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IAP Retention ConfigurationOpen in a New Window

We need start freeze in IAP Messaging  Compliance environment, because we need keep the last year of retention. We have a doubt about this process. I think that I need increase time of retention to two years, but I dont know that is will be apply in the old messages from de enviroment.

Can help us?


Archiving solution!!Open in a New Window

Hello Experts,


I am in pre study for evalutaion of archival solution.


I am looking for feasible features that HP products provides solution on archival .


Can i see few factors address while archving i,e HIGH file size archving / Cache mechnism along with distributed arch / Federation Archving / API's / Retention etc









Integrated Archive Platform (IAP) V2.1 / EASE / EASD End of Life/Obsolescence AnnouncementOpen in a New Window

HP has announced the End of Life for the Integrated Archive Platform (IAP).  For details, please refer to:










Email Archiving Software and AD RMSOpen in a New Window

Hi All


Apologies if I have the wrong forum for this but I'm trying to find out if there are any known issues with archiving e-mails using EAS in an Exchange environment where some e-mails have been rights-protected using AD RMS?  We have a client (I work for a professional services company) who uses EAS and are looking to deploy AD RMS to rights protect e-mail.


A definitive anwer would be brilliant :-) but any help/pointers/links/articles would be gratefully received


Many thanks in advance


HP IAP Start sequenceOpen in a New Window

Hey guys,


Just want to confirm the start sequence for the IAP, haven't had to do this before and the main guy has left...


I have the old RISS documents but the names have changed for the new IAP system. I have read through the IAP but can't find any details on the boot order after shutting down the system.





IAP v2.05 - 2.1 BCC field issueOpen in a New Window


Using Exchange 2007 with envelope journaling enbaled, so BCC and expanded DL info is captured in envelope and ingested into the IAP fine.  The issue seems to be when viewing as a compliance officer in IAP UI.  Seems the expanded DL AND the BCC user BOTH end up in the "recipients" field, clouding the separation when a user is BCC'd along with a DL and/or is a DL is BCC'd.  I know this was not the case in earlier versions of RISS as the BCC filed (still present in the UI) used to be populated instead.  Anyone else seeing this behavior and/or know why or if it can be fixed?  I have an open case with HP now.


Exposed in RISS/IAP <see attached example>

1 – Expanded distribution lists are shown under the “Recipients:” field in the RISS UI (to be expected)

2 – BCC users s are shown under the “Recipients:” field in the RISS UI (Used to show under the Bcc: field).  From this view, you cannot tell who is actually BCC’d.


Second, we use a product called Clearwell to front end the IAP for eDiscovery. Seems the API that HP allows for access into teh IAP is NOT allowing Clearwell to export BCC data OR expanded DL metadata?  Seems like a huge element to be missing from eDiscovery.  Anyone seeing this as well?





There are system BIOS and p-400 driver and Firmware updates available for your IAPOpen in a New Window

Here are the instant web links for the updates find how to steps in the install instructions.


Smart Array firmware 7.22 as below:firmware 5.20 update to 7.22 & observe it the Read Errors Hard do not increment. If incrementing then we need to replace the drives.

ProLiant DL320s G1 BIOs -06/10/2008: Url below.

SMart Array driver : cpq_cciss-3.6.24-4.src.rpm update to the latest Smart Array driver 3.6.28-12


Applied 2.1.4 patch ? having issues ? keep reading this threadOpen in a New Window

Like IAP 213 release we see issues 2.1.4 patch.

I think It is in the best intrest of customers prodution environment the patching should be freezed untill a final confirmation from engineering. 



I have heard that there is new 2.1.5 patch would it be wise to wait for this patch or they are fixing the 214 itself. so far no time lines on both.


Thank you




LDAP Binder user causes DAS issues when normal domain userOpen in a New Window

I have come across a issue when Incorrect capabilities for the LDAP Binder user may cause  DAS sync issues.


The LDAP Binder user needs to have "read access to all users objects".  This usually means they must be a member of Domain Admins in AD.  If they are not, then new users will be add to the IAP, but deletions from AD will not be propagated to the IAP.


In this case we need to check if binder user for LDAP connection has sufficient rights.


Check in Active Directory, look up the Binder user, open the Properties and select the "Member Of" tab, and correct to right membership. This should help



IAP 2.1 Migrating LDAP to win2K8 R2Open in a New Window

After migrating LDAP to windows 2008 R2 is it required to reconfigure entire SSO (because of the higher encryption key possibilities of Windows 2008 R2) ?


Intergrated Archive PlatformOpen in a New Window

Does anyone know how to get the tomestone icon to display in outlook when a mail has been archived?

Whe have V2 IAP and using EAsE 2.0 and outlook plugin 2.6.0100 on Vista client.

The was working up untill a couple of months ago and as far as I can tell nothing has changed on the client side of things and noone is owning up to any changes on the server side.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance,



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HP IAPOpen in a New Window

Can any one say about the configuration part maily Hardware compoents in HP IAP .



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EAs for Exchange V2.1 software for IAPOpen in a New Window

Anyone know where I can download this software?




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