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HPE Software Products: LoadRunner Information and News
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Getting "Source file not found"Open in a New Window

Mod Message : Topic moved to Loadrunner Practitioners Forum


Load Distribution in CloudOpen in a New Window

Can any one tell me how the load distribution provided in cloud. Will it by region wise or state wise for US ?.


GWT Issues in LOadrunner 12.02Open in a New Window

Mod Message : This Topic is moved to Loadrunner Practitioners Forum


web_websocket_connect issueOpen in a New Window

I have been trying to replay my script which has a web_websocket_connect request. But it is throwing 500 error.

Please help me resolve this issue.

Attached: Screenshot of the error


ALM 12.01 support TLS1.2 versionOpen in a New Window

Does ALM 12.01 support TLS1.2 version? If not, what is quickest step to fix it (is there any simple patch).


Scripts are not working in vugen 12.50Open in a New Window

Hi, I have recorded some scripts in vugen 12.10 and they are working fine in vugen 12.10 but not working in 12.50 version. What would be the most likely cause? Seems like I need to import some corelation files in the new version?

Thanks in advance !


Facing issue with Controller.exeOpen in a New Window

Hi !

I have installed Loadrunner 12.5 on my machine . But the controller is still not working or opening. While vugen and analysis are working fine. Can anyone please recommend solution for this issue and explain what may be the cause ?


Performance Center 12.53 is now available!Open in a New Window

Hello Performance Engineering Family! I am very proud to annonuce PC 12.53 is now available!

This new release introduces the following exciting features and enhancements:

·         Online Graph Enhancements

Interactive online graphs with enhanced usability and the ability of merging several graphs into one.

 ·         Performance Center Administration Dashboard

The dashboard displays usage reports and graphs for a single or multiple projects in a flexible, Web-based user interface.

 ·         Network Virtualization Insights Report

The NV Insights report analyzes and compares application behavior over various networks. It identifies problematic transactions, uncovers their root causes, and offers optimization recommendations for application improvements.

 ·         Service Virtualization Integration Enhancements

Improved the Service Virtualization dialog box for configuring services before the test run.

 ·         PAL Data Set Creator Wizard Enhancements

Enhanced usability and added the ability to define time ranges using the Scheduler Assistant graph. This graph samples your log to help you identify peak time ranges.

 ·         VuGen Enhancements

         Integration with Git

         REST API editor, enabling you to create and test REST API steps in scripts.

         Improved support for instant traffic capture files.

         Ability to check script compatibility for Linux.

         New comparison and merging tool.

         Optional data collection program, compiling VuGen usage analytics to help improve VuGen quality.

         Improved VuGen GUI, including new Start page, and revamped Tools > Options dialog box.

         Multiple usability improvements.

 ·         Analysis Enhancements

         Improved Analysis GUI, including new look for the HTML report.

         Analysis Summary report includes breakdown per location.

         Additional graph displaying number of bytes sent for each URL.

·         Help Center Enhancements

Help Center is now available on the Web, providing easier access and more up-to-date user assistance. By default, all the Performance Center help buttons open the online help. To use the local Help Center, open ALM Site Administration and set the site configuration parameter USE_LOCAL_HELP to ‘Y’.


To learn more about Performance Center visit us on:


·         LoadRunner and Performance Center Blog

·         Performance Center @

·         LoadRunner Community forums

·         LoadRunner and Performance Center @ HPLN


For additional information/instructions on how to download PC 12.53, please refer to: KM02354255

Enjoy, this new amazing version!  :) Please feel free to reach out if you have any issues/feedback to share.


Thank you!



Chrome Version supported by HP Load Runner 12.02Open in a New Window


Recently i got the trial version of HP Load Runner 12.02 installed on my machine. I am trying to figure out the answer of below mentioned 3 questions:-

1) Which version of Chrome is supported by LR 12.02?  I have Chrome version (Version 49.0.2623.87 m) installed on my machine but when i tried to record the script using Chrome browser for URL, nothing happened. Script did not get recorded.

2) Does Trial version of Load Runner provides vusers in Controller? If yes, then how many vusers? For me , it is giving message that Load Runner cannot create vusers.

3) Do the user need to have admin access on the machine where LR is installed? If not, then are there any implications of not having admin rights on the LR  machine.





LoadRunner 12.53 Released!Open in a New Window

LoadRunner 12.53 is here! We are delighted to bring you our latest release, packed with new functionality and enhancements.

Download the free LoadRunner 12.53 Community Edition from

Release highlights include:

  • Git integration in VuGen. Blog post
  • 64-bit replay support in various Java protocols and C Vuser protocol
  • New PCoIP (remote access) protocol. Blog post
  • Enhanced SAPUI5 recording in TruClient
  • HTTP Video Streaming (HTML5, HLS) support. Blog post
  • HTTP/2 support. Blog post
  • REST step-builder editor in VuGen. Blog post
  • JSON manipulation APIs. Blog post
  • Web - HTTP/HTML and Mobile Application - HTTP/HTML protocol unification
  • Linux load generator improvements
  • Enhancements to Java-based protocols


Read on to see what is included in this release:

New Supported Technologies and Platforms

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Edge browser
  • Visual Studio 2013 add-in
  • Visual Studio 2015 add-in
  • Upgraded Eclipse IDE add-in
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2
  • hLinux (HPE’s Debian-derivative)

VuGen Enhancements

  • Integration with Git, enabling you to store scripts in a Git repository, improving team collaboration for Agile groups. Blog post
  • REST GUI API editor, enabling you to create and test REST API steps in scripts. Blog post
  • Improved support for instant traffic capture files (including PCAP, HAR, SAZ). Blog post
  • Ability to check script compatibility for Linux
  • New comparison and merging tool
  • Optional data collection program, compiling VuGen usage analytics to help improve VuGen quality
  • Improved VuGen user interface, including new Start page, and revamped Tools > Options dialog box
  • Multiple usability improvements in the following areas: correlations, parameterization and data import, NV Analytics report, menus, and more

TruClient Enhancements

Changes to browser version support:

  • Chromium 46
  • Firefox 40.0.3
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11 (Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported)

Improvements to step end events, including:

  • New end event – Object Exists
  • Automatic end event per browser
  • Reset automatic end event

Improvements to object identification:

  • Automatic object identification now includes a built-in fallback mechanism
  • Random object identification using Descriptors

Improvements to interactive script development:

  • Control actions during recording
  • Ability to skip Waitsteps during script replay
  • Ability to disable the Watchpanel from the Interactive Options tab of the General Settings

TruClient Standalone:

  • Revamped TruClient Launcher
  • Support for non-zipped script folders
  • Ability to export script to zips containing runtime files only

TruClient Chromium:

  • Support for NV Emulation integration
  • Support for NV Analytics Report in VuGen
  • Support for speed simulation, available under the Networksection in the Run-Time Settings
  • Support for IP Spoofing
  • Support for HP Diagnostics integration

TruClient Internet Explorer:

  • Improved support for Internet Explorer 10 and 11 cache mechanism
  • Stability fixes

General TruClient enhancements:

  • Improved ability to record SAPUI5 applications - recording is supported with all browsers and with increased usability
  • Ability to call the parameter’s name directly as an input in the Step Arguments section
  • Support Continue to next stepas additional Action on Error, under the Load section in the Run-Time Settings
  • Support for additional VTS (Virtual Table Server) APIs
  • New Generic API Actionstep, providing a UI for TruClient JavaScript APIs, available from the Toolbox
  • Title argument added to Activate Browser Windowstep, enabling activation of browser window using the window title
  • Activate tab/window steps now have a retry mechanism with timeout

General Protocol Enhancements


  • OCR text trapping
  • Support for user activity simulation in idle session, available from the runtime settings Citrix Synchronization View

C Vuser:

  • Support for 64-bit replay for C Vuser scripts
  • Update to C scripting backend, providing 64-bit integers support (long long, unsigned long long)
  • Switched C Interpreter to the latest Microsoft C Runtime


  • Support for Java serialized objects


  • Support for 64-bit recording

Java-based protocols:

  • Support for Java 8 in the following protocols: Java over HTTP, Java Record Replay (recording RMI and custom hooks sub-protocols only), Java Vuser
  • Support for 64-bit recording with Java 8 in the Java Record Replay protocol
  • Support for 64-bit replay with Java 8 in protocols Java Record Replay and Java Vuser
  • General Java-based protocols usability improvements
  • Changes to the Java VTC API (vts.Vtc), to support 64-bit replay mode. The Vtc handler is now longinstead of int

Oracle - 2-Tier:

  • Support for Oracle Database 12c

Teradici PCoIP:

  • New VuGen protocol, PCoIP (remote access), based on Teradici’s PC-over-IP technology; providing ability to record and replay scripts, load test, and perform analysis. Blog post


  • Support for SAPGUI 7.40

Web – HTTP/HTML & Mobile Application - HTTP/HTML:

  • Support for recording HTTP video streaming (on HTML5 and HLS), providing unified APIs to perform common video player actions, and providing streaming metrics (lagging, buffering, and more). Blog post
  • Support for HTTP/2 recording and replay, including multiplexing. Blog post
  • Support for the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Support for Server Name Indication (SNI)
  • New APIs to manipulate and edit JSON data (similar to existing XML API). Blog post
  • The Web - HTTP/HTML protocol was unified with the Mobile Application - HTTP/HTML protocol (and the Mobile Application - HTTP/HTML protocol removed from VuGen). The unified protocol includes support for parsing capture files generated by mobile devices.

Web Services:

  • Support selection of a certificate file for web services
  • Improved support for CDATA sections
  • New web_service_set_option API for controlling different web service call options

Controller Enhancements

  • New cloud provider – DigitalOcean. You can now provision load generators with Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, and DigitalOcean.
  • Compatibility check for script version to load generator version

Analysis Enhancements

  • Improved Analysis user interface, including new look for the HTML report
  • Analysis Summary report includes breakdown per location, enabling you to analyze and compare the transaction behavior between different virtual locations

Virtual Table Server (VTS) Enhancements

  • Improved VTS server security, using CLI tool

Security Enhancements

  • A new certificate manager tool enabling improved handling of CA and SSL certificates

Installation Enhancements

  • Installation process now does a compatibility check for required Windows updates

Help Center Enhancements

  • Standalone TruClient and VuGen Help Centers available online
  • Improved user experience for the Help Centers – LoadRunner Help Center
  • Improved switch between online and local Help Centers

Integrations with the latest HPE product versions

Integration with recent versions of the following products:

  • Mobile Center: Additional configuration options for TruClient – Native Mobile scripts.
  • Service Virtualization: Support for Windows 10
  • Diagnostics
  • SiteScope
  • Network Virtualization
  • Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Performance Center
  • Business Process Monitor (BPM)
  • Jenkins plugin:
    • HP Application and Automation Tools integration with Jenkins version 4.01. Blog post
    • Jenkins SLA and report improvements.


For more details about the supported integrations for LoadRunner, see the Integration Support Matrices.

For details about the supported versions, see the Product Availability Matrix, available from the Software Support site.

For full details on the above features, check out the Readme, the LoadRunner Help Center, and the TruClient Help Center.


LoadRunner 12.53 is a complete installation package that includes all LoadRunner 12.00 and content from subsequent releases. The full package, including all distributable components, can be downloaded from the My Updates portal after signing in with your HPE Passport.


You can also download the free LoadRunner 12.53 Community Edition or a LoadRunner Virtual User Days license from


Thank you for choosing HP LoadRunner!




is mobile app performance testing possible with Loadrunner trial versionOpen in a New Window


Is it possible to test the native mobile application, with the trial version of the loadrunner.

I am interested only in Vugen part, so that I can just record the csript and replay it back, to, check it's compatibility.

Any response would be highly appreciated.




Not Able to Install The Load runner 12.50Open in a New Window

I am trying to Install the Load runner 12.50 but after downloading the Zip file from the site i am given error while trying to Unzip. The Error says - "Unable to seek the begining of the central directory". Can any one please help me finding the solution.


Webinar replay available: Performance Engineering in Agile: Expert DiscussionOpen in a New Window

The 9 Feb 2016 marked 2 of 12 webinars in the 2016 series for the Vivit Worldwide Performance Engineering Special Interest Group (SIG), and we covered the topic of Performance Engineering in Agile

Read more and check out links to the Video Recording and Deck and Questions & Answers here


#githubpocolypse is happening now. We all wonder why? How long? What’s next?Open in a New Window

GitHub went down and impacted a reported 11 million users. What does this mean today and for the future? Todd DeCapua investigates the crash. Read more


LoadRunner 12.50 Patch 3 released!Open in a New Window

We are pleased to update you that LoadRunner 12.50 Patch 3 has been released.

The main changes in this version are

 Support for Mobile Center 1.51:

  • Wait for object as step end event for accurate transaction measurements
  • Recording of mobile event simulation such as SMS and call receiving
  • Support pinch gesture in Android OS
  • Additional flow control steps

LoadRunner/TruClient enhancements:

  • Cache emulation for TruClient with IE 10/11
  • Fix for Amazon Cloud provisioning
  • When recording SSL-encrypted communication, VuGen now uses SHA-256-signed certificates in place of the older SHA-1-signed certificates.

For more details, see the 12.50 Patch 3 Readme. 


The patch should be installed over LoadRunner 12.50 or 12.50 Patch 1.

Download the relevant patch for your LoadRunner component:

Thank you for choosing HP LoadRunner!


HP Testing Solutions SurveyOpen in a New Window

HP Software R&D constantly strives to improve our products, and values your feedback.


We want to better understand your usage of HP testing solutions, so that we can enhance your experience with those solutions. You can help with this by participating in our annual survey. You could also win an Apple iPad Air 2!


Please take a few minutes to complete our survey:


After completing the survey, you will be entered into a raffle to win a prize.
The survey covers HP’s Application Development Management suite of tools, including LoadRunner, Performance Center, StormRunner and more.



LoadRunner 12.50 WebinarOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

HP Software RnD conducts a webinar on the new and exciting features of LoadRunner 12.50 release

The webinar will take place on October 27th.  To register simply email us with the subject “LR Webinar” to


For more details, please see the attached PPT file.


Looking forward to seeing you,

PLV customer oriented RnD


LoadRunner v12.50 release noteOpen in a New Window

I logged on to the HP MyAccount portal to download additional LR v12.02 components but found LR version number is now v12.50. I found no information about this latest update. Can anyone share the release note? It would take too long to download the entire package just to read the release note. 





LoadRunner 12.50 Released!Open in a New Window

We are proud to bring you LoadRunner 12.50! This release expands LoadRunner’s scripting and recording capabilities, in addition to providing many technological and usability enhancements.


Some release highlights:

  • JavaScript added as a new scripting language for the Web - HTTP/HTML protocol, empowering scripting capabilities. Video, blog post
  • Improved HP Network Virtualization integration, including support for additional protocols, and introduction of the Network Virtualization Analytics report for advanced network performance breakdown. Video, blog post
  • TruClient record and replay now supported in Chromium, enabling cross-browser capabilities such as the ability to record in one browser and replay in another (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chromium). Blog post
  • LoadRunner Help Center now accessible both locally and online. Access the online Help Center at


The release includes:


New supported technologies and platforms

  • Google Compute Engine available as a cloud provider in the Controller.
  • Support of GWT DFE on Linux.
  • Support for the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox browsers.
  • Support for latest version of Eclipse and Selenium.
  • Updated Linux load generator matrix with extended support for 64-bit systems.


Improved HP Network Virtualization integration 

  • Simplified process for creating a test with Network Virtualization:
    • Predefined virtual locations.
    • Simpler access to Network Virtualization settings from the LoadRunner user interface.
  • Ability to define virtual locations for all protocols. For details, see the Product Availability Matrix.
  • New Analysis graph comparing transaction response times by location.
  • Unified licensing management (LoadRunner and Network Virtualization).
  • The LoadRunner Community license now includes two free Network Virtualization virtual users.


HP NV Analytics

  • Enhanced replay summary in VuGen, with Network Virtualization statistics for Web-based and TruClient - Web protocols. Blog post
  • A fully functional version of NV Analytics with a 30-day license.
  • Network Virtualization Analytics Standalone and Predictor integrations, providing feedback that enables you to improve your Web application performance.


Protocol enhancements


  • Ability to create script code in JavaScript as an alternative to C. Video, blog post
  • Usability enhancements in the GWT DFE mechanism. Blog post
  • Ability to generate WebSocket code directly from pcap files.
  • Ability to create Vuser Script from HTTP Archive (HAR) files.
  • Support for 64-bit recording in Google Chrome.
  • Ability to set default SSL level in Runtime settings.
  • Initial Authentication for NTLM and Kerberos authentications.
  • Correlation settings enhancements, with improvements to the TestPad dialog box and ability to exclude content types through the user interface.
  • Automatic password hiding within script code.
  • Recording alerts, issuing warnings to indicate that SSL is not being recorded.


  • New protocol,TruClient - Web, allows cross-record and replay between Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chromium browsers. A script recorded with one browser, can be replayed in another browser.  Blog post
    • Ability to convert TruClient - Firefox and TruClient - IE scripts to TruClient - Web.
    • New toolbox step,If Browser, allows you to add browser-specific steps.
  • A global watch panel allows you to view variable values using breakpoints.
  • Support for download filters in TruClient - Web scripts.
  • Event handler support for the following dialog boxes: alert, confirm, prompt, and authentication.
  • Ability to mark Generic Browser steps as optional.
  • Improved reporting, by designating the time spent on object identification for optional steps that were not replayed, as wasted time.
  • Enhancements to the user interface:
    • Ability to group multiple steps into an action.
    • Ability to rename a function library.
    • Ability to close dialog boxes using the Esc key.
    • Ability to open context sensitive help using the F1 key from all dialog boxes.
    • Ability to apply a Dark theme to the TruClient sidebar.
  • A TruClient standalone setup file allows you to install TruClient independent of VuGen.


  • Support for XenApp with App-V.
  • Ability to override recorded synchronization area by specifying exact values for top-left point, width, and height of the synchronization area.
  • Ability to synchronize when launching the Citrix agent.
  • Citrix documentation improvements with additional tips and guidelines.


  • Support forAsync and Await modifiers for asynchronous programming.
  • The filter manager is now a dockable pane, accessible from theView 
  • You can manage a method's inclusion or exclusion from the VuGen editor's context menu.


  • Support for RTMP over SSL (RTMPS).
  • Ability to insert a text check from the Recording toolbar.

Web Services: Ability to create Vuser script from Fiddler .saz files.

RDP: Session management improvements, with ability to resume unclosed sessions and terminate sessions at the end of a replay.

POP3, SMTP, IMAP: When recording a login step in which an IP address was specified, the script saves the IP address instead of the host name.

RTE: New explicit disconnect API command.

SAP - Web, Siebel - Web: Support for remote and local proxy recording.

Java over HTTP: Support for DFE extensions (with the exception of GWT).

Windows Sockets: Support for SSL.


VuGen replay summary improvements

  • Improved replay statistics details and ability to view results for script actions.
  • Export replay statistics to PDF.
  • Link to Network Virtualization Analytics reports for Web-based and TruClient protocols.


VuGen general usability improvements

  • JavaScript language support for Web - HTTP/HTML protocol.
  • Proxy recording enhancements: Support of traffic filtering, client-side certificates, and error detection.
  • Ability to enable/disable Async rules when recording a script.
  • Correlation support for JSON content type (Windows platform only).
  • Ability to edit and save all file types in VuGen code editor.
  • Enhanced keyboard support for the Runtime Settings views.


Analysis improvements

  • Support for HTML reports in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • New Analysis graphs forTruClient - Native Mobile showing CPU, memory, and free memory on device.
  • Performance and Graphs UI improvements.
  • New Transaction graph grouping the response time by location.


Security enhancements

  • OpenSSL version 1.0.2d incorporating all of the latest security fixes.
  • FIPS Windows compatibility.


Load generator improvements

  • Docker installation for Linux load generators. Blog post


Increased Help Center accessibility

  • The LoadRunner Help Center is now available on the Web, providing easier access and more up-to-date user assistance. You can switch between the online and local Help Centers through a selection button in the user interface.


Integrations with latest HP product versions

  • HP Mobile Center:
        • TruClient - Native Mobile protocol integration with version 1.1 of HP Mobile Center. For details see the Mobile Center Help.
      • New monitors and graphs showing CPU, memory, and free memory on mobile device.
  • HP Service Virtualization:
    • Integration with HP Service Virtualization version 3.70.
    • Auto deploy functionality allowing services to be deployed automatically when test run begins.
    • Improved HP Service Virtualization Setup dialog box for configuring services before the test run.
    • Improved HP Service Virtualization Runtime dialog box allowing interaction with services during runtime.
  • Jenkins plugin:Integration with Jenkins version 1.602. For details, see the HP Application and Automation Tools 
  • Integration with recent versions of the following HP products:
    • HP Diagnostics
    • HP SiteScope
    • HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
    • HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
    • HP Performance Center
    • HP Business Process Monitor (BPM)

For more details about the supported integrations for LoadRunner, see the HP Software Integration Support Matrices.


For full details on the above features, check out the readme and the LoadRunner Help Center. For details about product versions, see the Product Availability Matrix.


LoadRunner 12.50 is a complete installation package that includes all LoadRunner 12.00 and content from subsequent releases. The full package, including all distributable components, can be downloaded from My Software Updates portal after signing in with your HP Passport.

You can also download the free LoadRunner 12.50 Community Edition from


You can purchase online a LoadRunner Virtual User Days license, within minutes! Click here to purchase LoadRunner Virtual Users Days.


We are pleased to bring you this important release. 

Thank you for choosing HP LoadRunner!


Aya Yohanan,

R&D Program Manager, LoadRunner


Improve your skills with HP ASE - LoadRunner v12Open in a New Window

Improve your skills as a load-testing engineer. The HP ASE - LoadRunner v12 certification demonstrates that you can automate performance validation and scalability tests with HP LoadRunner.


Learn more

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