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Unable to launch .net windows application with .net protocol which works over http (TLS1.2)Open in a New Window

Hi Team,

I am trying to record my .net windows application which works over HTTP (TLS1.2) using .net protocol but I am getting error ("unable to record the application please check the recording logs") error just after clicking on record button.

When i record the application using HTTP protocol, it recorded successfully and i see application is sending all custom HTTP request to the server with lots of business objects which are in un-readable format due to serializationa and de-serialization.

Anyhow i need to record the application in .net protocol which indetify all the business objects in readble format and i can use serialization and de-serialization in the script. For that i put LR web api DLLs to bin folder of that script to use LR web functions but still unbale to lauch the application.

Please suggest how can i record my .net desktop application in loadrunner using .net protocol over HTTP that works on TLS1.2.


I have all the admin rights on that machine.

Loadrunner Version: 12.53

Application .net framework Version: 4.5.2


How to Encrypt URL in LoadRUnner Using AES or 3DES EncryptionOpen in a New Window


I have Decrypted URL, I need to send the Encrypted URL using AES or 3DES Encryption.

For Ex: below is my URL

https://api.testpivot.com/eDel/searchdocs?client_id=50641&seckey=consumer_id=227726298||user_id=TestLoadRunnerVAN||doc_type=VAN1000||client_id=50641||datetime=2017-02-10 21:36:01||&req_type=XML&returndoc=Y

Need to Encrypt Only "client_id=50641&seckey=consumer_id=227726298||user_id=TestLoadRunnerVAN||doc_type=VAN1000||client_id=50641||datetime=2017-02-10 21:36:01" in URL Using AES or 3DES Encryption.

Please help me out.


Change Loadrunner Controller vuser SettingOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I have a queries on how to change the setting in loadrunner controller from % to the specific vusers count without making a new one.

Reason being is because we have a working list of scripts populated in Controler (about 100 scripts of them with specific run time environment)  and it was saved under % assignment rather than to the spcific vusers count, when I change it to the basic mode, it still listed down under %.

Anyway to change from % to the specific vusers count without populating a new list in controller?


Thank you




Observed Error - 27243: Invalid Port Load Runner 12.00Open in a New Window

while executing the script on VUGen observed below error and not able to proceed.

Action.c(5): Warning -27488: web_set_sockets_option has no effect on WinInet replay [MsgId: MWAR-27488]
Action.c(5): web_set_sockets_option highest severity level was "warning" [MsgId: MMSG-26391]
Action.c(10): web_set_user started [MsgId: MMSG-26355]
Action.c(10): Error -27243: Invalid port [MsgId: MERR-27243]
Action.c(10): web_set_user highest severity level was "ERROR" [MsgId: MMSG-26391]
Ending action Action.


Http status code -2146697208Open in a New Window


I am using LR 12.53, TruClient - Web (IE).

Can anyone tell me, what is this error and how to fix it?

"Navigate to http://livetest.=brokerLogin ** failed - end event error due to HTTP status code : -2146697208"



Failed to connect to proxy xx.com:80 - connect() failed (iErrorCode: [10060] Connection timed outOpen in a New Window


I have recorded a Web HTTP/HTML script at the moment which goes to some of our external sites outside our firewall and performs a few navigation functions. Each time I replay the script it progresses through about four of the different URLs involved then I get an error saying - Failed to connect to proxy xx.com:80 - connect() failed (iErrorCode: [10060] Connection timed out). Retrying with next proxy.

The script then hangs and will not progress any further (I have to kill the HP.Utt.StandaloneDebugger.exe process to get VuGen working correctly again). I have set the correct pac file location, set user authentication, and tried adjusting request connect and response timeouts as well as the HTTP Keep Alive Timeout. Additionally I have used web_set_user() function for the url in question to try and stop the issue but without success.

The script is recorded using LR12.53. Has anyone come across this before or know how to resolve?




Getting C:\fakpath\ issue when on pdf file uploadOpen in a New Window


In Truclient i have recorded the script for PDF file upload and the browser not recorded in the script but the file path is recorded in the script as screenshot1.

When i replay the script i am getting the screenshot2 error message and couldn't proceed further.

Already i have gone through the below address webinar and still didn't get the solution for it.


Please help me out on how to resolve this issue.


LoadRunner Scripting helpOpen in a New Window

Hi All, 

if there is any failures/errors for any transaction in the script , I want to view those error message in the log files, 

Please help me how can we handle this type of scenarios





Truclient - Support for newer browser versionsOpen in a New Window

Hi HP Support,

I have hit a compatibility issue attempting to record a script because the javascript used on the page was not supported by Chrome and Firefox versions because their versions are old (around 1 year and half old). I have found a workaround for that but that made me thing about the risk of having a tool supporting browsers version so old.

Maybe you can help me to assess that risk clarifying those points for Truclient protocol:

- is there any specific criteria behind the update ofTruclient supported browsers?

- when is it scheduled the next release providing support for more recent browsers and which version of the browsers will they be?




Issue Recording a popup window using TruClient-WebOpen in a New Window


hen I manually access the application, a pop up on button click comes wherein I have to enter some details n submit.

When I try recording it through truclient IE(LR 12.53) no popup comes.

Also a message is displayed in truclient browser console - 

Internal Exception: Line: 0; Character: 0; Error: (Code=0) Script error; URL: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/HP/LoadRunner/dat/WebIE/RRE/content/injectedCode/injectToAUTWin.js?mode=interactive


How to Correlate Hex values in BodyBinaryOpen in a New Window

I am trying to record an application with Web - HTTP/HTML protocol in LR 12.53, and some hex values are getting recorded in BodyBinary tag.

How to correlate the values within this hex code ?

		"BodyBinary=<\\x00R\\x00e\\x00q\\x00u\\x00e\\x00s\\x00t\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00C\\x00o\\x00n\\x00n\\x00e\\x00c\\x00t\\x00I\\x00n\\x00f\\x00o\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00U\\x00S\\x00E\\x00R\\x00_\\x00N\\x00A\\x00M\\x00E\\x00>\\x00h\\x00p\\x00_\\x00v\\x00i\\x00j\\x00a\\x00y\\x00p\\x00<\\x00/\\x00U\\x00S\\x00E\\x00R\\x00_\\x00N\\x00A\\x00M\\x00E\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00P\\x00A\\x00S\\x00S\\x00W\\x00O\\x00R\\x00D\\x00"
		">\\x00D\\x00r\\x00m\\x00p\\x00u\\x00m\\x002\\x00v\\x00g\\x00Z\\x00M\\x00=\\x00<\\x00/\\x00P\\x00A\\x00S\\x00S\\x00W\\x00O\\x00R\\x00D\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00P\\x00R\\x00O\\x00J\\x00E\\x00C\\x00T\\x00_\\x00I\\x00D\\x00>\\x00<\\x00/\\x00P\\x00R\\x00O\\x00J\\x00E\\x00C\\x00T\\x00_\\x00I\\x00D\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00C\\x00O\\x00N\\x00N\\x00E\\x00C\\x00T\\x00I\\x00O\\x00N\\x00_\\x00N\\x00A\\x00M\\x00E\\x00>\\x00P\\x00L\\x00M\\x00<\\x00/"
		"\\x00C\\x00O\\x00N\\x00N\\x00E\\x00C\\x00T\\x00I\\x00O\\x00N\\x00_\\x00N\\x00A\\x00M\\x00E\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00A\\x00P\\x00P\\x00_\\x00I\\x00D\\x00>\\x00B\\x00P\\x00<\\x00/\\x00A\\x00P\\x00P\\x00_\\x00I\\x00D\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00C\\x00L\\x00I\\x00E\\x00N\\x00T\\x00_\\x00I\\x00P\\x00>\\x001\\x000\\x00.\\x009\\x001\\x00.\\x001\\x001\\x008\\x00.\\x001\\x001\\x00<\\x00/\\x00C\\x00L\\x00I\\x00E\\x00N\\x00T\\x00_\\x00I\\x00P\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00"
		"<\\x00S\\x00I\\x00T\\x00E\\x00>\\x00M\\x00a\\x00i\\x00n\\x00<\\x00/\\x00S\\x00I\\x00T\\x00E\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00L\\x00A\\x00N\\x00G\\x00U\\x00A\\x00G\\x00E\\x00>\\x00E\\x00n\\x00g\\x00l\\x00i\\x00s\\x00h\\x00<\\x00/\\x00L\\x00A\\x00N\\x00G\\x00U\\x00A\\x00G\\x00E\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00L\\x00A\\x00N\\x00G\\x00U\\x00A\\x00G\\x00E\\x00_\\x00I\\x00D\\x00>\\x000\\x00<\\x00/\\x00L\\x00A\\x00N\\x00G\\x00U\\x00A\\x00G\\x00E\\x00_\\x00I\\x00D\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00"
		"<\\x00/\\x00C\\x00o\\x00n\\x00n\\x00e\\x00c\\x00t\\x00I\\x00n\\x00f\\x00o\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00M\\x00e\\x00t\\x00h\\x00o\\x00d\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00N\\x00a\\x00m\\x00e\\x00>\\x00G\\x00e\\x00t\\x00S\\x00y\\x00s\\x00t\\x00e\\x00m\\x00S\\x00e\\x00t\\x00u\\x00p\\x00<\\x00/\\x00N\\x00a\\x00m\\x00e\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00/\\x00M\\x00e\\x00t\\x00h\\x00o\\x00d\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00M\\x00e\\x00t\\x00h\\x00o\\x00d\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00"
		"<\\x00N\\x00a\\x00m\\x00e\\x00>\\x00G\\x00e\\x00t\\x00S\\x00i\\x00n\\x00g\\x00l\\x00e\\x00C\\x00A\\x00D\\x00P\\x00r\\x00o\\x00p\\x00s\\x00J\\x00D\\x00B\\x00C\\x00<\\x00/\\x00N\\x00a\\x00m\\x00e\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00M\\x00e\\x00t\\x00h\\x00o\\x00d\\x00I\\x00D\\x00>\\x00W\\x00E\\x00B\\x00P\\x00L\\x00M\\x00<\\x00/\\x00M\\x00e\\x00t\\x00h\\x00o\\x00d\\x00I\\x00D\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00P\\x00A\\x00R\\x00A\\x00M\\x00S\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00"
		"<\\x00P\\x00A\\x00R\\x00A\\x00M\\x00 \\x00i\\x00d\\x00=\\x00\"\\x00C\\x00O\\x00M\\x00P\\x00A\\x00N\\x00Y\\x00_\\x00D\\x00A\\x00T\\x00A\\x00\"\\x00 \\x00v\\x00a\\x00l\\x00u\\x00e\\x00=\\x00\"\\x00N\\x00O\\x00\"\\x00 \\x00/\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00P\\x00A\\x00R\\x00A\\x00M\\x00 \\x00i\\x00d\\x00=\\x00\"\\x00A\\x00P\\x00P\\x00L\\x00_\\x00N\\x00A\\x00M\\x00E\\x00\"\\x00 \\x00v\\x00a\\x00l\\x00u\\x00e\\x00=\\x00\"\\x00W\\x00E\\x00B\\x00P\\x00L\\x00M\\x00\"\\x00 \\x00/\\x00"
		">\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00/\\x00P\\x00A\\x00R\\x00A\\x00M\\x00S\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00/\\x00M\\x00e\\x00t\\x00h\\x00o\\x00d\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00M\\x00e\\x00t\\x00h\\x00o\\x00d\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00N\\x00a\\x00m\\x00e\\x00>\\x00G\\x00e\\x00t\\x00S\\x00i\\x00n\\x00g\\x00l\\x00e\\x00C\\x00A\\x00D\\x00P\\x00r\\x00o\\x00p\\x00s\\x00J\\x00D\\x00B\\x00C\\x00<\\x00/\\x00N\\x00a\\x00m\\x00e\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00"
		"<\\x00M\\x00e\\x00t\\x00h\\x00o\\x00d\\x00I\\x00D\\x00>\\x00I\\x00M\\x00P\\x00O\\x00R\\x00T\\x00<\\x00/\\x00M\\x00e\\x00t\\x00h\\x00o\\x00d\\x00I\\x00D\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00P\\x00A\\x00R\\x00A\\x00M\\x00S\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00P\\x00A\\x00R\\x00A\\x00M\\x00 \\x00i\\x00d\\x00=\\x00\"\\x00C\\x00O\\x00M\\x00P\\x00A\\x00N\\x00Y\\x00_\\x00D\\x00A\\x00T\\x00A\\x00\"\\x00 \\x00v\\x00a\\x00l\\x00u\\x00e\\x00=\\x00\"\\x00N\\x00O\\x00\"\\x00 \\x00/\\x00>\\x00"
		" \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00P\\x00A\\x00R\\x00A\\x00M\\x00 \\x00i\\x00d\\x00=\\x00\"\\x00A\\x00P\\x00P\\x00L\\x00_\\x00N\\x00A\\x00M\\x00E\\x00\"\\x00 \\x00v\\x00a\\x00l\\x00u\\x00e\\x00=\\x00\"\\x00I\\x00M\\x00P\\x00O\\x00R\\x00T\\x00\"\\x00 \\x00/\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00/\\x00P\\x00A\\x00R\\x00A\\x00M\\x00S\\x00>\\x00 \\x00 \\x00<\\x00/\\x00M\\x00e\\x00t\\x00h\\x00o\\x00d\\x00>\\x00<\\x00/\\x00R\\x00e\\x00q\\x00u\\x00e\\x00s\\x00t\\x00>\\x00", 


SSL Connection Error during ReplayOpen in a New Window


We are working on a Desktop application , the application is  WPF on .net framework.

All the activites are done locally & on clicking submit button request is sent to the server.

we have recorded the script and we are able to capture the request.

During replay we are getting SSL Connection Error.

Where do we import the Client Certificate for Replay , What format of certificate does LR Supports, (we have certificate in .pfx & .cer Format)

Can you help with the documentation for the Certificate import.  


A method to know about correlation while recordingOpen in a New Window


   Let me say an example, I have some scripts which have session_id at the login transaction, these session_id have common LB nd RB. My requirement is this session_id has to be correlated while recording or once recording is finished. Similarly other repeating correlation can be added so that after recording the correlation will be done.

  I heard there's a plugin or framework kind of method is there to do it. Is any method there? Can anyone help with this matter?


LoadRunner Analysis: HP LoadRunner stopped workingOpen in a New Window


When I am trying to generate a MS word report, the LoadRunner Analysis stopped and the next message is returning:

"HP LoadRunner stopped working
A problem made that the progam stopped working right. The Windows will close the program and will notificate if a solution is available"

- I was running like administrator
- Reports/ New Report (steps like tutorial HP LoadRunner)
- SO Windows 10 enterprise 64 bits

If anybody knows the solution , please tell me.


Fabiana Scaramuzza


Patch4 installationOpen in a New Window

Regarding patch 4 installation, can I directly install on patch 3 or shld i delete patch 3 and install patch 4.

Please advise.


Controller Scenario running for very less time than expectedOpen in a New Window


We have upgraded from Loadrunner 11.0 to LR 12.53. In fact , we are using LR 12.53 on a new machine as a fresh installation (Licensed Version). I have transferred all the loadrunner scripts and all related files

All the Controller scenarios are running as expected without any changes to the scripts or scenarios. However there is one particular scenario file which normally runs for around 4 minutes, this one runs only for 50 seconds on LR 12.53.  This scenario is a data generation step which normally runs for 4 minutes and generates enough data for the main load test. HOwever on running it in LR 12.53, it runs only for 50 seconds and hence there is not enough data generated for the main load test, The scenario runs fine without any errors, but only for 50 seconds.

Note- There are load tests for other applications which run perfectly fine. 

I want to know where to and how to check for the root causes? More questions to isolate the reasons are also welcome


How to Submit jSON payload and .PDF file in one requestOpen in a New Window


I need to request request which should contain 2 parts. Below is what I created. while executing same thing, document is not added as part in request... can someone suggest what I can do to resolve this issue.

part1 - should have json payload followed by part 2 (Content Type - application/json)

Part2 - Should have .PDF file attached to it. (Content Typeapplication/octet-stream)

                    "Content-Disposition: form-data; name=\"metadata\"\r\n\n"
                    "Content-Type: application/pdf\r\n"
                    "Content-Disposition: form-data; name=\"docA\"; filename=docA.pdf",                    





Automatic SLA report generation after LR test completion.Open in a New Window

Dear All,

I am using LR 12.02 and  would like to generate SLA report as soon as test complets with out doing any manual interventions .

If anyone knows please share your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks in advance.





LoadRunner Actions vs. TransactionsOpen in a New Window

I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around the difference between actions and transactions in LoadRunner. I realize that transactions exist within actions so that is one difference. Both can be used to measure the response time for a set of operations performed on the AUT. When should transactions be used instead of creating a new action?


Unable to record a desktop application using Java record replay protocol using LoadRunner.Open in a New Window


     I have been trying to  record a java based application using Java Record Replay protocol in LoadRunner (version 12.53).But no events are recorded.Is there any other protocol that can be used for recording a java based desktop application? If there is any, Do share your suggestion.Thank you.

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