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HPOO 10.x Studio Javascript DebuggerOpen in a New Window

Where is it?


Invoke method : WSDLOpen in a New Window


Am trying hardly to use the HPOO Wizard  in order to create a invoke methode to use an WSDL.

Am getting this error : Error when retrieving WSDL methods.

PS : i have saved the .wsdl in local repertory to avoird proxy issue.

thank you in advance.


HP OO integration into CA SDM 14.1Open in a New Window


We are new to operations orchestration and was wondering if anyone has been able to integrate OO with CA SDM to do the following tasks :

a) Lookup a Change Record in CA using the change request number ?

b) Create an incident in CA by using the out of the box REST API function in OO ?

Thank you,

Tony Lyons


Javascriptlet Operation HPOO 10.60Open in a New Window

I recently converted a 9.07 flow which uses a custom javascriplet operation. I got no warnings or errors during the conversion or while importing the project. The javascriplet works well for the most. Occasionally it gets fed an input that causes the flow to halt "Failed to Complete"

in Studio, when I pass that input string in, the error is as follows

com.iconclude.dharma.runengine.RunException: Exception occurred during navigation calculation. Did not find Flow Exception Step id.
 at com.iconclude.dharma.runengine.view.BeanViewBuilder.updateRunView(BeanViewBuilder.java:524)
 at com.iconclude.dharma.runengine.view.DefaultRunViewFactory.updateView(DefaultRunViewFactory.java:61)
 at com.iconclude.dharma.runengine.debugger.RunControlImpl.onEvent(RunControlImpl.java:236)
 at com.hp.oo.studio.debugger.engine.AbstractDebugRunEventsChannel.notifyListeners(AbstractDebugRunEventsChannel.java:50)
 at com.hp.oo.studio.debugger.engine.AbstractDebugRunEventsChannel.processFinishEvent(AbstractDebugRunEventsChannel.java:102)
 at com.hp.oo.studio.debugger.events.StudioDebuggerEventsBuffer.processFinishEvent(StudioDebuggerEventsBuffer.java:98)
 at com.hp.oo.studio.debugger.engine.AbstractDebugRunEventsChannel.processEvent(AbstractDebugRunEventsChannel.java:83)
 at com.hp.oo.studio.debugger.events.StudioDebuggerEventsBuffer$DebuggerEventsConsumer.run(StudioDebuggerEventsBuffer.java:120)
Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Exception occurred during navigation calculation. Did not find Flow Exception Step id.
 ... 8 more

It seems in Studio 10, the javascript debugger is no longer present? When I use an IDE to test and debug the script, I get no errors. Still I know there are some nuance differences between the javascript used in HPOO and what you might find in an IDE. Any ideas how I find what is bugging HPOO about the scriplet?


Patching using HPSA and HPOOOpen in a New Window

I wanted to develop workflows to automate patching, can someone please provide me guidelines in setting up project or any sample project that helps get familiar with intergrating HPSA and HPOO. Im using HPSA 10.3.0 version and HPOO 10.60 version.


Execute a server script using Global shell from HP OOOpen in a New Window

I want to execute a server script from global shell command by passing scrpit name. It doesn't need any argument inputs. The script output is more than 10kb, and since the OO operator has a limitation on it, I am trying using "Remote Command Execution" option to execute the script from OO.


HP OMI - HPOO IntegrationOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

we have been trying to create create an alert in OMI through , we could not find any operation in OO , but after exploring we came to a conclusion that this can be done through opcmsg utility using Remote command execution. I am not sure how to use this utility do we need to install any agent in OO central for this , if yes where can this agent be found.?



HPSA HPOO IntegrationOpen in a New Window

I'm trying to run a software policy created in HPSA though HPOO. I have used the following operation in HPOO:

/SA [1.2.0]/Remediate Server For Software Policies

And I'm facing the following error:




10.70 Upgrade stepsOpen in a New Window

I am attempting to follow the auto-upgrade steps for 10.60 RASes outlined in the 10.70 release notes..  According to the document you need to upload the ras-upgrade.zip file to Central, and prepare the RASes for upgrade, PRIOR to upgrading Central.  However there are no details provided on how to accomplish this.

I assume that you unzip the ras-upgrade.zip file into the upgrade directory under Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Operations Orchestration and then run the apply-upgrade.bat file.  There is no information on how to run the "Prepare" step.

Assuming that is correct, then my question is regarding the Central upgrade.  Both the ras-upgrade and the upgrade zip files expand into the same path.  But the contents are slightly different.  So  I assume that you first expand the ras-upgrade.zip file and run apply-upgrade.bat, and then expand upgrade.zip file snf run apply-upgrade.bat.

Is this correct? Thanks


Error while installing community installerOpen in a New Window

Hi, am facing issues while installing HP OO community edition.  Attached is the error file.  I'm using Windows 10 enterprise edition.  Let me know what are the remediation steps to be taken.

Thanks, Satya


Studio open error 10.70Open in a New Window


Opened Studio and after "Select Workspace" get error "Application failed to initialize due to an internal error".


java.lang.RuntimeException: 'javax.net.ssl.keyStore' property value must be a canonical absolute path. You can change it inside the Studio.l4j.ini file from the installation folder.
 at com.hp.oo.studio.services.PathManipulationValidationService.execute(PathManipulationValidationService.java:20)
 at com.iconclude.dharma.app.OperationStudio.main(OperationStudio.java:5310)

Running all components on Windows 2012 R2 using SQL 2012. Able to access Central with no issues.



OO soap calls to NAOpen in a New Window

Hello! I am trying to get an OO flow (10.20) to run soap calls on HPNA (10.10). I have run the ws-wizard.bat, pointed it to the api.wsdl.axis2 file I got from NA keeping all defaults, and imported the resulting flows into OO. I have created a flow using these imported flows to add a device to NA, but the flow is not working.

The error I get when changing nothing is "A trusted keystore could not be found or it does not contain the needed certificate". I try to point the Invoke Method 2 to the NA self-signed cert that I exported and I get "Invalid keystore format ". I'm assuming I need to import the cert into the Studio keystore somewhere using keytool.exe, but I see no documentation on what kind of certificate is required (when exporting the cert it can be exported in a few different formats) nor where it is supposed to be imported.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?  Thanks!



where can we find the logs for the flows we are running on hpoo studio 10.2.2?Open in a New Window

I am new to Hpoo tool..we are developing flows on  hp00 10.2.2 studio  and we need to  find the logs which user run that flow and statu of the flow?


Issue with LDAP authentication to centralOpen in a New Window

We have configured LDAP (using eDirectory) to control access to HPOO Central (10.22).  This works fine with static groups but not with dynamic groups.  Has anyone else had an issue with dynamic groups?  Thanks.


HP OO Virtualization Content Pack v1.9.1 - Add VM to a DRS VM GroupOpen in a New Window


New Virtualization content pack version 1.9.1 has new features to create DRS VM Group.

Someone could help me ? I don't find the way to add a VM to a existing DRS VM Group.

Thanks for help,


input value is not a valid JavaScript arrayOpen in a New Window

Any idea on how to use arrays in oo flows. I am getting following error..


OO 10.70 CE is available in docker hubOpen in a New Window

Hi guys,

The 10.70 OO CE version is available in docker hub here https://hub.docker.com/r/hpsoftware/ooce/ 

Some changes:

1. reduced image size

2. removed the latest tag.

To pull issue: docker pull hpsoftware/ooce:10.70.1

Hope it helps,


How to create a basic Flow for executing scripts on Oracle DatabaseOpen in a New Window

I'm new to HPOO

Can someone pls let me know the steps or documentation that shows how to create a basic Flow for executing script on Oracle Database?





Subnet ID validationOpen in a New Window

Has anybody built a task that would validate a given subnet ID to a given subnet mask?  For example, if a user input was for the subnet ID and 24 for for a mask, that would be valid.  If a user input of for the subnet ID and 16 or would be invalid.  I thought I had seen a subnet validation operation in base content before, but I cannot seem to find it now.  Just trying not to recreate the wheel here.




Internal server error in CentralOpen in a New Window

I am getting "Internal server error" while uploading any new CP in our Central.

What are the possible reasons for this error ? While looking at server logs , could not find any relevent data.

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