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Please suggest a database tool for cross database comparision of data for Neoview and Teradata.Open in a New Window

Hello  Everyone !


I am looking for a database tool that connects to HP Neoview and another database and do a data comparision side by side and is able to create Html reports of comparison . eg how many rows missed , similar or different.



Generally tools available in the marked are using ODBC instead of JDBC connection .my neoview db is taking 5 hours to connect using ODBC , hence I am looking for a cross data base comparision tool  that connects using JDBC.



Thanks in Avance.


Vivit Business Intelligence Special Interest GroupOpen in a New Window

Vivit, the independent, HP Software community, is thinking about starting a worldwide Business Intelligence Special Interest Group. Interested?  See complete details .


DB Transporter and JavaOpen in a New Window

For Transporter version 2.4.2 - what version of java is necessary

Version 2.4.1 Transporter ?


Decoupling of business intelligence, data and applicationsOpen in a New Window


Can you please explain me what is decoupling of business intelligence, data and applications?

I need to understand it to separate compute and storage capabilties & cloud computing as well.

Thanks in advance


Casting in Neoview SQLOpen in a New Window

Trying to cast integer value 20100726 ( yyyymmdd ) to DATE data type
Using the following SQL but getting ERROR 29451 - Internal error processing command

cast(cast((substr(cast(day_sid as char(8)),1,4)||'-'||substr(cast(day_sid as char(8)),5,2)||'-'||substr(cast(day_sid as char(8)),7,2))
as char(10)) as DATE)
from dim_day;

Any solutions ?


Issues with version 2.4 SP1 after upgradeOpen in a New Window

Has anyone else seen any issues with the the dbms 2.4 software? There has been some table locks not released at the end of the transaction. Can you post any issues you have with Neoview 2.4 SP1 here, I haven't found a list of anything to be patched for SP1 so this is as good a place as any to start one.


Has anyone installed Neoview drivers on a NAS?Open in a New Window

I am wondering if anyone has installed their Neoview ODBC drivers onto a NAS system and successfully run their production workflow through that configuration. I would like to see some performance metrics or best practices. I have a DataStage system configured to use a grid setup and it was requested that I install the Neoview ODBC drivers on a NAS.


Need basic info on HP NeoviewOpen in a New Window

Hi friends can anyone plz tell me the basic info(listed below) on HP Neoview,

1.H/w -proprietary or commodity
2.Data Loading speed per hour
3.will it Support Vacuum
4.Is there need to replace entire H/W if there is need to upgrade h/w
5.Power consumption per terabyte
6.Scalability / Backup - Inversely proportional or directly proportional
7.Data Protection is at data base level or at disk level
8.Physical space required for 20TB
9.Scalability/Performance-Inve rsely or directly
10.Capacity- will it need to be fixed at appliance
11.Memory-per node
12.Learning-how many days it will take to complete full course
13.Appliance Upgrades-is there need to replace whole appliance.
14.scan time-data/min or sec
15.Scalability/Backuptime-Inve rsely Proportional or directly proportional

Thanks in advance


VBasic code in Excel to connect to NeoviewOpen in a New Window


I need VB code to connect to Neoview via ODBC from Excel. Then run several queries puting the output received from each query into separate worksheets within one XLS file. Then disconnect and save to a new file. I'm using Excel 2003 at this point. Neoview OS version is R2.4 SP1.




what is broadcast agent and object qualification??


General Forum QuestionsOpen in a New Window

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