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Duplicate Tree BackupsOpen in a New Window

I have a large backup running, about 1.8TB but it's currently taking 24hours or more to complete a Full backup. It's a General Area that the business uses and there are around 300 folders on the drive. If I split them in the same backup spec to complete 100 folders each so that they can run simutaneously with a load balance of max3 then that will reduce the backup times. Example

L:Drive/General Area/FoldersA-H

L:Drive/General Area/FoldersH-O

L:Drive/General Area/FoldersO-Z

The issue I've got is that if someone creates a new folder on this drive for example beginning with the letter M without informing us how does this get backed up using this format? Would I have to manually pick the folder by going into the backup spec or would the tree area for the 2nd part (L:Drive/General Area/FoldersH-O) automatically pick this up?

Any help please, Thanks


Overland Neo XL 80 cannot configure in DP 9.08Open in a New Window


It seems DP 9.08 doesn't recognize right the tape library: Overland Neo XL 80 with 2xFC LTO7. Using the Autoconfigure Wizard, the library is not detected correctly:  2 devices are displayed separately, robotics and 2 drives.  If i try to add the drives manually to the library, robotics doesn't see the serial numbers of the drives when running devbra -dev (it shows something like HH-Ultrium instead of SN under the robotics) and the tape library is not working

All of these in a fresh/simple environment, new installation.

In 9.07 everything is ok using the AutoConfig Wizard. Any insight on this? 

If not mistaken, support for this library was introduced with DP 9.07, right?






Replication of VEAgent backup errorOpen in a New Window


I'm getting a strange error with replication started by a post-exec script to a VEAgent backup specification.

The backup completes successfully without error and then the following command is used to start replication of the backup session:

omniobjcopy -replication -targetprotect permanent -session 2017/01/19-73 -targetdevice "TargetDevice"

These are the messages from the session:

[Normal] From: CSM@CellManager "Interactive"  Time: 19/01/2017 16:47:34
 Replication session 2017/01/19-74 started.

[Major] From: CSM@CellManager "Interactive"  Time: 19/01/2017 16:47:35
 FAILED copy of BAR Client:/4/Client%2F5012e681-f33b-71ae-5920-4d2ca265c778%2F6000C29f-6369-6cec-257c-bd8ee6a4114d "VEAgentDisk" from session 2017/01/19-73.

[Normal] From: BMA@BackupHost "TargetDevice [GW 7376:0:9901852831046812513]"  Time: 19/01/2017 16:48:13
 STARTING Media Agent "TargetDevice [GW 7376:0:9901852831046812513]"

The "Major" error causes the result of the replication session to be marked as "Completed/Failures" but a comparison of the backed up data to the replicated data appears to suggest that everything was successful.

The error also occurs if the command is issued on it's own, ie not by a post-exec script.  It doesn't happen with File System backups.

I've tried changing the Client and TargetDevice but the same error occurs.  This even happens on a newly created small (100MB) specification.

Any suggestions?

Cell Manager is DP 9.06 on Windows 2012R2, VCentre server is 2012R2, VMware is 6.0.0 Build 3634793, VMware client is Windows 2008R2 (but the same error alos occurs when the client is Red Hat), Gateway is 2012R2.




Navigator 9.5 Widgets do not allow a report to be displayedOpen in a New Window

Hi all, just trialling Navigator 9.50 in my demo setup and I cannot get a widget to display a report at all, they just have None as a selectable item! Documentation doesn't help, anyone else had this issue or have a fix?


Many thanks



pre post script keeps failingOpen in a New Window

we have a pre/post script that keeps failing

entry in the inetd.log on the client is 

A request 20 (EXEC_SCRIPT) came from host XXXXX, allowed only from Cell Manager 

The issue is that the Cell Manager is a cluster address and the request comes from the physical server host name 

All the server hostnames for the cluster are in the allow_hosts file.

Cell manager is hpux 11  - DP 9.07 

Client is Oracle Linux 7 - DP 9.07 client 

any ideas how to cure ?





Error [81:145] while performing AUTODR SLES11 backupOpen in a New Window


while backing up /CONFIGURATION for disaster recovery in Linux SLES11 64bit, I'm receiving such error:

[Major] From: @%servername% "servername [/CONFIGURATION]" Time: 
Automatic DR information could not be collected.
Aborting the collecting of system recovery data.

I tried to review AUTODR.log file and found there such error:

ERROR redirector drutil exit: 201 ('= find kernel =', '/boot/initrd- not found')
FATAL mkrset EXCEPTION at /svnstore/unix/panther/dp_907_rel_nightly/src/recovery/drm/src/coolie/mkrset.cpp(2178):
FATAL mkrset N3drm11inval_errorE(0): Collecting rset files failed (201)


I looked for this "initrd" file, and it is in the correct place in "boot" directory.

Any ideas about the cause of an error ? I couldn't find any information about this error in AUTODR.log

Thanks in advance !



Dudas sobre comando omnimm -reset_poor_medium NOMBREDELACINTAOpen in a New Window

Dudas sobre comando omnimm -reset_poor_medium NOMBREDELACINTA

Buenas Tardes: tengo un problema con una cinta LTO en DATA PROTECTOR con calidad de POOR. 

mi pregunta es si utilizo el comando omnimm -reset_poor_medium NOMBREDELACINTA para resetear la bandera de la cinta ¿SE PIERDE LA INFORMACION RESPALDADA EN ELLA?


OB2PORTRANGE Variable Not WorkingOpen in a New Window

I've set the OB2PORTRANGE variable in the omnirc file, but when trying to manually run a backup of a filesystem behind a firewall DP still tries to use a random port. One example of the port is 63407. I've also restart the omnisv services multiple times with nothing correcting this issue.

Any ideas?


commandline vmware get discsOpen in a New Window


I want to generate a report with cmd-command for my vmware-objects.

1. list vmware-objects
with "omnidb -veagent" or "omnirpt -report dl_trees -tab" it is possible to get the VMs.

2. list last backup
then I can get last backupinformation with "omnidb -veagent <Server>:<Full Path>[<UUID>] -detail -latest"

3. list VDiscs
And here I have the problem.
I want to list the VDiscs (VMDK-Files) that are in backup!
Is it possible to get the information with commandline?



depuracion logsOpen in a New Window

Buenas noches,

quisera saber como puedo hacer dupuracion de logs de dataprotector y eliminacion de archivos de instalaciones anteriores sin afectar mi servicio actual.



February 23rd: Online Expert day Data Protector!Open in a New Window


Hello Everyone,

Data Protector is hosting an Online Expert Day on February 23rd, 2017!  Mark this on your calendars!

If you are a customer with a support contract, then we would like to invite you to join us Data Protector Support Customer Forum on February 23rd, when HPE product Experts will be online for 19 hours to answer any questions regarding:

Data Protector Any Topic

The event is scheduled to run for 19 hours.

Start time 10:00 AM SGT (February 23rd)/ 07:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time / 10:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (22nd February) / 03:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (BST) February 22nd


End time Event end time:  05:00 SGT (24th February)/ 02:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time / 05:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time / 10:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) February 23rd

What is an Online Expert Day? 

Online Expert Day is an event when HP product, R&D, and Support team members and other employees join our online forums to answer your toughest technical questions.  Online Expert Days give you a chance to talk directly with the HP Experts!


How does the Online Expert Day event work? 

HP Experts will be online for 19 hours in the forum and will do their best to answer your questions. They may need to get some more information from you so please check the box "email me when someone replies".  An online conversation will be born!


To participate, you do need access to the Data Protector Support Customer Forum  if you don’t have access, please add your Support Agreement ID (SAID) to your HP Passport profile and log in again.

To check this please do the following:

If you have a valid support contract and are still experiencing issues, please send an email to swcommunity@hpe.com.


For more information on our Support Customer Forums and how to add your Support Agreement ID (SAID) to your HPE Passport profile, please click here.

For upcoming Online Expert Days, please bookmark the HPE Software Online Support Services - Forum events page.

If you have questions regarding the Online Expert Day event, please reply to this message.

 We look forward to your attendance and your questions!


HPE Support


Host listOpen in a New Window


I need to create a list (txt, csv or html) containing all hostnames on where the DP client is installed.




Following error occurred while storing detail catalogOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

We are ussing DP 8.10 we getting error msg while the running copy backup from VTLs to MSL T/L.

Error msg are below please help me to resolve this issue.

[Major] From: CSM@delbkup03.india.jcb.local "CRM_Copy_bkp_to_Tape" Time: 1/16/2017 12:03:54 PM
[61:4039] Following error occurred while storing detail catalog
information for device "HP:Ultrium 4-SCSI_1_delbkup03"
with loaded medium "9f4714ac:587c4238:19f4:0001" [[JEX645L4] JEX645L4]
to Data Protector Internal Database:


From this point on, all objects on this medium
will have logging switched to "No Log".


Data protector not adding IBM TapelibOpen in a New Window


I have HPE Data Protector (Cell, Manager, Client all on one machine) Version A09.08 Build 112.

To the same machine connected a IBM LTO6 with Library and 2 drives.

In Devices - Autoconfigure it finds one TapeLib and two drives, but can't connect them to each other (Screenshot below). By this only the drives are installed, but not the Library / changer / Loader.

Is there any way to manually connect them or persuade him to install the Library?


Thanks for your help



devbra -dev shows:

C:\Windows\system32>devbra -dev

Exch IBM:3573-TL Path: "Changer0:2:2:1" SN: "00X2U78BB775_LL0"
Description: CLAIMED:Control device
Revision: C.30 Flags: 0x0012 Slots: 23 Drives: 2
Drive(s) SN:

Tape IBM:ULT3580-HH6 Path: "Tape1:2:2:0C" SN: "10WT048561"
Description: CLAIMED:IBM LTO6 HH Drive
Revision: E6R3 Device type: lto [13] Flags: 0x0115

Tape IBM:ULT3580-HH6 Path: "Tape0:2:1:0C" SN: "10WT048588"
Description: CLAIMED:IBM LTO6 HH Drive
Revision: E6R3 Device type: lto [13] Flags: 0x0115



"Data protector 8.1 "Can not access Cell Manager for the First time,Open in a New Window


i have  newly installed   DP 8.1 on the server 2k8, Datacenter edition,  installation is completed successfully but when i try to connect to the cell manager  it says  "Insufficient permission, Access denied"

 have managed the account based on instruction:

1. Account is admins member,

2. account is backup operator member,

3. Account is granted  to log on  as Services 

any solution please !




Data Protector and StoreOnce HousekeepingOpen in a New Window

I am running Data Protector v9 and have run backups to a StoreOnce Catalyst store (Catalyst over Ethernet).  To reclaim space on the StoreOnce system, I have recycled and exported the file depot.  Normally this should be enough to invoke Housekeeping on the StoreOnce system.  But the StoreOnce Catalyst store's User Data Stored space is not being reduced.  I have run the DP command "omnimm -delete_unprotected_media -all" but the result shows "There are no unprotected media to delete" and the StoreOnce Catalyst store's User Data Stored space still never gets reduced.  As a workaround I can delete and recreate the Catalyst store but I should not have to do this to reclaim User Data Stored space on the StoreOnce system.

I am not sure what else can be done to reclaim space on the StoreOnce system and am in need of suggestions/feedback.  Many thanks in advance.



(DP) Support Tip: VMware GRE Advanced Web Plug-in doesn't work in Google ChromeOpen in a New Window

Since latest Chrome update - version 55.* the VMware GRE plugin is no longer loading. Screen will remain blank after selecting Cell Manager in the plugin: 

There are memory management changes in Chrome that affected DP plugin. 

Plug-in works normally in other browers. This issue will be fixed in upcomfing 9.09 patch bundle. 


When to delete clients from the cell managerOpen in a New Window

This may sound really dumb, but we have a server whcih we have decomissioned, but we keep backups of the systems for 7 years. Do you keep the client in teh cell manager until the 7 years is up. Even though the server has been remoevd etc, or would you delete it?

Just wondering what other people do.


Stopping a StoreOnce copy erroring off falsely?Open in a New Window

So I have a line in cron that run a copy every hour.

# Copy the archive logs over to Fenton hourly

13 * * * * /opt/omni/bin/omniobjcopy -replist Hourly_Archive_Log_Copy -scheduled > /tmp/objcopy.$$ 2>&1


NOW we get an alarm if there is nothing to copy.  THAT is not an error.  How do I make DP NOT report it?  Folks will get paged for a false alarm.  Is there a way to check for objects before I attempt a copy?

[Normal] From: CSM@sapbck.ssmhc.com "Hourly_Archive_Log_Copy" Time: 1/12/2017 4:13:00 PM

Replication session 2017/01/12-119 started.

[Critical] From: CSM@sapbck.ssmhc.com "Hourly_Archive_Log_Copy" Time: 1/12/2017 4:13:05 PM

No objects to copy. The session will abort.


This is from the man page but an example might be nice:


To obtain the information about all backed up objects or sessions

containing the objects you want to copy, use the omnidb command.



Storeonce and Oracle archive logs performanceOpen in a New Window

Our regular backup(s) manage a decent speed and I suspect it is because there is more than one mount point and the files are large.  BUT we are needed to move our archivelog backups to the StoreOnce.  Last night, over 100Mb ethernet we were getting less than 3Mbs to the StoreOnce.  I killed the backup and moved it to our VLS and backups sped up!  What might be going on with a StoreOnce to backup so slow?  How to hunt down this issue?

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