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HPE Software Products: Network Automation Support and News Forum
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Hp NA Upgraded 10.0 to 10.20 but now cant run CISCO command scriptsOpen in a New Window

Dear All,

we updated our NA 10.0 to 10.20 


I am trying to run acommand script to push configurations to CISCO2911/K9 (C2900 series)

we got this error

TypeError: com.rendition.util.StringUtils.explode is not a function in java_parser.js at line number 395

I found this post


Shoudl I delete one of this files?


Also I recognized that we don't have CISCO2911/K9 (C2900 series) driver in this file /NA/prod/server/lib/drivers/

Should it be there?

Do you have any advices?



Save command output to txt file in network automationOpen in a New Window

Hi experts,

I have to save output of a command "show tech" in a file

I m able to run this command through NA
Also i used convert to perl option....can anyone suggest what should i write in that script to take the output in txt file

Network automation version is 9.20
OS windows 2008 r2



slow connection to CLI proxy and HPNA webuiOpen in a New Window

Hi. I'm running HPNA v10.11 with FIPS enabled.  HPNA is running on Linux.  Ever since I upgraded from 10.00 to 10.11, putty/ssh to HPNA CLI proxy (mine is port 22) is super slow.  It takes more than 90 seconds to see the password prompt.  Putty/SSH to HPNA server, port 8022, is instantaneous.   Any idea?  I see the following error message in server.log - not sure my problem is related:

ERROR [org.jboss.ejb.plugins.LogInterceptor] (Thread-TaskID-39041) RuntimeException in method: public abstract java.lang.String com.rendition.appserver.CryptoOperationsLocal.decrypt(java.lang.String):: com.rendition.util.RenditionUncheckedException: BadPaddingException: Crypto key exception. Invalid padding.
Contact Technical Support.  (Reference stack trace ID 1332)
        at com.rendition.appserver.CryptoOperationsEJB.failOverDecrypt( [:]
        at com.rendition.appserver.CryptoOperationsEJB.decrypt( [:]
        at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor434.invoke(Unknown Source) [:1.8.0_60]





Load Balancer in front of two HS coresOpen in a New Window

Hello!  I am installing NA 10.20 with two cores with Horizontal Scalability.  Both cores can accept user logins.  Management wants to put a load balancer in front of them, but I have been asked how the LB can tell if a core is up or not.

For example, OO 10.6 has the url http://<IP>:<PORT>/oo/hello.html to tell if a server is live - is there any way in NA for the LB to tell if the core is live and accepting connections?



Configuration BackupOpen in a New Window


I am new to NA,  what level of permission ( for ex: admin) requierd on device access to take configuration backup of device.

What are the different types of access levels on devices in NA?


HP Network Automation 10Open in a New Window

Good afternoon,

I probably don't have the correct blog, so please feel free to point me in the proper direction for this post.

Recently I have been fighting a problem with HPNA 10, where driver discovery using ssh does not discover Cisco Nexus Driver (in particular and easily reporoducible), but does work using snmp discovery.

The issue was twofold:

/opt/NA/jre/adjustable_options.rcx: a line had to be added to add a new Device Access Setting Option for UsePollRead:

<!-- This parameter ensures that the log file cannot be overwritten by default-->

       <option name="import/overwrite/logfile">false</option>

      <option name="import/basedir/device">/opt/NA/imports</option>

ð     <option name="Driver/Discovery/UsePollRead">true</option>

Afterward add the option in your webui to your 'How To Use Device Access Settings', in the first variable section after the Name dropdowns:

Name   PollRead

Value   true

Hope this helps some folks as it is peculiar to ssh discovery and is a corner case for those who use snmp discovery, this has driven me mad for the last I don't know how many months.


Mike Goodman


Deploying Cisco ConfigurationsOpen in a New Window

I am new to the Network Automation product and am having some issues with deploying configurations (using ssh/scp) to my cisco routers and switches. NA 10.10 is installed on a RHEL 6.7 OS. I have seen indications within the documentation that performing SCP transfers to and from the NA system requires some special configuration (i.e. adjusting sshd port #) on the RHEL OS. I have also seen references to some type of NA SSH Proxy, which I cannot find any indication of on my system.  Can some one point in the required configuration areas to enable this capability or to what document would detail the requirements.

Current Config

Device Access -> FTP/SSH user is set to a valid user on the NA OS.

Server -> TFTP Server IPv4 Address is set to NA IP

Telnet/SSH Server -> Defaults (enabled, 8022)

OS SSHD Port = 8022  --> SCP results in a Failure to Connect. Most likely because neither the OS or NA Proxy SSH is listening on port 22.


OS SSHD Port = 22 -->  Failure to retrieve the configuration file. Most likely because the SCP does not get redirected to the NA SSH server that




HPE Network Automation, Remote Code Execution, Disclosure of Sensitive InformationOpen in a New Window

Hello Team,

We are using NA 10.0.0

There is a vulnerabilities on this version as you can see here,

we don't want update software. is there solution for these vulnerabilities without update?

Do you have advices?




NA/SA integration and TLSv1.2Open in a New Window

Since upgrading SA to 10.23 and TLSv1.2 our SA-NA integration is broken.  We see errors like:

<Security> <BEA-090497> <HANDSHAKE_FAILURE alert received from <sa_hostname> - <sa_ip>. Check both sides of the SSL configuration for mismatches in supported ciphers, supported protocol versions, trusted CAs, and hostname verification settings.>

in the NA server.log.  The SA twist logs do not provide any details.

We verified the NA (9.22.02) server.xml and adjustable_options.rcx setting per KM01345573:

# grep TLS jre/adjustable_options.rcx
<option name="gateway/client/sslprotocol">TLSv1.2</option>
<option name="rpc/client/sslprotocol">TLSv1.2</option>
<option name="twist/client/sslprotocol">TLSv1.2</option>
<option name="sslutil/client/sslprotocol">TLSv1.2</option>

# grep TLS ./server/ext/jboss/server/default/deploy/jbossweb.sar/server.xml
           clientAuth="want" sslProtocol="TLS"
      <!-- SSL/TLS Connector configuration using the admin devl guide keystore
           keystorePass="rmi+ssl" sslProtocol = "TLS" />

Any suggestions?






HPNA 10 Discover Driver Fails using SSHOpen in a New Window

HPNA 10 Discover Driver Fails using SSH


I recently had an on-going issue with HPNA 10 driver discoveries failing using ssh the symptoms were:

Driver Discovery Problem Statement:

- Driver discovery succeeded using snmp strings, but failed using ssh, this was particularly prevalent and reproducable when discovering the Cisco Nexus Driver Family, but did occur on a less frequent basis on other driver families.

- From the cli and from the satellite connectivity and logins were successful, and connectivity issues were ruled out from the satellites, netstats, tcpdumps, pings, etc reinforcing connectivity was taking place.

- Drivers were updated and device drivers could be assigned manually, session logs were sent to HP Support, the problem was still unresolved.

Driver Discovery Problem Resolution:

- The tag line option needed to be added to add UsePollRead in the file /opt/opsware/NA/jre/adjustable_options.rcx:

<option name="authentication/use_secure_connection"/>
<option name="Driver/Discovery/UsePollRead">true</option>

- In the WebUI Admin=>Device Password Rules=>Edit=>Show Device Access Settings add under the first option without a drop down menu:

Name   PollRead

Value    true

save and do the same for all Device Password Rules and for all Cores.

- Restart truecontrol on each core:  /etc/init.d/true* restart

- Test discovery afterward by editing a previously failed device by unchecking the snmp discovery option, capturing the session log(s) and re-discovering the driver and it should work.

I may have missed this but I do not believe I see any bugfixes released by HP regarding HPNA 10 on this issue, if they haven't I sure hope they do as quite a bit of time and effort was spent on this problem on something that should have been a piece of the release testing and basic to the functionality of the product.

Hope all of this helps.


Mike Goodman


Case sensitivity on 10.20Open in a New Window

We had upgraded from 9.22 to 10.20 and it seems case-sensitivity is enabled for a lot of the searches unless you use the regex feature but that is not the default.  The most noticable difference is the original search box on the left side on the main page that you can search for all the devices with a specific format like "*nyc*" would show US-NYC-01 but now it won't because it is case sensitive. 

Is there a way to modify this default method?


Upgraded 9.22 to 10.20 but now cant run JUNOS command scriptsOpen in a New Window

Upgraded 9.22 to 10.20 but now cant run JUNOS command scripts


I had recently upgraded from 9.22 to 10.20 for some new features but then it seems that I lost a lot more.  I am trying to run a command script to push configurations to Juniper JUNOS EX switches but it keeps failing with the same method as I did in 9.22 where it worked.

Select Device
Run Command Script
Juniper configuration
set system host-name testing

But this throws an error and it doesnt actually run

TypeError: com.rendition.util.StringUtils.explode is not a function in java_parser.js at line number 395


Did the format of entering how the script change?




Few devices are deleted, is there any chance to get the deleted logs to find which user deletedOpen in a New Window

Hi ,


Few devices are deleted from HPNA, is there any chance to get the deleted logs to find which user deleted.





update node customattribute in NNMi via NAOpen in a New Window


is there any possible way to update node customattribute in NNMI using NA ? i want to populate Node serial number to be populated in NNMI node attribute. Same like it updates NA_ID


any thoughts ?


Custom Compliance ReportsOpen in a New Window

I need to create custom reports from HPNA showing devices that are compliance/Not compliance against a particular Rule, then display the same in pie chart format for management. How to do this?

Since ecah policy has multiple rules how can i then consolidate a create a report that shows all rules with the percentages of compliance against ech rule?

I need to be able to generate such a report and send it to management in a monthly basis; automatically.






Show user's groups via APIOpen in a New Window

We're able to retrieve the groups to which a user belongs via the cli using the 'show user' command.  However, group information is not returned by the API when the same command is executed.  Does anyone have an elegant way to retrieve that information via the API?  We're connecting to the API via a Java application.  Thanks in advance.


Check Device has DNS entry - Via HPNAOpen in a New Window

Is it possible to have HPNA run an nslookup or be able to check that a device has a DNS entry at all. And if not fail as part of its compliance ?


HPNA 10 mysql connectionOpen in a New Window


I would like to connect to the HPNA mysql DB.

What is the default username/paswword for this connection ?





auto remediation script challengeOpen in a New Window

We are looking into the concept of auto remediation, but we have some difficulty's to get a script up and running.

What we like to do:

If A. interface description contains "monitoring" Then B. The port config schould not have "no snmp trap link-status"


Getting the script to do something when we hit condition B wans't that hard to do. But so far we where unaible to get the script only to do something when we hit A and B

@foreach $matching_block$ in $block_start$
 @foreach $matching_line$ in $condition_B_line_1$

A is a must contain only condition

B is a must nog contain codition


Is it possible to let this work?



Adapt NA task status using command script exit codeOpen in a New Window

Hi all,


I'm running a task that use a command script and I would like to be able to set the status of the task to Warning in some cases.

Actualy when I use the exit code in the script I'm only able to set the status to Failed or Succeeded.

Is there a way to set the task status to Warning when our script encounter some designed behaviours ?


Thanks in advance.



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