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HP OBR installation on Windows and LinuxOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

We are planning to deploy HP OBR on Windows and SAP BO and Vertica on Linux.

We have installed the OBR and SAP BO on windows and now want to start with  Vertica installation but which setup to be used for the Linux is the question we have.

Can Someone help with this.


Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15Open in a New Window

Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15

As you may have seen in the last few months, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is combining some software assets with Micro Focus. As part of this spin-merge with Micro Focus, a new Software instance of an online community will go live on May 16, 2017.

All boards within the current Software category will be located to a new community. All URLs will redirect to the new community. All current users will be migrated to the new community as well. Please be sure to update your bookmarks after May 16.

As part of the migration to a new Software instance, all software content will be in read-only mode from May 9 – 15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will continue to provide further updates in this News board.


CDE Settings Report OBR Server Down?Open in a New Window

Ok, after I finally solve the riddle of CDE Server not working, I logged into console as admin/admin and proceed to "Settings" as directed by manual.  I plugged in NetBIOS Name and it reported "OBR Server is Down".  Now clearly it is not down (but is is SSL) as I can reach BI Portal, Admin Portal, CMC.  So I tried FQDN... again OBR Server is down.  So I tried IP Address, LocalHost, httpS://ObrServerName, http://ObrServerName, with and without BI Portal Ports, and on and on and on. but still no joy.  What am I missing with this?  I feel I am getting so far 'down in the weeds' that I will soon forget why I am even trying to install the CDE in the first place.

Best regards,



CDE Server Does Not StartOpen in a New Window

Good day Experts,

I am using OBR 10.02 and attempting to develop my own Content Pack in order to better facilitate Multi-tenancy by possibly leveaging CI Collection Views from our OMi 10.12 Server.  As a means to that end I downloaded and installed HPE OBR CDE 10.01.000.  I ran the "deploy" and saw "node.js" configured successfully.  Now when I got to start the server (http://localhost:3000) via the "Start.bat" file a new cmd window was opened with nothing more.  So I looked at "Start.bat" (Word Wrap is Off) and I saw that it should be creating logs as well.  Those logs never get created so I am assuming there is a problem with this batch file not running/completing correctly.  Mainly just curious if there are any issues being reported with this. 




OBR .connection server is not startingOpen in a New Window


We have OBR 10.02 installed in a distributed setup with OBR + BO on one linux server , and Vertica on another. I was getting this erro - "Illegal access to the viewer, please use a valid URL", while running any WebI reports, so when I look  into the CMC , I see that

1. OBR.Connection server is in "Starting" state

2. OBR.WebIntelligenceProcessing Server is in "Failed" state

3. OBR.InputFIleRepository and OBR.OutputFileRepository show an amber health status

And restart of these servers did not help, I have cleared "Enable Memory Analysis' and "Enable APS Service Monitoring" , to no avail.

Can someone suggest what could be wrong here?







SA content not available for OBR version 10.10Open in a New Window

Based on documention from in SA_CP_10 00 004_Configuration_Guide it seems to be that only OBR 10.01 is actually supported. Can you please provide the content pack relevant to OBR 10.10?

I was unable to deploy SA_CP_10.00.004 on OBR 10.10 server.






Incorrect Availability Data in OBROpen in a New Window

Dear Experts,

We were getting report for one agent based nodes in OBR, for some issue we formatted the node and did not installed OA agent for next 12 hours but here in OBR we see availability data for that node from the point where agent was not reinstalled.

We started complete formatting activity of that server around 2am so after 2am there should be no data in OBR but we are getting data from 7am onwards and we installed agent back to that server around 5 pm.

Many Thanks



OBR 10 .10Open in a New Window

Dear ALL,

I am installing OBR 10.10 and I want to ask if I can collect metrics directly from OA without integrate with any toplogy ssources? 


Forward HP OpsBridge events/logs to SplunkOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

Need your help on this scenario, client would like to have all HP OpsBridge alert/logs into their enterprise Splunk,

Can you give me the integration mechanism / documentation links for this kind of integrations,.

(Forward all HP OpsBridge alerts to Splunk)




OBR Setup over Linux machineOpen in a New Window

Dear All,

I am currently new in OBR and linux, kindly I want to install OBR over linux machine How can I start the setup using the OBR GUI ? which tool and which protocol I can use ? 


OBR-SA Content documentation?Open in a New Window

I am looking to integrate OBE with SA, and I have found the Content here:


but there is not documentation in the downloads and no links to resources like there used to be.  Where do I find the documentation on how to implement this integraton?




HPE-OBR -Designing New ReportOpen in a New Window


I have to design a new report in OBR, as I am a beginner in this tool can you please provide me some document which can help me on this.

Thanks in advance!



Past 7 days or past week reportOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts

We have installed OBR 10.01 on Linux machine. (standalone)

We just want to know whether OBR has a default option for Past 7 days or Past week report. When i take any report (out of the box) i dont see any option for taking past 7 days, i have to take custom range and then manually select the dates. This way we are unable to schedule the reports. How can we achieve this? Is this default behaviour?


Sticky Bit failure?Open in a New Window

Hello! I am trying to install OBR on RHEL 7, Typical install, and all prerequisites pass except for the "Sticky bit for Ping command Check".  I get this:

Executing initialize action : Sticky bit for Ping command Check
[Failed]: #ERROR: Sticky bit is not set for /bin/ping. You must set and run the
installation again.

But I have set it.  Here it is on my system:

[root@scobrp01 OBR]# ll /bin/ping
-rwsr-xr-t. 1 root root 44896 Jun 5 2015 /bin/ping
[root@scobrp01 OBR]#

I never had to deal with the sticky bit before, I set the +t and the +s there, but the test still doesn't pass.  What is the installer checking for?  How can I make it pass?



(OBR) Support Tip: Vertica DB Upgrade In OBR 10.10Open in a New Window

Pre-Check Before Vertica DB Upgrade:

Verifying the DB version using CLI.

[root@OBRTEST]# rpm -qa | grep vertica


Verifying the DB version by connecting to Vertica DB.


Upgrade Steps:

1) Go to install binaries and execute ./HP-SHR_10.10_setup.bin -i console for CONSOLE Mode Installation.

2) Choose Locale Language.


4) Select "2" for custom installation.

1- Typical HPE Operations Bridge Reporter Installation: (Select this option to install HPE Operations Bridge Reporter.)
2- Custom HPE Operations Bridge Reporter Installation: (Select this option to customize the HPE Operations Bridge Reporter installation.)

5) Under "Select Features", choose "2" for "Vertica Server".

1- HPE Operations Bridge Reporter Server(Required)
2- Vertica Server(Optional)
3- SAP BusinessObjects Server(Optional)

6) "Install Requirements Checks" are done before upgrade.

7) Confirm by selecting "Y" to start the upgrade.

Force reinstallation of already installed component packages. (Y/N): Y

8) Successful upgrade ends with "UPGRADE COMPLETE" message and summary.

Vertica DB Upgrade Log Entries:

Upgrade log location: /tmp/HPOvInstaller/HP-SHR_10.10
Vertica DB Logs: HP-SHR_10.10_xxxx_HPOvInstallerLog

Found lower version of HP PMDB Vertica (Version 10.00.000) on the system
Executing the initialize actions for package HPPmdbVertica 10.10.000 (HP PMDB Vertica)
Executing initialize action : Installing Vertica Server.
The script /bin/bash /opt/HP/BSM/ has returned a value of 0
Upgrading package HPPmdbVertica 10.10.000 (HP PMDB Vertica)
Logfile for package HPPmdbVertica is located at : /tmp/HPOvInstaller/HP-SHR_10.10/Package_rpm_HPPmdbVertica_install.log
HPPmdbVertica 10.10.000 (HP PMDB Vertica) component package UPGRADE command is completed.
Successfully upgraded : package HPPmdbVertica 10.10.000 (HP PMDB Vertica)
Executing the finalize actions for package HPPmdbVertica 10.10.000 (HP PMDB Vertica)
Executing finalize action : Installing Vertica Client.
The script /bin/bash /opt/HP/BSM/ has returned a value of 0.

Post-Check After Vertica DB Upgrade:

Verifying the DB version using CLI.

[root@OBRTEST ~]# rpm -qa | grep vertica


Verifying the DB version by connecting to Vertica DB.



OBR integration with OMi 10.10Open in a New Window


i need to intergrate the OBR with RSTM OMi.

I have a distributed system: Getaway & DPS, when i need to configure the RTSM topology Source what is the Hostname who i need to type? DPS or Getaway? The Jmx-console work only on my DPS... is correct to use DpS?




CDE Designer HelpOpen in a New Window

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to use the CDE designer to create a CP for additional OA metrics. I have to collect BYDSK_BUSYTIME and i order to get this i need to even the BYDSK_DEVNAME. Though I select the following the CDE designer fails to compile



has anybody done such CP with the designer where we need one more level of dimension other than K_CI_System ?





OMi Content Pack for OBR 10.10Open in a New Window


On the HP Live Network site there was a

"Operations Manager Policies for SHR 9.30" https://hpln.hpe.com/contentoffering/operations-manager-policies-shr-930 pack which had monitoring for SHR 9.x

Has one been developed for OBR 10.10 for linux?




Configuration Wizard not getting past "Create Vertica Database"Open in a New Window

Hello!  After a successful installation of OBR 10.10, I logged into the Admin Console using the default password, changed it successfully, and now I am stuck at the Configuration Wizard.  I set the Timezone, then fill out all of the fields for the Vertica Configuration - this is a Typical install and the Vertica DB will be on the same server, Redhat 6 - and nothing happens when I click the Next button.  I get a quick flash of the circular wait icon, but nothing happens.

I have tried Chrome and IE, shut down pop-up blockers, and tried it from another machine, no luck.  Nothing happens.  Anybody see this?  i have installed OBR before and this did not happen.




HPE Discover 2017 ContentOpen in a New Window

During the HPE Discover 2017 conference will there be content presented related to OBR and/or CDE?  It would be a great opprotunity to have live workshop sessions on CDE.



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