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Thank you to Norm Follett and our customer presenters in SydneyOpen in a New Window

We round off our HP Software Forums - Insight 2014 with the last event taking place in Sydney. Yet again, it was a successful day filled with information and a great chance to network with new and existing customers, and our partners. Thank you all for coming.




Norm Follett, Director of HP Software's Demonstration Solutions Group, opened our plenary with an engaging and entertaining presence. Norm is an 18 year HP veteran, having served in a variety of roles; R&D architect, lab manager, and director of products for HP Software’s operational management tools. We just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Norm from visiting us here down under and lending us his invaluable expertise.


Dr. Suresh Hungenahally, Chief Information Security Officer from the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation discussed some of the key objectives of their department and the ways in which they have used HP Software to achieve the desired results. You can view his presentation here.


Paul Griffiths from Hostworks shared some insight with us about how Hostworks employed the HP Automation toolset to deliver critical application management services to their customers. He has 15 years’ experience under his belt in the IT industry and happily shared that with us at the forum. See Paul’s presentation here.


Pat Connolly and Srinivas Gutta from the Department of Education in NSW spoke about how to harness the power of HP’s flagship Test suite in a customer built mobile platform. His insights focused around a combination that delivers fully automated scripts that are be managed, executed and maintained at a cost comparable to manual testing for the first run but with large savings for all subsequent runs.


For those of you who attended, I am sure you will join us in our thanks to Norm and these customer presenters without whom we would not have experienced the success and learning that we did. So thank you for taking the time to present!


Guy our mind map guy has done it again – Insight 2014!Open in a New Window

The Software Forums - Insight 2014 took place in Canberra yesterday. It was another great day with lots of learning to be had.



Guy has creatively constructed what took place in one mind map. Take some time to scan this image and see what happened at the forum, what the key messages are and simply be entertained. It’s a wee-little masterpiece with a great deal of value.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Or you can take a look at some of the other resources we've made available - much like this one - right here on the forum.




Presentations: HP Software Forums - IT Operations ManagementOpen in a New Window

We are two forums down and one to go. So if you have registered to attend our Sydney event - don't forget and we will see you there.


A select few presentations are available for you to access right here. If you miss out, fear not. And if you think a refresher will be much needed, you're in the right place.


Check our attachments below to view some presentations for our IT Operations Management track for:


  • Connected Intelligence for the New Style of IT. By Lewis Carr, Senior Director, HP Software Marketing.
  • Operation Analytics: Harness big data analytics to better predict, prevent and respond to IT issues. By Steve Hewett and David Alexander, HP Pre Sales Technical Consultant
  • Hear how Hostworks employs the HP Automation toolset to deliver critical application management services to our customers. A customer testimonial by Paul Griffiths, Director of Technology, Hostworks
  • Automate, Orchestrate and Transform your IT business for end to end service delivery model whilst increasing quality, agility and reducing your operational costs. By Carlo Kian and John Kilkenny, HP Pre Sales Technical Consultant


Business whitepaper: Insight, all rightOpen in a New Window

Our HP Pre Sales Technical Consultants – Steve Hewett and David Alexander – presented at the HP Software Forums – Insight 2014 on how to leverage current investments and maximising the operational potential of data that is already available throughout your environment.


If you found this exceptionally valuable, or want to know more we have our whitepaper: Insight,

all right that looks at the new style of IT management and exactly how you can make better IT decisions with IT Operation Analytics and learn how to turn data into insights.


“As IT environments evolved, they increased in size and showed a small increase in the dynamic nature. After the dot-com era, web applications were the predominate style. IT techniques could still rely on predetermination and limited datasets for well-known problems. IT got smarter by adding techniques such as event stream processing, topology-based event correlation, dynamic baselining, and anomaly detection. This was the initial use of analytics on a preselected quality dataset for well-known problems.”


Read more. Download the whitepaper here.


Insight 2014 - Antoine AymerOpen in a New Window

Antoine Aymer, HP Worldwide Mobility Solutions Manager, will be speaking at Insight 2014. A teaser of what he will be discussing is below.


The speed of mobile is breathtakingly fast. New devices emerge on a weekly basis, and the operating systems continue to rapidly evolve. Mobiles also provide a richer engagement language that extends the challenges the typical QA team and digital agencies face.


Emulator versus real mobile? Automation versus manual? Agile versus Waterfall? Unavailable services, what devices to test on…? Join HP Product Manager who will explore the directions and guide you to successfully test mobile apps, and deliver a 5 star user experience.


To hear more from Antoine, register for Insight 2014 - HP Software Forums - here: www.hp.com/au/forum


BPM Vision: HP Project and Portfolio ManagementOpen in a New Window


"We have a financial services customer in Australia who has implemented a PPM over the last 4-5 years. They can now prove they have lowered the risk their organisation has, as they can now put their more experienced project managers on their more difficult projects." 


To hear more from Chris Wenban, Director BPM Vision, view the video here.


JDS Australia: HP Application Lifecycle Management.Open in a New Window


"Service virtualisation is a potential game changer in the pre-deployment space, being able to provide environments when they are required can save an awful lot of time for a project."


To hear more from John Bearsley, Managing Director JDS Australia, view the video here.


The WA Education Department needed a new Service Management solution...Open in a New Window

The Department of Education in Western Australia needed a comprehensive service management solution to support it in addressing approximately 1,000 calls a day in peak periods from over 35,000 staff.


Since 2005, the Department had been utilising HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5 to underpin the business processes that helped it deliver the required service to its staff - but with the product reaching end of life, a requirement arose for a new toolset that would meet and improve on the Department's service delivery standards.


Read the attached case study to find out more about the successful and powerful upgrade that the Department undertook with Kinetic IT - a HP technology partner - in order to modernise and grow with HP Service Manager 9.3.


Learn more about Cloud Service AutomationOpen in a New Window

If you missed the HP User Forum or would like to learn more about the HP Cloud Service Automation


Click here


HP Cloud Service Automation



Simplifying your IT Service Desk WebinarOpen in a New Window

Join like minded people to hear how HP Service Anywhere will help you simplify your IT Service Desk.




Key Points:

  • Overview of HP’s new SaaS-enabled Help desk solution
  • Learn what’s new in codeless configuration and the resulting seamless upgrades
  • Service Anywhere benefits - unprecedented ease of use, time to value & great savings

Hosted by Vivit.


Vivit is the independent, non-profit service organization that represents the broad HP Software community and is the endorsed HP Software users group. For almost two decades, Vivit has been the unbiased, trusted and field-tested community for thousands of HP Software customers, developers, and partners from around the world and from all areas of business and industry. The users group is governed by a nine-member membership-elected Board of Directors and operates according to published corporate Bylaws and Policies. Corporate officers are elected by the Board of Directors.



Give us your feedbackOpen in a New Window

If you attended the presentations at the HP User Forums this week your feedback is welcome. 


  1. Did you think the presentations were interesting and useful to you and your organization. 
  2. What did you learn that in the Automate your way to the Cloud presentation. 
  3. What did you learn in the Service Anywhere presentation.
  4. What could HP do next year to make the event better. 


Your comments are welcome.  


Just in Case....Open in a New Window

Just in case you missed the HP User Forum I have posted the presentations for you to review.

Again thanks for making the event a success.





Melbourne HP User ForumOpen in a New Window

 Thanks to everyone who attended the Melbourne HP User Forum yesturday.  Everyone’s active participation and contributions during the break out sessions made the event a huge success.


Watch this space for more posts and post event information.




Looking Forward to Seeing you....Open in a New Window

Hi all,  with this week just about done I am getting really excited about next weeks HP User Forums.  A lot of hard work has gone into ensuring that this event will be a huge success, and I am confident that it will be.    


 I will be attending at both venues and am looking forward to meeting you.  


Come and say hello




Hear what Vivit have to say about HP Service AnywhereOpen in a New Window

Vivit is the independent, non-profit service organization that represents the broad HP Software community and is the endorsed HP Software users group. For almost two decades, Vivit has been the unbiased, trusted and field-tested community for thousands of HP Software customers, developers, and partners from around the world and from all areas of business and industry. The users group is governed by a nine-member membership-elected Board of Directors and operates according to published corporate Bylaws and Policies. Corporate officers are elected by the Board of Directors


Joint their next Webinar 


To find out more about Vivit, go to: http://www.vivit-worldwide.org/


Top ten reasons to automate your IT processesOpen in a New Window

You can begin automating your data center operations by implementing IT process automation. Getting started is easy. Through a focused approach in a few key areas, an experienced IT organization can quickly achieve a return on investment and reduce IT complexity, and support costs.


  1. Automating the remediation of incidents and alerts
  2. Empower frontline IT operators to resolve more incidents
  3. Decrease alert floods
  4. Establish a consistent, repeatable process for orchestrating change
  5. Create linkages between your ITIL incident management and problem management process
  6. Capture incident resolution audit trails and create process documentation
  7. Integrate role-based access control into your incident resolution process
  8. Capture organizational knowledge in a usable and maintainable way
  9. Automate repetitive maintenance procedures
  10. Integrate disparate systems management tools and process


Learn More Here



How do you calculate ROI on process automationOpen in a New Window

Hi,  I was thinking today about IT Operations Automation and how a ROI is calculated.   I have some views on this but would love to hear how your or your organization have go about this. 


Does ITIL still matter?Open in a New Window

Greetings all


I will be presenting in the upcoming events in Melbourne and Sydney next month. I very much look forward to meeting with all of you and sharing insights on Service Management and particularly on Service Anywhere.


As one of your ITSM product managers, my job is also to get your perspective on important topics related to Service Management.  I will be meeting with many of you and will very much appreciate your perspectives on the myriad of topics related to service delivery.


One topic that is particularly relevant today is the importance of ITIL.  One of my very clever colleagues has posted a discussion forum on the HP ITSM group on Linkedin asking the question: ” Does ITIL still matter?”  We would love to have your perspective.  I encourage you to take a look at the discussion and get your voice into the conversation.  Check it out at here.  I also encourage you to let me know your thoughts when we meet face to face. 


Scott Knox

Sr Product Manager -- Service Management Center

Office: 858 655-3858

Cell: 858 774-2270



Join the conversation.




In Operations Automation what are?Open in a New Window

What processes are considered first when automating the tasks performed in the operations center.   


Please answer the following Question


Q. In your opinion what would be the top 3  candidates,  tasks or process to be automated first?     


Take a look at the OPS track Agenda.Open in a New Window

HP Software Forum March 19 & 21, 2013 | Melbourne & Sydney, Australia


Our “Operations” track is for customers of our IT & Cloud management solutions such as Business Service Management (BSM), IT Service Management and Automation software. Here you will learn about the latest developments in our software, including new SaaS offerings, and automation solutions for DevOps and Cloud provisioning, and more of what’s coming on the roadmap.   
2.30pm Welcome Presenter: John Garratt, Technical Consultant, HP Software    
2.40pm - 3.10pm Customer Presentation: IAG Excellence through Automation – Our journey
Presenter: George Cassar, Senior Automation Specialist    
In the operational space repeatable tasks are the norm, and typically required to ensure systems are running as efficiently as possible. Whether it’s a health check, software update, provisioning of a service or response to an event, some form of human interaction is necessary. Come and discover how Insurance Australia Group (IAG) have taken the mundane out of their BAU operations, lifted operational maturity, avoided significant cost uplifts and enabled their staff to focus on more significant and satisfying tasks.  
3.10pm -  3.25pm Coffee break     3.25pm - 3.30pm

John Garratt, Reflections and Introductions

3.30pm - 4.20pm Service Anywhere
Presenter:  Javier Castano, HP ITSM Solution Architect, HP Software
The IT service desk is supposed to make life simpler for employees, customers, and IT staff who need information. But all too often, the service desk ends up adding complexity, confusion, constraint, and cost to an already overburdened IT organisation. This session addresses HP’s simpler solution: HP Service Anywhere. This new IT service desk from HP is easy to use, configure, upgrade, and integrate. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, so it’s up and running 24x7x365, with 99.9% availability and it scales easily.  
4.20pm - 4.25pm Introductions
Presenter: John Garratt, Reflections and Introductions
4.25pm - 5.15pm Automate your way to the cloud
Presenter: John Kilkenny, Software Presales Consultant  
As IT continues to do more with less, many are turning to cloud based solutions. Automation is a key pre-requisite to cloud, and automating operations today can lead to a smooth transition. Where to begin? In this session, we’ll discuss, automating IT tasks, then IT processes, and eventually service delivery across your physical and virtualised infrastructure.  
5.15pm - 5.25pm Track Summary
Presenter: John Garratt, Technical Consultant, HP Software    
5.30pm Track concludes    

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