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Loading MIB failsOpen in a New Window


Trying to load MIB file and it fails with error,

Operation LoadMib failed.
Failed to load MIB modules from [/tmp/huawei-lte/HUAWEI-ETHOAM-MIB.mib]: Failed to parse MIB modules using the supplied resources - invalid MIB file format.
ERROR file:///tmp/huawei-lte/HUAWEI-ETHOAM-MIB.mib:Line 92:Column 47: Parse error: expecting "FROM", found 'BITS'

When I look at MIB file, I am seeing following lines,

Integer32, Unsigned32, Counter32, BITS, OBJECT-TYPE, IpAddress,Counter64,

I see the syntax is correct, but not sure why the error.

MIB file name is HUAWEI-ETHOAM-MIB.mib, please to help.


Huawei Router with IP SLAOpen in a New Window

Hello All

Does QA 10.x supports Huawei router with IP SLA capabilities to report on Threshold violations and reporting.

If it is not supported can we develop new custom poller to report on threshold violations for IP  SLA probes been configured.


NNMOpen in a New Window

Hi Guys,

Could you tell me About NNM.  I am Begginner. 





iSPI QoS customised reportOpen in a New Window


We are using NNMi with performance tool iSPI ( Version 9.2x ).

We are applied QoS/CBQoS on interfaces  which are in very large amount now we want to monitor some router on which QoS is applied for this we are starting customised report generation in which we are filtered the devices of which we want to monitor with parameters such as class name, pre policy rate etc.

In customised report we are facing challenge that in report all devices are not present on some day report is blank, another day report come with few devices and some cases only limited interfaces will come in report out of large interfaces ?

Can someone help me in finding where is error ?

Please someone also tell us how values are get stored and presented in report.


NNMi, Interface Group Filter Editor: Escaping asterisk character to find it in a string.Open in a New Window

Hi coleagues.

I need to create a Interface Group Filter to catch interfaces containing "**S" in "ifAlias" attribute, assuming "*" is an special character used to  match any number of characters of any , type i tried to escape "*" character with backslash following Regex logic but i can´t get desired results.

Is there a way to escape asterik special character inside a Value in a Filter for Interface Group?

Thanks in advance.


Is there any possibility to include custom attributes in email notificationsOpen in a New Window

We are getting email notification for Node down ,SNMP trap and so on.Addition to this we need to have custom attributes in email notifications.

Please help us which variable to use to include cutom attributes and is any having script please share with us.


NNMi 9.x nnmaction - NOT_RUNNING !!!Open in a New Window

Hi friends


I have a server:

HP-UX  B.11.31 U ia64

1. Service nnmaction not_running.

2. In log nnm.log:

WARN [org.hornetq.core.server.impl.QueueImpl] Couldn't finish waiting executors. Try increasing the thread pool size: java.lang.Exception: trace

WARNING [com.hp.ov.nms.topo.spi.server.concurrent.NmsTimerTaskImpl] Skipping task execution because previous execution has not completed: com.hp.ov.nms.apa.StatusPollTask@5c87569e

2016-10-14 06:27:40.885 INFO [com.hp.ov.snmp.StagedSnmp] Request [30,799,186] : Target has been on the request queue for over 60 minutes. Sending to caller exception handler.
2016-10-14 06:27:40.886 INFO [com.hp.ov.snmp.StagedSnmp] Request [30,797,253] : Target has been on the request queue for over 64 minutes. Sending to caller exception handler.

3. In boot.log

2016-10-14 13:32:30.207 SEVERE [SnmpTrapListener] Could not put trap into write Queue
2016-10-14 13:32:30.244 WARNING [NMTrapDataQueue] Queue is full. Dropping trap.
2016-10-14 13:32:30.244 SEVERE [SnmpTrapListener] Could not put trap into write Queue

4. in SSH:

M-1-OVERTEMP: System detected OVERTEMPERATURE Inlet 61 Degc condition. Please resolve cooling problem and restart system!
Oct 14 14:31:42 MWR_SH_TIERRA_BLANCA_CHIRILAGUA 664984: 576071: Oct 14 14:27:25.934 GMT: %ENVM-1-OVERTEMP: System detected OVERTEMPERATURE Fan Cntrl 60 Degc condition. Please resolve cooling problem and restart system!

clrnnmsv:/ #Oct 14 14:31:51 ::ffff: 198062: 198062: Oct 14 14:27:35.385 GMT: %ENVM-1-OVERTEMP: System detected OVERTEMPERATURE Fan Cntrl 64 Degc condition. Please resolve cooling problem and restart system!
Oct 14 14:31:51 ::ffff: 198063: 198063: Oct 14 14:27:35.385 GMT: %ENVM-1-OVERTEMP: System detected OVERTEMPERATURE Inlet 62 Degc condition. Please resolve cooling problem and restart system!
Oct 14 14:31:52 MWR_SH_TIERRA_BLANCA_CHIRILAGUA 664985: 576072: Oct 14 14:27:35.943 GMT: %ENVM-1-OVERTEMP: System detected OVERTEMPERATURE Fan Cntrl 60 Degc condition. Please resolve cooling problem and restart system!

clrnnmsv:/ #
clrnnmsv:/ #


the traps msn, appearin ssh and not let me visualize anything




Please, help Me!!!


ISPI Performance for metrics - Component healthOpen in a New Window

Dear All

We know that NNM and ISPI Performance for metrics collects Component element health like CPU, Processor, Memory, buffers etc.

Is there any possibility of stopping some component metrics like metric data for Buffers at NNM or NPS level.

Please help.


Sampled Difference of counters OIDsOpen in a New Window

Dear NNMi Experts,

I' m trying to collect with mib expression a simple Interger difference between two OIDs  (OID - OID),  which are type counter64. But the result after using this expression in custom poller collection as mib variable is a difference of their counter "delta"s - not "sampled" difference  as I expected.

The Conversion Algorithm is "Numeric"

NNMi ver. 10.10

Is there any way to achive this ?

Thank You!


NNM Version 10.0.0 downloadOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I am looking for NNMi Version 10.0.0 . Need suggestions where to download from


Capturing Interface Name or Interface Desription in NNMi 10.10Open in a New Window

Hello Experts,

I have created a new SNMP trap for capturing 'Error Disabled' status of an Interface. This alert is created to know whenever an Interface is Disabled.

We can receive this SNMP trap in NNMi, but the message text doesn't tells us the Interface Name. I tried using many $ variables, such as 1,2 as well ifname, ifdesc. However, still unable to get Interface name in the message text.

Can someone please advise us on the $ variable that can give us Interface Name in message text.




NNM system health check問題'Trap Server' has changed status from 'Normal' to 'Major'Open in a New Window

Trap Server
[Major] Incoming trap rate is 466.79 traps/sec since 9/19/16 4:46 PM. All traps are blocked since 9/19/16 4:44 PM and will remain so until rate goes below 150 traps/sec.

#nnmtrapconfig.ovpl -showProp
trapInterface : All interfaces
trapPort : 162
recvSocketBufSize : 2048 KBytes
blockTraps : true
thresholdRate : 50 traps/sec
rearmRate : 50 traps/sec
overallThresholdRate : 150 traps/sec
overallRearmRate : 150 traps/sec
windowSize : 300 secs
updateSourcesPeriod : 30 secs
notifySourcesPeriod : 300 secs
minTrapCount : 100 traps
numSources : 10
databaseQSize : 300000 traps
pipelineQSize : 50000 traps
databaseFileSize : 100 MBytes
databaseFileCount : 5
loopbackAddrOverride : Empty
discoHintCacheSize : 5000
discoHintCacheTimeout : 3600 secs
hostedObjectTrapstorm : Disabled
hostedObjectThreshold : 10 traps/sec
trapLoggingMode : CSV
trapLoggingCompression : Disabled
trapLoggingMaxFileSize : 5 MBytes
trapLoggingRollAttempts : 1
trapLoggingTaskInterval : 2 secs
trapLoggingBatchSize : 2048



NNMi Performance during trap breezesOpen in a New Window


NNMi has always been a fantastic performer when it comes to SNMP poll-based monitoring, and the scalability of it has increased to new limits with the later versions of the product. One area that seems to be the Achilles' heel of the product, however, regards SNMP traps. As soon as a network environment starts throwing more than a "few" SNMP traps at it, it starts screaming and making a big fuzz about it, like Ronaldo on the football (soccer :) ) plane.

A chase that I seem to have been forced to make in most of my customers' NNMi environments, is the one of preventing the monitored devices from trigging NNMi's trap storm detection mechanism. Considering that there are often thousands of network devices, configured by many different divisions and people, this usually is a very time-consuming task. In real-world environments, devices do tend to throw many traps towards NNMi, in my experience.

I many cases I have had to give up on stopping such traps at the source level, and rather start filtering them out by means of trapFilter.conf in NNMi instead. This is also a very tedious task, however, as the type of traps thrown and the sources of them tend to vary a lot over time.

My question is; Is the default configuration of the trap storm detection and handling mechanism in NNMi 10.x updated to the capabilities/performance of this product today?

How are you guys dealing with trap storm issues in your NNMi environments?

Frank Mortensen
Managon AB


Dump of nodes with custom attributesOpen in a New Window

I am new to NNMi and I am trying to get a dump of the Nodes with their custom attributes.  IS there a script out there for this?



Hi Team,

  Need to know the manual for NPS Application failover architecture.


JBoss version that ships with 10.20?Open in a New Window


Anyone know what the JBoss version comes with NNMi 10.20? 

Also, how does one check this?

Thanks for any help.



Is there a way to automatically set management mode for a subcomponent, e.g. a Card or PSU?Open in a New Window

I have two situations where I would like to ignore subcomponents of devices.

I have a load of hp2620 variant switches getting onboarded, and all of them have an issue where there is a card 13 which is in an unknown state. As far as I can see, this is not a genuine issue. This generates an alert, and the node status is perpetually in "Warning". I can workaround this by manually unmanaging the card, but I would like this to be automatic any time a new device of this type is onboarded.

Any way to set the management mode based on certain criteria?

I have a similar issue with some devices getting onboarded that have two PSU slots, but due to budget are only ever going to have one PSU. This means the node status is always set to Major, which is undesirable.

I am seeing the nnmmanagementmode.ovpl tool, but currently this only supports objects of type "node" or "interface", so this won't work for me.


How nnmi works?Open in a New Window


I will be glad if anyone will clear my doubts little more . 

I am confused about how NNMi actually works ?

Please correct me if i am wrong. 

1) NNMi monitor nodes & their interfaces , faut , performance . Like if any node gets down so ut will pop up at nnmi console that this node has been down & same for any interafces goes down etc.

2) Data is sent by SNMP Agent to NNMi & NNMi generate graph through ISPI.

3) If several performance parameters threshold goes out so NNMi detects & shows it on nnmi console .

and if several theshold goes out so Traps are send from device to NNMi . 

So i am confused here that working of traps & nnmi is same in this case. 



Is it necessary to set trap in device ?

because nnmi also detects problems realted to device parameters like CPU exceeds certain value & shows in NNMi console.

In same way snmp Traps are generated when certain parameter exceeds & sends to NNMi.

I want to get cleared if i am right or wrong ?





Unable to load MIB text file to NNM 9.10Open in a New Window

Hi All, 

I'm trying to load a MIB text file downloaded from F5 device, but it throws many error when try to load the file.

The errors are like this

"Could not load [F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB] MIB Module(s) from file user-snmp-mibs/F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB.txt at 2:30:21 PM: com.hp.ov.nms.mib.MibLoadException: Failed to load MIB modules from [C:\ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software\shared\nnm\user-snmp-mibs\F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB.txt]: Problems were reported during parsing, unable to load requested MIBs. ERROR : Cannot find module file:///C:/ProgramData/HP/HP%20BTO%20Software/shared/nnm/user-snmp-mibs/F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB.txt:25:12:F5-BIGIP-COMMON-MIB ERROR : Cannot find symbol file:///C:/ProgramData/HP/HP%20BTO%20Software/shared/nnm/user-snmp-mibs/F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB.txt:303:16:LongDisplayString ERROR : Cannot find symbol file:///C:/ProgramData/HP/HP%20BTO%20Software/shared/nnm/user-snmp-mibs/F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB.txt:352:16:LongDisplayString ERROR : Cannot find symbol file:///C:/ProgramData/HP/HP%20BTO%20Software/shared/nnm/user-snmp-mibs/F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB.txt:403:16:LongDisplayString ERROR : Cannot find symbol"

Any suggestion? Do i need a .mib file to load?


NNMi Back-up mathodOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts, 

Can anyone please tell me how the NNMi takes backup from network devices and what all are the format that is saves that configs to their storage i.e. UCS or SCF or just copy the config files ?

Also from NA server how do i can get that,....!

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