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import of duplicate models in HP Asset manager using Connect it and TXT file connectorOpen in a New Window

Dear Team,

We are trying to import duplicate entries of model for eg below two records from text tile. Please sahre the mapping if anyone has done this in Connect-IT as HPAM dont take duplicate model names if full name is same.

We found out work around to import it in another category Like full name a/b/c/d/powerreg and secondone as a/b/c/d/e/powerreg

name           company

PowerReg     Leader Technologies/Logitech

PowerReg     Lenovo

PowerRegister    Aviata


How to use VBA to connect to HP Asset manager 9.40?Open in a New Window

I am trying to add the dll in "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Asset Manager 9.41 en\bin" to the references , But i am receiving "Cannot add referrence to the specified file".

Visual Basic used is Version 7.1


Modify button showing on Portfolio table following execution of a wizardOpen in a New Window

Hello Everyone,


We all know that when assigning a portfolio to an user, because of the agent working on the portfolio table, the portfolio will take the assignee's location by default.

To bypass this, in our wizard, we are forcing the location of the portfolio to something else than the assignee's location (in purple in the script below)

{ Finish FINISH
{ Chain =
if {Summary.chkRestart} = 1 Then
RetVal = "WizAvaiDeli"
RetVal = ""
End if
{ Condition =
if {Summary.ChkConfirm} = 1 then
Retval = 1
Retval = 0
End If
{ Do =
' ** Create a New Record

' ** Declare Variable

Dim lErr as long
Dim hRecord as Long
Dim iPortfolioCount as Integer
Dim iMax as Long
Dim AssetId as Long
Dim PortfolioId as Long
Dim lStockId as Long
Dim i as Integer
Dim vbNl as String
Dim Comment as String
Dim lProjectId as Long
vbNl = Chr(13) & Chr(10)

lErr = AmStartTransaction()

iPortfolioCount = {Summary.Information.VALUES.Count()}
iMax = iPortfolioCount

For i = 1 To iPortfolioCount
lErr = AmProgress((100 * i ) / iMax)

' ** Update a Portfolio

hRecord = AmGetRecordFromMainId("amPortfolio", {Summary.Information.VALUES(i,0)} )

If hRecord <> 0 then
PortfolioId = AmGetRecordID ( hRecord )

lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "seAssignment", 0 )
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgStatus_INUSE", "DELIVERED/AVAILABLE" )
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lNCfgTechRespLinkId", {PgPortfolio.linkTechResp})
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lNCfgBusRespLinkId", {PgPortfolio.linkBusResp})
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lUserId", {PgPortfolio.linkUser})
'lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lLocaId", {PgPortfolio.linkAssetLocation})

If {PgPortFolio.chkOptional} = 1 Then
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lNCfgOwnerLinkId", {PgOptional.linkOwner})
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lCostId", {PgOptional.linkCostcenter})
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lNCfgResolGroupLinkId", {PgOptional.linkGroup})
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgCustom1", {PgOptional.txCustom1})
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgCustom2", {PgOptional.txCustom2})
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgLegacyModel", {PgOptional.txLegacyModel})

If {PgOptional.Comment} <> "" then
Comment = AmDBGetString ( "SELECT comment.memcomment FROM AmPortfolio Where lPortfolioItemId =" & {PARAMS.lPortfolioItemId} )
Comment = Comment & vbNl & "Comment added at " & AmDate () & " by " & AmLoginName () & vbNl & vbNl
Comment = Comment & {PgOptional.Comment}
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "Comment.memComment" , Comment )
End if
End if

lErr = AmUpdateRecord(hRecord)
lErr = AmReleaseHandle(hRecord)
lErr = AmCommit()

' ** Forcing the location taken from the wizard - 2017/03/23

lErr = amStartTransAction ()
hRecord = AmGetRecordFromMainId("amPortfolio", PortfolioId )
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lLocaId", {PgPortfolio.linkAssetLocation})
lErr = AmUpdateRecord(hRecord)
lErr = AmReleaseHandle(hRecord)
lErr = AmCommit()

' ** Update a Asset

AssetId = AmDBGetLong ( "Select lAstId From AmPortfolio where lPortfolioItemId = " & PortfolioId )

lErr = amStartTransAction ()
hRecord = AmGetrecordFromMainID ("AmAsset" , AssetId )
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgEnv", {PgPortfolio.txEnvironment})
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "NCfgCriticality", {PgPortfolio.txCriticality})
If {PgPortFolio.chkOptional} = 1 Then
lErr = AmSetFieldDateValue ( hRecord , "dSchedRetire" , {PgOptional.dtRetirementDate} )
lErr = AmSetFieldStrValue ( hRecord , "MaintCond", {PgOptional.txContractType})
End If
lErr = AmUpdateRecord ( hRecord )
lErr = AmReleaseHandle ( hRecord )
lErr = AmCommit()

End If

' ** Create Project and link with Asset

If {PgOptional.linkProject} <> "" and {PgOptional.linkProject} <> {PgOptional.linkProject.lProjectId} and {PgPortFolio.chkOptional} = 1 then
lErr = amStartTransAction ()
hRecord = AmCreateRecord ("amAstProjDesc")
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lProjId" , {PgOptional.linkProject} )
lErr = AmSetFieldLongValue ( hRecord , "lAstId" , AssetId )
lErr = AmInsertRecord ( hRecord )
lErr = AmReleaseHandle ( hRecord )
lErr = AmCommit ()
End if

Next i


At the end of the wizard, all modifications have been taken into account into Portfolio table (location is correctly set to the one set into the wizard) but we have the 'Modify' button displayed on the Portfolio screen

Additional information, the table was opened before running the wizard. Seems when the table is not opened, we do not have any issue.

Is it something we can do in order not to have this button showing up if the table is opened?


Thank you,
Bruno Martin


Connect-It Add parent contract on adding contractsOpen in a New Window

Dear Experts, 


We have a connect-it scenario that pushes contracts (insert and update) to asset manager:

2017-03-22 13_40_58-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png


It raises an error of duplicates, but we are using different names:

2017-03-22 13_42_52-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png


Both elements exists:

2017-03-22 13_44_18-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png


Other information is updated, but parent no. In Connect-Scenario we have defined reconciliation behaviour for that field:




An idea what we are missing?


Thanks in advance, Miquel




Best contract type for a services contractOpen in a New Window

Dear Asset Manager Experts, 

We are loading contracts on Asset Manager, serices contracts (like build a house or develop an application) are making us having hight doubts which classification should have:

2017-03-21 11_34_44-am - [Contracts_ Detail of contract 'C001006 (Enterprise Agree - __Remota.png

Any kind of comments are welcome. For example we have a professional services that has 3 things:

  1. Contract for developing a solution
  2. Licenses from that solution (oracle, windows, ..)
  3. Support contract (24x7 support)

We understand is a master contract (for example license type contract) with 2 attached contracts (the first and third contracts). Is correct?

Thanks, Miquel




[Connect-IT] Poor Performance When Scanning MAPI InboxOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

We have a scenario which connects to MAPI and scans a folder for unread items (which then get processed into SM9 records). Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to scan the folder (500+ items taking almost 2 minutes to complete). Is there a way to speed this up? I have a support case open but I am open to hearing opinions here also. Ideally we'd like to tell Connect-IT to not scan all items, and only query Exchange for "unread" items.

To be more clear, the scenario already has the 'only unread items' checkbox ticked, however performance still seems to be affected by the amount of items in the folder, regardless of the number of unread items.



Demo install differencesOpen in a New Window

I initially installed Asset Manager v9.60 using the FullDemo install option.  When I open the client I see 8 different modules available (Asset lifecycle, Budget, Organization management, chargeback, Portfolio management, Administration, Depreciation, and Currencies.

After finding the limitations of the SQL Express (localDB), I went back and installed on a second test system using the Complete install option into an existing SQL Server 2012 instance.  After attaching the demo database., however now when I open the client, I only see 4 modules (Asset lifecycle, Organization management, Portfolio management, and Administration.

I am new to Asset Manager so I am still learning.  How do I get the other 4 modules to appear on my complete install.



QC workflow email from manual test including RunSteps, Actual result and status.Open in a New Window


I have been able to force an email send from workflow when the manual test status changes to "Failed"

However,  additionally to Run Steps, I also need "Actual result" , "Status" and "Attachments".

From the TDMAIL_FLAGS Enumeration, I see no avilable number for "Actual result" , "Status" or  "Attachments".

This is my code

If TestSetTest_Fields("TC_STATUS").Value= "Failed" then
'msgbox "Time for email"
testFolderID = TestSet_Fields.Field("CY_FOLDER_ID").Value
' msgbox testFolderID

Select case testFolderID
case "End to End Testing"
'email = "myemailhere"
case "Testing Test Set"
email = "myemailhere"
case "Booking Tests - Manual"
email = "myemailhere"

End Select

Dim mytest,myTestFact,subject, mailbody, email
set myTestFact = TDConnection.TestFactory
set mytest = myTestFact.Item(TestSetTest_Fields("TC_TEST_ID").Value)
subject = "Status of test: " & TestSetTest_Fields("TC_TEST_ID").Value & " is Failed"
mailbody = 8+32768+4096+1+8192+256   //current flags that work for me but do not include "Actual result" , "Status" or  "Attachments".
mytest.mail email,,mailbody,subject,""
msgbox "Email sent to " & email
end if


Any ideas. 

Thanks in advance.



Core difference between amAsset and amPortfolioOpen in a New Window

Dear Experts, 

We would like to understand which is the core difference between an Asset and a Portfolio item.


Could exist one without the other?


Couple of examples of both?


Thanks a lot, Miquel


error while importing error softwares using COnnect-itOpen in a New Window

Hi team,

please help as i am trying to import software's using csv file in HPAM but its not happening.


DataType issue in Excel Source Connector of HP Connect-ITOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

For one of the connect-IT scenarios i am having, has a source connector as excel. In that excel i ahve one of the field holding the lengthy string which is concatenation of multiple fields in the same excel. Ideally when i map this excel as source in HP Connect-IT that respective field should be having the Long Text as the data type but it is showing as Unicode Text and due which the data in the destination is getting trimmed only limited text is coming at destination.

How to handle this?




how to run the connect-it (.scn) file through cmd when source is excel connectorOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I have connect-IT scenario created with source as excel file which is getting data from one of the SharePoint tables.

It means the excel file(source) is configured to auto update the data from SharePoint to excel file every time the excel is opened.

Here my requirement is to automate this process, need help in sheduling the scenario to run every 12 hrs by considering the fresh copy excel file as source every time it is running.

Please can any one suggest my requirement to meet?




How to add contracts typeOpen in a New Window

Dear Experts, 


Customer want to add contract types. I see is an itemized list:

2017-03-07 17_17_26-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png

Other list's like contract status

2017-03-07 17_20_49-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png

i see it has a format that I can add

2017-03-07 17_21_02-am - [Itemized lists_ Detail of itemized list 'amCntrStatus'] - __Remota.png

But for previous one, I can't find a way to add an element to the list:

2017-03-07 17_23_44-.png

Any comment and suggestion is welcomed.


Thanks, Miquel


Scripts to export and import the database structure?Open in a New Window

Hi Mark,


Do we have any command line script to export the database structure and import the database structure?.  If so, Could you please provide me the syntax of those commands?. Thanks for your help on this?.





Insecure HTTP Methods Enabled (Medium)Open in a New Window

Insecure HTTP Methods Enabled (Medium) – Open. It can be disabled on web server. Please disable HTTP methods like OPTIONS, TRACE, PUT, COPY, MOVE, PATCH, CONNECT, LOCK, UNLOCK, UPDATE, SEARCH.


How we can fix above vunerability issue in HPAM, please help


import of softwares using CSVOpen in a New Window

has anyone done the software import using CSV and Connect it in HPAM. We need to import software like MS OFfice in AM using CSV and integration between COnnect and AM is done, pleaes share the scenario.


IS it possible if yes then what are the challenges after such import?


Massive alarm update on contractsOpen in a New Window

 Dear Experts, 

We want to change many contracts alarm on expiration at once (perhaps more than 200 contracts) and we would like to know if someone has a way to do a massive update.2017-03-02 11_39_00-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png



We can change the date to the same date:

2017-03-02 10_46_16-dev - - Conexión a Escritorio remoto - __Remota.png

But as you can see it remains gray the "alarm" symbol, and we couldn't set it massively as we desire:



All comments and questions are welcome. 


Thanks in advance for reading it, Miquel


Add overflow table to nature for existing assetOpen in a New Window

We have a requirement to add amcomputer as overflow table for few of the natures . There are lot of assets already created in these natures . We need to add the overflow table without modifying or loosing the information of the existing assets (like the creation date , history , modified date ) .

Could someone provide the steps to add the overflow table to natures without loosing the data of the existing assets . detailed step would really help . Thanks


HP Asset Manger demo installationOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


Do we have any documentation for installation of HP Asset manager demo version and also the system requirements documentation?. If so, Could you please share it to me, so that I will try to set it up in my local machine?.




LDAP authetication with AM AcceptSecurityContext error, data 52e, v1db1Open in a New Window

Dear team,


While integrating AM and LDAP we are recieivng below error please help


2017/03/01 20:30:6.000 0 1 [Thrd#:8060](0) 80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C0903A8, comment: AcceptSecurityContext error, data 52e, v1db1
2017/03/01 20:30:6.000 0 1 [Thrd#:8060](0) (LDAP API) Invalid credentials
2017/03/01 20:30:6.000 0 1 [Thrd#:8060](0) The user name or password is incorrect

017/03/01 20:27:51.826 3 32 [Thrd#:8060]Bind Param(1) = 'LdapAuthentication'
2017/03/01 20:27:51.826 3 32 [Thrd#:8060]Bind Param(2) = 'UseLdapOrAM'
2017/03/01 20:27:51.826 3 32 [Thrd#:8060]Bind Param(3) = 0
2017/03/01 20:27:51.826 2 128 [Thrd#:8060]VSelect: 0.000s
2017/03/01 20:27:51.826 0 1 [Thrd#:8060](-2000) The user name or password is incorrect
2017/03/01 20:27:51.826 0 32 [Thrd#:8060]Begin Transaction
2017/03/01 20:27:51.826 1 64 [Thrd#:8060]Switching Isolation level to: committed
2017/03/01 20:27:51.826 1 32 [Thrd#:8060]Sql Direct execution

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