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Rest policy on normal OM agentOpen in a New Window

Is it possible to setup a rest policy for an OM Agent? Or can this only be used on an OMI Connector?


Event for service stopped in OMi 10.10Open in a New Window

Hello there,

We have configured and deployed successfully a policy template for service monitoring.  when we are stopping the service we are not getting any event on the event perspective dashboard for the particular server.


same policy when we are deploying on the OMi server itself for the same service and stopping the service manually we are getting the event in event perspective.

please help us understanding the reason for this?




how to delete data source created using OA Perl API and Connector metric templatesOpen in a New Window

OA 12.01

OMi Connector 10.11

how to delete data source and all data created using OA Perl API and Connector metric templates?




BSM Connector for OneView Not Collecting Events because of Authentication ErrorOpen in a New Window


We have Installed BSM Connector 10.01 and installed the OneView Connector for BSM "HP BSM Connector for HP OneView, Version 02.00.041"
Installation is succesful and policy activation also successful.
But Its not able to collect any events or topology from the OneView. The reason is its not able to authenticate. We have provided the correct credentials. We are using the same credential with Cloud Optimizer as well as with HP UCMDB. For UCMDB and CO the same credentials are working. Only with this BSM Connnector Its showing authorization failed. I am attaching the logs from the Connnector System.
What we are suspecting is, BSM Connector is not using https protocol for connecting to the oneview API's. Also It doesnt have any mechanism to accept the security certificate from oneview at time of authentication

Let me update here what i am suspecting the root cause of this issue. I can see lua script snippet as shown below.
First of all its using always http request to connect to OneView API. I dont think it will work in that case. Next Is certificate issue, one view is https configured and it always requried certificate that needs to be accepted. Another issue is with api version, i can see its hardcorded in beginign of script as version 3. Is it same for the lates version of Oneview 2.0 which we are using. In UCMDB we have the same user configured and its working and it also works based on API. But in UCMDB it has option to always accept certificate to true and also api version set as 4. please chec these things aswell.

-- Create the login request
local req = http.request()
req.method = http.HTTP_POST
req.path = "/rest/login-sessions"
req.header["X-API-Version"] = _M.apiVersion
req.header["Content-Type"] = "application/json"
req.body = json.encode({
userName = self._settings.username,
password = self._settings.password
req.host = self._settings.hostname


Colouring the event backgroud based on the applicationOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

We use HP OMi 10.12 in our environment. and we are using it as central repository for all incoming events(from sitescope/NNM/BPM etc) I would like to know if we have any option where we can change te background colour of an event based on the application name other than the severity of the events. This is for highlighting the events from a Critical business applications.


Thanks in advance,



Event forwarding to IPcenterOpen in a New Window


I need to forward events from HPE OMi to IPcenter (by IPsoft). There is more than one way of doing this. E.g. Events can be sent in JSON format.

Does anyone have any experience/solutions on this type of integration ?


MySQL Community Management PackOpen in a New Window

Hi there

Is anyone using the MYSQL Community Management Pack to monitor MySQL. We have HP OMi deployed and need the pack to integrate with this platform. If not, then what other options do we have - we are after the following Metrics:

InnoDB Deadlock,A table was dropped, Slave error, MySQL server is not accessible, Data not received, MySQL services Failures, MySQL DB status, Connections, Lock Query/DB Process, Lock multiple Query(more than 5), DB Disk Space Utilization - Path = /busdata/mysql, Long Running Query


Policy parameters in an "Event from Perl Script" type of policyOpen in a New Window


Is it possible to use policy parameters in an embedded perl script source of an "Event from Perl Script" type of policy?

I've tried simple assignments like

my $file = "%%File%%";

and the syntax used in perl based threshold logic of Measurement Threshold policies i.e.

my $file;
$file = $OVOSystem->ParameterGetString("File", "%%File%%");

However, I always get the "The following parameters defined in the parameter list are not used in the template policy editor..." when saving.

Best regards,





BSM Connector - OMi Custom AttributeOpen in a New Window

Hello Support,

i am working on BSM Connector 10.x, integrated with OMi 10.10 and OneView 2.0 in order to monitor HP hardware platform and get related events.

When new event has been received i notice that sometimes (but not always), four specific custom attribute has been

added, in particular:

NAME SourcedFromIaManagementProtocol VALUE http

NAME SourcedFromIaManagementPort VALUE 8081

NAME SourcedFromExternalId VALUE OneView: /rest/alerts/6840

NAME SourcedFromDnsName VALUE http <BSM Connector FQDN>

I confirm these CA has not been defined into BSMC Policy, consider as well that same events has been forwarded to BSM platform.

Do you have any suggestion about it? Could they be created by the OMi<->BSM Integration? I would like to remove them, because they are not needed in my environment.





CI resolver issueOpen in a New Window


In my setup HP OMi v10.10 and BSM Connector v10.01 where BSM Connector is getting alerts from a domain manager.

Most of the alerts in HP OMi - Event Browser does not get proper General information.

In most of the cases alert's Related CI, Node and Source CI information are either missing or unknown.

Can someone please help me to get the correct Related CI, Node and Source CI information? 

Is there any way to see related log files for error?


Hari Sharma



HP OMi - Time field information for alerts is not shown properly when time zone is set to "[GMT -4]"Open in a New Window


I am using below version of HP OMi and Operation Connector for my Domain Manager.

1. HP OMi - versions 10.12

2. Operations Connector - 10.11.

I have set time zone as mentioned below. 

1. HP OMi Console -> [GMT-4:00] Chile Time (America/Santiago)

2. HP OMi, Operations Connector, and Domain Manager box -> (UTC-04:00) Santiago

I am forwarding an event to OMi through Operation Connector from my Domain Manager. For Alerts received in HPOMi console, the time is not matching for the fields Time created, Time First Received and Time Received value as per the set time zone . Below mismatch is observed.

Time created -> -2 Hrs difference [Ex: Expected:12/19/16 03:26:58AM Actual:12/19/16 01:26:58AM]

Time First Received and Time Received value -> -1 Hrs difference [Ex: Expected:12/19/16 03:28:37AM Actual:12/19/16 02:28:37AM]

Similar behavior is not observed if time zone is set to below values.

1. "[GMT-7:00] Mountain Standard Time (MST)" in HPOMi console and  "(UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)" in HP OMi, Operations Connector, and Domain Manager Box.

Can someone help on this.

Thanks & Regards,

Rajshekar P


OMI - SM integration ( transfer Application filed in omi to affected item filed in SM )Open in a New Window

Dear all,

I am integrating SM 9.3 and OMI 10.10 and I want to transfer application filed in OMi message to affected.item in SM ?


How can I do this , I try to modify the BDM mapping to set  (affected.item and applicaiton ) but it is not transfered

it thems that the application filed is not sent from OMi to SM  it is transfered only in activiaty log file 

Is there any idea ?


OMI To OBR Topology Sync Not collecting OAgentsOpen in a New Window

The OBR to OMI topology sync is successfully running and in the Topology log I am showing that many of the views are being brought over, However the OAgents are not showing up as data sources. According to:
HPE Operations Bridge Reporter
Software Version: 10.01
Windows® and Linux operating systems

"If you configure HPOM or RTSM as the topology source, you do not have to create new
HP Operations Agent data source connections. Because, by default, all the nodes on
which HP Operations Agent is installed are automatically discovered when the topology
information is collected. These data sources or nodes are listed in the HP Operations
Agent Data Source page of the Administration Console."

This Is not happening, And i cannot find any documentation for troubleshooting this issue.


Andrew Lamb


Latest HPE Operations ConnectorOpen in a New Window

Hi, could you help me please?

Can't find link to download  latest version of HPE Operation Connector (formerly BSM Connector). Could you provide latest version of Operations Connector and link where I can download it?


HPE Operations Smart Plug-In for SAPOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone,

I would like to know if "HPE Operations Smart Plug-In for SAP" i available or can be used for SAP PI. I used OMU before for operations monitoring and im thinking if its possible to have that same technology and features for SAP PI.


Thanks you


OMi and BSM Connector HA integrationOpen in a New Window

Hello Support,

I will work on OMi (10.10) <-> BSMC (10.x) integration, in order to get events from external module as OneView/Netcool/SCOM.

I will plan to use latest BSMC version and my question is regarding connector high availability, in particular:

  • does it consider active/failover nodes or as well active/active in order to loadbalancing the workloads ?
  • which are the supported configuration?
  • Is there any best practise or configuration guide about it?





OneView BSMC 9.2X versionOpen in a New Window

Hello team,


Which version of Onview is supported by the OnevIew to BSM9.2X connector? It is not explecitly written.

Is version 2&3 supported??





Want to setup a Alert Ageing in OMI 10Open in a New Window

Hi Team,


I want to setup a alert ageing notification if some alert are older than one day with open state. Please help me how we can setup for same in omi 10


Shtrudhan Kumar



HIs are not reset for cleared alarms..Open in a New Window

Hello experts,

we have integrated CA spectrum to Omi by using "HP_BSM_Connector_for_CA_Spectrum 2.0"  All alarms are displayed in event browser, and if an alarm is closed in spectrum, it is also closed in OMi. But the problem is that although the alarm is closed, the HI of the related CI remains "Unavailable". 

How can i solve the problem.

Thanks in advance..



Required details on latest HPE Operations Connector[BSM Connector] version and download linkOpen in a New Window


What is the latest available HPE Operations Connector[BSM Connector] version?

Required download link as well.


Rajshekar P


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