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HPNA 9.22Open in a New Window

Hello All,

We are running HPNA on 9.22.02 64-bit version and often see following:


Admin->Task_Load shows we have 2 tasks running;

Tasks->Running_Tasks we have 0 tasks running at the same time.

If someone has crossed the same issue, Is it possible to see which tasks keep HPNA occupied or is it just a cosmetic bug of this current version?




Can you resize the left panel of HPE NA's GUI?Open in a New Window

It would be better if the left side of the panel on the NA GUI can be resized.

Is there a way to do it on .rcx file?

Thanks in advanced.



Where do I find a list of supported network devices (device driver)?Open in a New Window


We want do do a PoC with HPNA. Before I would like to see what Devices are currently supported.

I'm not having a Support Contract for HPNA yet (only for NNMi ).


Your help is apprechiated




HPNA overrides host nameOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I have a issue with my NA 10.20.

I added some devices with an import, all the devices are referenced in th /etc/hosts file and when I launch the Resolve FQDN Task I get the right host name.

But when I run a Take Snapshot task (or an other similar task), the hosts name is often changed even with the adjustable_option.rcx file modified with the "<option name="FastLookup/Hostname"></option>" line.

Does someone understand where does this behaviour might come ?


Thanks in advance.




How to backup fully a HP NA 9.22Open in a New Window

What are the process to backup a HP NA 9.22 unit that will capture all of the setup, configurations, files and perform a complete restoration of needed ?


Using REGEX in policiesOpen in a New Window

Hi folks

I'm looking for any white papers from HP or others that detail using REGEX in policy creation in NA 10.20.




Cisco devices port-channel statusOpen in a New Window

Hello All,


We have a basic goal - to create a report in HPNA on annual basis of port-channel statuses on CIsco devices and send it to a interested parties via email. We are mostly interested in port-channles, which have interfaces in DOWN/SUSPENDED/INCONSISTENT states, which should be outlined in report. 

Is it possible to provide such information automatically upon generation of a report?

Can you please point me to a documentation how to create it and run on annual basis?



Is there a way to issue a command to an NA proxy using SSH non-interactivelyOpen in a New Window


I'm trying to use a linux SSH client to send a command to an NA proxy non-interactively. I'm able to do this sort of thing pretty easily with standard linux servers, although I'm not able to get this working with my NA proxies. The command itself is:

ssh  -p someport x.x.x.x show device -ip x.x.x.x

although after the command is entered, I just get the following:

Enter user's password:
exec request failed on channel 0

Would there be a way to get this working properly? I can always fall back to using something like expect, but being able to use this method would definitely make things easier.

Thank you



NAS::Connect API issue with output bufferOpen in a New Window

I am trying to write a script that uses the API to log into HPNA, then connect to a device to run a command using the "cmd" function then takes the output and writes it to a file.

The script functionally works but it it appears it doesnt get all the data back in time before it writes to file.  Almost seems there is an issue with the buffer.  For shorter commands, it is not an issue but once it is something like for example on a Cisco - show interfaces or show run and probably show ip route it doesnt capture the entire output.

$con->cmd("terminal length 0");

#$executeCMD is show interface or the command that is set to be run
= $con->cmd($executeCMD);

        foreach $item (@res)
            print "$item\n";


Anyone seen this issue before and know of a fix or workaround?



Not able to take juniper firewall BackupOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I am trying to take backup of Juniper firewall in HP NAS but no luck.

Actually Juniper SSH login prompts for a secondary banner acknowledgement in CLI (Attached screenshot : Secondary_banner_cli)  and I have to Type y (yes) to acknowledge it.

But in HP NAS, after SSH is succeeded, it gets timed out due to this as my script does not tell NAS to type Y.(Attached screenshot: Timeout_Error_In_NAS).


Can anybody help me with writing a script for the same?

Any kind of help is appreciated. 

Thanks & Regards,

Bhavesh kakkar


HPNA Upgrade - How long should a typical upgrade take?Open in a New Window

We are upgrading on a brand new linux server, we were advised to load our current version on that server.  This took about 5 hours?  This seems extremly long?  Then we will upgrade to 10.0 and then upgrade to 10.20.   

What has been everyones experience on upgardes - should it take several hours or is based on the number of devices you have in your database that can impact the upgrade time.   This is very frustrating.   Thanks for any tips!     


NA Satellite fails to install under RHEL 6.8Open in a New Window

Hi folks

NA Satellite is not installing correctly under RHEL 6.8. The install procedure is looking for an obsolete version of OpenSSL libraries, libssl.so.1.0.0 and libcrypto.so.1.0.0. These libraries have been updated in 6.8 to 1.0.1e.. Any thoughts?



All changes in 24 hours in built reportOpen in a New Window

Is there a way to make one of the field in database table to add to inbuilt report in the UI.

Our setup details:

Windiows 2012 OS, MSSQL database, HPNA version 10.10.01 and 10.20 

Example: we want "AccessTrigger" field in RN_Device_AccessLOG table to be added column to "All changes in 24 hours" in built report in UI. Is that possible or is there a way we can get this report from NA UI?

SELECT TOP (1000) [DeviceAccessLogID]





Snapshot failureOpen in a New Window

I've been getting a failure with automated snapshots on a Juniper MX480 since Oct 13th. If I look at a trace of the activity, I can see HPNA; login, execute a bunch of commands. backup the config to a a file on the router, then when HPNA downloads it the file does not get stored by HPNA w/ the error shown in the file attached. 

Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening?




what is the meaning of "Management of this device has been disabled." in HP NAOpen in a New Window



i am seeing following warning message, in HP NA console for particular device, am not sure what that all about.

"Management of this device has been disabled." please advise how should i avoid these warning messages.


Network AutomationOpen in a New Window

Network Automation:


Please explain the following services in NA.



TrueControl ManagementEngine



True Control FTP Server


True Control Syslog Server

True Control TFTP Server

True Control SA Client


Difference between Net::Telnet and NAS::Connect modules in NAOpen in a New Window

Do you know (or know where I can find) the differences between the Net::Telnet and NAS::Connect Perl modules/functions?


Few of our old scripts uses the Net::Telnet while most of new scripts use NAS::Connect.


I have a hunch that NAS::Connect is newer, but want to know if there’s benefit in moving the connections from Net::Telnet to NAS::Connect?




HPNA clean install on Centos 7Open in a New Window


My installation went smooth as well on CentOS 7 clean VM, but I do not see any HTTPS ports been listened on in my netstat -an output. 

As i am trying to restart services for HPNA they are restarted without an issue:


[root@HPNA en]# /etc/init.d/truecontrol restart
Stopping TrueControl Management Engine ... done.
Stopping TrueControl Syslog Server ... done.
Stopping TrueControl TFTP Server ... done.
Stopping TrueControl FTP Server ... done.
Stopping TrueControl SA Client ... done.
Starting TrueControl TFTP Server ... done.
Starting TrueControl Syslog Server ... done.
Starting TrueControl Management Engine ... done.
Starting TrueControl FTP Server ... done.
Starting TrueControl SA Client ... done.


Can you please advice?



How to disable password logging in HPNA session logsOpen in a New Window

I have developed a script using NDS. i am able to successfully login to the device and take snapshot. When i take the snapshot after enabling the session logs i can able to see the password logged in the session. I,e. after the send secure string i receive the password again, which is not supposed to be. How can i remove this?

Appreciate your help.


functionality which is used for connecting to a node using SSH directly from NAOpen in a New Window

Hello Experts,

i logged in as admin and when i tried the functionality which is used for connecting to a node using SSH directly from NA is not working. when i select the option, new window opens but I am not able to ssh.

Any thoughts ?

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