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HPE Software Products: LoadRunner Support Forum
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Loadrunnner 12.02 trail versionOpen in a New Window


I want 12.02 trail version of Loadrunner. So please suggest me how can i download.





Develop script for Enterpraise content management application callled M-files using LoadrunnerOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

We have requirement to Develop script for Enterpraise content management application callled M-files using Loadrunner.

M- Files software located in windows explorer and opens like a drive.

We have tried recording M-files using Loadrunner with windows Socket protocol, we are able to open M-files using loadrunner but events are not getting captured.


Please let me know if any configuration needs to be done.


Please suggest how to proceed.


Not able to capture websocket calls using loadrunner 12.02Open in a New Window

We are using loadrunner 12.02 for websocket testing.While recording LR is not capturing the websocket calls. how to resolve this issue


Getting "HTTP Send Request 500 Error" after 1hr execution in Vugen and Performance Center.Open in a New Window


Script is executing fine up to 1hr. After it is throwing HTTP send request 500 error, I thought to change the set up in Preferences -> HTTP and we are executing 300 iteration(300 different accounts) in same URL only. My process in script, log in -> pull the account number that's it.

Can someone please suggest how to resolve this error.


I have set up as below mentioned in Preference.

HTTP request connect timeout : 1000secs
HTTP request receive tmeout : 1000secs
HTTP Keep Alive tmeout : 120secs
Step download timeout : 1000secs.

Thanks in advance!




correlation help neededOpen in a New Window

Hi, I am working on a vugen script. There is a string I need to correlate: id="WD0203" ct="B" lsdata="{0:'Approve

I need to get the WD0203 as the parameter ApproveID. Here is the what I tried:

        "RegExp=id=\"(.*?)\"\\ ct=\"B\"\\ lsdata=\"\{0\:\'Approve",

What did I do wrong? The loadrunner is returning some junk instead of the id although there is no error. Please help.





Loadrunner 12.53 - won't load without patch KB2975061 - but OS indicates this patch not relevantOpen in a New Window

Target system is  Windows 2012 R2 (no service patch). On initial attempt to install LoadRunner 12.53 the installer indicates two patches were required for installation of the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable - KB2999226 and KB2975061. The Windows support team installed KB2999226, but the OS would not load KB2975061. Subsequent attempts to install LoadRunner halt, reporting the need for patch KB2975061. Is there a way to correct this?





IE crashes/not responding while invoking through HP Loadrunner 11.52 - Getting X64 AssertionOpen in a New Window

Hi , 

I am trying to record a web based application using IE 11 via HP Loadrunner  After hitting the Start recording button, IE launches with the specified url and loads for few seconds. Then It opens up another pop-up with the title - "x64 assertion" failed and the message as "Shrinked version of pointer resulted in zero".  Attached the screenshot for reference. After clicking OK button in the pop-up, IE crashes/goes to Not Responding mode.

The same application url is launching fine when it opens without Loadrunner.

Can anyone please tell me the reason for this issue and the solution for the same ? Thanks in advance.




How to get detailed error messages from Performance Center?Open in a New Window


How can I get the detailed error messages from PC?

I use ALM 12.21 and work with HTTP/HTML protocol. 

When I run a single LR script at my desktop computer, after a replay I can see all detailed information about my run: for every request I can see the Request Body, Responce Body, Headers etc. This information is saved at output.txt file under script directory.

While I run load test via PC (Performance Center) or via ALM I can get only file which contains only error messages.

How can I get the detailed information like at output.txt file?



Tru client scrpit not showing component drilldownOpen in a New Window



I have created office 365 script in tru client web protocol and its working. but i am not able to get any component breakdown for any of transactions(firsttime to buffer, client time, think time, etc).


What additional settings are required to get the component breakdown?




mldap_search output errorOpen in a New Window

Hello, i'm using Vugen 12.52, and i try to create new script for testing several technology. This time i would like to check my LDAP querying it and compare the result to a known value to confirm that LDAP is working preperly.

here is my code:

// Search entry Dupont

mldap_search ("LDAP Search OpenLDAP",

"Base=dc=eforpro,dc=fr", "Scope=Base",


"Timeout=10", "Mode=ASYNC",




lr_output_message ("The uid value is: %d", lr_eval_string("{mldap_attribute_uid_0}"));

lr_output_message("The mail value is: %s", lr_eval_string("{mldap_attribute_mail_1}")); 

Here the output:

Action.c(24): The uid value is: 109972000

Action.c(25): The mail value is: {mldap_attribute_mail_1} 

I test with LDAPAdmin and it works, now i do not understand why line 25 return the variable name and not his value, in the meantime (as i'm not an expert of C), i do not understand the corresponding of the umerical value retrieve by the script. I would like to compare this value with one entry in my LDAP.


Thx for your help


Loadrunner shows different number of users than server monitoring softwareOpen in a New Window

I am using Loadrunner 12.53 Oracle NCA protocol. I am monitoring the server with Oracle Enterprise Manager. Loadrunner is showing a number that is a little over 100 off of what I am seeing on the server responses.

Is it possible that some errors from the Loadrunner actually stop connections, but do not update the total number of running vusers?

We are trying to troubleshoot why a forms in the server crashes and drops a lot of users, but Loadrunner only shows a couple of users being dropped.


Citrix webinar series invitationOpen in a New Window


 HPE Software R&D invites you to join our Citrix webinar series

 For registration, simply click the link below and register.

 Or, send an email to with Citrix webinar in the subject line.

Additional details can be found in the attached image.

Note: This is the 1st of 3 planned session.

 Looking forward to seeing you there,



Could not resolve Address of HostOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,


When I have upload the script in ALM and run the test . I am getting Could not resolve Address of Host.

Same script when I have ran in my local Vugen working as expected.


Please help me on this issue.






Do the latest version Loadrunner (12.53) support 32-bit Windows 7 OS?Open in a New Window

Hi all,
As titled, HP support says 'Yes', but the readme file says 'NO'. 
Then I met this error when 'replay'. I wonder if the error relates to the 32-bit system using. May you have idea on it? Thank you so much,
Fatal Error -32988: LoadLibrary failed, rc=193   [MsgId: MERR-32988]
Fatal Error -26000: xfbLrwiWebInfraGlobalInitOK failed   [MsgId: MERR-26000]

Warning: Extension lrwreplaymain.dll reports error -1 on call to function ExtPerProcessInitialize

Error: Thread Context: Call to service of the driver failed, reason - thread context wasn't initialized on this thread.


POS performance testing with multiple TillsOpen in a New Window



I want to test the POS application. my application will open URL base.

Below are my requirements:

1. Till having Own DB

2. Webservices and Till software

3. Symmetricds

I want to replicate this test with 200 tills. Can you please help me, how can I do this  using Loadrunner.


Trueclient IE - Right click issueOpen in a New Window

I am using Trueclient - IE  to record a script and the functionality works after right click( Context menu) , while recording it captures the event but when we save the script the event is lost , tried to increase level but it is not saved.
Please help me if an options


Unable to save TruClient Script having multiple actions.Open in a New Window

I had created a script with multiple actions in TruClient IE browser. The script was working fine. I tried modifying the action name and the transaction names, after that I am unable to save the script. In TruClient I see the Run Logic with proper action names, whereas in the VuGen I see the run logic in which the actions have been updated with initial name as temp. Can anyone please help me on same.


LoadRunner Possibly Crashing ServerOpen in a New Window

We are running both Oracle NCA and HTTP/HTML protocols on a server. Loadrunner is 12.53 and Oracle is 12g. We have about 40 scripts logging users at about 2 users every 4 seconds. We have had these settings for quite awhile now with no problems.

We started receiving the MDRV error. We could not load test for awhile. We finally fixed that  and moved on. We now are getting some issues with any and all nca_button_press or nca_set_edit. These steps would fail for no reason (no popups or anything in the way). Added the open_socket_options and somewhat fixed it.

Now, when we get about 600 users on 1 server, the server will become unresponsive. Has anyone else had this problem or you know of a fix? We did some upgrades to the server, so it could be Loadrunner, it could be the server.

Any thoughts would be great!


Performance Engineering News - September 2016Open in a New Window

Network Capture Express v3.0 - Now Available!
Explore your real network conditions

Network Capture Express (NCX) v3.0, a FREE mobile application, is available at the Google Play and iTunes store. NCX measures and captures the network conditions (latency, bandwidth and packet loss) from your mobile phone/tablet, from anywhere and on any global current carrier and it applies the current network type (Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G) on your application under test URL. It generates a file that can be replayed alongside performance, functional or mobile testing scripts. Unlike other network measurement tools, which can just confirm that your carrier is fair, NCX measures the conditions against your AUT and the outcome is recorded as a file. Read more about it in this blog.


Get up-to-date on performance testing by attending these on-demand performance webinars

The COST (Customer Oriented Scenario Testing) team is responsible for generating customer and user influence in our product development lifecycle. Over the past few months, Performance and Lifecycle Virtualization COST, together with representatives from R&D, hosted several webinars for our customers and partners. If you didn’t have chance to join, you can find here the WebEx recordings, including the list of questions and answers.


Black Friday is coming: Prepare by load testing now
Last year, 103 million Americans shopped online over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend. Are you and your shopping interfaces ready for that kind of customer load and impact on the bottom line? By load testing your mobile app and website make sure you are prepared for the number of transactions that are headed your way. Read more...


What’s New in HPE Mobile Center

It’s no secret that good mobile user experience is a must to achieve business goals! This can be a daunting task. But HPE Mobile Center - Mobile application lifecycle software will help you take care of your user. This is one session not to miss! Sign up at Vivit for this webinar on October 6th!


Summer travel and the need for great website performance!

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or an accidental tourist, chances are you have experienced the unpleasant side effects of busy travel season—delayed departures, canceled flights, overbooked flights, crowded trains and bus stations, sold out hotels and more. What happens when thousands and thousands of frustrated travelers and travel agents try to reach the same booking engines? Read more about it in this blog.


Reaching the new frontiers of load testing

The modern reality of digital transformation demands that companies deliver applications faster - without sacrificing quality and performance. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a recognized leader in the performance engineering and testing "space”, and with every new software release, we continue to solidify our position as a forerunner and innovator. This blog sheds light on the next frontiers of load testing, focusing on three topics: Internet of Things (IoT), Chaos Engineering and Big Data. Read more…


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Need to correlate below Json reuqestOpen in a New Window

Hi ,

I need to correlate below json request in script .



can some one please help how to corelate json request completely

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