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Can i get more explanation about correlation?Open in a New Window

Could you please provide the more explanations of correlation part in loadrunner 12.53 and is there any easy methods to do this?

Best Regards,



Right ClickOpen in a New Window

During recording in Ajax true client with Firefox browser , there is a flow where we have to RIGHT CLICK and then select view option, During record and replay at that particular time , it is working fine but later by default it takes the CLICK option instead of RIGHT CLICK, this is  because in the STEP : Action , there is no option called Right Click we have Click and Double Click options present in the drop down.

Can any one please help with any suggestion how can i capture Rightclick for the same.


Performance Center - Support Function Calls in the scripts?Open in a New Window

I am considering moving to Performance Center. Our current LoadRunner script assets are insanely complex and large. We support 10 applications with about 25 scripts per application. We accomplish it by what I presented at the 2000 Mercury World Conference and was later incorporated into QuickTest Professional -- Reusable Components. There still seems to not have this concept in LoadRunner / Performance Center. The only portion of this concept in LoadRunner is the ability to 'Import Action', but this is a one-way copy which does not allow for single-file maintenance. So we do it by hand. QUESTION: DOES PERFORMANCE CENTER SUPPORT C-Style FUNCTION CALLS OUTSIDE OF THE BASE SCRIPT?

What this means is we have a main script, and then a function library.  The main script has an include statement to include the function library.  This library has the Action Funtion for the home page.  All of the (75) scripts call the Home Page Action Function.  When they change the home page, we just update the one C file and all 75 scripts are now updated.  This is a huge time savings in maintaining 250 scripts.  My team is able to update the script assets after each of the two builds per week and often run a performance test the same business day.  If we have to make each of these scripts 'flat' with 75 scripts containing the Action Function code for the home page, we'd take hours to update one change in the home page, make editing errors, and consume many more hours fixing code. 

Here is an example.  The home page Action Section is:

    return 0;

The globals.h includes this C Function:

#include "..\\Shared_Modules\CommonActions\HomePage.c"

And then in the C Function is the Action Function:



....And so on....


One ALM for PC and QC , pro and cons ?Open in a New Window

Hi All,

Our management are puching for one ALM machine for both QC and PC. PC team does not like this idea because :

- QC has many user compare to PC.

- QC has many project compare to PC.

The downside of this is at PC can easily upgrade but to upgrade QC will takes month.Alsp release to release there are a lot of protocol updates in PC but may be for QC , not much updates.

Also PC and ALM patch sometime out of sync.

Any advice , should we go for one ALM for QC and PC ?

any pro and cons ?




Webinar May 11: Performance Engineering as a Competitive DifferentiatorOpen in a New Window

In 2016 we have had a webinar a month, focused on Performance Engineering. [more on that within the blog link below]


On 11 May 2016 we are covering "Performance Engineering as a Competitive Differentiator" with a Host and 4 Expert Panel.



Todd DeCapua,

 Chief Technology Evangelist [Hewlett Packard Enterprise]



Kishore Thota, Program Manager Performance Engineering [ NBC Universal] Bryon Colaizzi, Enterprise Performance Assurance [Biogen] Alan Korncoff, Chief Engineer [The Boeing Company] Dr. Andre B. Bondi, Consultant and Author Founder [Software Performance and Scalability LLC]


Learn more and sign up at the below blog now.


LG Machine turn to non-operationalOpen in a New Window


I am currently experiencing "non-operational" or "Truclient has stopped" when performing my Load and Performance testing in HP Performance Center.

The solution that an HP Tech [gave us before is to change the perfromance agent configuration setting to "manually logon".

Is there a permanent solution to this, rather than setting the agent to manually logon?




HP Load Runner Complete Study MaterialOpen in a New Window

From here can i get complete study material for load runner version 12.00 ???


Automating LoadRunner from PowerShell - any reference resources or examples anyone can share?Open in a New Window

I am trying to use PowerShell commands to fire a specific LoadRunner test. The test has been designed as part of the HP ALM interface.

HP documentation gives complete details of the REST API here:

There seems to be no reason why this should not be fired from standard PowerShell commands, but I can't find examples anywhere of how to do this, and the HP reference only contains Java examples (there are a few short C# examples on line as well).

Does anyone know of any examples which I can refer to? Or are you able to share any PS scripts which you may have working?

I would be very grateful for any help on this - working PowerShell to logon and retrieve a list of entities would be best, but even working PS code just to log on and create/delete a session would be great.

RSVP - thanks


winruuner cannot find objectOpen in a New Window

Hello, im usig winrunner 8.2 with XP sp3, as of last week my script is no longer working after investagating why I found out that it's no longer able to see the the objects I created as vb_name  can someone please assist?


When to Re-Script vs not toOpen in a New Window

Hi - I'm looking for some understanding of some best practices on when to re-script vs when not to. 


We have a HTTP/HTML script on a web application.  The project team made some code changes within their application that didn't affect the scripts behavior in anyway. 


When doing some monitoring under dyna-trace we still some aspx calls that adding 2 secs to our response time from our old scripts.  Even though the scripts are not showing any failures in them this aspx call are being generated and effecting our times.


Should a re-script be done because of this?


C handling functionsOpen in a New Window

How to read a data from a file and store it in a varaible for later use?



Appreciate your quick reply.






How to use Virtual Table ServerOpen in a New Window

I made this video on using VTS:



Mario M.


LoadRunner/MI istener Best PracticesOpen in a New Window



Are there HP documents on LoadRunner/MI Listener topology and Best Practices?



We are preparing to run a performance test in which we have Load Generators installed at customer's networks. Load Generators inside each network share the same external IP so we thought it would be best to use port forwarding. However only one Load Gen at a time can be reached / network with this approach.

Question: Is there a better way to set this up so that we could reach all of the load gens? Would adding an MI Listener server between the Controller and Load Generators help?



Anyone Please share any useful document on web services protocolOpen in a New Window



Currently I am working as performance test analyst with MNC, I just want to leran the web services protocol. Can you please share anyone had any reference document.






[Best Practices] LoadRunner .NET Protocol Filter Best PracticesOpen in a New Window

My colleague Malcolm Isaacs posted the following text on quite a few forums.

I’ve just posted a new Best Practices document on the SSO site, entitled “LoadRunner .NET Protocol Filter Best Practices” (you need to log in with your HP passport to see it).

The document provides concepts, guidelines and practical examples for recording and troubleshooting .NET scripts in Vugen.  There are problem patterns along with solutions, tips and techniques for recording, and methodologies.

Please send your feedback directly to me or to

Malcolm Isaacs
Functional Architect, Application Automation
HP Software


what is the best protocol for testing Oralce apps ( oracle financials )Open in a New Window

what is the best protocol for testing Oralce apps ( oracle financials )


Best practice for Client server application testingOpen in a New Window



Can any one share 'Best practice for Client server application testing' , we need to do performance test for client server application written in VB 6.0.



Ravi Allam



Your input countsOpen in a New Window

We're working on increasing the value you get from this community and would like to hear from you and get your perspective.  We've created a short survey to collect your inputs.   


Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and ideas.



Tips & Tricks - TruClient Object ParameterizationOpen in a New Window

This Ajax TruClient tips and tricks document will help you address challenges, such as:

  • Selecting a specific cell in a table
  • Randomly selecting a radio button

 This tips and tricks document addresses the need to locate a specific object in a collection of similar objects, and will enhance your use of the new Ajax TruClient protocol available in LoadRunner v11.

Please send your feedback directly to me or to

Yair Horovitz
Functional Architect, Load Testing and ALM
HP Software


Best practice for SAP performance testing - Suggestions pleaseOpen in a New Window



I am trying to set a roadmap at organizational label for performance testing. The organization is in energy utility and implemented SAP solutions across all layers (R/3, BW, XI etc).


my task is to set up a process and roadmap for any future implementation. Tho I have experience in web, .NET and CITRIX performance testing, also to some extent in SAP as well. What I am looking for some sort of best practice, case studies from your past experience from SAP performance testing. Sort of thing I am looking for are as such (to be SAP specific)


What we need to test 

What are foresee problems from SAP implementation, customization?

How we test 

What we should look from test execution  etc 


Appreciate if you can provide any links or attachments 






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