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Fileupload using Rest APIOpen in a New Window


I am currently developing VU Gen script for Fileupload REST API. This functionality has no UI and we need to test API with large files up to 100 MB.

So, we used


    "Name=File", "Value=C:\\Users\\justLR\\Desktop\\testupload.jpg", "File=yes",
    LAST );


 While testing API manually using CURL command, we need to give user ID, business unit ID ( Amazon S3 bucket name, where file gets uploaded), Content DIsposition as attachment, content type as multiplat/form Data.

When we used, web_custom_request ..we are getting an error with boundary ID at multipart/form-data. But, after switching to web_submit_data..there is no error with boundary ID. But, we are getting an error while uploading file to S3 bucket. The error message in server log diplays as Error during upload: Unnecessary filed occurs. Logfie is attached to showcase the error

I would like to know if there is any issed in web_submit_data.

Regarding failed web_custom_request is


"BodyFilePath=C:\\Users\\justLR\\Desktop\\testupload.jpg", "File=yes"",


Logfile for web_submit)data is as follows

Action.c(130): \xCA\xB1\xC8\\\x8D\xF9\x0BE\xBD\x1B\x07w \xE0b]D\xF6:g\x98R\x92\xF7V\xBE\xF7E\xA5\xFBj\xFA
Action.c(130): \xD9\xBF\xD4\xF5\xFF\x00\xDA?\xC7\x8DD\xC0\x0F\x02iZ\xAF\x8D\xE0\xE8<S\xE2\x07\x93\xC4\xB7
Action.c(130): 7z_\x85\xF4\xED\x1E\xE2\xD6\xC9\xB7CinZ\xD2\x08\xB7+\x85\x9Af\r\x9C\x87\x84\xF6\x15\xF3\xFC
Action.c(130): \xF7d\x9F\x97\x8A\xD7\xF1\xEF\xC4}[\xE2F\xA7ou\xAB\xDD\x9B\xC9\xAC\xAC\xAD\xF4\xE8H\x89#\t
Action.c(130): \x04\x11,Q T\x00aQTg\x19=I$\x93X\x126=\x7F>\xB5\x94\x9D\xDD\xCF\x170\xC5{Y\xB6\xBC\x96\xBB
Action.c(130): \xE8;\xCD\xC7'\xE9\xC6h\xA8\xB3\xF4\xEB\xDE\x8A\x93\xCB\xE7g\xFF\xD9\r\n
Action.c(130): -----------------------------7d0256b064e--\r\n
Action.c(130): t=26014ms: 541-byte response headers for "https://abcxyz.com/upload/x1/objects" (RelFrameId=1, Internal ID=12)
Action.c(130): HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\n
Action.c(130): Cache-Control: private\r\n
Action.c(130): Pragma: private\r\n
Action.c(130): X-Powered-By: Express\r\n
Action.c(130): Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8\r\n
Action.c(130): Content-Length: 78\r\n
Action.c(130): ETag: W/"4e-EyOMl7AHFyABCDSEFiMDcNkU"\r\n
Action.c(130): Vary: Accept-Encoding\r\n
Action.c(130): Keep-Alive: timeout=10, max=100\r\n
Action.c(130): Connection: Keep-Alive\r\n
Action.c(130): \r\n
Action.c(130): t=26016ms: 78-byte response body for "https://abcxyz.com/upload/x1/objects" (RelFrameId=1, Internal ID=12)
Action.c(130): Status Code: ERR401 and Status Description: Error in uploading object into S3
Action.c(130): HANDLE_CLOSING" on behalf of "URL="https://abcxyz.com/upload/x1/objects" [MsgId: MMSG-27397]
Action.c(130): web_submit_data("Upload") was successful, 72 body bytes, 541 header bytes [MsgId: MMSG-26386]


SAP(Web+GUI) NWBC 6.0 client PL8, Certificate issueOpen in a New Window


As soon as i start recording it keeps promoting to choose a certificate. I have pre-installed the certificate in trusted location. Also, installed it after the promote but the application does not open after login and nothing gets recorded.

Please suggest

Thank you



Jenkins Integration ProblemOpen in a New Window

when i called API Automation through Jenkins.

everytime run time error of license occurred. 

PFB error log:

E:\EDC Card Services
28/04/2017 16:30:23 Running: E:\EDC Card Services
Test is executing
Test is completed
Error: A runtime license cannot be found
Test result: Error
28/04/2017 16:31:09 Test complete: E:\EDC Card Services
Run status: Job failed, total tests: 1, succeeded: 0, failures: 0, errors: 1
Error  : E:\EDC Card Services
Build step 'Execute HP tests from file system' changed build result to FAILURE
Report archiving mode is set to: ONLY_ARCHIVE_FAILED_TESTS_REPORT
Finished: FAILURE


Load Runner 12.00 RDP ProtocolOpen in a New Window

My Dear LoadRunners,

At present i am working on RDP Protocol,  i am seeing below error while executing script on VUGen. 

Scenario: User logged into Remote Desktop, launch a windows based application and submit a ticket. While submitting a ticket, user may idle for 30 to 90 minutes in between. To replicate this, i have used think time, is it suggestable?

Any recoomended settings?


rdp_mouse_click("StepDescription=Mouse Click 27",

rdp_sync_on_image("StepDescription=Image Synchronization",
"ImageLeft=216", "ImageTop=310", "ImageWidth=313", "ImageHeight=201", "ImageName=snapshot_194.png", ENDIMAGE,

// IDLE Time <Create Incident>



rdp_mouse_click("StepDescription=Mouse Click 28",




Action.c(146): Information relevant for customer support: Entered 'LrRdpSocketTransport::IsDataPending' with 1 msec maximum timeout.
Action.c(146): Bitmap update received.
Action.c(146): Bitmap (left=1735, top=1162, width=24, height=38) processed
Action.c(146): Information relevant for customer support: Entered 'LrRdpSocketTransport::IsDataPending' with 1 msec maximum timeout.
Action.c(146): Information relevant for customer support: Entered 'LrRdpSocketTransport::IsDataPending' with 1 msec maximum timeout.
Action.c(146): Information relevant for customer support: Entered 'LrRdpSocketTransport::IsDataPending' with 1 msec maximum timeout.
Action.c(146): Step Mouse Click 27 - clicking mouse button LEFT_BUTTON at (1422, 282)
Action.c(154): Synchronizing on image started
Action.c(154): detect score is 1, image entropy is 5.53739, match at (216, 310)
Action.c(154): Step Image Synchronization - synchronizing on image (Mode=Appear, Tolerance=Medium, Timeout=300 seconds)
Action.c(163): lr_think_time: 1800.00 seconds.
Action.c(165): Notify: Transaction "DESCRIPTION" started.
Action.c(174): Clicking mouse button started
Action.c(174): Information relevant for customer support: Entered 'LrRdpSocketTransport::IsDataPending' with 1 msec maximum timeout.
Action.c(174): Error:Connection reset by the server
Action.c(174): There was an error while Clicking mouse button
Action.c(174): Notify: Transaction "DESCRIPTION" ended with "Fail" status (Duration: 0.1862).
Abort was called from an action.
Ending Vuser...
Starting action vuser_end.


Unable to record Citrix events while working with Multiple Protocol (Citrix ICA / Web HTTP/HTML)Open in a New Window

I am unable to record Citrix Applications published on Web portal using Multiple Protocol (Citrix ICA + Web). Web parts records properly but when I launch the published application it stops recording Citrix events. After completing the recording, last statement that I can see is

“ctrx_nfuse_connect("https://------------.com/Citrix/Store1Web/Resources/LaunchIca/Q29udHJvbGxlci5DYWxjdWxhdG9y.ica?CsrfToken={CitrixXenApp_CsrfToken}&IsUsingHttps=Yes", CTRX_LAST);”

I can record/replay with single protocol (Citrix ICA) using VuGen. Even manually, I can access/launch published application through Web portal/Web Shortcut.

I have gone through no. of blogs. I have done the basic setting, but no luck.

Can you please help me on this?


These are the details:

VuGen: installed on Window Server 2012 R2

Citrix Server: installed on Window Server 2012 R2

XenApp/XenDesktop: 7.9

Client Receiver: 14.X (already tried with 14.1/3/4/7)

VuGen/LoadRunner: 12.53 build 1203


How can I disable javascript popups/alerts in VuGen Chromium?Open in a New Window

Hello. Please, Help. How can I disable (block) appears javascript popups/alerts window in Chromium? This window appears randomly. I use VuGen 12.53. Chromium in Vugen ver.46.0.2490.80 (64-bit), Protocol - TrueClient.  Adjusting the chromium itself does not help.


HP Load runner 12.53 Proxy recording issueOpen in a New Window

Getting the below error while doing proxy recording and unable to log in the application itself...without proxy working fine but no events recorded...


[API Trapper (2220:3664)] Recording in 32-bit mode: C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LoadRunner\Bin\HP.LR.ProxyRecorderStarter.exe
[Network Analyzer (168c:2ed0)] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Network Analyzer (168c:2ed0)] Load Network Traffic Analyzers:
[Network Analyzer (168c:2ed0)] Analyzer Module: WPLUS (value=)
[Network Analyzer (168c:2ed0)] Analyzer Module: WebBase (value=GetHttpProtocolAnalyzer:api_http_filter.dll)
[Network Analyzer (168c:2ed0)] + Network Analyzer: api_http_filter.dll @ GetHttpProtocolAnalyzer Loaded!
[Network Analyzer (168c:2ed0)] + Interception Auditors: WinInetWplusInterceptionAudit:api_http_filter.dll
[Network Analyzer (168c:2ed0)] Analyzer Module: QTWeb (value=GetWebSocketProtocolAnalyzer:WebSocketAnalyzer.dll)
[Network Analyzer (168c:2ed0)] + Network Analyzer: WebSocketAnalyzer.dll @ GetWebSocketProtocolAnalyzer Loaded!
[Network Analyzer (168c:2ed0)] Analyzer Module: local_server (value=)
[Network Analyzer (168c:2ed0)] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Proxy Recording (168c:2ed0)] Started proxy on port 28122 in synchronous mode
[Proxy Recording (168c:2814)] Client request from @ xxx.xxx.xxx.xx........
[Proxy Recording (168c:17f4)] Empty http command received from client's ssl connection
[Proxy Recording (168c:2eb4)] Empty http command received from client's ssl connection


Need Help on Recording Scripts for Graphs/DashboardsOpen in a New Window

I need to evaluate performance of an application (ENTMON-Enterprise Monitor)

  1. Which opens only in Chrome.
  2. Once logged in.....You Select Data Range and Applicaiton Name
  3. Based on the above selection, graphs gets displayed
  4. Number of graphs may vary based on the selection made
  5. I need to evaluate the "time taken for all the graphs to display" for each application based on the time

I tried with Truclient and HTTP protocol...Both of them did not work.

Can you please help me on this?


Attached the sample graph of an application


Getting Error while trying to Provision an LG in Azure CloudOpen in a New Window


I got the connectivity from LR12.5 Patch 4 controller machine (locally hosted) to Azure cloud using my Azure account. While trying ot provision a new LG on Cloud, i m getting the attached error.

Please help and let me know Is there configuration missing at Azure side.


SAP NWBC 6.0 Recording with SAP web and SAP GUIOpen in a New Window

I'm trying to record a SAP GUI script for a business process that works fine by hand.

Everything is working until I come to one particular screen where I have to select a cash desk from a popup then hit OK. When I touch it during record it complains about an amodal control and fails to record then crashes.


Same as this post:https://community.hpe.com/t5/LoadRunner-Practitioners-Forum/SAP-amodal/m-p/6960112#M21377

But that solution does not work for me?

Please Suggest




Failed to retrieve Rule-Service-SOAP instance ExceptionAdjudication.Open in a New Window


I am getting "Failed to retrieve Rule-Service-SOAP instance ExceptionAdjudication." error while running a soap services ,but I am getting response in SOAPUI.  can someone help??




Error: Extension JsExt-Interpreter was not loaded. (HTTP/HTML script)Open in a New Window


 I am using windows server 2012 r2, loadrunner version 12.53 Patch-4.

 When I run a Web HTTP/HTML script through Controller, then getting these errors.  

(Error: The remote host's status is failed. Check the remote host machine [and verify that it has not crashed].   Error: Extension JsExt-Interpreter was not loaded. You are running under secure mode and this extension is not allowed in this mode.)

 However, when I run a TruClient script through Controller, then the script run without any error.

 Can anyone help me to fix this?



Json query string issueOpen in a New Window

I have simple json

"type": "valid",
"price": "low",
"place": "newyork",
"post": "valid"

I want to set the name of 'place' from  newyork to california  

I have tried : 


Please help me in resolving it ???


Unable to connect with Oracle DB due to Pop Up blockerOpen in a New Window


I am not able to connect with Oracle ISIS Db due to some pop up blocker turned on. Although in the internet explorer my pop up blocker is turned off but still getting the issue while replaying the script in Vugen 12.53. I m getting error message like  - 

function handleError(message, URL, lineNumber )
<!-- window.alert ('Error ' + message + '\n' + ' at line ' + lineNumber + '.\n'); -->
document.write('<h2>The ISIS session you requested could not be launched because ');
document.write('you have a popup blocker turned on.<br>&nbsp;<br>');
document.write('Click <A href="how_to_disable_common_pop_up_blockers.htm">here</A> for Pop-up Blocker Help</h2>');
return true
window.onerror = handleError

Does it has something to do with Firewall issue??Plz help!!!

Thanks in advance.



Loadrunner 11.5: how to save Analysis file as TemplateOpen in a New Window

Windows environment: I ran a LR v11.5 controller scenario and created Analysis file from the test result. I want to save my new Analysis file as a Template (for future use). Surprisingly, there is no such option. "Tools| Templates" option only open 'Apply/Edit' template. If I click 'New' (icon) here, it create an new template with one of the the existing Templates format (not my new Analysis format).  Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.


Unusually high SSL Handshake time for Login transactionsOpen in a New Window

Hi All

We conduct performance test on 3 applications for the same client organizations. The settings for all 3 applications are similar . However for one of applications, the LR Analysis tool  shows unsually high 'SSL Handshake Time'' from the Worst URLs by Reponse Time table.

I see that most the login transactions for that applications have this behaviour. The 'Layers Breakdown' column shows that the 'SSL Handshake time' is unusually high compared to other 2 applications (Attaching a screenshot)

 For the same application, Normally the Login transaction takes around 0.2 seconds when run in VUGen. But during the load test this increases to an average of around 49 seconds which is not the actual login response time. screenshot below

I would like to the possible causes for this or any pointers on this ? Pls let me know if any other details needed. Whehre should I look for to troubleshoot ?SSL Handshkae time.jpg


Oracle NCA Protocol Permission denied errorOpen in a New Window


I am facing isuue with Oracle NCA protocol while replaying the script in Vugen with 1 user.(Version 12.53)

I am getting below message - 

Action.c(147): Error: nca_button_set("102") failed, Object class cannot perform this operation.
The window currently in focus: "Forms".
The last popup/alert message received: "Forms - Permission denied, Username or Password Incorrect"

Any help is appreciated.



Correlation value different in request and code genwertionOpen in a New Window


When I try to correlate for .NET based Sharepoint application. the dynamis value like 'Viewstate" and "Eventvalidation" is different from values in code generation. So I am facing difficulty in correlating the values. So please help.


Type mismatch in criteria expressionOpen in a New Window

Dear experts,

my version: 12.53 community edition -> i run some Web protocol based tests for longer time (~8 hours) and wanted to see the results in Analysis but whenever i open the tool from the controller i receive the message by file loading:

"Pare command line error:

Type missmatch in criteria experssion"

An if i click ok no data are displayed. 

Could you please advise me what can i do? I would like to analyse the results I have (so avoid second test run).


Thnak you






Script recorded in TruClient protocol fails to run in Performance CentreOpen in a New Window

Issue: Script recorded in TruClient protocol fails to run in Performance Centre. The same scripts runs successfully in Vugen.( Load and Develop mode)

Error -205177: ** XXXimage ** failed - target object was not found.       Snapshot Info [MSH 1 0]    [MsgId: MERR-205177]

Vugen: 12.5

Performance Centre: 12.5 ( Remote Load Generator + Controller)   - LG and controller not managed by us hence version details not available to share

IE Version: 11

Business Flow :

  1. Navigate to Qlickview link
  2. Click on the report link.
  3. Report page gets loaded
  4. Logout

Note: End event for all steps set to Action completed.


Step 3 is where the object is not being found

Step 3.png

Settings used for Step 3 below

Step 3 Details Object.pngStep 3 Details.png


Options tried:


  1. Used ‘Wait for object’ before step 3 and wait interval was set to 300 secs , but still scripts fails when run in Performance Centre
  2. Current function used to recognize object is the ‘Generic Object Action’ function at step 3.
  3. In order to debug the script I have run the script in Performance centre with 2 users with sufficient time ( around 8-10 mins) for each user to ramp up . The ramp up happens fine but the step 3 in business flow fails due to target objet not found error.


Please help me resolve the issue. Also find attached the script for reference.


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