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IBM SDK Java 1.7_0_64 will supports for HP Diagnostics 9.24 versionOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

Could you please let us know whether our Diagnostics agent will supports the IBM SDK java version 1.7_0_64 in webserver application installed in sun solaris version 11.3. Request you to provide the info if not or we need to implement 9.26 patch for the same.


Vamsi Krishna B


Diagnostics agent - profiler installOpen in a New Window

Hi guys! please can anyone explain difference agent and profiler to install in my server.



Individual Instances of JDBC components in Diagnostics 9.24Open in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I would like to view the details of the individual instances of JDBC components from Diagnostics.

I observe that the details are populated by default for probes using Diagnostics 9.24, but I am unable to see the details individually for the probes using Diagnostics 9.26.

Please advise if this is version specific and if we need to enable any property explicitly for instrumenting the components.

Expecting a response sooner. Thanks in advance.



AGENT PROBEOpen in a New Window

Do anyone know the additional programming statements which the probe instrument into the web server application will be permanently store inside or it will be remove once we remove the probes from the startup scripts ?

Your reply will be much appreciate. 

Thank you.





Can we integrate HP Diagnostics 9.24 with LR Controller 12.01Open in a New Window


Latest PatchesOpen in a New Window


Could you please tell me from where can I get latest patches of HP Diganostics or any other HPE tools ?


Also I have downloaded HP Diagnostcis 9.26 media and I can't find LR_Addin foler for LoadRunner add-in





Commander server failing to restartOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

When trying to reatrst the HP commander service, I am getting the belwo error in the UI console

Pleasse help urgently

HTTP ERROR: 404 %2Fmaintenance%2F+Not+Found






Excessive number of server requests from a ProbeOpen in a New Window

Hi ,

There has been contiunous log of excessive number of server requests from the probes configured to a mediator.


How can this be addressed?


I have already tried changing the maximum.uri.pathsegments" value in the capture.propeties from the mediator.It did not help.

Can anyone suggest options to handle this without affecting the level of drill down requests details.


Appreciate your immediate help.




How do we remove the display of decomissioned mediator server from the Commander UIOpen in a New Window


One of the mediator servers has been decomissioned and is in Inactive state under the registered components in Diagnostics UI maintanence mode.

How can this entry be removed from the UI permenantly?

Appreciate your help immediately.




Where can i download older version of HP Diagnostic ?Open in a New Window

Anyone have the link to download older version of HP Diagnostic? because what i found is the latest version.


Your help would be much appreciated .




Where can i download LR_addin setup to integrate my server and my controller?Open in a New Window

I cannot find any J2EE/.NET hp diagnosis lr_addin file along with the hp diagnosis server package that i had downloaded.

Does anyone know where else can i download the Lr_addin setup.exe ?


Trying to capture stats from Webmethods Broker 9.6Open in a New Window

Hello all,

I have a case opened with HP support on this, but I thought I would ask the community too.

We are running the Webmethods enterprise service bus 9.6 from SoftwareAG along with their Broker version 111414.  I am using Diags 9.26 with IP 2 along with the Diags Collector of the same version.

My goal is to get the queue metrics from the Broker.  The setup/config is pretty simple, but I keep getting this error in the webmethods_broker_collector.log.

    SEVERE webmethods_broker_collector [main] Required library missing. Please add wm-brokerclient.jar and wm-        g11nutils.jar to the collector lib folder and restart. Class missing: com.wm.g11n.util.wmResourceBundleLoader

The error seems based on the jar files copied from the Webmethods server, but we have the files that HP requires and they are in the correct location on the Collector server.

Has anyone successfully monitored the Webmethods Broker queue with the Diags Collector?

Thanks for any help!


Performance Testing- HP DIagnostics Server-Agent installationOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I am trying to explore HP Diagnostics tool for my Load Testing activities.

I have installed a trial version of tool i.e. Diagnostics Server in my local windows 7 machine.

when accessed through browser- URl:: http://<Machinename>:2006 i could see blank page with only link "Maintenance" displayed. Is there something went wrong?


Could you please guide me steps to install the agent in my SharePoint server.

As mentioned using trial version Should I install agent as 1)" Diagnostics Profiler Mode"?

2) Application Management/ENterprise Mode?

Can I use second option during trial period?

I need to monitor total 5 servers- Sharepoint application

Web front end-2 server

App server-2



Kindly advice


HP Diagnostics Mediator ServerOpen in a New Window

Hello Team,


is HP Diagnostics mediator server is location dependent?


that is my mediator and commander server will be in datacenter2 and monitored appliation server is in datacenter1.


Hope this wont be any problem until the connection between the agent and mediator is working fine.


Please revert back.



kumaran dp


Diagnostics: Can Diagnostics collectors run on AIX 6.x servers?Open in a New Window



I cannot find any information as to what OS versions that the HP Diagnostics Collector (Oracle DB collector) software can run on.


Does anyone have that information?


Any help aprpeicated.




HPE Diagnostic 9.1 - 9.3 Licensing Guide QuestionOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

Does anyone can help me where can i find HPE Diagnostic Licensing usage related?


Basically i was trying to upgrade HPE Diagnostic in my customer, the version used was 9.1 upgraded to 9.3

I used the same license from existing Diagnostic 9.1 to Diagnostic 9.3 and it was rejected, with the error saying something like "License File is Invalid or Corrupt..."

I then tried to rehost the license again from HPE Software Support portal, with the exact same locking ID (ip address and FQDN), but still giving me same error.

I am wondering if this has something to do with the new OS based diagnostic licensing changes? because i thought minor version changes wouldn't affect the license usage.

I have also sent an enquiry to licensesAPAC@hpe.com as these guys are the one usually can help with issues such licenses rehost ini APAC area, but they took their time when replying an email, and this issue i am having is rather an urgent one.

I didn't open a ticket to HP Support because i thought they only handle Technical Issues.
Unless if the answer is licensing migration needed, then i will need to contact HP Support to get them to migrate the licensing we have.

But until then, i need logical answer i need to give to my customer.


Please help.



Diagnostics support for webmethods 9.8Open in a New Window

Diagnostics 9.24 is advertised to support webmethods 8.x

Diagnsotics 9.26 is advertised to support webmethods 9.x

Has anyone tried using Diagnostics 9.24 against webmethods 9.8 to see what may or may not work?


HP diagnostics for exceptionsOpen in a New Window

Can we see alert in HP diagnostics for exceptions



Diagnostics - Metric for downtime of ProbeOpen in a New Window

Is there a metric I can refer to in order to know the total amount of time that the probe/Application Server JVM was down on a WebLogic Server?

I know of the Probe Availability metric which gives this value in terms of percentage but it becomes harder for me to answer the question that the probe was unreachable for x number of minutes/hours using this metric.

I was also hoping to use this metric to reliably report when a probe becomes unreachable and comes back up but that is secondary for now.


How to get probe and host details monitored at mediatorOpen in a New Window


I need to have fetch list of host, probe and probegroup from one of mediator.

Please assist how I can get it?

I am using mediator 9.26 on linux.






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