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HPE Operations Connector MP for VROps questionsOpen in a New Window


I am managing VRops using the HP Operations Connector for VROps integration with BSMC/OMi.

I noticed that in my HP OMi 10.11 under Content Packs there is a HPE Operations Connector for VROps Content pack 1.00 there but "greyed out".

Is there a newer Content Pack for VROps ?

Is there a reason why its greyed out? Is it still needed or available.

There was no "Content Pack" with the HP Operations Connector for VROps software package when i downlaoded it from HP Live Network.

Any information greatly appreciated.

Thanks, RamFan54


SIS 11.33 integration with OMi 10.60 issue-help neededOpen in a New Window


             I have an SIS 11.33 and doing an integration with OMi 10.60 ( evalution version). 

1) HPOM integration works well on SIS, all bbcutil and other details are working well, did a test  & OMI receives it .

2) Now the problem is when startes with OMI/BSM integration portion on SIS. It remains on registration in process all the time after added the SIS server into OMI (connected server ) . OMi connected server also shows failed but the test passed.

- Certification looks good

- Agents are all updated

- Certs are imported using Certificate Management

Im using an embeeded Postgress which comes with the instalation, do I need to create a new DB profile on embeeded Postgress ? Or it should pick up on its own.

PGAdmin 4 is running well on 5433, i could telnet from SIS to OMi on port 5433, also created a new profile db but still not picking up. Attached is the error for reference. Please help.


Errors below


2017-03-21 12:51:21,730 [http-bio-8080-exec-10] (BacApi.java:150) ERROR - Could not connect to BAC server. Status: -1).responseBody=. serverSettings=TopazServerSettings{settingsMap=profileName=Sitescope,_integrationPref=BAC Integration,_topologyChannelSSLPort=443,serverAddress=X.X.X.X:443,BAC_VERSION=,isConnected=false,_defaultTopologyProbeDomain=DefaultDomain,_topologyChannelPort=80,timeDiff=0,proxyUserName=,agentServerAuthUserName=,isDisabled=false,agentServerAuthPassword=******,_topologyAntiAgingTimeOffset=0,_topologyResynchronizationTimeInterval=7,proxyPassword=******,isActivewatch=false,adminServerAuthPassword=******,proxy=,topazUserPassword=******,profileId=6,adminServerUrl=https://X.X.X.X:443/topaz/,location=X.X.X.X,adminServerAuthUserName=admin,topazUserName=admin,entity=Topaz, isRegistrationInProcess=true, isResetInProcess=false}

2017-03-21 12:51:21,730 [http-bio-8080-exec-10] (AMRegistrationManager.java:569) ERROR - Failed to get BAC version. bacServerSettings=TopazServerSettings{settingsMap=profileName=Sitescope,_integrationPref=BAC Integration,_topologyChannelSSLPort=443,serverAddress=X.X.X.X:443,BAC_VERSION=,isConnected=false,_defaultTopologyProbeDomain=DefaultDomain,_topologyChannelPort=80,timeDiff=0,proxyUserName=,agentServerAuthUserName=,isDisabled=false,agentServerAuthPassword=******,_topologyAntiAgingTimeOffset=0,_topologyResynchronizationTimeInterval=7,proxyPassword=******,isActivewatch=false,adminServerAuthPassword=******,proxy=,topazUserPassword=******,profileId=6,adminServerUrl=https://X.X.X.X:443/topaz/,location=X.X.X.X,adminServerAuthUserName=admin,topazUserName=admin,entity=Topaz, isRegistrationInProcess=true, isResetInProcess=false}

2017-03-21 13:25:13,890 [http-bio-8080-exec-8] (TopazManager.java:185) ERROR - Failed to get free profiles list. Failed to retrieve a response from api_invoke(). URL: https://X.X.X.X:443/topaz/topaz_api/api_invoke.asp, host: X.X.X.X, port: 443, UsingProxy: false, isHTTPS(SSL): true, javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Remote host closed connection during handshake, currentRetry: 3



BSMC for OneView not sending Topo/EventsOpen in a New Window



We have recently did integrate HP OneView 1.x with BSM 9.25 using BSM Connector 9.2x and OneView policies 1.x (Downloaded from HPE Live Network.


We have followed the installation instructions:

- Copied the OneView folder to the specified BSMC directory

- Allowed Firewall rules between OV, BSMC, and BSM

- Configured OV host and admin credentials in BSMC (Genencrypt)


in BSM logs -> OneView-Events and OneView-Topology everything seems OK, no error messages whatsoever, same in BSM logs opr-svcdisc....log no error messages.


However in BSM we don't see OV topology or events.

How can we move further in troubleshooting this integration?


Thank you very much.


Synch of SIS CIs' betweenOMi RTSM'sOpen in a New Window

Hi, we are trying to synchCI's from one OMI RTSM to a higher level OMI.  What we have found is that the Groups and Monitors are synch'ed but not the relationship between them.  We know this because the source RTSM has  them connected.

We tripped on this when trying to define SIS graphs.  ON the base OMI we can drill-down to the SIS metrics.  On the higher level OMI we cannot.

We've gone through the manuals several times and believe we are doing the synch's correctly.  Things like node counts are matching correctly.

The one thing we found several times in the documentation were the following jobs which we don't see anywhere:



We are wondering if this this is the missing link.  We'ved looked at several OMI's and a 9.25 APM and do not see these listed.


Thanks -Tom




Retriving Hostname(related CI) in title category.Open in a New Window

Hello ,

Is there anyway to pick related ci in my title category using groovy script.


Questions on the user account needed for the VMWare VROPS ConnectorOpen in a New Window


I am trying to find out if the user account that is needed to access the metrics, topology and events data in VROPS need full admin privelages or does it only need "read" access. Does the user write anything to VROPS? Does the user dupdate anyhting using the Web Service API?

The doceumntation only states thate the user needs to ahve "administrative privelages".

Any information helpful.




integrating vrops 6.4 with Operations ConnectorOpen in a New Window

Hi Folks,

    Please let us know if we can integrate operation connector 10.x directly to vrealize operation manager?. As I know there is integration with Vcenter Operations avaialable in HPE Live Network.

 Kindly confirm - if avaialble, please share us the link for the same.




OEM connector - how to configure multiple OEM data sources?Open in a New Window


I am trying to configure multiple OEM data sources using OEM connector on operations connector server. I have gone through the installation and configuration guide but couldn't find any steps.

Did anyone managed to add multiple OEM servers for topology collection?



HPE OMi Management Pack for OpenStack 1.01 - Failed to deploy HPOprOpenStack via Package MgrOpen in a New Window

HPE OMi Management Pack for OpenStack 1.01 - Failed to deploy HPOprOpenStack via Package Mgr

The error messages received are the following below via Status Report:


HPOprOpenStack.zip: Package operation has failed

rta/Operations Management/J2EE Application Servers/Topology_TQL#SS#OpenStack_Topology.xml

rta/Operations Management/J2EE Application Servers/Topology_VIEW#SS#OpenStack_Topology.xml


Package Resource deploy error

Package Resource deploy error


HPE OMi Management Pack for Glassfish Server 1.00 - Failed to deploy HPOprGlassFish via Package MgrOpen in a New Window

HPE OMi Management Pack for Glassfish Server 1.00 - Failed to deploy HPOprGlassFish via Package Mgr

The error messages received are the following below via Status Report:


HPOprGlassFish.zip: Package operation has failed

rta/Operations Management/J2EE Application Servers/Topology_TQL#SS#GlassFish_Topology.xml

rta/Operations Management/J2EE Application Servers/Topology_VIEW#SS#GlassFish_Topology.xml


Package Resource deploy error

Package Resource deploy error


JBoss Management Pack generating JRE version errorOpen in a New Window

jboss-402 : unable to find version of java runtime environment

any ideas?




BSM Connector for OEM compatibility with OEM 10gOpen in a New Window


We need to integrate OMi 10.12 with OEM 10g for event and topology integration. However, none of the versions of the BSM Connector for OEM mentions support for OEM 10g in the documents.

Please let us know if we can integrate OMi 10.12 with OEM 10g.


Thanks & Regards,



OMi 10.60 releasedOpen in a New Window

Has anone upgraded to OMi 10.60? Any issues?


error on target component when starting ovc on BSM Connector 10Open in a New Window

Hi there,

The  ovc -start in our environment raises the following error message: error on target component.

However, all the components are in running status.

When looking at the system.txt log file, we find this error:

Error executing BBC RPC action: (bbc-431) HttpOutputRequestImpl::ProcessRedirection() HttpStatus::NotFound : caught ServiceUnknownException. There is no server process registered for address: https://localhost/com.hpe.bsmc.zedo/bbcrpcserver

We installed on this bsm connector the Nagios and OEM connectors. These integrations worked fine until these errors appear and since then,  we no more receive events.

Any idea on this issue ?


Françoise Z.



SNMP Interceptor policy configurationOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I'm trying to set up SNMP Interceptor policy to receive snmp v3 traps from san switch but it looks like I'm doing it in not right way. I'm using HP BSM Connector 10.01 and OMi 10.11. I would like forward all events to OMi, but for me it is not working. Any suggestion how to make basic for SNMP Interceptor?




Get the correct Related CI from NNMiOpen in a New Window


We have these systems:

- OMi 10.11 (Build 016.001)

- NNMi 10.11.543

We have both integrated by HPOM Agent Integration and it works fine but in the information that NNMi sends to OMi we get the appropiated Related CI in different variables depending the added information of the event that NNMi sends (sometimes in the 22th, other times in the 24th, etc.).

We have set the variable OPC_SPLIT_NNM_CUSTOM_ATTR in the NNMi agent to true and I get all the CIA's received in OMi from the NNMi as CMA's and one of them is the "cia.address" that has the appropiate information regardless of the order of the variable with this information.

Do you know if Is there a way to use directly the cia.addess information to use it as our Related CI?

Thank you in advance and sorry if this post should be in the NNMi side.

Sergio Marcos Iglesias


Integrate UCMDB with OMIOpen in a New Window

Hi All

We have latest version of UCMDB and OMI installed. We need to integrate UCMDB with OMI to push,

CI's discovered in UCMDB
Business service Models created in UCMDB to OMI RTMS

Please to share any integration guide which talks on above which also talks about the ports to be opened as well.


Has anyone ever configured one BSM to forward events to other with event synch?Open in a New Window

Has anyone ever configured one BSM to forward events to other with event synch?


If yes How it is possible?

We have source BSM 9.25 and target BSM 9.24. I'm able to add target BSM asn OMi type connected server on source BSM and forward events to it. But the events are notify or notify and update type and reverse synch is not working.


OMi 10.X - Notification AlertsOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone,

What would be the best filter to select if I want email notifcations based on critical server performance and storage?

Thank you!


OMi 10.12 to OMi 10.12 cross launchOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


We have two OMi's child and master where child OMi is manageing all OA agents and MP's and then forwarding events to Master OMi for events consolidation and HP SM Ticketing.  Direct OMi to OMi integration is just Event Integration without any topology exchange (which is done via external UCMDB).  my question is can we do cross launch of child Omi performance prospective page from Master OMi in to access performance data ? and may be some custom page on Child OMi


Best Regrads


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