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Content development - unable to create BO universe in CDE on Windows7 (BUILD FAILED, java error)Open in a New Window


I have the problem to compile application component in CDE on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit. The "ant" command returns this java error with "BUILD FAILED". I tried to run "ant -d -v" to get more insight what can be the problem:

ant -d -v
Apache Ant version 1.6.5 compiled on June 2 2005
Apache Ant version 1.6.5 compiled on June 2 2005
Buildfile: build.xml
Detected Java version: 1.5 in: C:\Java\jre7
Detected OS: Windows 7
parsing buildfile C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\workspace\PATest\PATestReport.ap\build.xml with URI = file:///C:/HPE/OBR/CDE/workspace/PATest/PATes
Project base dir set to: C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\workspace\PATest\PATestReport.ap
[property] Loading Environment env.
Override ignored for property cp.cde.home.dir
Build sequence for target(s) `build_PATestReport' is [clean_PATestReport, generateArtifacts_PATestReport, copy_PATestReport, cr_remo
ver, build_PATestReport]
Complete build sequence is [clean_PATestReport, generateArtifacts_PATestReport, copy_PATestReport, cr_remover, build_PATestReport, g
enerateStageRuleTemplate, generateStageInterface, createManifestTemplate, updateUniverse, generateABCStreams, ]


[java] Executing 'C:\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe' with arguments:
[java] '-Dbusinessobjects.connectivity.directory=C:\Program'
[java] 'Files'
[java] '(x86)\SAP\BusinessObjects\SAP'
[java] 'BusinessObjects'
[java] 'Enterprise'
[java] 'XI'
[java] '4.0/dataAccess/connectionServer'
[java] '-Dcde.home=C:\HPE\OBR\CDE'
[java] '-Djava.library.path=C:\HPE\OBR\CDE/bin'
[java] '-classpath'
[java] 'C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\lib\xercesImpl.jar;C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\lib\OVoracle.jar;C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\lib\OvBbc.jar;C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\lib\OvBbc
##### 190 lines removed here #####
[java] 'com.hp.bto.shr.cde.manifestcompiler.ManifestProcessor'
[java] '-package'
[java] 'PATest'
[java] '-subpackage'
[java] 'PATestReport'
[java] '-type'
[java] 'application'
[java] The ' characters around the executable and arguments are
[java] not part of the command.
[java] Error: Could not find or load main class Files

C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\workspace\PATest\PATestReport.ap\build.xml:37: Java returned: 1
at org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.Java.execute(Java.java:87)
at org.apache.tools.ant.UnknownElement.execute(UnknownElement.java:275)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Task.perform(Task.java:364)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Target.execute(Target.java:341)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Target.performTasks(Target.java:369)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeSortedTargets(Project.java:1216)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeTarget(Project.java:1185)
at org.apache.tools.ant.helper.DefaultExecutor.executeTargets(DefaultExecutor.java:40)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeTargets(Project.java:1068)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Main.runBuild(Main.java:668)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Main.startAnt(Main.java:187)
at org.apache.tools.ant.launch.Launcher.run(Launcher.java:246)
at org.apache.tools.ant.launch.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:67)

Total time: 1 second


From java parameters above you can see ant is generating huge string for '-classpath' parametr. In my case more 20500 characters!!! I tried to run java command directly (not via ant) and it looks there is a limit in the length of the string for command on Windows. Based on reading of https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/830473 it seems to be max 8191 chars on Windows7. Such limitation is the most probably the source of the problem in the ant.

The workarround in my case was to install CDE on linux, copy the content of application folder from my content pack and run the same ant command. It worked and universe was created. The documentation (OBR content development guide v 10.01) is written the way it's guiding the user to generate application content on windows - see page 33, chapter "Creating and Installing the Application Component Package"., so depending on your install paths of BO client and CDE you can face the same.

The best possible workarround should be using folder names in java classpatch parameter and not the list of all jar files. Another recomendation should be to install BO client and CDE in "short" directory path.

I hope, it can be usefull for the others and it would be nice if somebody else will try the same.




Content development - what's correct way to export reports to OBR? (missing import wizard in BO 4.1)Open in a New Window


I am referring the part of OBR Content Designer Guide 10.01 page 62, chapter "Exporting Reports to OBR" ->

"... If you developed the reports on a system where HPE OBR is not installed, you must export the BIAR file and install the Reports component on the system where HPE OBR is installed...."

The are 2 problems in OBR 10.01 (which is containing SAP BO 4.1 SP6):

  1. There is no "Export wizard" in BO 4.1 client (it was part of BO 3.1 in SHR 9.x)
  2. The BIAS files are not supported in BO 4.1 for this purpose. There is good discussion about on https://archive.sap.com/discussions/thread/3532443 ->

"... Denis Konovalov replied

January 23, 2015 at 14:29 PM

the part that you have to understand is that BIAR files are no longer used in BI4.x for the same purpose as you used them in Xi3.1. In BI4.x BIAR files can only be generated by UMT tool and can only be imported into next version of the product. Basically, BIARs are now for moving content from old version to new version (migrations) only. For moving content between same version of the product (in this case all Bi4.x versions are considered same) - a new tool is used, its called promotion management. With this tool you can generate LCMBIAR files. It has command line interface as well. So, XI3.1 BIAR equal to BI4.x LCMBIAR now. You'll have to change your process to support LCMBIAR now...."

Please, provide the instructions how to properly load reports into OBR 10.01+




vertica installationOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

I am not able to install vertica in linux machine.

i update pre-req according to the guide.

After that i ran OBR_Linux.sh tool

it shows errors as attached.

it shows mIssing direcotries i ran yum install vertica-7.1.2-0.x86_64.RHEL5.rpm in packges





installation errorOpen in a New Window

while installing the HP OBR i got error at installation failed, i did rollback, i try to re-install again it is failing,

Please find the screen shots

Please advise me how to procced further,




OBR Reporting IssueOpen in a New Window


In OBR, I can see that the date is there in the database but I am unable to see the date in reporting console.

Can any one please help.




HP OBR trail version download issueOpen in a New Window

HI Team,

I try to download HP OBR 10.x, I am geeting error as attached screen shot, Please suggest me how to resolve this issue.


OBR illegal access to the viewer, please use a valid url.Open in a New Window

Getting this error when attempting to open any report in OBR 10.02 now. Seems this error was posted previously but the link does not work for me.


If anyone has seen this error in the browser and can suggest a fix, please advise. This was working before I went on holidays but now it is not. Thanks.


CDE dev guideOpen in a New Window

Is there any CDE dev guide available?

I Just downloaded the install files but there is no readme or dev guide.


Hi OMI Experts I need to export a report with the daily total events for last month and put in chatOpen in a New Window

 I need to export a report with the daily total events for last month and put in chat from OMI or OBR. can you advice ASAP please. thank you


Content development - what are required ETLs to get custom OA dataOpen in a New Window

I am trying to create simple CP to get OA data using CDE v10.01. I prefer to not use simplifiled approach. What are minimal required ETLs to get custom OA data?

I have created, compiled and deployed CP containing core domain + ETLs (PA collection policy ETL + transform ETL + stage ETL) + related orchestration streams. As a result no files related to my CP are collected/created in <PMDB_HOME>/collect directory. The collection policy file exists in <PMDB_HOME>/config/collection_policy directory.

My XML for the policy available in <PMDB_HOME>/config/collection_policy:

<etldefinition type="collect" collector="PA" domain_name="PATestDomain" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="SHRPANamespace schema_PA.xsd" xmlns="SHRPANamespace">
<datasource name="SCOPE">
<class name="CPU" summarized="true">
<aliastarget type="My_Dim" category="XXX"/>
<aliastarget type="My_Fact" category="XXX"/>
<metric name="BYCPU_ID" datatype="INTEGER" identity="false"></metric>
<metric name="BYCPU_CPU_SYS_MODE_UTIL" datatype="GAUGE" identity="false"></metric>
<metric name="BYCPU_CPU_USER_MODE_UTIL" datatype="GAUGE" identity="false"></metric>
<metric name="BYCPU_CPU_TOTAL_UTIL" datatype="GAUGE" identity="false"></metric>


I have also deployed OOTB SM_PA content, I have configured RTSM and PA data sources and OOTB stuff works. My expectation was that the policy above will "re-use" PA nodes from OOTB collections and in addition it will create "*My_Dim*" and "*My_Fact*" files in collect directory for the same node(s) as SM_PA and it will be processed by remaining ETL steps in my CP. This is not happening.

Can you clarify or describe what are necessary ETL files to get custom PA metric to OBR? Do I need UCMDB and/or SN collection policies (which are created by simplified CDE)? Why?




Content Development - CDE Simplified to collect OA/PA metricsOpen in a New Window

Hi All!

I am trying to figure out CDE and how to extend OBR to collect and store additional HPOA metric data that we currently use.  I have attempted through the GUI, the full commandline, and the simplified.  For this post I'll focus on the simplified developmemnt flow.  The objective for this sample is to capture and store the SCOPE:APPLICATION data class.

Our environment is distrubuted with separate OBR, BO, and Vertica servers running on Linux.  The CDE I am using is on a windows VDI.

When I create the mapping file with this command:

createMappingFile.bat -usePA -paXml c:\cde\data\SAMPLE_PA_input.xml -topologyXml c:\cde\data\SAMPLE_PA_topology.xml -config c:\cde\data\dbconfig.properties -outputLocation c:\cde\workspace\SAMPLE_PA -passwords ###

I get the following errors: 

org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxUnexpectedCharException: Unexpected character '"' (code 34) in DOCTYPE declaration; expected a space between public and system identifiers
at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [1,50]


Error in loading XplGetPidCan't load library: C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\lbin\xpl\trc\XplGetPid.mdl


However the mapping file appears to create successfully. When I try and execute the final build with:

createendtoendcp.bat -mappingfile c:\cde\workspace\SAMPLE_PA\SAMPLE_MappingFile_1186509929597686.csv -topologyxml c:\cde\data\SAMPLE_PA_topology.xml -paXml c:\cde\data\SAMPLE_PA_input.xml -configfile c:\cde\data\dbconfig.properties 

I get the following error:

Error: Could not find or load main class Files


the CDE .log file does not report any of the errors above, only the successful creation of the mapping file.  I assume the main problem here is the last error from the createendtoendcp.bat.  Any suggestions? Any other details that would help explain the situtation?


Management database creation failed while oBR post installation configurationOpen in a New Window



i have a problem in post installation step of OBR.

Managemnet database creation gets failed.

i) VErtica is in RHEL

ii) HP-OBR is in Windows server

In log file it shows error that sql statement execution gets failed.

How to resolve this issue.


Please reply ASAP.




OBR Core Content Pack installation failing with Error Code 29Open in a New Window


I am trying to install the Core content pack and it's failing with error code 29

"The Run Command exited with a return code of: 29"

Did anyone else face the same problem too ?

OBR application 10.01 is on windows and firewall is turned off on both the application and database server. DSN is also defined as per the config document. Not sure what is causing the content packs to fail.






URL Monitor Content Pack for OBROpen in a New Window


we have installed OBR 10.02 and we have BSM and sitescope. sitescope and bsm are using same profile db.

so i configured the bsm profile db in order to get rum and bpm datas and we can get them succesfully.

i saw a content pack about url monitoring for sitescope. and i installed the content pack as well.

but somehow i dont see any data when i tried to get them from OBR BI.

i have already read the document for installation instrcutions.

how can i fix this issue ? thanks


Recording of Community Workshop for Content DevelopmentOpen in a New Window

There was a Community Workshop on OBR Content Development at the end of September.  Is there a recording of those sessions available?  

(Original post: https://community.hpe.com/t5/IT-Operations-Management-ITOM/Free-Community-Workshop-Content-Development-for-Operations/ba-p/6897083#.WFGWBGorKJA)


OVPI to OBR Migration packageOpen in a New Window

Hi, can smeone please tell me where I can download the latest OVPI Migration to OBR 10.x package.  All I can find is the original OVPI to SHR 9.4x package.

Thanks very much.

- - -CraigRees



Error while generating the reportOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

We are not able to generate the reports, if we click on the report we are getting the attached error and below error.

"An internal error occured while calling Initinstance.API"

All the servers are running in CMC and also i have restarted the BO and tomacat service as well.

Kindly help me on how to resolve the issue..





Pranav R N


How to kill a stream in OBROpen in a New Window

Hello All,

How can I kill a stream in OBR?  The stream is running and failing not exiting.






Failed to execute stageOpen in a New Window

Hi All

The streams are failing with below error while processing the file from stage folder. Please look into it and advice:

2016-12-10 06:25:57,297 ERROR, com.hp.bto.pmdb.stage.StageMain.main , [ ABCBatchID:2342110, ABCStreamID:PMDB_Platform@CustomerDefinition, ABCStepID:StageGroup, ABCProcessID:2342112 ] [222040091] Failed to execute stage
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/hp/bto/bsmr/datapipemanager/utils/DpmException
 at com.hp.bto.pmdb.stage.processdata.ProcessSchemaData.processData(ProcessSchemaData.java:34)
 at com.hp.bto.pmdb.stage.StageMain.start(StageMain.java:128)
 at com.hp.bto.pmdb.stage.StageMain.main(StageMain.java:40)
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.hp.bto.bsmr.datapipemanager.utils.DpmException
 at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:381)
 at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:424)
 at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Launcher.java:331)
 at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:357)
 ... 3 more


SHR to OBR migration and HTTPSOpen in a New Window

Hi All


Recently I migrated from SHR to OBR and migration is successful.


Post migration the OBR is not connecting to Omi and also collection not working. Due to this I assume all the files are located in collect directory and in Failed to reconcile directories.


As a check, the topology collector log file says


2016-12-10 01:41:00,017  INFO, com.hp.bto.bsmr.collection.collector.RTSMCollector.connect , Connecting to host = stomidat01.accenture.com, port = 443, protocol = http, username = omi-shr-integration

2016-12-10 01:41:00,083 ERROR, com.hp.bto.bsmr.collection.collector.RTSMCollector.connect , com.hp.ucmdb.api.CommunicationException: Got response code 400 for URL http://stomidat01.accenture.com:443/ucmdb-api/connect?VERSION=9.0

Error message:



<title>400 Bad Request</title>


<h1>Bad Request</h1>

<p>Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.<br />

Reason: You're speaking plain HTTP to an SSL-enabled server port.<br />

 Instead use the HTTPS scheme to access this URL, please.<br />




2016-12-10 01:41:00,095 ERROR, com.hp.bto.bsmr.collection.collector.RTSMCollector.connect , "Error while initializing CMDB service client. Exception is {0}."



Our Omi is SSL enabled and I am able to do telnet to port 443 from OBR server to Omi server.  But not sure why OBR is not reaching Omi with https. Instead it is trying with http.



Need your help



Mruthyunjaya AR

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