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HPE Software Products: Operations Manager i Practitioners Forum
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Including volume name in Sys_DiskPeakUtilMonitor eventsOpen in a New Window

The events coming from the Sys_DiskPeakUtilMonitor policy on UNIX accurately alert on one or more volumes being out of space, but the event does not show which volume is out of space. Is there a way to get this information into the event?


OM to OMiOpen in a New Window

We are planning to include OMi in our environment without doing away with OM to begin with.

We are hoping the free license exchange program covers us with all the required licenses which are enough for this transition. (OpsBridge Premium ???)

My question

1. What are the steps to begin with, to start building an OMi platform? We are totally new to it, do not have any idea about it.  Our initial goal would be to just see all the nodes or CIs from OM to OMi and then messages in OMi dashboard.


sufficient disk space. Please free some space at [OVDATADIR]/shared/server/datafiles/archive".Open in a New Window

Hi All,

We are getting the critical alert for BSM gateway server "Insufficient disk space. Please free some space at [OVDATADIR]/shared/server/datafiles/archive".

also we got one more Event  ---> Load of Content Pack D:\HPBSM\conf\opr\content\en_US\MM-Lys.xml failed with error message: com/hp/ov/xpl/runtime/DirKey

When checked the above path ([OVDATADIR]/shared/server/datafiles/archive".), archive file is empty in Both DPS and Gateways..Still we are gettig above event in OMI Events

Please let me know how to fix this issue.




OMi 10 Script Development Kit problemOpen in a New Window

Dear Experts,

I am setting up new Groovy script Develope system and as per the document i need to download and install the Groovy Plugin.

"In Eclipse, install the Groovy-Eclipse plugin by pointing your Eclipse update manager to the update site (under Help > Install New Software… ) (or, if the release site is not yet available), select Groovy Eclipse (Required), and Groovy Compiler 2.4 Feature (underneath Extra Groovy compilers (Optional), click Next, and follow the installation instructions."

i am trying with both the link and in all the cases i get a 0 KB file called "e4".

Does anyone know the alternate link for same? or share the copy if one has this plugin downloaded.

TahnK You.


Separate log file for each scriptOpen in a New Window

Dear Experts,

I find it difficult to work with one log for all the scripts information/warn/error/debug message written it it.  So i was wondering why not to create a Separate log for each script and write down all the important information in it which can help in troubleshooting a problem in future.

is anyone doing it? are people using a normal file handling and writing or you one can create a separate log file using the same Log or LogFactory package available in the script?

Any additional information provided will be appreciated.

Thank You.



OMi 10.11: Monitor SQL Server Always onOpen in a New Window


My DBA want to monitor his SQL Server. He said, he used Alway On Technologie on his server.

I want to know if there are a metric to monitor this tech ? I check the SQL MP but I found nothing.



OMI 10.11 - Login into OMi via loadbalancer not possibleOpen in a New Window


Have installed OMi 10.11 with 2 GWs and 2 DPs running on Windows.
The GWs are behind a loadbalancer (LB), so we access the OMi GUI via an VIP address.
For some days ago we were no longer able to login to OMi with the VIP address on the LB (but direct to one of the GWs worked). 

At this time I configured the SSO and at the same time some configuration changes were executed on the LB.
From this time we were not able to login to OMI via the LB.
Got the login window, but when typing the users credentials and clicking the "Log In" button the login window occured again with no error messages and we were no longer able to loging via the LB.
I disabled the SSO, but still the same and we concluded that the issue was related to the LB.
Investigation on the LB configuration didn't give any findings. 

Yesterday I configured the Single Sign-On, with the automatic domain e.g.
I changed the domain from to
Then it was possible to login via the LB.

So, my question is then: Is it a connection between the LB and the Single Sign-On? As I can see, this is not mentiioned in the documentation section for how to configure access to OMi via a LB.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Steinar S. 


OMi 10.10/10.11 wants 10,000 OPEN_CURSORS on Oracle for install, is this needed after?Open in a New Window

Per the install instructions:

The OPEN_CURSORS parameter of Oracle Database. For the upgrade, set the Oracle Database parameter 

OPEN_CURSORS to 10,000.

This is causing some concern with our DBA's... is this high OPEN_CURSORS number needed for produciton running OMI systems?

Thank you

~John Sweeney



What is the Future for OMi after Micro Focuse's Spin-off and Merge?Open in a New Window

We may start a migration from OM to OMi and would like to understand what could be the future for OMi.
What does this merge implies for OMi as Micro Focus has already a monitoring solution named AppManager?
Does someone has a migration plan for those monitoring products?
Thank you in advence for your help.


Where to find management pack for HPOMi-Zabbix IntegrationOpen in a New Window

Hi All, 

n the integration guide for HP BSM Connector for Zabbix, on page 12 it is said to go to the Content Pack Definitions pane in HP OMi, use the Import tool and open the folder where you store the package. Select the content pack.

My question is where can I find While downloading the HP BSM Connector for Zabbix V02.00.031, it did not come in zip files and neither I could find it anywhere in HPLN nor in amy other website.

Please help



Internal JMS queue gets full inbetween gateway and DPSOpen in a New Window

Hello Experts, 

We have a large enviornment where in we are monitoring around 6500 servers using Opsbridge. We have 3 Gw's in a load balancer and 2 DPS. The problem that we see is that the internal queue between GW and DPS is giving problems and now we have around 79000 entries in the queue. 

This is a problem due to which the monitoring is getting affected. We have even raised a p1 with HPE but are failing to get any RCA for this. 

We can clear the queue but the production events wiill be lost. Need to know if there is some way where in we can monitor this queue and avoid such situations in the furture.


Stand-alone Event Browser - How to color Events based on Severity?Open in a New Window

OMi_10.01 IP6
Extensibility Guide
Chapter 19: URL Launch of the Event Browser

I see lots of filtering options but no option to color the events. Attached shows how we do that when not in stand-alone mode.

Is there a keyword to force colors?

URL for stand-alone opr evt browser is something like:,state,timereceived,title,relatedCi,category&sortField=timeReceived&sortOrder=desc&readOnly=true&filterId=d444c0fe-2e10-428c-94ce-e1cce1639143

Thanks in advance


Is there any way to monitor the JVM statistics of the OMI processesOpen in a New Window


We recently had a major outage on our OMI 10.01 instance only to find that the BUS process was Out of Memory.

This could have been easily averted if we had some monitoring in place.

Is there any way to monitor the JVM stats of the various OMI processes?

Any CLI that can help me view the JVM stats for the individual processes rather can check the logs for each process?





OMi loadbalancing issueOpen in a New Window

I'm having some problems getting loadbalancing to work with OMi. When adding the proxy-ip to "HTTP Reverse Proxy IPs" setting, I'm redirected back to the login page when logging in.

I notice the following lines in /opt/HP/BSM/log/jboss/login.log:
2016-09-20 23:39:05,356 [ajp-/] ( INFO - Session is valid for loginname admin but there is no securityContext available.
2016-09-20 23:39:05,357 [ajp-/] ( INFO - SSO request failure. Request url was http://omgw.lab/opr-web/framework/app

If I remove the proxy IP from "HTTP Reverse Proxy IPs", the web application loads normally. (But then I can not use the direct login URL to the gateway)

Looks like there's som issues with LW-SSO settting. Any ideas?


Oct 26-27th: Next OMi Online Expert dayOpen in a New Window

October 26-27th: Next OMi Online Expert day

Hello Everyone,


Operations Manager i is hosting an Online Expert Day on October 26-27th, 2016! Mark this on your calendars!


If you are a customer with a support contract, then we would like to invite you to join us Operations Manager i Support Customer Forum on October 26-27th, when HPE product Experts will be online for 24 hours to answer any questions regarding:


Any topic


Event start time: October 26th at 07:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time / 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time / 2:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time


Event end time: October 27th at 07:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time / 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time / 2:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time


What is an Online Expert Day?


Online Expert Day is an event when HPE product, R&D, and Support team members and other employees join our online forums to answer your toughest technical questions. Online Expert Days give you a chance to talk directly with the HPE Experts!


How does the Online Expert Day event work?


HPE Experts will be online for 24 hours in the forum and will do their best to answer your questions. They may need to get some more information from you so please check the box "email me when someone replies". An online conversation will be born!


To participate, you do need access to the Operations Manager i Support Customer Forum if you don’t have access, please add your Support Agreement ID (SAID) to your HP Passport profile and log in again.


To check this please do the following:


If you have a valid support contract and are still experiencing issues after checking it or adding it, please send an email to


For more information on our Support Customer Forums and how to add your Support Agreement ID (SAID) to your HPE Passport profile, please click here.


For upcoming Online Expert Days, please bookmark the HPE Software Online Support Services - Forum events page.


If you have questions regarding the Online Expert Day event, please reply to this message.


We look forward to your attendance and your questions!




HPE Support


OMi vs OMOpen in a New Window

Hello community,

I am somewhat confused by the term OMi vs OM. My understanding is that both of them are referring to Operations Manager, but sometimes I see these terms separately.

Based on my finding, OMi sits on top of existing HP Operations Manager installation. It acts like a manager of managers for them. (What exactly does this mean?)

Can someone differentiate between OMi and OM? I have some understanding, but not comfortable enough to differenciate OMi and OM. OR perhaps I am confused by these two products.

Thanks in advance,


Custom monitors in OMiOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

We are using OMi 10.10 on Linux. Would like to get some clarity on custom monitoring assignment for CI's. (example) The monitoring scripts & policies are ready with the list of nodes to deploy it. The instrumentation & policies are grouped in a custom Aspect.  I dont want to assign the Aspect to each of the individual CI's (monitored nodes). Do i need to create custom views here grouping the required CI's here ? If yes, what type of views should be created here. Also, i heard that Aspects/Management templates cant be assigned to views manually.




Tool launch fails in HP OMiOpen in a New Window


Can someone please help me for HP OMi tool issue?

I am trying to create one URL type tool in HP OMi. While Creating new tool, I am using following steps:

1. Selected CI type "Node" in CI Types Leftmost Pane
2. Create new Tool name: "test tool"
3. URL Type: URL
4. URL tab, set "URL" field: https://
5. add runtime parameter using "Insert runtime parameter at cursor:" select "CI Attributes..." and insert "Node" (CI type) Attribute (for e.g. Display Name: discovered_location, type: String)

Then in BSM Connector Machine activated the BSM connector 'topology - integration policy', in 'data source XML file' for a Node, tool specific value has some format like "<hostname>:<port number>" (for example: host1:8080)

Now when I launch "test tool" from Node context or Alert Context, it fails as tool URL value is invalid https://host1%3a8080 . Colon character changed to its Hex value 3a with one extra '%' letter.



Operations Agent Self Monitoring Policies (Aspect)Open in a New Window

Hi All,

Just wondering if there is any OAgent Self Monitor policies or aspects or content pack available for download - I tried searching hpln but maybe I'm using incorrect search keywords words - can't find anything.




CI Resolver - Resolution matching ambiguous CIs (Cluster)Open in a New Window


I'm using measurement threshold to cluster monitor and I have 2 cluster that have the same resource group name.


But when a event arrives from each cluster, the resource group cannot be resolved and them the event is showing directly in node and not in the cluster.

ambiguous2.PNGCould someone help me?

I checked the cluster properties but I don't know how to use more attributes that identifies that this resource group belongs to that cluster.

For example:

Cluster Resource Group properties:


Cluster Properties:


Is there a way to use the attribute NodeKey in the cluster resource group to resolve the ambiguous problem?


Diego Pereira

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