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HPE Software Products: IT Asset Manager / Connect-IT Support and News Forum
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clusters in HP Asset Manager 9.50Open in a New Window


What are the best pratices using clusters in asset manager 9.50? Thanks


HP Asset Manager 9.50Open in a New Window


What are the best pratices using clusters in asset manager 9.50? Thanks


Error while implementing one way SSLOpen in a New Window

Hi experts,

I get below error while installing the one way ssl.I've signed certificate and added certificate to keystore.
Alias name tomcat does not identify a key entry

Please suggest




Mapping ScriptOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

         I need to have a text file which has got only the information of the Assets (Say AssetTag , Serial Number and Model) in amAsset table which are recently disposed (say a week ago).  I used  Connect It to pull in the data from Asset Manager to a text file using Delimited text connector. To have only the recently disposed entries, What am I supposed to enter in the Mapping Script?




Incorrect database description versionOpen in a New Window

We've recently upgraded Asset Manager from version 9.5 to 9.6. When I try to launch Asset Manager on the new version I get the message

Incorrect database description version (260 instead of 270).

Error reading database description.\nVerify your database with your administration tool.

Version 9.5 still works fine but I cant get 9.6 connected how do I update the database description?


Retire an asset from a contractOpen in a New Window

How can i say in asset manager to retire an asset from a contract?

I can say "add this asset to a contract" by a PR, and to retire?


New Purchase Request - 1 new contract anda different assetsOpen in a New Window


How can i implement a PR that generates a new contract and different assets to stay in that contract? Thanks in advance.


Attachment handling from HPESM with CITOpen in a New Window

Hi - when adding an attachment to eventout if size is larger than 0,5 MB it looks like, I get an error in CIT when viewing the data: 

Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream

Further on - this is the log file from HPESM: 

3040( 4952) 10/17/2016 13:07:01 RTE E Error calling method: uncompressToFile in class: com/hp/ov/sm/server/utility/ZLibUtility
3040( 4952) 10/17/2016 13:07:01 RTE W SCMemStream::Uncompress: Error occurred during call uncompressToFileZLib,error: Error calling method: uncompressToFile in class: com/hp/ov/sm/server/utility/ZLibUtility
3040( 4952) 10/17/2016 13:07:01 RTE W Error uncompressing file stream data - not compressed
3040( 4952) 10/17/2016 13:07:01 RTE E Incorrect buffer size. Buffer size was: 0

Anyone seen this - now the attachments are without content when they are sent by email. 

If lower than 0,5 mb the attachments are sent ant with content - could it be the segment size in HPESM? 
Because I have tried changing this with no effect. 


BR Ivis. 




Unable to Connect to this database engine ErrorOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,


I am getting folllowing error on HP Asset Manager thick client:

// Application: HP Asset Manager

// Executable:  D:\program32\AssetManager_9_5\bin\am.ovl

 Module 'Ssl' : Unable to load dynamic library (libeay32-10.dll)'

(-52) Unable to initialize SSL library.

(16384) Internal error in the encryption library. Module 'AES', Function 'Decrypt', Code ''.

(16384) Unable to connect to this database engine.


This error is  not occured when AM got access from server where AM installed. We are using Asset Manager client from Citrix and getting error sometimes. Kindly let me know what could be the issue? All DDLs are present and path is well to set to bin folder.



Urgent- Document tab un-editableOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

There is a requirement that User should no be able to attached or detach the attachments based on certain condition. Kindly help to acheive the same.

AM version: 9.41


R's headstrong


Need assistance on Error Agent 'CProcurementCompoAgent' returned error : '-2010'Open in a New Window

Hi Friends,

I am getting the below error, while loading data from text file to amPordLine table through Connect-IT scenario at DB level for one record.

2016/10/12 14:32:13.000 0 1 (0) 'AssetCenter/Asset Manager' API error: 'You cannot add or remove lines after the preparatory step.\nAgent 'CProcurementCompoAgent' returned error : '-2010'\nAn integrity was not correctly applied (no additional information available).\nInvalid value'

I am didn't find any difference between the input which is throwing the above error & another input which is not throwing the error and loaded into DB successfully.

Can anyone please let me know, why I am getting this error and how can I resolve the same?

Let me know if you need any additional information.

With Regards,



Readonly the Sub ScreenOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

We have a requirement that we need to make the sub screens readonly for certain conditions in Webclient.

Ex. In the request screen we have Documents and composition tab, therefore we want that for some condition like Status, we can control the Add/Delete buttons of the sub screen in Web client

refere the screenshots.

AM version: 9.41 

Build 11114

R's headstrong


7 queries in HPAMOpen in a New Window

hi team,


I have few queries in HPAM please find atached document where quereis are mentioned , i have seggerated all the queries.


Please help.


1)      Plesae let me  know How we can Assing Asset To a Group of members as we do in HPSM a ticket to a group of members, we don’t need one by one selecting users if it’s a shared portfolio item. We want to assign to a Group. Is this requirement feasible.



2)      We want to configure one Field User field as mandatory as well Irrelevance. Both are not working together.


Mandatory and Irrelevance - Hewlett Packard Enterprise ...

I have user field where I want when Status of an Asset is In Use then USEr field should become mandatory. And when status is not equal to In use then this field ...






3)       We want to Integrate SAP webservce using Connect IT with HPAm to get the PO from SAP. Please share any relevant doc or any case study for this integration. While consuming web services Produce button is disabled in Connect IT. Please help.


SAP integration with HPAM consuming webservices of ...

Hi team, We are trying to send PO from SAP in HPAM so we are using SAP webservices connector. but while consuming it we can see different different tables on SAP



4) Suppose I install AM windows client on 10 machines/Desktop/Laptops then do I need to configure messaging services (SMTP related settings) on those 10 end user machines as well.





5) Can we Create Array Field in Asset manage 9.50 Version or not?  




script for field mappingOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I have created a new table let's say tab1. I have few fields created in it. For one of fields say field1 i want to get the field lvalue1 from amAsset table.i have not created any links for that.

my question is

1. if i create a calculated field and assign the value for the field field1 with asset.lvalue1 it's not working.

2. how to assign the value for the fields to autopopulate data in field1 to contain values of lvalue1.

Thanks & Regards




AM Acton to export dataOpen in a New Window

Has anyone ever written an action in AM to export the data from a view into an excel file automatically? If so could I have a copy of the script please.


filter records on periodical basisOpen in a New Window

I have one more query where we need to filter records on time basis i.e between 1st September and 30th September(or any other time period) how many Assets Location is modified so I configured below query. I need to add same in the Wizard, can we do that?



((PortfolioItem*.History*.dtLastModif >= #2016-10-04 12:46:56#) AND (PortfolioItem*.History*.dtLastModif <= #2016-10-05 12:46:56#)) AND (PortfolioItem*.History*.Field = 'Location')





AM Query FilterOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I am trying to create a filter in amPortfolio table for Assignment field in which user can select the check box to filter the portfolio items based on the assigment.

Below is the query :

(AqlDecode(AmDbVal(amPortfolio_FilterbyStatus0:bCreatedOnTheFly, 'View In Use', 0), 0, 0, seAssignment= 0)) OR (AqlDecode(AmDbVal(amPortfolio_FilterbyStatus1:bCreatedOnTheFly, 'View In Stock', 0), 0, 0, seAssignment) = 0)) OR (AqlDecode(AmDbVal(amPortfolio_FilterbyStatus2:bCreatedOnTheFly, 'View Retired', 0), 0, 0, seAssignment) = 2)) OR (AqlDecode(AmDbVal(amPortfolio_FilterbyStatus3:bCreatedOnTheFly, 'View Awaiting receipt', 0), 0, 0, seAssignment) = 3)

Its not working.

Plz help.

R's headstrong


MESSAGINGOpen in a New Window

 Suppose I install AM windows client on 10 machines/Desktop/Laptops then do I need to configure messaging services (SMTP related settings) on those 10 end user machines as well so  that whenever any messaging related action is triggered from that machines it works fine.


How to display 'Installation' and 'Utilization' in export query result for seType = 0, 1Open in a New Window

Hi Friends,

I just want to display text 'Installation' and 'Utilization' in export query result in place of seType = 0, 1 respectively whenever I extract data from amSoftInstall table.

Can anyone plz help me, what changes I need to apply in export tool query?

Thanks in Advance.




how to import data from sharepoint to sqldb of array fieldsOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I have source as sharepoint list and destination as sqldb.

my requirement is push the data from sahrepoint to sqldb through connecti it.

I have two problems and need solution.

1. How to auto refresh the my msaccess db file which is linked to sharepoint and acting as source connector?

2. I have records in my in sharepoint as follows.

Column1 Column2 Column3
A123 abc abc123
A123 xyz xyz345
A123 pqr pqr485

And i have the fields in my destination as dbfield1, dbfield2, dbfield3......

Here dbfield2, dbfield3 are array type fields in sqldb and dbfield1 is primary key.

Any now my requirement is to map the data as

Column1 <-> dbfield1

Column2 <-> dbfield2

Column3 <-> dbfield3

As i said here dbfield2 and dbfield3 are array fields once i map the data as mentioned above 3 rows of data from source should be moving to destination sqldb with only 1 row as dbfield1 is primary key.

But i ahve a challenge in acheiving this, please can any one help on my requirement who is familier with connect-it as i am new to this.

Thanks in advance.



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