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unable to add jmeter script in storm runner load testOpen in a New Window

i have created load test, in which i want to import my jmx, but i am unabel to import the same i.e i do not see any option . when i click upload it says add custome files where as when i explicitly click on jmx it says unsupported format.


Script is failing while executing through StormrunnerOpen in a New Window

We have recorded the script in TruClient 12.50 protocol. The script is passing in outr local when run with single vUser but fails when run in Storm runner. We got the run time settings in the TC and we did add the auto configuration script for our network. 

We were able to execute the script in Storm runner with 50% pass rate. But when we checked the application manually the action was not performed there.

Any comments on how to debug this script?


Does it possible for Tru-Client script to take a screen-shot at a set point in a test ?Open in a New Window

Does it possible for Tru-Client script to take a screen-shot at a set point in a test in storm runner where transaction or page are exactly failed?


Is stormrunner load support multi protocol scripts execution?Open in a New Window

I am trying to upload scripts of multiprotocol Web/Html+webservice and it says the protocol is not supported at present.


Process/Steps to Install Client Certificate in Storm Runner - Load GeneratorsOpen in a New Window

What is the Process/Steps to Install Client Certificate in Storm Runner - Load Generators? 

How long does it take to get the Load Generators IP address in Storm Runner? 

Not able to open the support ticket using Trial login? 



StormRunnerLGSetup.exe downloadOpen in a New Window

I have been playing around with StormRunner on a trial basis.  I would like to install the Windows OPLG but have been unable to find a download link for the installer.  Can anyone point me to the URL to download the installer for the Windows OPLG?  Thanks.


Function: vugen_crypt_encrypt();Open in a New Window

Hi All,

I searched for "Password decryption without using lr_decrypt()", I found the following script:

    char* plaintext = "my secret password";
    char encryptedBuf[100];
    char decryptedBuf[100];
    lr_load_dll("C:\\Program Files\\HP\\LoadRunner\\bin\\VuGenCallback.dll");
    lr_output_message("plaintext: %s", plaintext);
    vugen_crypt_encrypt(plaintext, -1, encryptedBuf);
    lr_output_message("encrypted: %s", encryptedBuf);
    vugen_crypt_decrypt(encryptedBuf, decryptedBuf);
    lr_output_message("decrypted 1: %s", decryptedBuf);
    lr_output_message("decrypted 2: %s", lr_decrypt(encryptedBuf));
    return 0;

I tried using this in my script where I have parametrized the password and I am retrieving the password from a file and then using the following function to encrypt the retrieved password.

vugen_crypt_encrypt(password, -1, encryptedBuf);

I did not understand the parameter "-1" passed as an argument to the function. So, I tried replaying the script replacing -1 with different values. The results are as follow:

1) vugen_crypt_encrypt(password, 0, encryptedBuffer);

Action.c(5): Notify: Parameter Substitution: parameter "P_password" = "bean"
Action.c(10): Encrypted Password: 5805bc44e
Action.c(12): Decrypted Password 1:

2) vugen_crypt_encrypt(password, 1, encryptedBuffer);

Action.c(5): Notify: Parameter Substitution: parameter "P_password" = "bean"
Action.c(10): Encrypted Password: 5805bbdc48
Action.c(12): Decrypted Password 1: b

3) vugen_crypt_encrypt(password, 2, encryptedBuffer);

Action.c(5): Notify: Parameter Substitution: parameter "P_password" = "bean"
Action.c(10): Encrypted Password: 5805bc6a0dc5
Action.c(12): Decrypted Password 1: be

4) vugen_crypt_encrypt(password, 3, encryptedBuffer);

Action.c(5): Notify: Parameter Substitution: parameter "P_password" = "bean"
Action.c(10): Encrypted Password: 5805bcf452e2b9
Action.c(12): Decrypted Password 1: bea

5) vugen_crypt_encrypt(password, 4, encryptedBuffer);

Action.c(5): Notify: Parameter Substitution: parameter "P_password" = "bean"
Action.c(10): Encrypted Password: 5805bd2065c80caa
Action.c(12): Decrypted Password 1: bean

6) vugen_crypt_encrypt(password, 5, encryptedBuffer);

Action.c(5): Notify: Parameter Substitution: parameter "P_password" = "bean"
Action.c(10): Encrypted Password: 5805bf999db5ce92ed
Action.c(12): Decrypted Password 1: bean

It seems -1 will work for any encrypted string lenght.

What you all think? I am looking for your valuable comments.




Stormrunner custom report?Open in a New Window

Hi all,

Stormrunner allows you to customise your test run dashboard and thus view many different kind of graphs, with different filters if needed. Whether during the run or in the Results section.

Is there any way to publish a custom dashboard in a report (PDF, Word...)?

There is a Report section in Stormrunner that allows you to export a report (or the drop-down menu in the graphs dashboard section), but it's standardised and you are not able to add or remove graphs or data from it.


Thanks in advance!




Unable to run a load test - licence conflict (Trial vs. Yearly)Open in a New Window


I have installed a few days ago a Trial Version of Stormrunner on MyAccount - it came along with trial versions of VUHs, that are limited in the load they can generate (hits/sec).

After another few days, I've purchased new VUH licences (API for HTTP and UI for TruClient) and they have been added to my account.

The problem is that when I launch a test (1 HTTP script, 2 TC scripts, LGs distributed across AWS and Azure), Stromrunner keeps on using the trial VUHs that are still on my account!
And since our tests need to go beyond the load limitation (here it needs to go beyond 50 hits / sec), the test stops right after it launches (see Capture2.PNG).

Is there a way to select the correct VUH licences that are highlighted in red in Capture.PNG, or even erase all trial VUH licence on my account?

As this is a blocker for our load test and we're in a very tight deadline, we need this to be resolved ASAP, please!

Thanks very much in advance.
Best regards.


Some Queries on HP Storm RunnerOpen in a New Window


 I am working on evaluating HP StormRunner. I have some basic queries. 

1.  I understand it supports New Relic and other APM integration. Can we get transaction & server level  metrics from APM in load test reports?

2. Can we do report comparison b/w two runs of a load test within the platform or only way is to download the CSVs and compare again ?

3. What is the relvenace of setting a  report run as a benchmark ? 

4. What kind of SLA configurations options are provided in the StormRunner.





Technical Storm Runner documentationOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,

I am looking for technical documentation about Stormrunner. We' d like to use the service but our security ask for details before going forward.

questions are :

- Is it possible to have a architecture schema of Strom Runnner 

- Does the amazon VM are deleted just after the Loadtest.

- Where are stored the result of the run, and could it be possible to download them.

- Can we have the IP of LoadGenerator in order to white list then.

Thanks for replying.

Best Regards



Performance Engineering News - September 2016Open in a New Window

Network Capture Express v3.0 - Now Available!
Explore your real network conditions

Network Capture Express (NCX) v3.0, a FREE mobile application, is available at the Google Play and iTunes store. NCX measures and captures the network conditions (latency, bandwidth and packet loss) from your mobile phone/tablet, from anywhere and on any global current carrier and it applies the current network type (Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G) on your application under test URL. It generates a file that can be replayed alongside performance, functional or mobile testing scripts. Unlike other network measurement tools, which can just confirm that your carrier is fair, NCX measures the conditions against your AUT and the outcome is recorded as a file. Read more about it in this blog.


Get up-to-date on performance testing by attending these on-demand performance webinars

The COST (Customer Oriented Scenario Testing) team is responsible for generating customer and user influence in our product development lifecycle. Over the past few months, Performance and Lifecycle Virtualization COST, together with representatives from R&D, hosted several webinars for our customers and partners. If you didn’t have chance to join, you can find here the WebEx recordings, including the list of questions and answers.


Black Friday is coming: Prepare by load testing now
Last year, 103 million Americans shopped online over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend. Are you and your shopping interfaces ready for that kind of customer load and impact on the bottom line? By load testing your mobile app and website make sure you are prepared for the number of transactions that are headed your way. Read more...


What’s New in HPE Mobile Center

It’s no secret that good mobile user experience is a must to achieve business goals! This can be a daunting task. But HPE Mobile Center - Mobile application lifecycle software will help you take care of your user. This is one session not to miss! Sign up at Vivit for this webinar on October 6th!


Summer travel and the need for great website performance!

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or an accidental tourist, chances are you have experienced the unpleasant side effects of busy travel season—delayed departures, canceled flights, overbooked flights, crowded trains and bus stations, sold out hotels and more. What happens when thousands and thousands of frustrated travelers and travel agents try to reach the same booking engines? Read more about it in this blog.


Reaching the new frontiers of load testing

The modern reality of digital transformation demands that companies deliver applications faster - without sacrificing quality and performance. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a recognized leader in the performance engineering and testing "space”, and with every new software release, we continue to solidify our position as a forerunner and innovator. This blog sheds light on the next frontiers of load testing, focusing on three topics: Internet of Things (IoT), Chaos Engineering and Big Data. Read more…


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Oct 6 – 11:00 AM EDT What’s New in HPE Mobile Center


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HPE SiteScope on Prem (trial)Open in a New Window

On the trial version of StormRunner 'HPE SiteScope on Prem' is disabled.  Is this because it is a trial version or is this feature not currently functional?

I cannot proceed to a paid version of StormRunner without knowing whether it will actually be able to meet my requirements.


Function Libraries in StormRunner?Open in a New Window

How do function libraries work in StormRunner?

 I have multiple sites to test, of which 90% of their scripting will be the same (base platform code is the same across brands).

 It would appear that using function libraries for common code would make the most sense, but I’m not finding how to use them in the StormRunner documentation.


SRL Help Center is there for youOpen in a New Window

Read the latest blog on how the ADM Help Center enables you to make the most of SRL or other ADM products that you use in your organization.  

How can we help you? Explore the new Application Delivery Management Help Center for insights

Tell us how we are doing!  Feedback warmly welcome. 


In Stormrunner can I choose physical load generators located in different Geographical locationsOpen in a New Window


I learned about HP SAAS product StormRunner launched in market. I need to know, as this is a cloud based solution, is it possible to physically assign/choose (Not using Network Virtualization) different Load Generators in different Geographical locations. For NV, we have virtual locations, but what I am asking here is physically choosing each load generators that are placed in different geographical locations and get network analysis similar to what we get in NV test results.

Thanking you in advance.




Stormrunner download for AWS / Amazon environmentOpen in a New Window


i have the HP Stormrunner Load tester tool trial version,i did create a acct and installed the VuGen what else i need to do and do i have to install the Analizer or the Genarator or Monitor tool etc?could you walk me thrue or guide me to try the tool to procure.


Project management is now available in StormRunner Load!Open in a New Window

We have just released project management capability in StormRunner Load 2.0 release.


Many of us manage load testing for several project teams.

We need to worry about allocation of load testing resources (load generators, scripts, license) to those teams.

We need to make sure each of these teams has its own workspace, where they can work without being interrupted by other teams and projects.


The new project management functionality in HPE StormRunner Load allows you to do exactly that, and here is how:


Once you have selected the desired users to be Administrators in your account, they will get access to "Administration" tab:


In the "Administration" tab you can manage projects:

1. Create/Edit/Delete projects



 2. Assign users to projects



3. Allocate license to projects, by either allocating a specific amount of license to the project or by configuring it to use the general license in your account by clicking on the "Use tenant licenses"



Each project is an isolated area where only project's assigned users can view, access and use its assets. Projects' assets, like tests, scripts, monitors, load generators, etc. will be available only in the project they belong to.

Each user in your account will be able to navigate to the projects he/she is assigned to:



Thank you!

StormRunner R&D Team


Don't have a StormRunner Load account yet? Get your own trial account by filling the following form:



For more information about project management please view:




Project Tab:StormRunnerOpen in a New Window


I have enabled project tab in our stormrunner instance. How can we move existing scripts and tests from Default project to new project created?


HPE Performance Engineering news - Aug 2016Open in a New Window

Hewlett Packard Enterprise StormRunner Load 2.0 has just been released!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise StormRunner Load 2.0, cloud load testing software, has just been released. Although it may be a small step for us at HPE, it has been a giant step for Enterprise Performance Testing. Born almost two years ago, and with release cycles every two months, StormRunner Load has emerged as a leading cloud performance testing solution. This software packs new and existing features with each release to become a more robust and mature enterprise-ready testing tool. StormRunner Load is simple - because it really takes just few minutes to sign up, upload scripts and start running tests. The software is smart - because it has powerful analytics and enhanced integration with many and various open source and proprietary software solutions. And it is scalable - because you can easily add 1M+ VUsers to make sure your app can handle the load. Read more…


The power of load testing IoT: requirements and tips
The Internet of Things is growing at an astronomical rate. This is why load testing these devices and the networks that serve them is vital. We recently had a discussion with a company looking to install smart (IoT) devices. Keep reading to find out what they discovered.


Velocity 2016 Santa Clara: 9 reasons this event is impactful for Performance Engineering
Waiting for the O’Reilly Velocity NY, learn more about the Santa Clara event and other cities coming to you soon here. You will also find: Schedule, Speaker slides and Recorded keynotes available. Read more...


Get a new way to manipulate JSON with load testing in LoadRunner

Hewlett Packard Enterprise LoadRunner load testing software supports JavaScript as scripting language since release 12.50, however if a user wants to manipulate JSON within an existing C-script, this is more challenging. LoadRunner 12.53 introduces a series of new APIs to manipulate JSON in C language script, making the scripting process easier and quicker for the script developers. Read more...


LoadRunner and Continuous Integration: configuring Jenkins jobs in 5 easy steps

If the methodology of your product development includes continuous integration, you should be running performance tests as part of your build cycle. This post explains how you can configure a Jenkins job to run Hewlett Packard Enterprise LoadRunner tests as a build step, and establish service level agreements (SLAs) that will cause the build to fail should these not be met. Follow these few steps to easily run performance testing within your environment.


Utilizing the NV Insights report during the performance testing process

How is the network affecting the application? What’s the difference in user experience while accessing the site from different geographical locations? The answers to these questions may be obtained by using a new feature in the integration of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Performance Center with HPE Network Virtualization, called the “NV Insights Report”. Read more…

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