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Error while opening business component and other BPT assets in UFTOpen in a New Window

I get some exception while try to open BPT assets (components, Application area, Library etc.) in UFT 12.53. Anyone can help me to understand what's wrong here. 

Screenshot attached.



HP MC Connects and works great with my Android and iOS device, but comes up with Empty ScreenOpen in a New Window


I have MC 2.2 and a Connector installed. The Connector has a Samsung s7 Edge installed/connected. When launching the MC Web app using MC on the s7 Edge it connects and it displayes the emulator screen but it it is empty. It doesn't display the UI of the Android Phone. I can click the home button and the s7 Edge reacts to it. I can click other buttons and select things and it all works and records and replays. But the display on the emulator is just white. It is tuff to record a script in UFT or TruClient when u cannot see the Android UI on the Emultor screen. Does anybody have an idea what I need to do to get the screen to work ? It is getting frustrated. I connected it directly to the server too and used the connector there to see if there is some port stuff or something else going on, but same effect. Any help is appreciated.


HP Mobile Center  2.2

LoadRunner 12.53 Patch4

UFT 14 with HP Autopass

Thanks in advance



Android Monthly Security Updates - MC Remove ViewOpen in a New Window


Lately we have some customers complains on “Remote View white screen” on Android 6.x and 7.x – the devices are connected to MC successfully, but remote view is not working there. It was primarily reported on Samsung devices (S7, S8). Our validation shows that it is related to the Android Monthly Security Patch (for March and April 17).

So, wanted to provide you some context here:

-          Google issue monthly security bulletins (https://source.android.com/security/bulletin/) with list of discovered vulnerabilities and also rolling code changes to the “core” Android OS.

-          Device manufacturers (LG, Motorola, Samsung, etc.) are including those changes and rolling Monthly Security Updates for their devices on their own (the ROM of Android OS is modified by those manufacturers, so they are not consuming Google changes “as is”).

-          Monthly Security Updates are rolled independently by manufacturers, as well as for different cellular providers / unlocked phones.  For instance, Samsung issue Monthly Security Update OTA (Over the air) for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verison but not for others.

-          This cause the situation in which specific devices are getting those security updates, while others – no. This is the “fragmentation” issue of Android market and we need to deal with that

So, while talking about Android devices, please take into account not only OS version and Manufacturer, but also cellular provider (or unlocked) and Security Patch installed.


R&D currently preparing a patch for MC 2.2 and 2.01p1 and it will be available on ADM Marketplace soon (early next week). However, we still will need to get the confirmation from the customers that it is solves the issue (they maybe some specific devices and cellular providers that will still have some issues after applying the patch, we cannot cover them all).



Mobile Center 2.20 and UFT 12.54 - Possible?Open in a New Window

I'm working with Mobile Center 2.01 p1 and UFT 12.54 but some apks were not working (find them hard to automate mostly for object recognition). I did a little test signing them with ApkInfuser but when I upload them to MC 2.01 p1 I received the following warning: "The application cant be uploaded because it was packaged using an incorrect version of MC Enabler. Contact your administrator. Error code: 2803.".

I tested the uploading with the new version of MC (2.20) and I suceeded in upload the signed apks. I even got the chance to work with them with UFT 14, but the thing is that i need to work with them in UFT 12.54.

In the HPE marketplace there is a download called "MC-22-UFT1254" (https://marketplace.saas.hpe.com/appdelivery/content/mc-22-uft1254) with the description "Mobile Center 2.2 supports UFT 14.00 by default.In order to provide support for UFT 12.54, an extra adaptation procedure required. The attached files are required for implementation of this solution.". How can i use it? using these files with ApkInfuser, is it possible to sign an apk so it can work with UFT 12.54?

If you need more details please let me know




accessibilityid is returning null and no other property holds the text I need from the Objects.Open in a New Window

I am not able to fetch the text/value from "accessibilityid " property from the objects type "MobileButton" and "MobileObject". These are giving me null values and that's the only property that holds the exepected value. What is the way to get the value out of the "accessibilityid" property or any other way of getting the respected value.

HPMC: 2.0

UFT: 12.53

Below are the proprties and values:

Class Name:=MobileButton, accessibilityid:=TaaS1 Manager OWA Test Subject-1742017131959 3:50a OWA Test Message-1742017131959, bottom:=448, class:=Button, container:=, hint:=, ischeckable:=False, ischecked:=False, isclickable:=True, isenabled:=True, isfocusable:=True, isfocused:=False, left:=0, mcindex:=8, nativeclass:=android\.widget\.Button, resourceid:=, right:=540, text:=, top:=328


Parallel run in HPMCOpen in a New Window

is it possible to do parallel run in UFT using HP mobile center?


MC Agent is not being deployed in IphoneOpen in a New Window

Hi guys!

I'm trying install MC Agent in my Iphone SE with IOs 10.2.1. Previously, I got install it, and deploy it, but now I get it but the application is not opened.

When I plug my Iphone and MC Agent is installed, This is not being deployed, and I get the following error : "Agent is not in front". When I try open the MC Agent manually, the application is closed.

Could you help me please?


Tomás García.


Cannot recognize Object in Chrome Native BrowserOpen in a New Window


I'm trying record an application in Chrome native browser, but I only get a "Device" object in any case. I don't get either Browser.Page.... or Device.App.... 

Could you help me?



Mobile Center on VMware ESXOpen in a New Window

I have a customer that has purchased and implemented Mobile Center on-premise but needs to move it to a VMware ESX virtual server or risk having the project de-funded.  Unfortunately, the documentation on HPE official support for Mobile Center virtualization is too thin for them and will not satisfy internal audits.  They are looking for a document that clearly states that HPE will support Mobile Center in that specific configuration.  Any help or experience in this area would be greatly appreciated.  Below is the only documentation that I could find on this. 

 "The Mobile Center server can also be run on a virtual machine. Hosted virtualization hypervisors are supported. Mobile Center has been certified with:
• VMWare Workstation 10.0.3. and 11.1.2
•Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2. Certified for server installation only. Devices should not be connected directly to the Hyper-V machine, but should be connected using a connector on a different (non-Hyper-V) machine. " 

this is from:



Hp mobile center authentication issueOpen in a New Window

I have succesfully installed the trial version of HP mobile center in my local machine but could not logoin . It says the username or password incorrect. PLease help me with the authentication issue what credentials to be given.


HPE Sprinter: A Run session cannot be startedOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

I am getting this error "Failed to lock the mobile device" when I am trying to to connect Mobile Center Server using Sprinter.

Please help me.


Failed connecting to mobile server through Sprinter.Open in a New Window

Timeout occurred , unable to complete an operation (checking connection to HPE Mobile Center ) within the allotted time (90 second).

Please help me on this error.



Mobile Center AWS DeviceFarm Integration - Error Code 2036Open in a New Window


I am trying to solve this almost for one whole week. I would really appreciate any kind of help :-).

I am using HPE Mobile Center, HPE UFT and AWS DeviceFarm to test apps.

To build my infrastructure I followed the official tutorials which can be found here: http://mobilecenter.hpe.com/Content/AWS%20installation.htm

My IP-Adress of HPE MC is whitelisted and it can connect to AWS DeviceFarm. 

All of my tests work perfectly without AWS DeviceFarm. However, If I follow the tutorial to run a test on one of the emulated devices on AWS DeviceFarm, I receive the error code 2036. The odd thing is, that the connection between UFT -> MC -> AWS DeviceFarm works, but right before the test is started, I receive that error.

I attached a screenshot of that error this post.

What does that error code 2036 mean?

Thank you!! 

Best Regards,



HPMC service start failedOpen in a New Window

1. Install HPMC on an Amazon EC2 t2.large with file MC220_Linux_Server.iso by sudo command

2. At the end of installation, the installation console shows 

Congratulations! The HPE Mobile Center Server has been successfully installed
in the following location:
Do you want to start the service [Y/n] (Default: Y): Y

Start Mobile Center Server service
Wait for service to be up.............Service running !

Server is up and running !

Configuration completed

The modification of the configuration of HPE Mobile Center Server has been
completed with success.



Try to connect the MC server by the DNS:8080, browser shows

can't establish a connection

Then use "netstat -an |grep LISTEN", NONE 8080 port is found. Only PGSQL.5432 is there.

Clear all the files and folders under /tmp, use "sudo service hpmc restart"

Stopping HPMC Server
HPMC Server Stopped
Starting HPMC Server:
http_code: 000
ERROR: Failed to start Server.

Use "sudo service hpmc start" has the same result.


1. AWS EC2 security group (port 22, 8080, 8081, 5432, 8443, 3000 are open) and IAM role - ADF- are correctly set.

2. Installation log and server log files attached on goolge drive.


3. Empty /tmp folder - done.

4. Tried change port from 8080 to 3000, same error result.


Any guidance or help? Really apprieciate. 



Blog: New Release - Mobile Center 2.2 and Four Reasons to Get Excited about Mobile Testing!Open in a New Window

We are pleased to announce the release of Mobile Center 2.2 this week.. Ease of use and flexibility are the core themes for this release. From developers to test automation engineers, mobile administrators and business/application owners, Mobile Center 2.2 has made their respective tasks easier. 

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Blog: Mobile World Congress 2017 Wrap-up from Barcelona #MWC17Open in a New Window

Silvia Siqueira, WW Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Performance testing solutions, provides a wrap-up of Mobile World Congress.

Read the blog



how to fix " failed to install local postgers database" when install HP mobile center serverOpen in a New Window

Hi guys

Im trying to execute install HP mobile center server but I always get an error " failed to install local postgers database". (Attached image)
Can everyone tell me how to fix the above error?



HPE Mobile Center Error 2049Open in a New Window

I have been trying to run a sample mobile application via HPE Mobile Center but after selecting the Mobile device and the application and on clicking on OK the application is throughing this following error:

"Unexpected error from HPE Mobile Center.[Error 2049]"

I have attached the screenshot of the error code.

Help me out. What should I do.




Best of Show on Tour 2017: March 28 - Apr 6 in GermanyOpen in a New Window

Join us for the  Best of Show on Tour where we will present the latest trends and developments in Application Delivery Management. Providing high-quality applications quickly and reliably, creating a positive digital user experience – these are the declared goals of IT and development departments. These can be achieved with Continuous Testing, agile development and DevOps. We will show you how on the Best of Show on Tour. At the same time, we would like to take the opportunity to kick off the HPE German Testing Community – a format which is already well received in Switzerland and which we would like to offer our German customers as a platform for knowledge exchange, best practice sharing, networking and collaboration among peers. Don’t miss this opportunity in a city near you and register now! (The events will be conducted in German language.)

Agenda & registration


IP Change of Mobile Center ServerOpen in a New Window


Mobile Center can be installed using FQDN or IP Address.

In case that customer choosed to use IP address, need to take into account that this IP can be changed.

Iin the event of IP change, Mobile Center will stop functioning (since it is configured for specific address).

In this case, there is a need to run Modification Wizard that helps to reconfigure MC server and use correct address - it is located in root directory of MC installation.

Please note that in case of remote connectors usage, those must be reconfigured also (same Modification Wizard exsists for MC Connectors as well). On top of that, there is a need to clean up MC DB from old data issued for old IP adress (otherwise the connector will still try to use old data). Please run the following commands (terminal) on MC server to achieve that:

cd <mc installation>\Schema

 java -cp hp4m-database-jar-with-dependencies.jar com.hp.db.MasterCreator -db hp4m -s <NEW IP>  -u postgres -p password -port 5432 -path ..\

(please change "password" to postgres user password - the one supplied during MC install). 

After that, run Modify Confuguration Wizard on the connectors.

Hope this helps, 

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