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amSoftInstall records set to missing (bMissing=1)Open in a New Window

We use BDNA and we have put a filter on our scenario to only bring over Licensable SW on a frequent basis and a full import once a month.

When we run the scenario with the Licensable only filter on the BDNA connector, all the other SW Installs that do not get updated get turned to bMissing=1.

I am trying to figure out what is causing this.  I looked through the scenario but, I can't find a setting on it that would do this in the scenario mapping.   I tried turning on ADBlog on AM but it does not seem to log anything for changes being made by the scenario.  I also tried turning off the following two workflows but that still did not change the behavior.

     Detection of software missing from last scan

     Update software installations from the portfolio items

Does anyone know how to identify what is causing a field to change?  Or how to turn on the ADBlog for a scenario?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


CSA <> AM IntegrationOpen in a New Window



I am currently trying to integrate CSA 4.60 and AM 9.60 using CSA Content Pack 2.2.1 via the CIT 9.70. Please let me know if this combination of the tools version are compatible for the CSA <> AM integrationn to get the cloud billing?


Kind regards,



hyperlink in Asset managerOpen in a New Window

can we provide end users any hyperlink in HPAM where when he clicks he goes to path and get all the Admin/Required guides.


Please help.


CIT 9.60 Error with SOAP Connector;Open in a New Window


I am trying to make a scenario in which I insert values to a SOAP Web Servise and also get values from same web service.

Although, I send and get data via SOAP UI with same credentials; I got the error below when I try to insert or get data ia CIT WEB Service connector;

2017/04/14 15:12:18.000 0 1 (0) Unable to initialize request.
2017/04/14 15:12:18.000 0 1 (0) Error processing query.
2017/04/14 15:12:18.000 1 1 (0) Cause by com.hp.ov.cit.connector.ws.WsException: SOAP error when sending SOAP message.
2017/04/14 15:12:18.000 2 1 (0) Cause by org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Unauthorized



Can you please help me on this error; or is there anybody else who have already solved this error? Thanks


Best Regards,


unable to see Cleaning old calculation resultOpen in a New Window

after importing SAM BEST practises even i am unable to see Cleaning old calculation result workflow which comes as OOB after installation of SAM best practise package.

Please share the workflow with me if anyone have


Delete the Software Counters ResultsOpen in a New Window

Please help me to know how we can delte the software counter results stored in amrightusescount table which is 7 days older than the calculation Counter date.

DATEDIFF(day, GETDATE(),dtLastModif) >= -7






Web Client is not workingOpen in a New Window


After starting Tomcat, the process reamains pre-loading Head/* and does not end.

Any suggestions?


history is not coming if records are imported in HP Asset managerOpen in a New Window

Hisotry of an Asset is not coming when we import records using connect-IT, or when assets are created using UCMDB.


We have enabled history of fields.


Send an email from Asset Manager with attachment fileOpen in a New Window



I running a query within a script which gives something like 2'500 lines as a result.

Using amActionMail function, I can send an email with those 2'500 lines within the body of the email.

Would it be possible to send the same email BUT with the 2'500 lines within an attachment file (.txt)?


Thank you,




HP Connect-It - where to set global variables?Open in a New Window



I need to migrate changes, activities and attachments from SM 9.34 to SM 9.50.

I developed a scenario which reads data from cm3r table of  SM 9.34 and uses Web service calls to create the changes in SM 9.50.

Since we do not want to keep the old change number (let SM 9.50 to generate a new change number) I have a custom field to store the old number.

I have created 2 global variables in a bas file. My problem is that I do not know how and where to set them based on the Web service response, so that I can use them to migrate activitycm3r data and SYSATTACHMENTS.

Attached is my initial idea of the scenario.

Can you please help me?

Kind regards,



Cleaning up amSoftInstall with over 2.4mil recordsOpen in a New Window

Hi all, I am new to the Asset Manager world as of about 4 months ago. I am currently trying to clean up a lot of unecessary, outdated, unused data from our AM DB. The largest (literally) issue right now is our amSoftInstall table, it is 2.4mil records large. Any queries or reports run on it take some time, we get our software information from UD -> Push adapter, and have taken steps to filter out software that we do not need to track. But long story short, I'm trying to clean this table up and delete entries en masse.

I selected about 80,000 items earlier today, which took a while in itself, and tried to delete them, it said it would take about 12 hours to finish. Is there a quicker way to purge the entire table? Then I could export the software that we DO want, and then re import after the purge.

Thank you!


Extract the Characters from String in Connect -ItOpen in a New Window

please help we need to extract characters from one string as eg below in Connect -IT





We want only to import abcdefg/abcde from Connect it in a field of HP Asset manger


can we change the color of field in Web clientOpen in a New Window


please help me i am trying to change the color of field in REd color when value is in minus. The field name is compliance. We used below code but it didnt help in Webclient.

In windows we are able to do so.



If amClientType() = 1 Then

  If [dCompliancy]= [dLicUseRights] Then

    RetVal = "<FONT color='Red'>" & [cf_CountersinRed] & "</FONT>"


    RetVal = [cf_CountersinRed]

  End If


  RetVal = [cf_CountersinRed]

End If



Windows cliennt script.


if [dLicUseRights] = [dCompliancy] Then

Retval = amRGBcolor("Red")


REtval = amRGBcolor("Black")

ENd if




Dashboard Creation in HP Asset ManagerOpen in a New Window

We are trying to create dasbooard on three levels first is on Envirnemental basis(UAT,Production Server) and second level is Server role wise(Web app or Database server etc) and third is On OS level(Windows,linux,unix etc).

The problem is we can see two level of groupings on amstatistics table but we want toa dd one more grouping level. CAn we do that in AM windows client. please help.


AmRgbColorOpen in a New Window

please let me know  the usage of


 and  can we do below using AmRgbColor()

“Suppose compliance is in minus (-5) then this value should be displayed in red”


Change the color of the value stored in compliance FieldOpen in a New Window

can we change the color of the value stored in dcompliancy field in AM. Suppose compliance is in minus (-5) then this value should be displayed in red.please help


import of duplicate models in HP Asset manager using Connect it and TXT file connectorOpen in a New Window

Dear Team,

We are trying to import duplicate entries of model for eg below two records from text tile. Please sahre the mapping if anyone has done this in Connect-IT as HPAM dont take duplicate model names if full name is same.

We found out work around to import it in another category Like full name a/b/c/d/powerreg and secondone as a/b/c/d/e/powerreg

name           company

PowerReg     Leader Technologies/Logitech

PowerReg     Lenovo

PowerRegister    Aviata


How to use VBA to connect to HP Asset manager 9.40?Open in a New Window

I am trying to add the dll in "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Asset Manager 9.41 en\bin" to the references , But i am receiving "Cannot add referrence to the specified file".

Visual Basic used is Version 7.1


Modify button showing on Portfolio table following execution of a wizardOpen in a New Window

Hello Everyone,


We all know that when assigning a portfolio to an user, because of the agent working on the portfolio table, the portfolio will take the assignee's location by default.

To bypass this, in our wizard, we are forcing the location of the portfolio to something else than the assignee's location (in purple in the script below)

{ Finish FINISH
{ Chain =
if {Summary.chkRestart} = 1 Then
RetVal = "WizAvaiDeli"
RetVal = ""
End if
{ Condition =
if {Summary.ChkConfirm} = 1 then
Retval = 1
Retval = 0
End If
{ Do =
' ** Create a New Record

' ** Declare Variable

Dim lErr as long
Dim hRecord as Long
Dim iPortfolioCount as Integer
Dim iMax as Long
Dim AssetId as Long
Dim PortfolioId as Long
Dim lStockId as Long
Dim i as Integer
Dim vbNl as String
Dim Comment as String
Dim lProjectId as Long
vbNl = Chr(13) & Chr(10)

lErr = AmStartTransaction()

iPortfolioCount = {Summary.Information.VALUES.Count()}
iMax = iPortfolioCount

For i = 1 To iPortfolioCount
lErr = AmProgress((100 * i ) / iMax)

' ** Update a Portfolio

hRecord = AmGetRecordFromMainId("amPortfolio", {Summary.Information.VALUES(i,0)} )

If hRecord <> 0 then
PortfolioId = AmGetRecordID ( hRecord )

lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "seAssignment", 0 )
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgStatus_INUSE", "DELIVERED/AVAILABLE" )
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lNCfgTechRespLinkId", {PgPortfolio.linkTechResp})
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lNCfgBusRespLinkId", {PgPortfolio.linkBusResp})
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lUserId", {PgPortfolio.linkUser})
'lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lLocaId", {PgPortfolio.linkAssetLocation})

If {PgPortFolio.chkOptional} = 1 Then
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lNCfgOwnerLinkId", {PgOptional.linkOwner})
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lCostId", {PgOptional.linkCostcenter})
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lNCfgResolGroupLinkId", {PgOptional.linkGroup})
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgCustom1", {PgOptional.txCustom1})
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgCustom2", {PgOptional.txCustom2})
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgLegacyModel", {PgOptional.txLegacyModel})

If {PgOptional.Comment} <> "" then
Comment = AmDBGetString ( "SELECT comment.memcomment FROM AmPortfolio Where lPortfolioItemId =" & {PARAMS.lPortfolioItemId} )
Comment = Comment & vbNl & "Comment added at " & AmDate () & " by " & AmLoginName () & vbNl & vbNl
Comment = Comment & {PgOptional.Comment}
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "Comment.memComment" , Comment )
End if
End if

lErr = AmUpdateRecord(hRecord)
lErr = AmReleaseHandle(hRecord)
lErr = AmCommit()

' ** Forcing the location taken from the wizard - 2017/03/23

lErr = amStartTransAction ()
hRecord = AmGetRecordFromMainId("amPortfolio", PortfolioId )
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lLocaId", {PgPortfolio.linkAssetLocation})
lErr = AmUpdateRecord(hRecord)
lErr = AmReleaseHandle(hRecord)
lErr = AmCommit()

' ** Update a Asset

AssetId = AmDBGetLong ( "Select lAstId From AmPortfolio where lPortfolioItemId = " & PortfolioId )

lErr = amStartTransAction ()
hRecord = AmGetrecordFromMainID ("AmAsset" , AssetId )
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgEnv", {PgPortfolio.txEnvironment})
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgCriticality", {PgPortfolio.txCriticality})
If {PgPortFolio.chkOptional} = 1 Then
lErr = AmSetFieldDateValue ( hRecord , "dSchedRetire" , {PgOptional.dtRetirementDate} )
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "MaintCond", {PgOptional.txContractType})
End If
lErr = AmUpdateRecord ( hRecord )
lErr = AmReleaseHandle ( hRecord )
lErr = AmCommit()

End If

' ** Create Project and link with Asset

If {PgOptional.linkProject} <> "" and {PgOptional.linkProject} <> {PgOptional.linkProject.lProjectId} and {PgPortFolio.chkOptional} = 1 then
lErr = amStartTransAction ()
hRecord = AmCreateRecord ("amAstProjDesc")
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lProjId" , {PgOptional.linkProject} )
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lAstId" , AssetId )
lErr = AmInsertRecord ( hRecord )
lErr = AmReleaseHandle ( hRecord )
lErr = AmCommit ()
End if

Next i


At the end of the wizard, all modifications have been taken into account into Portfolio table (location is correctly set to the one set into the wizard) but we have the 'Modify' button displayed on the Portfolio screen

Additional information, the table was opened before running the wizard. Seems when the table is not opened, we do not have any issue.

Is it something we can do in order not to have this button showing up if the table is opened?


Thank you,
Bruno Martin


Connect-It Add parent contract on adding contractsOpen in a New Window

Dear Experts, 


We have a connect-it scenario that pushes contracts (insert and update) to asset manager:

2017-03-22 13_40_58-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png


It raises an error of duplicates, but we are using different names:

2017-03-22 13_42_52-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png


Both elements exists:

2017-03-22 13_44_18-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png


Other information is updated, but parent no. In Connect-Scenario we have defined reconciliation behaviour for that field:




An idea what we are missing?


Thanks in advance, Miquel



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