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Is it legal to create loadrunner scripts from other tool to help the community?Open in a New Window


I have created a tool that would help the community to transform Postman (tool to test API's / web services) collections to load testing scripts.

More info about the tool here https://github.com/rupeshmore/dakiya

I already have 2 open source load testing tool script conversion in place. While I would like to extend the tool's capability to convert into LoadRunners scripts.

The question here is is it legal to do that for LoadRunner? If not, how do I reach the right people to get the buy-in?


Best of Show on Tour 2017: March 28 - Apr 6 in GermanyOpen in a New Window

Join us for the  Best of Show on Tour where we will present the latest trends and developments in Application Delivery Management. Providing high-quality applications quickly and reliably, creating a positive digital user experience – these are the declared goals of IT and development departments. These can be achieved with Continuous Testing, agile development and DevOps. We will show you how on the Best of Show on Tour. At the same time, we would like to take the opportunity to kick off the HPE German Testing Community – a format which is already well received in Switzerland and which we would like to offer our German customers as a platform for knowledge exchange, best practice sharing, networking and collaboration among peers. Don’t miss this opportunity in a city near you and register now! (The events will be conducted in German language.)

Agenda & registration


How to validate a graph loading in Tru Client Protocol for Qlik Sense based application?Open in a New Window


I want to validate the page rendering time for Graph loading completely for the application developed in Qlik Sense Technology.

Is it possible to check the graph loading response time as well running in controller and developer mode? Also let me know how to validate the graph content?


Raghul M


Download setupvugen.exeOpen in a New Window


I want to install vugen as a stand alone application.  I have downloaded the Loadrunner 12.53 installation files and have extracted them (including the Standalone Applications file) but, after running setup.exe and clicking on the VuGen link, nothing happens.

It looks like it is looking for a file "setupvugen.exe" which is not present.  Can anyone tell me where I can get hold of this file?

Thanks in advance,



Load Runner Community Edition Licence LimitationsOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I have installed Load runner community edition in my office. I just wanted to know what can I do with this license. Can I conduct enterprise level testing with this license ( I mean can I use this for commercial purpose) OR is this license is available only for training purpose??


LoadRunner 12,53 and RMI portOpen in a New Window

Hi support, we want to use load runner 12.53 for test RMI interfaces.


Is not clear for we If we need to run the VuGen or not. Because in the trial in standalone applications is not available the VuGen for install.


Regards, Matias


LOad Runner 12.50 Download LinkOpen in a New Window

I see LR has been updated to 12.53 , is it possible to get the previous build 12.50

I need 12.50 because of the test result feature has been ripped. I have no idea why they removed the useful feature from it .



LR community edition download page does not workOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

please addvice when https://saas.hpe.com/download/loadrunner will be available again? Will it?Is it still possible to download and install LR coummunity eddition?

Thank you, very much.






lOAD RUNNEROpen in a New Window



How to setup a LoadGenerator on separate machine?Open in a New Window

Hi, I've performed a full installation of Loadrunner 12.53 in my machine, and I've setup some working testScripts.

Now I want to run them through the controller, with 2 load generators (the one on my machine and the one on another one, let's say Machine2). (both machines are windows10 physical machines).

I installed again Loadrunner 12.53 on Machine2, I didn't find the way of installing only the Load Generator Agent, so I installed again full loadrunner 12.53.

How do I setup Machine2 install?

How do I say to Machine1 controller to run Vusers on the loadgenerator of machine2.

When I click on "add new loadGenerator" it only let me to set a name and some information, but no IP adress or hostname of machine2 .. how can I be sure that Loadrunner Controller "sees" machine2's LoadGenerator?



LoadRuuner 12..53 DowloadOpen in a New Window


I have already LR 12.50 installed (with licence).

Trying to download 12.53 from


but got

“You already have an ongoing trial for this product. Please login to MyAccount and access your trial.”

Can you help - how to download LR 12.53 ?

Thanks in advance,







Dockerised Load GeneratorOpen in a New Window

Hello All

introducing Docker support for StormRunner Load!

It was only a matter of time till a coupling between Docker and a load testing platform with burst capacities like StormRunner Load will happen.

Though StormRunner Load (aka SRL) does provide cloud burst capabilities, some users still need a secure way to load their system from behind the firewall - thus requiring an On-Premise Load Generator.

This solution has been around for a while, it took some time to mature to its current state.

Now, with the new load generator Docker image it takes mere seconds to deploy infrastructure that can support a wide variety of systems.

For more information, please check this short movie




Getting "Source file not found"Open in a New Window

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Load Distribution in CloudOpen in a New Window

Can any one tell me how the load distribution provided in cloud. Will it by region wise or state wise for US ?.


GWT Issues in LOadrunner 12.02Open in a New Window

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web_websocket_connect issueOpen in a New Window

I have been trying to replay my script which has a web_websocket_connect request. But it is throwing 500 error.

Please help me resolve this issue.

Attached: Screenshot of the error


ALM 12.01 support TLS1.2 versionOpen in a New Window

Does ALM 12.01 support TLS1.2 version? If not, what is quickest step to fix it (is there any simple patch).


Scripts are not working in vugen 12.50Open in a New Window

Hi, I have recorded some scripts in vugen 12.10 and they are working fine in vugen 12.10 but not working in 12.50 version. What would be the most likely cause? Seems like I need to import some corelation files in the new version?

Thanks in advance !


Facing issue with Controller.exeOpen in a New Window

Hi !

I have installed Loadrunner 12.5 on my machine . But the controller is still not working or opening. While vugen and analysis are working fine. Can anyone please recommend solution for this issue and explain what may be the cause ?


Performance Center 12.53 is now available!Open in a New Window

Hello Performance Engineering Family! I am very proud to annonuce PC 12.53 is now available!

This new release introduces the following exciting features and enhancements:

·         Online Graph Enhancements

Interactive online graphs with enhanced usability and the ability of merging several graphs into one.

 ·         Performance Center Administration Dashboard

The dashboard displays usage reports and graphs for a single or multiple projects in a flexible, Web-based user interface.

 ·         Network Virtualization Insights Report

The NV Insights report analyzes and compares application behavior over various networks. It identifies problematic transactions, uncovers their root causes, and offers optimization recommendations for application improvements.

 ·         Service Virtualization Integration Enhancements

Improved the Service Virtualization dialog box for configuring services before the test run.

 ·         PAL Data Set Creator Wizard Enhancements

Enhanced usability and added the ability to define time ranges using the Scheduler Assistant graph. This graph samples your log to help you identify peak time ranges.

 ·         VuGen Enhancements

         Integration with Git

         REST API editor, enabling you to create and test REST API steps in scripts.

         Improved support for instant traffic capture files.

         Ability to check script compatibility for Linux.

         New comparison and merging tool.

         Optional data collection program, compiling VuGen usage analytics to help improve VuGen quality.

         Improved VuGen GUI, including new Start page, and revamped Tools > Options dialog box.

         Multiple usability improvements.

 ·         Analysis Enhancements

         Improved Analysis GUI, including new look for the HTML report.

         Analysis Summary report includes breakdown per location.

         Additional graph displaying number of bytes sent for each URL.

·         Help Center Enhancements

Help Center is now available on the Web, providing easier access and more up-to-date user assistance. By default, all the Performance Center help buttons open the online help. To use the local Help Center, open ALM Site Administration and set the site configuration parameter USE_LOCAL_HELP to ‘Y’.


To learn more about Performance Center visit us on:


·         LoadRunner and Performance Center Blog

·         Performance Center @ hpe.com

·         LoadRunner Community forums

·         LoadRunner and Performance Center @ HPLN


For additional information/instructions on how to download PC 12.53, please refer to: KM02354255

Enjoy, this new amazing version!  :) Please feel free to reach out if you have any issues/feedback to share.


Thank you!


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