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Latest HPE Operations ConnectorOpen in a New Window

Hi, could you help me please?

Can't find link to download  latest version of HPE Operation Connector (formerly BSM Connector). Could you provide latest version of Operations Connector and link where I can download it?


HPE Operations Smart Plug-In for SAPOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone,

I would like to know if "HPE Operations Smart Plug-In for SAP" i available or can be used for SAP PI. I used OMU before for operations monitoring and im thinking if its possible to have that same technology and features for SAP PI.


Thanks you


OMi and BSM Connector HA integrationOpen in a New Window

Hello Support,

I will work on OMi (10.10) <-> BSMC (10.x) integration, in order to get events from external module as OneView/Netcool/SCOM.

I will plan to use latest BSMC version and my question is regarding connector high availability, in particular:

  • does it consider active/failover nodes or as well active/active in order to loadbalancing the workloads ?
  • which are the supported configuration?
  • Is there any best practise or configuration guide about it?





OneView BSMC 9.2X versionOpen in a New Window

Hello team,


Which version of Onview is supported by the OnevIew to BSM9.2X connector? It is not explecitly written.

Is version 2&3 supported??





Want to setup a Alert Ageing in OMI 10Open in a New Window

Hi Team,


I want to setup a alert ageing notification if some alert are older than one day with open state. Please help me how we can setup for same in omi 10


Shtrudhan Kumar



HIs are not reset for cleared alarms..Open in a New Window

Hello experts,

we have integrated CA spectrum to Omi by using "HP_BSM_Connector_for_CA_Spectrum 2.0"  All alarms are displayed in event browser, and if an alarm is closed in spectrum, it is also closed in OMi. But the problem is that although the alarm is closed, the HI of the related CI remains "Unavailable". 

How can i solve the problem.

Thanks in advance..



Required details on latest HPE Operations Connector[BSM Connector] version and download linkOpen in a New Window


What is the latest available HPE Operations Connector[BSM Connector] version?

Required download link as well.


Rajshekar P



Multiple OMi gateway serversOpen in a New Window

Hi all!

I need smart-card authentication to OMi on the one side, and on the other side to keep all integrations to other products (NNMi, Sitescope) working. So, the question is:

Is it possible to install 2 gateway servers,  then run config-wizard and configure one of them for smart-card authentication and other gateway server for simple authentication? Then use the first gateway server for user logins, and the second for integrations and connection to agents.

Best regards,
Artsiom Rudenia.


BSM Connector 9.20 Software MediaOpen in a New Window


We are trying to find the media for BSM Connector 9.20 as it's mandatory for BSM Connector 9.x patches.

Can someone please share a link for this media software?

Thanks allot.


Cannot Acces HPE OMI 10.10 Web interface HTTP Error 403Open in a New Window

After configuring OMi on a hardened RHEL 6.8 Image with no Certs, I have started the services and seen no errors on the installation. When I try to access the web page at <HTTP://<hostname>:80/omi The page loads the HPE logo, HP Opperations Manager I, and HTTP Error 403: the requested url access is prohibited. When i go to the Logs and look for the file that is effected by hitting the web page I find the following error in the log:
Unable to stat the /opt/HP/BSM/WebServer/conf/uriworkermap.properties (errno=13)
I have tried using port 80, 8080 and 8443, witht he same error each time. Se linux is dissabled, And I have been unable to load the status of the server because i have no access to a gui interface of any kind.

Any help would be appreciated.


HP BSM Connector for SCOM, Version 3.00.041 not installable on HP Operations Connector 10.11Open in a New Window

Hi everybody,

the installer of the SCOM connector is detecting a wrong version of Operations Connector (formerly known as BSM Connector).

This is due to the fact that the product/package was renamed but is hardcoded in the batchfile that does the check. One can find "check-bsmc-version-10.bat" in the temporary directory during the installation of the SCOM connector. In this file there is following assignment done: "set DEFAULT_PACKAGE_BSMC=HP Business Service Management Connector"

Since the product was rebranded to "HPE Operations Connector" the check fails and the installer stops...

So it seems I am the first person that tried to install the connector after renaming the product ;-)

After I manually changed the entry in the batch file the installer worked.

If someone at HPE reads this post, please let your engineers change the version check.




vRops Connector Authentication SourceOpen in a New Window


We are using vRops connector for OMi integration. I have supplied vrops username and password using the genintcrypt utility but I am getting 401 response (invalid username and password). 

genintcrypt --generate

genintcrypt --set vrops_user

genintcrypt --set vrops_password

I tried logging into vrops web UI and I am able to successfully login however when I logged into vrops web UI, I have selected the domain from the Auth Source dropdown.

How can I configure the vrops connector to pass auth source along with the username and password?

PS: I have already tried to pass domain\username and username@domain etc. but none of them seems to be working.

Thanks in advance.




Perl Script Policy for exchange server to generate OMi alerts from emailsOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

I would like to know the options in perl  script policy to achieve the below target

A. the script connects to exchange server ,reads emails and generate one alert per email - As per the doc ,at each execution , the data is put in to a hash map which can be mapped in to a single alert not multiple alert (one alert per mail) which means ,for each mail the script has to connect to server,read and exit which doesnt seem to be an optimal idea.

Can anyone help me here ?Is there any other way to achieve this ?




SCOM OMi connector 3.0 has no policies listed on the OMi 10 connector GUIOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,

After installing and configuring the SCOM OMi connector 3.0 on the OMi 10 Connector server there does not appear to be any SCOM policies in the Connector GUI. 

ovc -status shows all SCOM processes registered and running

The connector works - ie we can create our own policies

We tried loading the policies manually but they fail - seem to be some variables used in the xml files which are not getting populated automatically when importing manually.

Any ideas?


OMI Web service policyOpen in a New Window

Hello experts,

We have upgraded from BSM 9.25 to BSM9.26+OMI10 and we are moving old connectors to OMI connectors. We have a web service listener policy in  BSM connector to get events from mainframe application. And we also want to migrate that policy to OMI connector. But the problem is that the mainframe application does not support rest web services.

Is is possible to use old connector with OMI? Or can you suggest another solution?

Thanks in advance




NNMi BSM connector metric integrationOpen in a New Window

Hello everyone!

Im having trouble finding the best approach to integrate NNMi metric data via the BSM connector
Our BSM connector is set up to send snmp traps and managment events to BSM and NNMi is configured to send topology but i cannot find any information on how to send metrics(I have read Chapter 8 in "Using BSM connector" but this is generic information not spesific for nnmi)

Like populating the performance perspective in BSM with for example interface utilization graphs or memory utilization on different routers.

Do you fine people have some information for me on this ?

Please and thank you!
Kristoffer Slater Vorland


OMi - NNMi Failover IntegrationOpen in a New Window

Hey Guys

For anyone who has NNMi in a Application failover setup, what is the setup regarding the BSMConnector when a failover situation happens

NNMi will failover to the standby server, but what happens with the BSMConnector which must forward on events etc. to OMi

You would have NNMi and BSMConnector installed on both the active & Standby NNMi Servers, when failover happens, the standby Server starts up, however how do we setup the standby BSMConnector to startup as well and resume where the Active Server stopped. If so how is this setup and where is it documented

I cant find too much info on this in the docs, or I am not looking in the right place

Thanks in advance







How to direct an existing agent to a new OMi instance.Open in a New Window

We had a POC installation that has since been removed although we left the agent on one system in place.  We now have a new DEV instance and I would like to direct that existing agent to the new OMi installation.  I have looked at the doc's but they are more for setting a secondary and diverting them to look at the secondary.  I used to do this sort of thing in OM9i years ago at a different company and have misplaced my notes. 


Can someone provide a step by step procedure ?


Thanks for your time,



Help on logs for connected serversOpen in a New Window

Hello all,

We are running BSM 9.25 and have a connected server for External Event Processing connected to our SaaS ITSM system. From time to time we have communication issues and I have to troubleshoot the BSM/OMi side. I am aware of the OMI logs opr-event-sync-adapter and opr-gateway, but are there any logs for inbound connection issues? I can't find any log showing an external system trying to connect.



Tool launch fails in HP OMiOpen in a New Window


Can someone please help me for HP OMi tool issue?

I am trying to create one URL type tool in HP OMi. While Creating new tool, I am using following steps:

1. Selected CI type "Node" in CI Types Leftmost Pane
2. Create new Tool name: "test tool"
3. URL Type: URL
4. URL tab, set "URL" field: https://
5. add runtime parameter using "Insert runtime parameter at cursor:" select "CI Attributes..." and insert "Node" (CI type) Attribute (for e.g. Display Name: discovered_location, type: String)

Then in BSM Connector Machine activated the BSM connector 'topology - integration policy', in 'data source XML file' for a Node, tool specific value has some format like "<hostname>:<port number>" (for example: host1:8080)

Now when I launch "test tool" from Node context or Alert Context, it fails as tool URL value is invalid https://host1%3a8080 . Colon character changed to its Hex value 3a with one extra '%' letter.


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