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Problem with installation HP ISPiOpen in a New Window

Please help 

I have a problem with installation HP ISPi, the error is " ERROR - Se produjo un error con esta acción installation para package HPNNMPerfSPI 10.20.000 (HPE NNM iSPI Performance - Network Performance Server). Install Cygwin ha devuelto un código de error distinto de cero. HPE NNM iSPI Performance no será installed."

This is the installation in Windows Server 2012 and version ISPi 10.20

Thanks for advance!!


What is the varbind type is for BITS?Open in a New Window

Does anyone know what the varbind type is for BITS.

Thank you for your help




NNMi - Problems populating QA Probes from RNMs to the GNMOpen in a New Window


I'm running NNMi 10.10 for Win2K8 and installed iSPI for Metrics and QA.
The solution architecture content of one GNM and five RNMs.
QA is installed on the GNM and all RNMs.
QA GNM-RNM connection from the GNM to the RNM is configured and connected (configured in the QA configuration GUI).
On the RNMs QA probes are discovered and seen in the NNMi Workspace.

The issue is that these QA probes on the RNMs are not "populated" to the GNM and not visible in the QA Workspace on the GNM NNMi GUI.

Any suggestions what to check?

Steinar S. 


Solve Interface DowninNode via NNMOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I am new to NNMi. I want to know how can we solve the Interface DownInNode problem on a particular device??

I don't have physical access of the device. Is there any way by which one can solve the Interface Down problem from NNMi software only??

Any replies will be much aprreicated.


NNMi OID to identify new device addition to MonitoringOpen in a New Window

NNMi OID to identify new device addition to Monitoring, We are automating device discovery and as a part of it we also wanted to knwo what all devices are discovered to perform some manual task accross other systems. So is there any way that we can get an Event in NNMi to help us know that a new device is added to monitoring.




Monitoring ESX serversOpen in a New Window

We have SNMP configured on ESX server.  Do we have to enable SSH on the ESX server (and configure device credentials in Communications) in order to get details on VM resources? 


HP NNMi Configuration ManagementOpen in a New Window

Hi guys

I would like to ask about the HP NNMi Configuration Management on how the configurations of equipment/devices will be kept; the period of the configurations will be kept in the system?


(BSM - NNMi) Email Configuration for Sub-interfacesOpen in a New Window

Good Day Experts,

Can NNMi display the sub-interface of a switch or router and alert via email? Usually the format is like:


<<event.severity>>: Problem occured on <<event.node.dnsName>>



which displays this result:

CRITICAL: Problem occured on Router_Daet (sample)

Node Down


What parameter should I use under Event Automation > Notifications which displays the following result:

CRITICAL: Problem occured on Router_Daet (sample)

Node Down on GigabitEthernet1/0/2



I'm using BSM as my email notifier fetching data from NNMi.

BSM (HP Business Service Management 9.25.221, Build 378)

NNMi (Version 10.00.701)





NNMi re-discovering Cisco NExus SwitchOpen in a New Window


We have NNMi 10.10, it keeps on re-discovering 2 Cisco Nexus switches on its own. The surprising part is, these 2 Nexus switches had been doscivered initially. On top of that, NNMi keeps re-discovering these switches again, every few hours.

So, we end up having duplicate devices with different creation date.

Did anyone came across such issue ?


SSO Is not working for NNM and HP NA integration.Open in a New Window


Need help regarding the SSO Is not working for NNM and HP NA integration.

Details are as :

1) Cross launch is working from NNM to NA.

2) From NA To NNM sso is working fine.

3) nnm-ui.properties and lwsso* configuration is fine.



NNMi Health Status "Major"Open in a New Window

Hi Team,
Can you please anyone help me on the below issue.

Number of snmp traps persisted in the database approaching the maximum allowed limit. Currently, only snmp traps utilized within Causal Engine analysis will be accepted by the event system, while all other snmp traps will be dropped.

We need the solution ASAP.

We tried to trim the incidents. Even though after 15mins the health status "Major".

Kindly help me on this.

Kalpana R


Unable to establish the HP NNMi SSL ConfigurationOpen in a New Window

I was trying to establish HP NNMi SSL using my own self signed keystore and truststore certificates, I created the certificates and copied it to the location i.e. /var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/certificates.  I am not able to figure out where to change the required configurations for the certificates and its password. 

Can you please help me in solving this issue

I have HP NNMi Version 10.20.280


NNMi with Brocade SAN switch supportOpen in a New Window

Hello HPE Community

I'm looking for some direction on helping a NNMi customer add Brocade SAN Switches to their NNMi 9.2 installation. They have had trouble with being able to discover the switches and I'm looking for some guidence on where to start and any problems that the community has seen with the MiB's etc.

Thank you,



HP NNMI iSPI Performance Graphing - Utilization no graph or dataOpen in a New Window

Any one can advise why the there is no data on specific router port.

When I open the Performance Troubleshooting - Performance Graphing - Utilization one of the ports has data for output utilization but for input utilization I don't have data.

I tried to Unmanaged/Manage the port and router but still not getting the data.

Can please anyone advise to how to fix this?

Thanks a lot experts!!!!


Trying to test NNMi Web Service APIs using SoapUIOpen in a New Window

Trying to test NNMi Web Service APIs using SoapUI but getting an error when trying to creat a user in the group NNMi Web Service Clients.  The error is "Save failed: Validation failed: Setting a password is not permitted for external accounts"

We use LDAP authencitcation but on this account I'm trying to use local password.









NNMI10 how to monitor and analiysis H3C switch log?Open in a New Window

how to configur nnmi10 to monitor and analysis H3C ,cisco switch log?


NNM 10.x Integration with OMI 10.60Open in a New Window

Dear All

If I want to integrate NNM 10.x with OMI 10.60 for Topology and Event integration, should I use Operations Connector or should I use old BSM connector Integration.

In our environment we are not using UCMDB, so does Operations Connector support Topology integration to OMI.

Please advise.


Identifying new interface configurationOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

For project purpose, we need to identify whenever new interface is configured.

Agenda is to add custom attributes in NNMi for the particular new interface once NNMi get notified that new interface is added.

Please let me know is this possible?






NNMi 10.2x - iSPI Performance for Traffic ArchitectureOpen in a New Window


I'm working on a NNMi iSPI performance for Traffic Solution. Just about 200 devices will be discovered and managed by NNMi. I wonder what's the best solution for the "Traffic" architecure:

1. Run Master on NNMi and Leaf on NPS
2. Run Master and Leaf on it's own dedicated server.

From what I think the best solution when thinking about performance is choice #2.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Steinar S


NNMi - enable specific port bandwidth monitoring.Open in a New Window

I have a requirements to Monitor the specific port bandwidth monitoring on few routers
the routers has 4 ports but I want only to monitor the bandwidth performance of specific port.

In interface group settings we created 1 group with the routers involved and tick the “Enable DSx Interface Performance Polling but I don't see an option to exclude the other ports.


Any help is highly appreciated.


thanks a lot.

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