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AJAX Truclient selection on different categoriesOpen in a New Window


If application consists of  checkboxes with two different categories and need to pick only one set of categories and move further.

For example:

Hello All,

AJAX Truclient Evalxpath to differentiate category and pick all same category checkboxes.

Below is xpath i get when i check evalxpath"

 evalXPath("//input[@type=\"checkbox\" and @value=\"8539fc082ed57f0591bc12b7e516a3680ef6\"]");

But i want to differentiate two(IN & OUT STOCKS) different categories, from below three stocks, i need to pick number of In stock category (IN stock changes with users, they are not constant) only.

     <td>In Stock</td>
         <td><input type="checkbox" name="bookId[]" value="8539fc082ed57f0591bc12b7e516a3680ef6"
 <td>Out Stock</td>
         <td><input type="checkbox" name="bookId[]" value="8539fc082ed57f0591bc12b7e516a3680ef6"
 <td>In Stock</td>
         <td><input type="checkbox" name="bookId[]" value="8539fc082ed57f0591bc12b7e516a3680ef6"

Please let me know how to write the evalXpath for above tag




Does Load Runner support multiple protocol ?Open in a New Window


Please let me know, does Load Runner able to help me in execution of below scenario ?

Scenario :-

End-2-end flow of my application is .ASPX web page –> 5250 emulator–>.ASPX webpage. I want to check the performance of E-2-E flow .





Security Exception in TrueClient FFOpen in a New Window

Hello ,

I am trying to record an http intranet site in TC FF with Vugen 12.50.  While replaying the script in the URL launch section, it prompts to add security Exception due to invalid Certificate status. This is an expected behaviour from FF as by default it will try to block anything that is not secured.

My problem is that I am not able to bypass this anyhow and it keeps coming back for every iteration. What I have tried till now:

1) Try to Confirm Security exception and move to next step but It comes back in during next iteration (option for parmanently store this exception is disabled) (screenshot attached)

2) Record a new script and while recording check in the box for permanently store this exception as this option is enabled during new recording. The prompt still appears again in next iteration. 

3) Export certificate and attach in the Trueclient general Setting. Certificates has valid dates. (Screenshot attached).

4) Add the certificate to Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to Pesonal, Trusted Publishers and Third Party Root certificate.

5) Open Firefox installed in %vugen_path%\bin\firefox\firefox.exe and go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Encryption and navigated to the certificate and did import. (i did not want to do this!)

Is there any way we could direct FF to bypass this and not look for https? 



Load runner 12.02 to Performance Center upgradationOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,
Hope you are doing good. Currently, We are using Load runner 12.02 version , ALM 12.02 and would like to upgrade to LR 12.02 to Performance Centre latest stable version?

1 Load controller server [WINDOWS 2008 R2 64 bit SP1] and 4 LG servers [WINDOWS 2008 R2 64 bit SP1].

Please suggest the check list and stable Performance centre version to avoid any potential issues.

Q1) Are there any issues reported for 12.53 since it is a new release? Which is efficient patch # for 12.53?
Q2) Are there any unsolved issues reported for 12.53 since it was released? Which is efficient patch # for 12.53?
Q3) What are the additions and eliminations done in 12.02 to Performane Center 12.53
Q4) What are the steps we have to follow for upgrading Load runner 12.02 to (performance center 12.52/53)?
Q5) Did anyone face challenges while upgrading from Load runner 12.02 to PC 12.52/53. Is it documented anywhere by Vendor for reference ?
Q6) What are the pre-requisites (database backup/admin access to repositories etc ) we have to follow before performing this version upgrade of LR 12.02 to 12.52/53?
Q7) Where from we have to download the new version software’s and patches? will vendor provide appropriate software after studying our Infrastructure?
Q8) Will the Version upgrade from LR 12.02 to [ 12.52 OR 12.53 ] affect the ALM 12.02/ Performance Center/ Load Runner Licenses?
Q9) Should we request for Licenses for ALM/PC after the Upgrade?
Q10) Will the old scripts present in LR 12.02 get executed on PC 12.52/53 OR do we need to upgrade all the LR 12.02 scripts to 12.52/53?
Q11) Should we use any upgrade tools like QTP Asset Upgrade Tool for Upgrading Scripts from One Version to another?
Q12) Which Patch Level # is most efficient/recommended by vendor for LR 12.02 and PC 12.52?
Q13) Should we upgrade IE on client / server or is it not needed. Currently we are on IE9 & 10?
Q14) After Upgrade should we inform users to install any pre-requisites before accessing this new PC 12.52/53 release URL ?
Q15) Is there a mechanism where we can load all the client side perquisites in one location of PC site, so that all users can download from that location onto their client machines by accessing PC application?

Please share your valuable thoughts from your past experiences on this version upgrade.

Your help/guidance is appreciated.


Unable to record Citrix ica script on LR 11.51Open in a New Window

I'm currently using LR 11.51. In one of my script, i need to nake use of citrix ica protocol for recording. As the .ica file returned by the server after login changes everytime. Hence i'm using a multiprotocol script with HTTP/HTML and Citrix protocols.

During recording, the login part is getting recorded successfully but i'm not able launch the citrix part. Initially it asked me to install a patch for LR. But after that also it didnt work.

Need advice on the same.


Unable to install LoadRunner 12.53 Patch 3Open in a New Window


I have installed 12.53 on my machine. After that I tried to install Patch 3 but unfortunately its giving error. Please find the screenshot attached.

Could you please help me how to proceed





Unable to generate Code og recorded scriptOpen in a New Window


I am new to load Runner, Just installed version 12.53 trial to evaluate.I am facing issue : I am able to record the script by VUGen but code is not generated,can you please help me ? 


I am using Windows 10, 64 bit.

tried with all browsers


web_reg_find failsOpen in a New Window

I am unable to capture the count for a text string on an HTML page of a web based application.

When I open the application manually, I can see the text string but I cannot find the text string from View Source option of the browser.

I tried with both HTML mode and URL mode, it does't work. Looks like there are some async calls.

Please help me in handling this text check, as the result of this test check is used as entry criteria for other actions.


De-allocate Memory for Citrix FunctionOpen in a New Window

Hello Everyone

I am working with Citrix protocol (HP LoadRunner). In my script i am using ctrx_get_window_name() function to retrieve window name. The function is used inside a for loop and might burn out my LG memory, i want to de-allocate the memory now. I used free() function to de-allocate the memory, it has no issues in vugen but when i replay the script in performance center it kills the mdrv process causing my users to fail, if comment the free() function script is passing without any issue in PC. Please let me know how to de-allocate memory for ctrx_get_window_name().


Support LoadRunnerOpen in a New Window

Hello, I am new to LoadRunner. I will need to support it. Where should I start?  I would like to download a trial version to get acquainted with it first.  Thanks in advance for your insight and time.


Parameterize XPath Object IdentificationOpen in a New Window

I am writing a script to select a checkbox in a row from a table, and either click yes or no. However, once I finish that checkbox the checkbox cannot be used again since it has already been given a yes or no. On the 2nd iteration, it will choose the 2nd checkbox, and give a yes or no. The 3rd, 4th, etc. 

I am trying to parameterize a number given from the XPath from the object identification. The Xpath given as, (for 3 rows):


As you see, the third digit (red) corresponds to the row that the checbox is in that the script will select. I need to parameterize that number so that the script will check a different row every iteration, and also work for multiple pages. I will have to go through over 3000 rows, so I will need a way to make the script work for every page. Also, the table has 25 rows per page, so once the 26th iteration comes, the parameter number will need to be back at 1 again, since the 1st row on the second page is still the 1st row, not the 26th. 

Is there a way to do this?


Firefox Issue for trueclient 12.53 webOpen in a New Window


i am facing issue while running true client script in controller.

Load Runner 12.53 trial

Windows 7 SP1

Firefox 49

one scenarion with 20 users 15 min

when we start the execution for 20 users the transaction are passing as soon as the users are in running state but once all users are ramped up the transactions are stoped passing and we cant see anything until the users are ramped down and all the 20 users have same error message

"Error -205177:  IPC connection to browser process is lost    [MsgId: MERR-205177]"

can anybody help me in solving this issue?

thanks in advance


Issue with Truclient 12.5 firefox/chrome OS popup window while uploading text file.Open in a New Window

Re: Pop - up recognition in Ajax Tru Client Protocol


Truclient 12.5  firefox/chrome  OS popup window while uploading text file

I am trying to upload .txt file using firefox (also tried chrome)  and popup window is opened( this window seems like from local system).Thing is , the script is able to enter the file path in the  browse field..Now, the popup remains open and its not clsoing as this is not recorded. 

However , the next step in the script is to click upload. As the pop window is opened , the application  browser window is not activated and the script is failing. My script passes only after closing the popup window (or click cancel button on pop window).  Can you please help me if tehre is anything code that closes OS opened window?

In simple , after browing file path from OS pop up window , the script should activate main application browser window  and continue by ignoring file uplaod pop window.


Not able to access VuGenOpen in a New Window

I am new to Performance testing and Loadrunner. I have downloaded the software from HP products site and installed.

After installation when is try to open the VuGen, system throws "Critical error (ExceptionDialog)"  

Controller and Analysis are working fine.

PFA for reference. Someone please help me on this issue :(

Thanks in Advance.


Not able to open VuGenOpen in a New Window

I am new to performance testing and LR.

Installed Loadrunner 12.53 downloaded from HP products site. 

I am able to access Controller and Analysis. But when i open VuGen, "Critical Error (cannot use ExceptionDialog)" window pops up.

Please someone help me with this issue :(

Thanks in Advance.


the request URL and body can be parameterizied only if using callback?Open in a New Window


According to 'https://community.hpe.com/t5/LoadRunner-and-Performance/Testing-asynchronous-business-processes-with-LoadRunner/ba-p/6029011#.WD6bl9J96mw',

The request callback is called before each request is sent. This allows you to modify the sent request (for example, it allows parameterizing the request URL and body).

Q: That mean the request URL and body can be parameterizied only if using callback?


For example, 





Q: Can I just use parameter to replace '123' in body instead of using the concept of Callbacks?


Thanks a lot for the help. Hope that I have explained the question clearly.


Selecting value randomly from dropdown after parameterizing in ANgular JS applicationOpen in a New Window

hi ,


how to parameterize the dropdown value from the combo box in Angular JS application,

What is the javascript code to make it generic to select the different value during iteration.

Javascript during recording:-evalXPath("//div[text()=\"*******"\"]");




Load Runner Analysis - Transaction Summary not generated in the ReportsOpen in a New Window

We've recently moved to Performance Center, and while everything is appearing normally in the Load Runner Analysis tool, when I attempt to generate a report, the transaction summary (which I've always configured and included in reports in the past), is just not generating.  I'm not receiving any errors, or even blank pages in the report.  Just the transaction summary is completely missing, and the next element in the configuration appears.

I'm using LR Analysis 12.53 Build 1203

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance!


Unable to open a website in Truclient IE browserOpen in a New Window


I am able to open my project site in IE, Chrome and Firefox. When I tried recording with TruClient(12.53), IE Browser after I enter login credentials its always saying "loading.........".

When I tried to record with Firefox and Chrome its fine. But I am restricted to IE for my project. Could you inform me how can i proceed.






Facing some issue while scripting web based office365 email using LoadRunner- https://www.office.comOpen in a New Window

Que:- I am trying to record https://login.microsoftonline.com for (Business Process:- sending an email and Logout) in LoadRunner v12.53 using Web - HTTP/HTML Protocol (with both options HTML/URL) but I am not able to replay the script because it has too many dynamic values in request body, I have tried to correlate all those dynamic values but some of them I am not able to find in Response. So what should I do to resolve this problem or any one can help me to resolve this problem ?
Thanks in advance for your help.


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