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How to create a custom GroupOpen in a New Window



I need to create a custom group for each internal customer that I have

each "customer group" needs to have the complete servers to be able to use it when I need to create a report as a target of that report


SHR 9.40 System ReportsOpen in a New Window


Recently noticed the system reports shows blank values from past 3 days but the collection status shows okay not sure what is the root cause. Even both the tables RSR_OVPA_GLOBAL and SD_SM_Node_Avail shows no data completely and no errors from any of the streams. Please need your support to fix this issue.





Create a Group of servers using a field (Customer) to create a reportOpen in a New Window

hi guys,

I want to use the Availability & Performance Report from HP OBR but the current reports take a single server or a list of server, I want to have some Group (auto updated with some context value or my own Customer value that I created in BSM, now is into OMI extendend universe own "Custom Atribute Value or I don´t know if I have divided into folders in Sitescope if I can take that to select the Group of each client when I want to create a new report customer by customer I want to avoid to add server by server manually when I want to create a new report.


Thank you for your help


Add users to view reports onlyOpen in a New Window


I am using OBR 10.01 and we would like to give access to users which can view reports,

Can some one please provide procedure. I logged into CMC console and from there you can create users. But for report viewing what authorization/previledeges  needed so that they only can view but can't modify reports. 




OBR upgrade Issue - 10.00 to 10.20Open in a New Window

Hi Team,

I'm new to Operation Bridge Reporter Tool. Currently we have version 10.00 and planned to upgrade it to 10.20. While applying the patch, I'm geting the below error

ERROR !! Required HPE Operations Bridge Reporter component version  is not present. HPE Operations Bridge Reporter Patch cannot be installed!!

Please suggest.





Port and Protocol about OBR's AS and Rem PollerOpen in a New Window


our customer needs to know which protocols and ports are used on OBR for the files transfer between Application Server and Remote Poller. Could someone help or guide us and let us know where we can find this info ?

Both machines are windows server 2008 r2.

Many thanks in advance,

Luca Contardi


Report for Access Points from NNMiOpen in a New Window

Hello Experts,

We have implemented OBR 10.01 and integrated with NNMi 10.10. The requirement is to get the report for Access Points in WiFi Controllers devices which are being monitored in NNMi. We created WiFi controllers node group in NNMi and that group is populated in OBR.

So can we create report for Access Points in OBR?

Thanks in advance!





Content development - step-by-step guide to get custom data from Operations Agent data sourceOpen in a New Window

I have created document describing what I did to create model and ETLs to get data from custom PA data source.

It's possible to upload only pictures in this forum :-( ... so I have placed the copy on my dropbox. You can download it from 


I hope you will find it usefull. I am interested in your comments, so put it here.



What does PMDB_Platform@platform_stage do?Open in a New Window


The PMDB_Platform@platform_stage stream of PMDB_Platform content pack has been in Error stage for the last few days. The Stage_CustomGeneratedCSV step has failed with MAX_EXECUTION_TIME_EXCEEDED. Since this is always taking too long to execute, and it might be the reason why we have been having performance issues with our SHR server recently, we would like to know what it does before we reset it, because there is a chance we do not need it anyway.

Thank you in advance,


OBR upgrade Issue - 10.00 to 10.20Open in a New Window

Hi Team,

I'm new to Operation Bridge Reporter Tool. Currently we have version 10.00 and planned to upgrade it to 10.20. While applying the patch, I'm geting the below error

ERROR !! Required HPE Operations Bridge Reporter component version  is not present. HPE Operations Bridge Reporter Patch cannot be installed!!

Please suggest.




RtSM Extension Content PackOpen in a New Window

Hello -

I'm looking at the RtSM content pack as I need to add some custom node CI attributes to OBR for reporting. Does anyone have a step by step on how to achieve this? I find the document provided with the content pack limited on this information.




Configuring RTSM Topology SourceOpen in a New Window

I'm in post install on a OBR 10 trying to configure the RTSM Topology source and the documentation is asking for the RTSM web service user and password. Where do I find this information? The OMi administrator doesn't know what I'm talking about.



Deploy RetailPOS Domain ContentOpen in a New Window

I have built the RetailPOS domain content using the samples supplied by HPE and copied the entire folder into the packages directory.   I've setup and populated the PostgresSQL database with the sample date.  The timer service is active but the deployment manager does not list the RetailPOS content pack.

The system was built using the VMware scenario, but currently there is not a vCenter server connected.

The logs do not seem to show any errors identifiable related to this content.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot?



Adding additional Business Views in OBROpen in a New Window

Hi all -

I have a use case where I require additional business views to be present in the OBR. Currently I see the SM_PA view as an option when creating reports, however, I have additional views already modelled in my RTSM that I'd like to include as an option for reporting. Any tips are appreciated.




OBR Core Content Pack DocumentationOpen in a New Window

Is any documentation available for the core content pack? (other than the model/interface files)  

Specifically I am wondering if there is any out of the box method for populating the k_person and k_usergroup tables?


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CDE - Simplified Path - Where to find additional log informationOpen in a New Window

It was suggested that the CDE - Simplified scenario should use windows server so that the Business Objects client tools would be available.  I've created a new lab instance of OBR, and when running the 'createMappingFile' step I am receiving the following error:

[ INFO] Creating Datasource To Class Map
[ INFO] Processing csv records and populating beans
[ INFO] Number of records 17
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
at com.hp.bto.shr.cde.generatecpartifacts.utils.MappingFileReader.processCSVRecords(MappingFileReader. java:243)
at com.hp.bto.shr.cde.generatecpartifacts.utils.MergeMappingCsvs.mergeTwoMaps(MergeMappingCsvs.java:91)
at com.hp.bto.shr.cde.generatecpartifacts.utils.MergeMappingCsvs.mergeMaps(MergeMappingCsvs.java:34)
at com.hp.bto.shr.cde.generatecpartifacts.utils.MappingFileWriter.writeMapingCsv(MappingFileWriter.java:35)
at com.hp.bto.shr.cde.generatecpartifacts.mappingfile.GenerateMapFileFromPA.generateMapFile(GenerateMapFileFromPA.java:51)
at com.hp.bto.shr.cde.generatecpartifacts.CreateMappingFile.processArgs(CreateMappingFile.java:49)
at com.hp.bto.shr.cde.generatecpartifacts.CreateMappingFile.generateMappingFile(CreateMappingFile.java:37)
at com.hp.bto.shr.cde.generatecpartifacts.CreateMappingFile.main(CreateMappingFile.java:20)



The cde.log file ends with the last [INFO] message, any other locations/resources to troubleshoot the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException?


Content development - clarification of Operations Agent data source use-case in simplified OBR CDEOpen in a New Window


I am trying to use simplified OBR CDE 10.01 to get custom data collected by opeations agent. 

Here is the example of data on OA agent:

OA custom dataOA custom data

I want to get OBR report similar to the one created in OMi Performance Graphing:

OA data in OMi Performance grapherOA data in OMi Performance grapher

I have tried to implement this in simplified CDE. From CDE UI point of view no problems and I was also able to compile and deploy the content:

OA custom data in CDEOA custom data in CDE

But the result created by CDE seems not be correct. CDE will create only fact table Rate_CSAS_DB (+ aggregation tables for hour, day), but not any dimension table for operations agent CSAS_DB class.

To get custom class from OA looks like basic OBR CDE use case, so I would expect that CDE will create also CSAS_DB dimension table and relevant mapping to K_CI_SYSTEM dimension, so the result should be similar to what's in OBR for operations agent SCOPE:FILESYSTEM, SCOPE:CPU, … data structures.

I tried to look on out of the box data model and related Vertica tables for OA SCOPE:Filesystem:

  • Fact table/column SR_SM_FILESYSTEM / dsi_key_id_ ---> Dim table/column K_SM_Filesystem / dsi_key_id (primary key)
  • Dim table/column K_ SM_Filesystem / SystemRef ---> Dim table/column K_CI_System / dsi_key_id (primary key)

There is the relation between two dimensions (K_ SM_Filesystem -> K_CI_System), so it looks like SNOWFLAKE schema and not STAR schema, which is currently supported by simplified CDE. It's the most probably providing the answer for not getting the right data after deplyment of the stuff created by CDE.

Can you please clarify what kind of data we can get from operations agent using simplified CDE?




Content development - unable to create BO universe in CDE on Windows7 (BUILD FAILED, java error)Open in a New Window


I have the problem to compile application component in CDE on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit. The "ant" command returns this java error with "BUILD FAILED". I tried to run "ant -d -v" to get more insight what can be the problem:

ant -d -v
Apache Ant version 1.6.5 compiled on June 2 2005
Apache Ant version 1.6.5 compiled on June 2 2005
Buildfile: build.xml
Detected Java version: 1.5 in: C:\Java\jre7
Detected OS: Windows 7
parsing buildfile C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\workspace\PATest\PATestReport.ap\build.xml with URI = file:///C:/HPE/OBR/CDE/workspace/PATest/PATes
Project base dir set to: C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\workspace\PATest\PATestReport.ap
[property] Loading Environment env.
Override ignored for property cp.cde.home.dir
Build sequence for target(s) `build_PATestReport' is [clean_PATestReport, generateArtifacts_PATestReport, copy_PATestReport, cr_remo
ver, build_PATestReport]
Complete build sequence is [clean_PATestReport, generateArtifacts_PATestReport, copy_PATestReport, cr_remover, build_PATestReport, g
enerateStageRuleTemplate, generateStageInterface, createManifestTemplate, updateUniverse, generateABCStreams, ]


[java] Executing 'C:\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe' with arguments:
[java] '-Dbusinessobjects.connectivity.directory=C:\Program'
[java] 'Files'
[java] '(x86)\SAP\BusinessObjects\SAP'
[java] 'BusinessObjects'
[java] 'Enterprise'
[java] 'XI'
[java] '4.0/dataAccess/connectionServer'
[java] '-Dcde.home=C:\HPE\OBR\CDE'
[java] '-Djava.library.path=C:\HPE\OBR\CDE/bin'
[java] '-classpath'
[java] 'C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\lib\xercesImpl.jar;C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\lib\OVoracle.jar;C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\lib\OvBbc.jar;C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\lib\OvBbc
##### 190 lines removed here #####
[java] 'com.hp.bto.shr.cde.manifestcompiler.ManifestProcessor'
[java] '-package'
[java] 'PATest'
[java] '-subpackage'
[java] 'PATestReport'
[java] '-type'
[java] 'application'
[java] The ' characters around the executable and arguments are
[java] not part of the command.
[java] Error: Could not find or load main class Files

C:\HPE\OBR\CDE\workspace\PATest\PATestReport.ap\build.xml:37: Java returned: 1
at org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.Java.execute(Java.java:87)
at org.apache.tools.ant.UnknownElement.execute(UnknownElement.java:275)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Task.perform(Task.java:364)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Target.execute(Target.java:341)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Target.performTasks(Target.java:369)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeSortedTargets(Project.java:1216)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeTarget(Project.java:1185)
at org.apache.tools.ant.helper.DefaultExecutor.executeTargets(DefaultExecutor.java:40)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeTargets(Project.java:1068)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Main.runBuild(Main.java:668)
at org.apache.tools.ant.Main.startAnt(Main.java:187)
at org.apache.tools.ant.launch.Launcher.run(Launcher.java:246)
at org.apache.tools.ant.launch.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:67)

Total time: 1 second


From java parameters above you can see ant is generating huge string for '-classpath' parametr. In my case more 20500 characters!!! I tried to run java command directly (not via ant) and it looks there is a limit in the length of the string for command on Windows. Based on reading of https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/830473 it seems to be max 8191 chars on Windows7. Such limitation is the most probably the source of the problem in the ant.

The workarround in my case was to install CDE on linux, copy the content of application folder from my content pack and run the same ant command. It worked and universe was created. The documentation (OBR content development guide v 10.01) is written the way it's guiding the user to generate application content on windows - see page 33, chapter "Creating and Installing the Application Component Package"., so depending on your install paths of BO client and CDE you can face the same.

The best possible workarround should be using folder names in java classpatch parameter and not the list of all jar files. Another recomendation should be to install BO client and CDE in "short" directory path.

I hope, it can be usefull for the others and it would be nice if somebody else will try the same.




Content development - what's correct way to export reports to OBR? (missing import wizard in BO 4.1)Open in a New Window


I am referring the part of OBR Content Designer Guide 10.01 page 62, chapter "Exporting Reports to OBR" ->

"... If you developed the reports on a system where HPE OBR is not installed, you must export the BIAR file and install the Reports component on the system where HPE OBR is installed...."

The are 2 problems in OBR 10.01 (which is containing SAP BO 4.1 SP6):

  1. There is no "Export wizard" in BO 4.1 client (it was part of BO 3.1 in SHR 9.x)
  2. The BIAS files are not supported in BO 4.1 for this purpose. There is good discussion about on https://archive.sap.com/discussions/thread/3532443 ->

"... Denis Konovalov replied

January 23, 2015 at 14:29 PM

the part that you have to understand is that BIAR files are no longer used in BI4.x for the same purpose as you used them in Xi3.1. In BI4.x BIAR files can only be generated by UMT tool and can only be imported into next version of the product. Basically, BIARs are now for moving content from old version to new version (migrations) only. For moving content between same version of the product (in this case all Bi4.x versions are considered same) - a new tool is used, its called promotion management. With this tool you can generate LCMBIAR files. It has command line interface as well. So, XI3.1 BIAR equal to BI4.x LCMBIAR now. You'll have to change your process to support LCMBIAR now...."

Please, provide the instructions how to properly load reports into OBR 10.01+



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