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?False messages being generated: policy OSSPI-Linux-BadLoginsOpen in a New Window

Has anyone ever experienced false messages being generated?  For example, we are seeing messages arriving through the policy OSSPI-Linux-BadLogins: Failed Local login by user UserName @ HH:MM from machine HostName.  Just curious if anyone has seen or experienced this in the past and if so, why it occurs and how to resolve it.  Thank in advance!


Unable to get trap into ovo console from remote machineOpen in a New Window

I send trap from other machine on the lan but not receive into the console but when  send trap from same machine it receive into ovo console.The trap recieve in nnm from remote machine & same machine.Operating system windows 2003 & HPOM 7.x  i am beginner i am unable to understand why it is heppen please provide me the solution of it.





startServerScript command in opsware with parameters...????Open in a New Window


    I want to excute the script with parameter to remove node. I try to use startServerScript command in opsware. But i dont know what args will pass to execute this command. If any one know please share the details.



Ramesh C


Remedy SPI queue error.Open in a New Window

Hi All,

We are getting remedy queue exceed limit(currently 2000) after every 10 min. starting and stopping Remspi is onlw working as a temporary solution.

In log files I am getting the following error

(remspisrv-28204): Can't perform ITO update. (SPI215-57).

Kind Regards,
Bhavya Arora


Meaning of categories in ovolicense reportOpen in a New Window

I have the following enteries in the OM9 license report:

HP Operations TC OS Instance
Installed Licenses : 0
Needed Licenses : 157
Available Licenses : -157

WARNING: 157 'HP Operations TC OS Instance' licenses are missing.
Please acquire at least 157 'HP Operations TC OS Instance' licenses.

HP Operations OS Instance Advanced
Installed Licenses : 240
Needed Licenses : 0
Available Licenses : 240

What do those categories mean?
Thanks in advance,


Upcoming ITRC forums migration to the CommunityOpen in a New Window

HP's long-standing business support discussion forums on the IT Resource Center will soon be getting a new home! The ITRC forums will be migrated to the HP Software Solutions / Enterprise Business Community in June.

To preserve the ITRC's unique peer-support culture, we could use your help. To find out more about the move, and become eligible for the Community Council, please fill out this short survey ( http://svy.mk/i0tCCg ).

We will keep you up to speed with the following the attached FAQ's about the ITRC Forum move, and can answer your questions here in the forum.

If you'd like us to keep you updated about the ITRC Forums move, please complete the survey and provide us with your email address.


OVepmessageactionserver restarting unexpectedlyOpen in a New Window

HPOM Windows 8.16

when we stop or restart all OV services using vpstat , the ovepmessageaction server will go down , making the status of service as stopped , however will come up again in seconds. this causes service accessmanager to keep on waiting .

My understanding is that , as the dependent service/process ovepmessageaction server is still running, access manager will fail.

How we can check the same .


OVepStatusEngine Fails to startOpen in a New Window

HPOM Windows 8.16

When I try to start services on Server , it fails and terminates unexpectedly. Where can I debug this issue and how.


Log file monitoring using OVOA 8.x agent in AIX 5.x machineOpen in a New Window

I have OMU 8.35 on Solaris SunSparc machine. One of the machines I am managing is an AIX 5.x machine. I have deployed a log file policy to read a logfile for certai strings. But I am getting an unpredictable behaviour. I have set it as "Read from last file position". But an alert comes even when there is no new entry in the logfile. The only difference here is, the logfile is appended on the top. Can this be a problem. Just fyi, we have hundreds on logile policies on the other machines and we have no problem. This is a new problem for us. Support would be appreciated.


Installation HP Reporter 3.80 on windows 2008 64 bitsOpen in a New Window


Is HP Reporter 3.80 compatible with windows 2008 64 bits ?

Thank you.


What is the impact of installing OVO on linuxx vs HP-UXOpen in a New Window

I want to know if there is any impact of installing OVO 9i on linuxx vs HP-UX. Performance, stability, ease of maintenance. We have a mix bag of hardware and operating systems here so is one better for the other?
Please advise, POINTS to be awarded!


opc_inst Error: Package HPOvCtrl successfully installed but not found in inventory.Open in a New Window

I try to install a OVO8 agent on a windows 2003 server. This is the from the log file. Please help.


Snapshot ErrorsOpen in a New Window


I'm getting snapshot errors for a server from OVO's dbspicao:

# dbspicao -m81 -r1

Report For Database XXXX

24.11.2009 01:58:20

Metric SnapshotErrorCnt (0081)



what would be a good approach to identify + solve these errors?



OVIS : No Probe Info for all configured Services, Probe data is not updating.Open in a New Window

I am new to OVIS.

My client Setup is OPenview Internet Services
A06.10 is on same box OVPM and Reporter.

Something went wrong with OVIS, the Status for all services are in red/ No probe info and the last update for probe data received is 2 month old date.
Data is not at all collecting from local and Remote probe.

1. Tried with restarting IIS and OVIS service.
2. Nslookup working fine for local and remote and probes.
3. Logfiles details
%\HP OpenView\Data\%trace.distribMgr\trace.IOpsConfig/ trace.Scheduler / trace.iopsmaint / : I can see following message frequently write to logfile:

a."GetConfig: No newer config for %Management Server Name%
b. "No new data available in trace"

4. scheduler for Probe is working.

5. The *.dat files are generating in %\HP OpenView\Data\datafiles\probe\queue.
the and file SEQ is continously updating.

The OVO agent status in OVIS Server..
C:\Documents and Settings\hpovadm>ovc
ovcd OV Control CORE (3412) Running
coda OV Performance Core COREXT (6132) Running
opcle OVO Logfile Encapsulator AGENT,EA (4492) Running
opcacta OVO Action Agent AGENT,EA (7180) Running
opcmsgi OVO Message Interceptor AGENT,EA (7216) Running
opcmona OVO Monitor Agent AGENT,EA (7460) Running
opcmsga OVO Message Agent AGENT,EA (1780) Running
ovcs OV Certificate Server SERVER Aborted
ovbbccb OV Communication Broker CORE (4824) Running
ovtomcatA OV Tomcat(A) Servlet Container WEB (5728) Running
ovconfd OV Config and Deploy COREXT (1652) Running
ovprobes OV Internet Services Probes PROBE Aborted
ovtiprn HP OpenView TIPs Runner TIPsRunner (7632) Running

Can someone please help me to resolve issue?

Thank you.



OVO Patches 00234, 00252, 00273Open in a New Window

I plan to apply these patches to my OVOW server. Have there been any problems with them?


Possible to not report an event based on time in HPOM?Open in a New Window

In OpenVMS, we have three disk member Shadow sets. At midnight each night, one member is removed from the shadow set as it will be backed up to tape later in the morning with HP Data Protector. The post execution procedure of the DP backup will add the member back into the shadow set ... rinse ... repeat ... every day.

The HPOM policy VMSSPI_MissingMember flags this disk removal from the shadow set as a "Critical event" when really it isn't in this expected circumstance.

Is it possible to not fire the policy based on time of day? ie. if this event happens between midnight and 9am, don't notify?



dbspi Logfile not foundOpen in a New Window

I get this error frequently

dbspicao:cola DBSPI9-26: Logfile not found for instance ''ITGGPDB''

This is for a Unix OS and Oracle database. It is in a clustered setup and this error happens on the inactive node. How do I fix this?


RIM Server IssueOpen in a New Window

Hi there,

I have a RIM server working fine in my environment and I'm using the web front end to view data from my SQL database via port 3466.

I've copied the attached SQL file to the E:\RADIA\RIS\etc\sql\wbem folder, restarted the RIS and SQL services and then run a Radia connect on a machine. There is an AUDIT package assigned to the machine and so the WBEM info is collected and then sent to the RIM server and can now be seen in the rWin32_OperatingSystem table in my RIM database.

My problem is that if I now go to the web front end on the RIM server under Detail and view the drop down 'Configuration - Summary' for that specific machine I get this:

Server Error
Tue Jun 30 16:20:31 GMT Daylight Time 2009
The server encountered an internal error when handling your page.

Radia Integration Server2.1.7+ 13/6/1999
Tcl version 8.2.2+

Send email to support@novadigm.com.


If I click on the link then I can see the info I have included in the attached error log.

I'm assuming that this is down to a calculation error and something to do with the data collated about the paging file. Other than that I am at a loss.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




NICE monitoringOpen in a New Window

Hi Folks,
Does anybody have setup NICE application monitoring?
Here need to setup some monitoring on NICE snmp traps? How i can do this?using OVOU 8.x



need to disbale some oracle instancesOpen in a New Window

Can anyone tell me how to disable one of oracle instance in dbspi? Using OVOU 8.x on solaris.
I have configured dbspi on one of box which has 5 instances, now need to disable one of them for time being.


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