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UCMDB -> AM Business Services Releations Push random errorsOpen in a New Window

Hi All

I have a problem on my pushing job expecially on pushing the Relations. All the elements are correctly inserted/updated but the for the relations I have random errors like this:

Failed pushing to Asset Manager:
com.hp.ucmdb.adapters.ampush.exception.AMPushDataException: Failed executing AQL: UPDATE amAsset SET lAstId = '951432' WHERE lAstId = 951432 ... 42 more
Caused by: com.peregrine.ac.AmException: Error (12.001): No es posible modificar un registro aún no insertado.
Operación no válida en el estado actual.

The number of errors vary from execution to execution sometime the error is not present but after different execution the error appear, the data is still the same and all the elements involved in the relations are already present. I just modified the ootb TQL of the Business Services filtering on the elements type and relations I need and the reconciliation rule is ootb.The UCMDB version is 10.20 CP 15

Any idea?

Thanks in advance


Connect-it : collection to collection mapping email with attachments to create interactionOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I need to create interactions from email via connect-it. If the email has more then 1 attachments, the mapping creates one document per attachment - which creates as many interactions in Service Manager. 

In th user guide of connect it is explain that I need a collection to collection mapping for the attachments which can be gotten by holding shift during mouse drop. 

For it seems not to work.

Does any one of you solved this, if yes how?

Connect-it 9.70

Service Manager 9.34P4 with process designer

Kind regards



Error while integration of SOAP and AMOpen in a New Window

Hi team,

while integration SAP and AM using SOAP and Asset center recieving an error. PFA screenshot and the scenario used for the integration, we are unable to push collection items. pls share the mapping file if anyone has done this integration





Integration between SAP and AM using SoapOpen in a New Window

please let us know if anyone has done the integration between SAP and AM using SOAP connector,please share the mapping screenshot how PO orders are pushed in HPAM when collection mapping is invovled.


Asset Manager Export Tool: Software Entitlement MigrationOpen in a New Window


I have a broken 9.5x installation I am working with that I absolutely do not want to upgrade to 9.62.

However, I do not want to manually enter all of my software entitlements in the 9.5x system into the 9.62 system.

What exact tables do I need to export using the AM Export Tool to accomplish this?

Any ideas?

I am specifically interested in Oracle contracts, entitlements, etc. ONLY, if that makes it any easier.



financial mpduleOpen in a New Window

Please let us know the steps invovled in order to achieve below points.

  • Service Charge Back to Customer (E-mail Service, Core Banking etc.)
  • Depreciation Calculation for Fixed Assets
  • Identify End of Support Products


Asset Manager Web Client is not workingOpen in a New Window

Hi All ,

I am unable to get the web page of HPAM. I restarted the tomcat service.

Can anyone please help.

PFA the screen shot


Connect-It 9.60 is not a valid integer (32-bit)Open in a New Window

Hi, i don't know put this issue, I'm using  Connect-It 9.60 on a  x86_64 GNU/Linux, and i'm facing this error and Connectit doesn't work:

[Thrd#:-134650160](-2010) Value '4133727504' is not a valid integer (32-bit)

Any ideas?



Asset Manager (All current version) Programmer referenceOpen in a New Window

Hi all,
Someone knows what is the difference between AmStartTransactionWithUR() and AmStartTransaction() ?

Unfortunately the AmStartTransactionWithUR() function is not documented.

Thanks in advance.



Ignoring a value when pulling dataOpen in a New Window

Dear Admins,


I have a requirement to pull employee ID data from HRMS to SM. I had created a scenario and the data is coming to SM. But i am not getting the data as i expected. For example if the value in HRMS is 20000 and the same value in SM its coming as 20,000 I mean with an additional " , " Comma. As a result I am unable to serach using that field. Can you guide me how to remove the comma when pulling data from HRMS.



Connect It - e-mail fetching connector issueOpen in a New Window

I am using Connect-It 9.53, windows server 2008 R2

There is an issue with e-email(fetching) connector. It throws follwing error when there are letters other than english.

The code page 'windows-1256' received is not supported. 

Have installed arabic language pack and installed on windows but issue remains same. 

Any idea, how to fix this issue?


ConnectIt to AM encrypting file--> FTP--> decrypting fileOpen in a New Window

Hello Gurus and a special Holiday Greetings to everyone :) Our client wants us to go to a supplier's website to retrieve file(s). The original solution is for the supplier to zip the file, we SFTP to a local site and  the scenario runs for inport into AM. If I recall correctly, CIT has a encrypt/decrypt API that we could use to - encrypt a file, SFTP back to local server, decrypt it and run import scenario into AM. I know it sounds convoluted and there might be something lost in requirements exchange. But just to check my sanity, is there a way that Connect It can do this? 




Email to the Delegated ApproverOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

There is an requirement to send emails to the present delegated approver.

Scenairo: We have workflow for the request to renew the contract, Requester will raise request and it will go for the approval.

Requirement: If the Approver(workflow assignee) has delegated to any employee, therefore the Approval email should also ve send to the delegated person. (It should be the latest delegation)

Presently email is configured to send to Assignee(Approval), I thought if Delegation is active it will automatically send to the delegation as well but it didn't. 

Plz help to achive this.

Refer the screenshots. SS1 - workflow activity which shows the notification name.

SS2 - show the details of the email action. 

R's headtsrong


HPAM Web Service using JavaOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone 

I wanted to create a RESTFUL Web Service for Asset Manager 9.60 using Java (Jersy framework) and should be able to use Asset Manager function such as amDBGetLong using AM API. 

Can anyone help me in this. 


Thanks in Advance



Adding ticket approval/denial in email notificationsOpen in a New Window

Hello experts, 

Is there anyway to add into email notifications a way for managers to aprove or deny requests right there in the email notifications? 



Create schedule table in Asset Manager to handle schedule date of patchOpen in a New Window

Pls let me know how to do  below tasks

  • Create schedule table in Asset Manager to handle schedule date of patch


Condition to filter consumed recordsOpen in a New Window


i have an integration scenario, where i want to pull records from HPSM and update a web service in a CRM software.

i need to add a condition to the scenario to fetch only the resolved interactions and the ones that have a crm id value.


i need help on how and where to do it ?



Change Automatic Location in PortfolioOpen in a New Window

Hi, I have a problem when I change the Asseigment and update users sometimes change the location, the new location is a location´s user but sometimes the location not change

Do you know why the location sometimes not change?



Flash Memory CategoryOpen in a New Window

Please let me know if someone wants to maintain Flash memory as an Asset then under which category model should be created i.e. Nature of the model. What shuld be the nature type of the model?


Getting this error: A CXmlApiException was raised in native code : error 4 : scxmlapi(4) - Missing oOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

I can't get pass an issue and I'm wondering if I can get some insights from the experts.
I am trying to get the contact information calling the WSDL "http://<server>:13080/SM/7/Contact.wsdl"

The document type is submitting the information below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The error is constantly returning:

"Cause by org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: A CXmlApiException was raised in native code : error 4 : scxmlapi(4) - Missing or invalid XML document"

If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

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