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Hosts Optimization SuggestionsOpen in a New Window


We are facing issues like, controller not available, license limit reached frequently.

So we need to find out whether we are utilizing all the Licenses and Controllers effectively. Do we need to upgrade the hosts and license.

We need to determine the gaps in the evniroment, like do we need to increase the number of controllers and Licenses?

Also please suggest how the controllers are booked (only minor percentage of specific controller name has been given, majority is "Any"), seems few controllers were more utilized(booked) than others, we don't see all the controllers usage as distributed evenly.  Can anyone explain why it is not even, why some of the controller is been highly utilized and few of the under utilized?







Recording against Excel 2010 with PowerPivot plugin using LR 12.53?Open in a New Window

Has anyone managed to successfully record against an Excel app that uses PowerPivot plugin for reporting purposes?

I have tried ticking 'Use protected application recording' but still having no luck.

The only protocol that records anything is Winsock but it is practically useless in terms of correlation, parameterisation!

Replay fails with "Connection reset by peer" early in the replay.

Using Wireshark, it l;ooks like communicaiton uses SMB2 and TCP/IP however digging into my Winsock script does seem to mention SOAP calls? (Webservices picks nothing up).

Some protocols like Webservices appear to show transaction count increasing during recording but result in an empty script.

Anybody had anything similar?



Analysis - Total Number of transactions report for every 30 mins duration for long run (12 hours)Open in a New Window

Hi, All.

Good day. 

Asking your assistance on providing me a suggestion/solution on how will i be able to get total Number of transactions report for every 30 mins duration for long run (12 hours) performance execution.

I can able to get manually if I change global filter in transaction summary for the particular period of time.

But our reqirement is to get total number of transactions for every 30 mins for 12 hours test.

For example:

0 - 30 mins  - 200 transactions

30 mins to 1 hour - 250 transactions

1 hour - 1.5 hours - 215 transactions




11.5 hours to 12 hour - 220 transactions.

Hoping to hear from you all soon. Thanks in advance.




Block licenses for a single PC-ProjectOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I have question regarding vUser-licenses in Performance center.

It is possible to block vUser licences for only one project, so the other projects can't use these licenses?


- total licenses 3.500 vUser ProtocolA

- Project A: up to 1.000 vUsers

- Project B: up to 700 vUsers

- Project C: 2.000 vUsers (24/7 guaranteed)

In other words: Project C can use 2.000 vUser licenses exclusivly, other projects share the remaining licenses.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Christoph


HP ALM Performance center – customize default analysis reportOpen in a New Window

I require to customize HP ALM Performance Center (V 12.02) default analysis report generated once click on “analyse results” in ALM PC.

I want to change percentile to be 95% (default 90%)  and add errors/second graph.


Performance Center Host - Services is unreachableOpen in a New Window

i'm trying to install HP PC Host, and when adding PC host from Lab management, i get the attached error

Note: while installing PC Host i got an error (please check the attached log file)


Sync Lab Management project after upgradeOpen in a New Window


I am performing ALM upgrade activitiy in gradual manner. I have already upgraded the lab manaagment projects. Now, when I upgrade a performance test project the runs activity are not getting updated to lab managemnt (it makes sense because we had already upgraded the lab project). But is there any way we can sync / referesh the data in the lab managment project without impacting data added in new env?





Capture erroneous screen on failure in PC SaaSOpen in a New Window


As I've to capture the erroneous screen while executing the TruClient script on PC SaaS environment.

Please do let me know what configuration need to be done on PC SaaS environment to log the screenshot on error/failure.

Thanks in advance on earlier response.






Check out the ADMazing Help Movie!Open in a New Window

Have you seen the new ADM Help movie? Check it out, and discover how you can use ADM Help Center to get the most out of Performance Center and all your ADM products!

ADMazing Help Movie


Recommended Load Generators for load distributionOpen in a New Window


 Recenetly we migrated our existing load tests to HPE Performance Center. However, our company infrastructure support team has set up only one LG in PC for  max 500 Vusers.  Please let me know if this can be an issue as until now we were dsitrbuting the workload evenly among multiple LGs instead of uisng only one LG for 500 Vusers.



Random parameters but uniqueOpen in a New Window

I don't know if I'm articulating this properly but here it goes. Keep in mind I'm using the WebTours and Newtours sites.

I have a departure and arrival locations e.g. Paris to Portland.  I can parameterize both the departure and arrival locations with separate parameters but both using the same dat file with all the possible locations. How can I make sure that when the departure parameter location is selected at random, the arrival parameter will pick any of the locations at random but NOT be the same location already selected as the departure location? For example, I dont want it to be Paris to Paris or Portland to Portland.


Controller are going to Non-Operation mode frequentlyOpen in a New Window


We are facing issues with Controllers , they are going to Non-operational moe frequently and when we check in eventlog showing the below error message.

Resource Recovery Task: Fail to recover Host TCESC1WNA013. Reason: Failed to launch controller. Error: Error launching wlrun.exe. Reason: RunProcessWithLogOn: Failed to create process [C:\PCHOST\bin\wlrun.exe] with user[IUSR_METRO] windows error code[183].

PC version: 12.53 Patch 1

When we do reconfigure-host operaiton they are coming up and after some time again going to non-operational




(PC) Support tip - Save and Run button not working on IE11 after PC 12.53 Patch 4 installationOpen in a New Window


Please install this hotfix to address a regression introduced in specific functionality in Performance Center 12.53 patch 4.  Note that the hotfix is relevant only for PC server and only for customers who are using IE11 while using Performance Center.

Sorry for the inconvenience.




How to get load generator usage report from PC DBOpen in a New Window


We want to get the LG usage report from PC individually i.e. LG name and Duration of usage of that perticular LG from Performance center?




HPE Performance Engineering Annual SurveyOpen in a New Window


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Thank you and good luck,
HPE Performance Engineering R&D team



GUI Bundle for HP Performance CenterOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

Do we have trial version of GUI bundle available for HP Performance center 12.01. 

I already checked that GUI bundle is not available in the free community license. So , is there a separate license present for GUI.

Thanks in Advance



Integration of Jenkin and Performance centerOpen in a New Window

I can't view the results URL in jenkin output console as this article describes , https://community.hpe.com/t5/LoadRunner-and-Performance/Performance-Center-and-continuous-integration-Configuring/ba-p/6827802#.WHVrfVV942w  Please give me a solution


Changing windows registry values for HKCU or HKLM through VuGen scripts?Open in a New Window

Does anyone has any experience changing registry entries on windows through VuGen scripts that works successfully on load generators through PC 12.53 ?

What loadrunner functions useful to do the same ? I would prefer http protocol with just c functions that would be most performant.





Lab management maintenance tasksOpen in a New Window

Is it possible to create new tasks? We would like to see if we can set up a .bat file to run automatically in the task list. We are using 12.21


Thank you

Robert Seiler


Entitlement issues Online Expert day -RESOLVED !Open in a New Window

Hi all,

We are experience entitlement issues so that means it is not possible for you to access the Performance Center Support Customer Forum, where the online expert day is taking place.

We are investigating the issue and trying to resolve it as soon as possible.

Apologize for the inconvenience.



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