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Custom reports in HP NAOpen in a New Window

Hello Experts,

Can some one guide me how to create custom report in HP NA ?Similar to "Device status report ".

I want to create some report with graphs. Is this possible ?




Devices in Device Groups Enforcement Report QuestionOpen in a New Window

Is it feasible to run a SQL query or report directly in NA that would show membership of device groups?

I want to show devices that have only been added to a partition but not added to two other device groups that are necessary for organizing the infrastructure.  For an example, feel free to make up site/device group names.


Users are facing slowness in HP NA application, any remediation's ?Open in a New Window

Hello Folks,

our user's are observing slowness in the appliction while accessing HPNA, it takes 3-4 minutes to serve the operations from HPNAa everytime if users clicks something on the console. any one has faced such kind of problems, please advise how to remediate this issue.


am running HP NA 9.22 in a linux platform.

also am able to see the task waiting is more here, what can be done to reduce it or to make smooth processing.

Max Concurrent Tasks 30
Tasks Running 30
Tasks Waiting 592
Message Running tasks matches maximum
Efficiency Optimal


i was checked the system utilization status


4763 root 15 -5 17.9g 12g 22m S 5.0 38.8 98:16.25 java


other than java nothing consuming more, wondering does java consumes this much amount of memory usually ?


DR - Enable Use of DB in DR Location w/ TC_TOOLSOpen in a New Window

Referencing the NA DR Config Guide, Chapter 3, Task 3, Step 5 on page 21 in the PDF:


 Can this all be performed by the tc_tools.bat file instead of editing the db_ds.xml file?


Network Automation 10.2 - Configuring a Bastion HostOpen in a New Window

I am doing an evaluation of NA and am trying to set up a connection to the console port of a device via an Opengear terminal server.  The connection must use SSH.  So far I have tried several different settings, based on the information in the help documentation, but have been unsuccessful.

From a separate server, if we send a command in the following format, we can connect to the console port of the desired device after we enter the users password for the terminal server:

ssh <username>:port<port number>@<terminal server ip>

For example:  ssh user:port09@

When defining the Bastion Host, I put the IP of the terminal server, the username and password.  Then I tried to put in some of the SSH commands for host and port.  Looking at the session log, NA first connected to the terminal server using SSH (port 22), but from there it fails.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to configure this?  Thanks in advance.


Logic behinds calculation of diiferent KPIsOpen in a New Window

I exported file from NNM whose name is "dfltEtl.cfg"  want to see formulas and logics behind calculation of KPIs. when goes through file i found following :-

$idx=12; $o[12] = sprintf("%04d-%02d-%02d %02d:%02d:00",$year+1900,$mon+1,$mday,$hour,int($min/30)*30) ; # Half Hour


could some one please explain this commands and why min is diveded by 30 and then multiplied by 30 what is requirement of this ?


NNM conf.PNG


Configuration Text is not fully displayed in HPNAOpen in a New Window


I have developed a drvier using NDS. i am able to successfully excute the script and take a snapshot from NDS which displays 930 lines of configuration. When i upload the same driver in HPNA, and if take a snapshot i am not able to see the entire configurations under "Configuration Text" of a device, only 238 lines are displayed for every snapshot i take from HPNA.

Previously with the same script in HPNA , i can see the complete configuration but after upgrading the HPNA to 10.20 verison the same script is not working.

Is there a change or settings done in the version of HPNA 10.20?


TFTP issue on HPNA 9.22Open in a New Window


We have an issue when binary configuration files are not saved in /tftpdroot/ folder, although it looks fine from HPNA and Linux side:


Retrieving binary configuration via TFTP

Set timeout: 600s [ very_long_timeout ]
Send: backup system use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_20170303203444.tmp\r\n
Expect: [Do you want to save the remote host information to a profile]

Receive: backup system use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_20170303$tem use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_201703032 $tem use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_2017030320 $tem use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_20170303203 $tem use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_201703032034 $tem use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_2017030320344 $tem use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_20170303203444 $tem use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_20170303203444. $tem use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_20170303203444.t $tem use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_20170303203444.tm $tem use-mgmt-port tftp://X.X.X.X/21891_20170303203444.tmp
Do you want to save the remote host information to a profile for later use?[yes/no]
Send: no\r\n
Expect: [-re (Failed to .*), -re System files backup succeeded]

Receive: for later use?[yes/no]no

.....0 minutes 5 seconds
System files backup succeeded

TFTP wrapper is running normally, when I am doing basic connectivity test from another Linux server via TFTP_PUT, file is normally transfered and seen in /tftpdroot/ folder as configured in HPNA settings. Also, HPNA is able to monitor TFTP server (e.g. read/write file TFTP_MONITOR), that is why status is OK in HPNA GUI.

According to TFTP wrapper transfer is OK as well:

INFO | jvm 1 | 2017/03/03 02:51:29 | {external/tftpserver} [Thread-689] 75 TftpServerConnection: WRQ Transfer Successfully Completed -

If we search for the filename - we are not able to find it anywhere on Linux filesystem. 

We have recently restarted server for patches installation, also I have tried to stop/start HPNA itself - no effect.

Did anyone seen such issue previously?


How to search for a device where fields is blankOpen in a New Window

How do you search for a device where you want to find all devices that have a specific field empty or BLANK?


HP NA tool query to pull switch info of servers connected toOpen in a New Window

Dear all,

We are using HP network automation tool for the switch/router/firewall/load balancer and I'm looking for some inventory report, could you please help me in achieving that and below is my requirement.

1. Would like to get switch details which server/device connected to.

2. Is there any chance I can pull switch info by just giving server IP

Thanks in advance!!!



Custom driver - donwloading device configuration via scpOpen in a New Window

Hello everybody,

we have devoloped a custom driver that makes use of scp to download configuration to NA; actually the scp command is run over the device specifing NA as destination.

This used to work on windows; now we moved to Linux where SSH server is builtin and the scp transfer fails.

The user being used to connect to NA is the one configured in "FTP and SSH Device Access" section under

     Administrative Settings -->Device Acccess

That user is "not" configured as a user on the Linux box.

What should be done in order to have this feature work on linux?





Can non-defaut be used in HPNA for SSH serverOpen in a New Window

Hi NA Experts,

Need your help. In HPNA, Is there a way we can set non-default/alternate port for SSH server so that thiere is no impact on SCP copy and scp copy should work on 22 port. I tried changing the ssh server port to 8022 in Administrative settings->telnet/SSH - SSH server section. but when I change the ssh server port then scp copy via scp is failing.

Appreciate your  quick response.





HPNA Custom Telnet Connected StringOpen in a New Window

I am trying to create access to a device a connected to a console server. I have everything figured out but the telnet connection requires us to press enter in order to connect to the device. There is an informational message I wanted to use as a prompt to let HPNA know the device is connected and to run the command script I have setup. The first line in the script is a carriage return.  Anyone know how to change the telnet connected string for device access? I tried using the field in the Bastion Host configuration but that isn't working. I believe I need to use one of the custom setting fields in the Device Access Settings but I need to know what the name of the setting is. (The setting from the Bastion Host "Telnet Connected String" doesn't work I tried it ;-)


Any help would be greately appreciated!


Network devices interfaces count in UP/DOWN stateOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

We are currently looking into a way to provide a report for support team to output a small table containing:

1. Device Name;

2. Device IP;

3. Number of interfaces UP;

4. Number of interfaces DOWN.

After a first look we are able to use only 'sh ip int br | count up/sh ip int br | count down' command and its output, which is ONLY available on IOS versions > 15.0 (Cisco). 

Is thee any way to create same report for any Cisco devices in HPNA out-of-the-box or the only way is to run some custom script only (e.g. Perl)?



Device Driver Packs for Last Updated Network Automation Version 9.20Open in a New Window

Hello Chris,


We required the Last Updated  Device Driver Packs for Version HP NA 9.20 .


Could you please help me to provide the Packs ,Coz on portal is not availablle .



Rahul Mali.


Delete bastion host in HPNA 9.22.02Open in a New Window

Hello All,


When trying to remove Bastion configured in one of the devices, I receive following error message: IDs for the item(s) you want to delete are missing. Does anyone know any way around this?



HP Network AutomationOpen in a New Window

How to disable 8443 port in HP NA. Does it has any effect.


Discover driver task is failingOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

I am new to HP NA. I have added devices, and while performing discover driver task, task is failied. I have gone through troble shooting guide and followed all the instructions like making SNMP as readonly, setting new password rules. but its still failing and also kindly let me know where to see the details of the task execution (other than task  state like successded or failure or skipped). Please help me in figuring this out.




Krishna Kumari




HPNA policy compliance check for port security enabledOpen in a New Window

Will HPNA will report on which interfaces on a switch fail the policy compliance check?
We wrote policy compliance checks that test for port security and got numerous failures on numerous switches.
From what we can tell, it tells us what switches failed but not which interfaces on these switches failed.


NA Console Is not OpeningOpen in a New Window



We are getting a issue on NA Console is not opening and getting error on jboss.wrapper log:


2017/02/01 12:01:14 INFO [STDOUT] {webui} [http-] 75 errorPageForHttpStatusCodes_jsp: ========MSG BEGIN=============
2017/02/01 12:01:14 INFO [STDOUT] ErrorUUID:6f3b5fa8-8363-4ab3-aa39-9520825f3a7e
2017/02/01 12:01:14 INFO [STDOUT] Caused by HttpStatusCode:404
2017/02/01 12:01:14 INFO [STDOUT] Request URI: /na
2017/02/01 12:01:14 INFO [STDOUT] From Remote Host: GSDCDCONAU01.GOACLOUD.GOV.IN
2017/02/01 12:01:14 INFO [STDOUT] UserID: no user was logged in for this request.
2017/02/01 12:01:14 INFO [STDOUT] =========MSG END============ -


Also i am attaching jboss_wrapper.log


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