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Disable users in AM and Aset shuld not be tagged to Disable userOpen in a New Window

  1. Suppose there are 500 users at AD end and we integrated AD with AM using CIT scenario, all 500 users pushed in AM. After few months 100 users were deleted from AD, so CAN  we disable those users at AM end also using CIT scenario. If yes how it is possible please help.
  2. IS there any way where we can restrict if any user is in disable mode then any asset should not be assigned to him/her.

pls help.


Not able to run outoufthebox scr file from the command prompt lineOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I am trying to execute a .scr file(WAQ.scr from C:\Program Files(x86)\HP\AssetManager\datakit\bestpracice\WAQ.scr) but its giving me the error as "Table not found" although all the files are existing under WAQ folder(Text file and other scripts).

Could any one suggest me how can I run the OOB scripts from the command prompt?. Any help would be greatly appericiated.




Validate Text/Number Pop Up ProblemOpen in a New Window

Hi All 

I have a question for you. I set Validate Text/Number on my workflow. i chosen Pop Up message  but it doesnt work . i when i enter unnumeric char on my text are . doesnt give pop message . Is any idea how can i fix this problem . I attachted screenshot  . When you check 2nd screenshot . It shows my message details but i want to see Pop Up Screen 

Best Regards




Tag web serviceOpen in a New Window

I am getting below error when trying to tag webservices.

2017/02/15 13:36:32.000 5 1 (0) The elements below may cause AM web service malfunctions. (amWfInstance:DocRecord and WfInstance in table amWfWorkItem are duplicated!)

Screenshot of error attached.

Can you help to resolve?

Thanks in Advance.




webtier errorOpen in a New Window


I can see below error when trying to open any screen from webclient

An error has occurred while processing a request for: /AssetManager/Procurement/ProcRequest/listdetail.jsf 

Please contact your Administrator or see server logs for more details


Screenshot of error attached. Can you please help?

Thanks in Advance.


it possible to increase the number of row returned by the API function (visible in adblog.log file)Open in a New Window

Hi all,


OS : Win 2K8 R2 srv

AM ver: 9.50 12181

MS SQL Server : 10.50.6220  (Win 2K8 R2)

In adblog.log file when a query is passed to the backend, you can see the number of rows returned by the db engine.

Rows are returned pack of 30 rows (see bellow)

............VSelect: 0.032s

............GetNext for 30 records: 0.000s .

...........GetNext for 30 records: 0.000s

............GetNext for 30 records: 0.000s

............GetNext for 30 records: 0.015s

............GetNext for 30 records: 0.172s

............GetNext for 21 records: 0.000s

To increase the response time performance we want to setup the number of rows by pack (between 50 to 100, that will dependent of the tests results).

The question is: Is it possible to increase the number of rows returned by the GetNext function ?





Update data in AM using REST APIOpen in a New Window


I am trying to update AM table using REST API.

I followed that is mentioned in the sample provided with HPE AM installation.

I tried running the RAQLSample.java file. I dont have any issue in calling GET function.

calling POST always gives  HTTP error code : 400

Attached is text file with extension jpg

Any help would be appreciated.




converting text type field to double precision number in connect itOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts, 

i am trying to convert to change a text type field to double precision number in connect it.

used pifgetdoubleval() but that is not working , is there any other way to achieve this.


Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) - Introduction to HPE Asset Manager 9.50Open in a New Window

In the team I'm current working in, we are currently upgrading Asset Manager from version 9.3 up to 9.5.  I am aware that there is ART user training sample for AM 9.4, does anyone know if there is one for AM 9.5?

We have a mixture of people who have used the old version and a number who have never used the tool before. Has anyone got any advice of how they may have got asset manager type users up to speed with using the tool most effectively?



Asset Manager 9.5 DocumentationOpen in a New Window

Can some one point me in the direction on where I can find the HP Asset Manager 9.5 user documentation?


Connect IT Add Date FilterOpen in a New Window

I have a question for you . I have a senerio it works on Connect IT i want to add filter date for example open.time so i want to add dynamic date filter here for example today - 2 days or today +2  how can i code it ? 

I add screenshot . 


I can´t see all model to create a portfolio itemOpen in a New Window

Hello experts

Could you help? Please

I can´t see all models when I tried to create a portfolio item I expanded the all table in the client and I do not found the model that I need. I saw these behavior in the actions too

What is the reason that it happend?

Thanks in advance. Best regards.


Extended deletion via Connect-ItOpen in a New Window


We are using Connect-It 9.60 for deletion of retired VM's. Durring deletion of these VM's via connect-it we are getting attached error.

Do we have any option in Connect-it for Allowing Extended Deletion like we have in Client.

Thanks in Advance 



Charset on listsOpen in a New Window


we have next issue with AM9.61. AM is unable to show Polish letters on lists, but it shows correct letters in fields.

DB collation is set to Polish_CI_AS. Database records have correct letters.

AM English version is installed. OS is also English but it has Polish locale settings.

Screen is attached.

Is there possible to change something to see correct letters on lists?


How Software SKU and Assets are related?Open in a New Window

Dear Experts, 

After some diving I couldn't find how and license asset get their data from, I see that an asset that is a license:2017-02-09 15_25_48-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml.png

 Has a model that represent it:2017-02-09 15_19_56-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml.png

 But I don't find the link with the SKU that represent this "model of license":2017-02-09 15_32_49-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml.png

Any idea how it works? 


Thanks, Miquel


Hi here i am requesting, is there any way to integrate between 1. veeam and 2. Cisco Wifi ManagementOpen in a New Window

Hi here i am requesting, is there any way to integrate between 1. veeam and 2. Cisco Wifi Management tools, if anyone know about this,please let me know.


How to show linked values from connected table?Open in a New Window


I'm new in AM and I encountered a problem:

I have three tables:
amContract (default)
amPortfolio (default)
myInvoice (custom)

amContract has the screen amContract and it shows connected invoices on page Invoices. (Normal Link)
amContract also shows connected licenses (this is ootb)
amPortfolio has the screen amPortfolio and it shows connected invoices on page Invoices (different page than in amContract, but linked to the same table), when amPortoflio model nature is software license. (Normal Link)

The question is: how to show Contract invoices on amPortfolio (License) screen, when License and Invoice are connected with Contract and Invoice is not connected with License?


Asset Manager integration with HRMSOpen in a New Window

Dear Experts,

is there any documentation about the different integration scenarios between AM and HRMS?

appreciate any conceptual guides, or technical guides, and what kind of integration protocal is best suited for the different scenarios.

Thanks in advance,

Kind Regards,

Nathalie Khalil


Webclient filtering with wildcardOpen in a New Window

Dear Experts, 

I'm trying to fetch records using wildcards, like

2017-01-31 15_57_02-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png



But when try on web client2017-01-31 15_51_36-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png




It automatically try to fullfill with proposals like:2017-01-31 15_55_20-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png




Then I can't use it on web.


Any idea? mostly sure is trivial, but I don't find how :S


Thanks, Miquel






Email Fetch connector first come first processedOpen in a New Window

Hello Community.

We use HP Connect-IT 9.53. In  our scenario Emailt Fetch Connector, HP Service Manager, Mapping.

Email Fetch connector first processes the last came emails.  For example Letter_31_01_2017_11_00 It will be processed before Letter_31_01_2017_10_50 

Tell me please how to change it?



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