cannot open internal database.

somebody is running omnidbcheck or omnidbutil command!

I have found this file at this location which is showing some activity is running "HPDPdir\omniback\log\server\Check_core"

One of the file found in TMP folder called "dbcheck.mmdb" try to remove it but after some time it appear automatically.

Please help us to start our backup server which completely doown state.

DP version is 7.03

OS windows server 2008R2 standard edition.


Thanks in advance


DP Migration from 6.11 to 9.X, licensingOpen in a New Window


Been having a nightmare with licensing. Can anyone help on how to get my 9.x licence (we have a valid SAID):
I have my orig. DP 6.11 certificates but having trouble getting HP to link me to the correct 9.x certificates.
I have been given "OneDrive" 9.x to replace my 6.11 licences:
Cell Mgr. for Win/Linux (1)
Direct attached tape drive for Win/Netware/Linux(1)
Tape drive for SAN / all platforms (1)

This doesn't seem right as I am now unable to run any scheduled backups as the 9.00 server is asking for a Cell Mgr. licence!

Any idea where the link to 9.<latest> is too please?


(DP) Support Tip: /var/opt/omni/tmp/AppServer/vfs directory gets fullOpen in a New Window

/var/opt/omni/tmp/AppServer/vfs directory is steadily growing and that will eventually lead to out of disk space problems.

It's a bug of JBOSS 7.1.1 that DP8.1x and DP9.0x use .

[Workaround / Fix]
A change request has been submitted to consider the issue in future releases .
As a workaround , vfs directory can be removed while DP services stop safely .

/var/opt/omni/tmp/AppServer #omnisv stop
HPE Data Protector services successfully stopped.

/var/opt/omni/tmp/AppServer #ls
auth vfs work

/var/opt/omni/tmp/AppServer #mv vfs vfs_back

/var/opt/omni/tmp/AppServer #omnisv start
HPE Data Protector services successfully started.

/var/opt/omni/tmp/AppServer #ls
auth vfs vfs_back work

/var/opt/omni/tmp/AppServer #ll vfs
total 48
drwxrwxrwx 190 hpdp hpdp 16384 Dec 1 20:47 deploymentb8fdf48748ba3167
drwxrwxrwx 14 hpdp hpdp 8192 Dec 1 20:47 temp8913e11eebd29131


HP DATA PROTECTOROpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

We are currently using hp data protector version 6.11 & want to restore the catalog of this version in hp data protector version 9.x for the data restoration purpose. So I just want to know, technically will it work or is there any complications to do this. Kindly guide me. Thanks in advance.


Storeonce doesnt show up as multipath in MPIOOpen in a New Window

I connected my storeonce to fiber channel and zoned it to my 2008 R2 Server. San Surfer shows two devices, both of which are the WWN of the Storeonce FC ports.

I rebooted and it still doesnt detect the store once FC ports as a single device (MPIO). Is there a DSM I need to install?


ORA-12:8019 Integration cannot be configured SBT_LIBRARY=/opt/omni/lib/libob2oracle8_64bit.soOpen in a New Window

HI All,

We are Facing error in Oracle RMAN backup configration in new server and new cell manager.

Cell Manager in Win2012 & Client Hp-UX B.11.31 U ia64




Process exit code: 1, Signal: 0
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-03009: failure of allocate command on DP_TEST channel at 12/03/2016 15:22:32
ORA-19554: error allocating device, device type: SBT_TAPE, device name:
ORA-27000: skgfqsbi: failed to initialize storage subsystem (SBT) layer
HPUX-ia64 Error: 8329: Unknown system error
Additional information: 7110
ORA-19511: Error received from media manager layer, error text:
SBT error = 7110, errno = 8329, sbtinit: internal error - invalid argument(s)
Recovery Manager complete.


(DP) Support Tip: The DP GUI is performing slowly and/or errors such as "Connection to CRS failed".Open in a New Window

The problem stems from issues with reverse DNS lookups.  One thing that might help is to set the following omnirc variables
on the cell manager:


There are also some improvements to the reverse lookup algorithms in Data Protector 9.08


None of the Disk Agents completed successfully.Open in a New Window


DP 9.07, also seen with 9.04
VMware ESXi 6.0.0 4510822
vCenter Server 6.0.0  build 3018524

Every now and then the backup for my different jobs fails with the error None of the Disk Agents completed successfully. Session has failed

I can't seem to figure out what's going wrong.

The only thing I know, I have other backup jobs where I backup vm's from other vcenter servers 5.5 and 5.1 and there I have no issues.
It's seem related to this vcenter 6.0.0

bad session report

[Normal] From: BSM@bu-dco02.bel.centric.lan "D_Incr VV_Astea"  Time: 1/12/2016 22:30:08
 Backup session 2016/12/01-31 started.

[Normal] From: BSM@bu-dco02.bel.centric.lan "D_Incr VV_Astea"  Time: 1/12/2016 22:30:10
 OB2BAR application on "bu-dco06.bel.centric.lan" successfully started.

[Normal] From: VEPALIB_VMWARE@bu-dco06.bel.centric.lan "/Oostkamp"  Time: 1/12/2016 22:30:11
 Resolving objects for backup on vCenter 'vc-gda01.its.centric.lan' ...

[Normal] From: BSM@bu-dco02.bel.centric.lan "D_Incr VV_Astea"  Time: 1/12/2016 22:30:13
 OB2BAR application on "bu-dco06.bel.centric.lan" disconnected.

[Critical] From: BSM@bu-dco02.bel.centric.lan "D_Incr VV_Astea"  Time: 1/12/2016 22:30:13
 None of the Disk Agents completed successfully.
 Session has failed.

[Normal] From: BSM@bu-dco02.bel.centric.lan "D_Incr VV_Astea"  Time: 1/12/2016 22:30:13

 Backup Statistics:
  Session Queuing Time (hours)         0,00       
  Completed Disk Agents ........          0         
  Failed Disk Agents ...........          0         
  Aborted Disk Agents ..........          0         
  Disk Agents Total  ...........          0         
  Completed Media Agents .......          0         
  Failed Media Agents ..........          0         
  Aborted Media Agents .........          0         
  Media Agents Total  ..........          0         
  Throttled Gateways ...........          0         
  Gateways Total ...............          1         
  Overall Deduplication Ratio ..          -           
  Mbytes Total .................       0 MB       
  Used Media Total .............          0         
  Disk Agent Errors Total ......          0   




HP DP SAP HANA integrationOpen in a New Window

Hello everyone.We're using HP DP 9,00 version.We added the client,but the HANA integration is not visible.

Please help if you had met the problem like this



New DPTIPS: VMware vSphere Advanced GRE Plug-In and Mixed Case PathsOpen in a New Window

Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I'm still alive and kicking. Read about a VMware GRE problem we got sorted this week. The info may come in handy in the future.


DPTIPS: VMware vSphere Advanced GRE Plug-In and Mixed Case Paths



(DP) Support Tip: Linux cell manager upgrade to DP 9.00 fails when /etc/opt/omni is a symbolic linkOpen in a New Window

On customized Cell Managers where "/etc/opt/omni” is a symbolic link like this:


 # ls -ld /etc/opt/omni

/etc/opt/omni -> /etc_opt_omni/


Uninstallation of CS_Patch, which is started during upgrade to DP 9.00,  can cause this link to be broken:


To prevent this link from being broken during the patches uninstallation we should run this command before attempting the upgrade:


rpm -e --justdb `rpm -qg Data-Protector | grep Patch`


The above will just remove the patches from the RPM DB without physically uninstalling the binaries, to avoid breaking the links.

So the patches are already safely removed when the upgrade is started.



This is an unexpected setup, because on supported Service Guard clusters the symbolic link points to  /etc/opt/omni/server directory instead of /etc/opt/omni:

 # ls -ld /etc/opt/omni/server

/etc/opt/omni/server -> /DPSHARE/etc_opt_omni_server


Uninstallation of CS_Patch during the upgrade to DP 9.00 on such supported clusters doesn’t break this link indeed:

/etc/opt/omni/server -> /DPSHARE/etc_opt_omni_server.




Cannot Install a client HP data Protector 6,20Open in a New Window




I cannot install a DP agent into the HP-UX system remotely during the installation process that give me that:


[Normal] Starting installation session on mercredi 30 novembre 2016, 17:32:11...

[Normal] Getting list of clients for installation...

[Normal] Connecting to client frl2.groupecat.com...

[Normal] <frl2.groupecat.com> Checking for response from system frl2.groupecat.com.

[Normal] Client frl2.groupecat.com (HP-UX B.11.11) OK.

[Normal] <frl2.groupecat.com> Starting installation/update for client system frl2.groupecat.com at mercredi 30 novembre 2016, 17:32:12.

[Normal] <frl2.groupecat.com> Updating Core Component

[Critical] <frl2.groupecat.com> Update of Core Component failed!

A different version of the Data Protector Installation Server is installed on the system.
Remote upgrade of the Installation Server to a newer version is not supported. To add components
to the Installation Server system, ensure that an Installation Server of the same version is used.

[Critical] <frl2.groupecat.com> Update of client system frl2.groupecat.com failed!

[Normal] Installation session finished on mercredi 30 novembre 2016, 17:32:22.

Session completed with errors!


I have a cell 6,20  on Windows, the client is a HP-UX  B.11.11 U



HP DP session purge issueOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

Please help with an issue with an old HP DP6.

On my single cell manager i have a lot of sessions back until 2010, and it seems that the CDB is almost full.

I added an extension file (fnnames.dat1) to the CDB, but the session usage pie chart is almost red, it seems i have only 6848 session record space, and from this space i have only 322 record free.

I tried to purge sessions older than 1 year with command omnidbutil -purge -sessions 365 but the session usage remains the same.

My question is, will my cell stop if the number of my session records reach 6848 or it will be extended further?

Thank You in advance,



Connection to CRS failed.Open in a New Window

Dear all,

I've instaled a new Cell Manager (HP Data Protector v.9.0) in a CentOS machine.

As I know, all seems to be fine:

[root@BCKCENTOS01 lbin]# omnisv status
    ProcName      Status  [PID]
    crs         : Active  [3592]
    mmd         : Active  [3590]
    kms         : Active  [3591]
    hpdp-idb    : Active  [3560]
    hpdp-idb-cp : Active  [3584]
    hpdp-as     : Active  [3623]
    omnitrig    : Active
    Sending of traps disabled.
Status: All Data Protector processes/services up and running.


Asking about CRS:

[root@BCKCENTOS01 lbin]# crs
**********************  DEFAULT ERROR REPORT  *******************************
[Critical] From: CRS@bckcentos01 ""  Time: 11/29/2016 12:41:07 PM
CRS is already running.
File /var/opt/omni/tmp/CRS.pid contains its process ID.



It seems that is running too. So.... I guess that all in working fine in the server.


Now I'm trying to install GUI System in my Windows 10 machine.

I've installed Installation Server (for Windows) and GUI.

When I try to connect HP Data Protector Manager (GUI), I receive the following error:


Connection to CRS failed.
To start the Data Protector daemons on the Cell Manager host use the command
omnisv -start on the Cell Manager
or check if the communication between the Cell Manager and client is encrypted with the command
omnicc -encryption -status -all on the Cell Manager.


As you read before Data Protector Cell is running.

And the answer for: omnicc -encryption -status -all is:

[root@BCKCENTOS01 lbin]# omnicc -encryption -status -all
Client          Enabled         Enabled(CM)
bckcentos01     true            true
[root@BCKCENTOS01 lbin]#

I can reach each machine with ping (server and my computer with GUI).

I guess that GUI download a ssl certificate, but not sure where it is stored. Or how can I find and delete it.

I was searching during last days, but nothing usefull for me.

Could you please help me?

Many thanks in advance,





(DP) Support Tip: Backup doesn't start by System error: [238] Connection timed outOpen in a New Window

[Error Message]
some backup fails to start as follows .

[Major] From: BSM@hostname "datalist"  Time: 10/18/16 20:14:36
IPC Read Error
System error: [238] Connection timed out

According to debugs , timeout occurred .

[112] [IpcGetHostInfoEx][entry][2016-10-18 20:14:26.500] hostname='<hostname>', retry_count=30, delay_sec=1
[112] [IpcConnectAt] Connect loop:
[112]   -> <IP address>
[112]     ...socket created: 14
[ 60] [IpcConnectAt] Connection completed before timeout!
[ 60]     ...connected!
[  4] 2016-10-18 20:14:36.510 ("/lib/ipc/ipc.c $Rev: 54649 $ $Date:: 2016-09-12 10:15:38 ":6326)
[  4] [MARK 2] in ipcI_receivePacket:6326
    Code: 3017  SystemErr: [238] Connection timed out

[Workaround / Fix]
The timeout can be avoided by setting OB2_IPC_PROTOCOLINFOTMEOUT in omnirc file .
CellManager and Agent systems need to be considered to set the variable if DNS response is slow there .


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