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bsm integration with bpm errorOpen in a New Window

HEY Everyone , Can anyone help me out in integration error..

1. Installed BSM 9.26 ON WINDOWS server 2012 R2.

2. Installed BPM on another server windows server 2012 R2.

3.While creating Instance for bsm connectivity in BPM Console.... it creates and turn RED.

4. SQL database connectivity is good with bsm ( both windows and SA credentials).

Please suggest for the outcome.



Ravi Chauhan


HP NNMi Real-Time Performance MonitoringOpen in a New Window

Hi guys, Please help me to configure how to view a graphical representation on my network. Please see the attached image.

(Sorry, Im a bit new to this software)


new installation - Software_HP_NNMi_Community_Edition_Windows_TB765-15700Open in a New Window

Hi All,

I just installed the windows version of HP Network Node Manager and I can't find the launch icon.  Does anyone know which file will launch the app or is it launched through my browser.  If so, does anyone know the port?



How to check Switch Port up or down in HP nnmiOpen in a New Window

Hello Expert ,


Please help me,


My name is zakir abbas.i have already instlled fresh NNMi 10.20. client need to check port is up or down.

supoose in switch 24 ports. alreday 4 ports is busy and other 20 ports are free but when i go in inventory and select the node tab after select the port Tab. all showing normal not abel to under stood all 20 switch up or down.


Please relove this issue and send me the step by step solution 


Display node name or system name rather than IPOpen in a New Window

Hi folks

In many NNMi displays, specifically Dashboard -> Component Performance, IPs (management addresses) are listed rather than host or system names. Is there a way to configure NNMi to display the host or system name rather than the management IP address? I suspect this is ultimately a DNS issue as many of the devices (routers, switches, etc) do not have forward/reverse DNS entries. 

Thanks for the help



F5 BIGIP400 certification in NNMiOpen in a New Window


Currently my environment is running with NNMi 10 patch 1 inlinux platform, i have " F5 BigIP 4000s TMOS Version 12.1.1 " device to board on the NNMi, but when i check in NNMi device support matrix for patch level 1, i could see BIGIP 4100 only, can some one advise does this version of NNMi support Big-IP 4000s TMOS serires.


NNMi iSPI Traffic: How to change the Traffic Leaf Password?Open in a New Window


we don't know the Leaf Password anymore... how to change it and set a new one?

How to change the Traffic Leaf Password?

Thank you & kind regards


topology map reportOpen in a New Window

Dear folks,

We have nnmi 9.2 and my boss requested me to generate a monthly report for a group of nodes that are on the Topology Map I created. When I run stragtly from there (choose to Topology Map Item -- > Action -- Report) it shows me nothing, but when I go inside the topology map item and see the 4 routers and choose one by one and produce a report it shows me.

 What is my mistake?


I have a 


HP NNMi Premium Edition volume of data traffic functionOpen in a New Window

Does HP NNMi has a default functionality such that, any abnormal volume of data traffic of the equipment through the network switches can be detected and reported? We have Premium Edition of HP NNMi but I think it doesn't have iSPI Performance for traffic, as mentioned in the documentation.



"This is the enrichment that will be performed should this incident occur in the future"Open in a New Window


For many reasons I had to recently make a lot of enrichments, based on tenant, for our alarms.

I have used exclusively copy-paste for the payload filter values in the enrichment forms, however I got some very strange behaviour. For NodeDown and for a specific CustomPolledInstance I get only the default enrichment. Actions, executed for the same alarms work without a hitch with the same payload filters.

I get the message "This is the enrichment that will be performed should this incident occur in the future". The future never comes, as I am working on this issue for two weeks now.

When I get the enrichment report it shows something like this(sensitive information is omitted):

Enrichment performed for the default settings for the incident NodeDown.
The payload filter did not match. Enrichment will not be performed.
Payload Filter: (ciaValue like .*priority_4 AND ciaName = cia.tenant.name)

The payload filter did not match. Enrichment will not be performed.
Payload Filter: (ciaName = cia.tenant.name AND ciaValue like .*priority_3)

The payload filter did not match. Enrichment will not be performed.
Payload Filter: (ciaValue like .*priority_2 AND ciaName = cia.tenant.name)

Enrichment performed for the default settings for the incident NodeDown.
The payload filter which matched for the enrichment is: (ciaName = cia.tenant.name AND ciaValue like .*priority_1)
Note: This is the enrichment that will be performed should this incident occur in the future.
Severity: Critical
Priority: Top
Category: Fault
Family: Node
Correlation Nature: Root Cause
Message Format: Node Down
Assigned To: null
Custom Incident Attributes:
Name: com.hp.ov.nms.apa.symptom, Value: NodeUnmanagable, Type: String
Name: cia.snmpoid, Value: <omitted>, Type: String
Name: cia.tenant.name, Value: <omitted>_priority_1, Type: String
Name: cia.tenant.uuid, Value: <omitted>, Type: String
Name: cia.securityGroup.name, Value: <omitted>, Type: String
Name: cia.securityGroup.uuid, Value: <omitted>, Type: String
Name: cia.reasonClosed, Value: NodeUp, Type: String
Name: cia.timeIncidentDetectedMs, Value: 1480397618120, Type: String
Name: cia.timeIncidentResolvedMs, Value: 1480398001242, Type: String
Name: cia.incidentDurationMs, Value: 383122, Type: String

I am using the 9.20 version, I know it is now obsolete, but we have a really stable installation and a lot of customization so I am reluctant to upgrade at this point.

Any thought will be appreciated on the issue.. Thanks in advance.


HP NNMi configure email alarm notification.Open in a New Window

Hi, I am new to HP NNMi. I need some help in configuring email notification to a specified users when there are critical alarms on the systems. Please help.. Thanks!~


Whether NNMi uses IIS or Apache WebserverOpen in a New Window

Hi Team ,


Please let me know whether NNMi of version 10.10 uses IIS or Apache webser for windows 2012 R2 


NNMi Northbound interface and BSM connectorOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

NNMi version: 10.10

NNMi is integrated with BSM 9.25

We need to configure Northbound interface integration for one of the 3rd party software and then send those traps to BSM

I have read the deployment guide on how to configure Northbound interface, but still I have few queries           

Please clarify if my understanding is correct

  • Firstly I should do the seed discovery of the 3rd party host from where the snmp traps are coming in order to proceed with northbound interface integration
  • Northbound interface is a generic terminology, when we mention the Northbound Interface Destinations as NNMi FQDN so traps will reach to NNMi and from here I need to forward it to BSM omi.
  • If I need to send the traps directly to BSM can I mention Northbound Interface destination other to BSM IP
  • BSM connector is also installed on NNMi machine and both BSM connector and northbound interface using port 5162 will there be any conflict, if yes then should I install BSM connector on separate machine

Please advice!


one-access traps not shown in incident viewOpen in a New Window


When we try to generate one-access device traps for IP SEC tunnel like,


we are not able to see in NNM console view, however tcpdump captures the traps are been arriving.

On tracing we see following error in trace file,

2016-11-23 12:21:40.057 WARNING [com.hp.ov.nms.trapd.MessageProcessor] (MessageProcessor) com.hp.ov.snmp.exceptions.SnmpException: Trap parsing failed. Trap does not have trap OID as varbind. Dropping trap from /

When I look at wireshark trace log, I am seeing OID been passed as varbind, but still not sure why the above error.

However we receive one more trap from CPE which is properly captured at NNM as in attached file.

Not sure where the problem lies, please to help.


Upcoming Network Automation and NNMi NPS Vivit WebinarsOpen in a New Window

Hello Team, 

Join us for 2 upcoming Vivit Network Management SIG webinars:


Starting out with Network Automation

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12:00 - 1:00 PM PST (Los Angeles), 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST (New York), 21:00 - 12:00 CET (Frankfurt)

 Register today at:  http://www.vivit-worldwide.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=880345&group=

 The VIVIT Network Automation SIG will bring real world expertise, training and advocacy to the HP user community. We will cover new NA releases, integration, business efficiency opportunities, performance, and much more.

 Today we will target new administrators of HPE NA by targeting five areas key to getting started. These include adding devices, running tasks to collect data (Diagnostics and Snapshots), reporting on that data, performing Compliance and Remediation tasks and lastly running tasks that perform changes through Command Scripts

 This webinar will introduce the administration of Network Automation including:

  • Populating Network Automation
  • Basic Task Management
  • Basic Reporting



Performance Tuning of the Network Performance Server in Network Node Manager i Thursday, November 8, 2016

7:00 - 8:00 AM PST (Los Angeles), 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM EST (New York), 16:00 - 17:00 CET (Frankfurt)

 Register today at:  http://www.vivit-worldwide.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=871283&group=

 Network Performance Server is a key component of Network Node Manager i.  It provides a platform for data storage, analysis and reporting of performance metrics.  In this webinar, learn from experts on how to maximize the value of this important tool.

 Topics include:

  • Tuning parameters in Network Performance Server (NPS)
  • Best practices for using NPS
  • Troubleshooting tips and techniques

 We hope you can join us for these events!


Contact Us: http://www.vivit-worldwide.org/general/?type=CONTACT


Vivit on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=874417

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updating PKI from SHA1 to SHA2Open in a New Window

Hi All, i am in the process of updating PKI certificate from SHA1 to SHA2 for NNMi application. i have been asked for Base64 encoded PKCS#10 certificate to be generated to issue PKI. where i can retrive Base64 PKCS on the nnmi server. NNMi currently running in linux platform.


NNMi Community Download patchesOpen in a New Window

Can someone please point me in the right direction for the patch downloads for the community edition. I downloaded the installer and installed but it lays down version 10.00.701 witch seems way out of date. I keep running into a site that wants a SAID and i dont have one with this being the community edition. Thanks in advance.


NPS sybase query to fetch detailsOpen in a New Window


we have sql as DB in our NPS reporter, we do see a duplicate value exists in the same name from the report.

So we would like to delete the duplicate values from the sybase, Please share the commands that can be used to view and delete the duplicate/invalid entries from the table. also what are the default tables created for the NPS, any documents specific to this queries available?


Will node down alert generate if node is rebooted and came up in 2-3minsOpen in a New Window


I am using NNMi9.10 on Windows. One of the senario i have received is, node down alert not generated when device got rebooted.

Our network team rebooted the device after upgradation, but in NNM node down alert not generated.Why??

Polling interval is set to 5 secs for both SNMp and ICMP.

Can anyone answer my question?



sysUpTime @ MIB ExpressionOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I am trying to build a MIB Expression for a type Counter MIB variable.

If I understood correctly, I have to divide the variable with sysUpTime * 0.01 in order to get rate and not the actual value of the counter. The funny thing is that i cannot select sysUpTime from the MIB Expression Editor. Instead I can only select sysUpTimeInstance as you can see in the picture attached. If I select this variable, the graph which uses the MIB Expression does not work.

Can you explain why this is happening and how i can select sysUpTime???

Thank you in advance,


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