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HPE Software Products: Operations Orchestration
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Get Installed Services from SA on unixOpen in a New Window


I'm trying to get hold of the installed services running on a host via an OO flow call to SA. I'm using flow 'Get Installed Services'  (/SA [1.2.2]/Library/Integrations/Hewlett-Packard/Server Automation/Servers/Get Installed Services) from HPSA content pack v1.2.2.

When I run against a windows box it works fine and returns the service list but against our redhat host I'm getting the error 'Could not find any installed services for the given server' despite services being there and viewable though the inventory in HPSA client.

Looking at the event history for the host in SA it shows the following....

Started shared saved script '' version 'opsware.60.3' as remote user 'root' at remote path ''

When this script is run direclty on the host it returns the running processes, so not sure why the OO flow does not.

Any help appreciated. thanks.


CSA 4.7 and OO 10.60 Password Provider Strange behaviour in debug mode.Open in a New Window


I have an issue that I have double checked, I know, it has not any reason to be, but I have tried on purpose several times.

I have run a CSA flow as normal request, it failed, from Studio I have fixed the problem and run in debug mode of course connected with Central.

It failed for authentication problem of the provider.

Double checked the password in the provider definition, it was ok.

Set the password as static property inside the flow and it worked from Debug

Remove the password from the static property, use the password from get provider properties as usual, create the CP and import into Central and it worked!

So it seems that when you run CSA flows in Debug mode also if you run them in Central the provider password is not managed correctly, but only in Debug.

Any one have the same experience?

Thanks for any suggestion.




[http-nio-8443-exec-6] ( WARNOpen in a New Window

Hi, we observed in the logs with below errors, please help to remediate.

2016-08-27 04:50:14,700 [http-nio-8443-exec-6] ( WARN - SQL Error: 0, SQLState: null
2016-08-27 04:50:14,701 [http-nio-8443-exec-6] ( ERROR - Already closed.
2016-08-27 04:50:14,819 [scoreWorkerScheduler-1] ( WARN - SQL Error: 0, SQLState: 08S01
2016-08-27 04:50:14,819 [scoreWorkerScheduler-1] ( ERROR - I/O Error: DB server closed connection
MisfireHandler: Error handling misfires: Failed to obtain DB connection from data source
java.sql.SQLException: Network error IOException: Connection refused: connect]


Thank you


HP Operations Orchestration Automation Execution PluginOpen in a New Window


I would like to know if any of the nonstop developers had used - HP Operations Orchestration Automation Execution Plugin.

I found a link below not sure how can it be useful in our development.  Is it compatible in our current system?

Where to do begin?



Getting Session Expired after logging to HP OO CentralOpen in a New Window

Hi Folks,

When ever i am login using internal user to Central getting "your session got expired.please login again" message.

and sometimes it is showing blank page after giving username and password.

here are my environment details:

HP OO Version: 10.50

Browser: tried all (chrome,IE and Mozilla)

user type: Internal (No LDAP integration)

Lodbalancer: yes

Installed on : Windows 2012 servers

Could you please help me to avoid this error?

thanks in advance.




Windows License activationOpen in a New Window

Hi guys,

I'm searching for a flow regarding to check if the windows server activated (from license point) and if not how to activating via MAK or KMS function provided by Microsoft. Are there already flows available?




Getting error in SQL Query Reader... There is already an open DataReader...Open in a New Window


I am getting this error lately while runing some database queries....

There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.;returnResult=There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.;returnCode=1;sessionId=71b22932-7d37-4c82-8b05-bced2e65a236;exception=System.InvalidOperationException: There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...




Monitoring JVM HPOO serverOpen in a New Window


I'm trying to monitor the JVM for the HPOO. We are using an older version of 7.6 and it runs as a windows service using Jetty. I would like to know the location where the Jetty instance runs, seems like it is not in E:\Hewlett-Packard\Operations Orchestration\jetty since the monitoring tool gives the error it isnt able to find the Jetty instance.





Ideal session timeout for Remote Command Execution step for Windows?Open in a New Window

I asked the question because my OO was timing out if processing exceeds 20 minutes using Remote Command Execution step for Windows, don't know if it is the ideal settings but I am thinking to increase up the maximum I can achieve...

Any tips? Past experience? Pros and Cons?

Thanks in advance :)


Error while executing flows using rest API's.Open in a New Window

 I am working on HPOO tool rest API's.

I am getting  X-CSRF-TOKEN error while running content flow using rest api even though I included X-CSRF-TOKEN in headers.

I am attaching the screenshot, can you please help me resolve this??? 


Saving flow results in locally.Open in a New Window


I want to save flow results in locally (not in studio).

can anyone tell me how can we do that one. 


I am not getting my ops flows content packs in libraries.Open in a New Window


Unable to acess HPOO tool through URLOpen in a New Window

Unable to acess HPOO tool through URL


HPOO Standard Operation to Run script against Device GroupOpen in a New Window

Is anyone aware of or can point me at a standard operation in HPOO to run a script against a device group?

All the operations we have looked at require server name / id(s) for scripts. But other things like software policies can run against device groups.

|f there isn't one, is there some nuance to HPSA device groups that I am missing which makes this impossible?

Note: OO 10.5 and contents packs I think are these::

  • Cloud 1.4.0
  • Business Applications 1.2.0
  • Databases 1.1.0
  • IT Operations 1.1.0
  • CSA 4.20.0000
  • SM 1.0.1
  • SA 1.2.0
  • Virtualization 1.4.0
  • HP Solutions 1.4.0
  • Cloud Orchestration 1.1.0
  • Middleware 1.1.0
  • Operating Systems 1.2.0
  • Utility Orchestration 1.1.0
  • Base 1.5.10-SNAPSHOT



How quickly get VM count from data store?Open in a New Window

Hello, I need to know how many vm's are on datastore - I have look already into get vm's in cluster but not manage how to limit it to one datastore only and make it count... 


New document that highligts aspects related to the manual content promotionOpen in a New Window

Hi guys,

Wether you are building oo content alsonside with other colleagues, thinking of setting up infrastructure for multiple authors to work together or needing to promote content from author environment to run time environment you could take some time to read our new document that highligts aspects related to the manual content promotion.

Hope it helps,



vmware advanced search to get folder pathOpen in a New Window

Has anyone tried using this to get a full folder path for a vm?

i.e My input is a folder mor and I want to get the full path to pass to a vm operation. 

Right now I'm using a powercli operation which can be a little slow. But when I've tried to use the advanced search it returns child folders. 

e.g propsType - Folder

propsPathset - name,parent

propsRootObjType - Folder

propsRootObj - group-v12345

So it will return the folder name if no children are present but if children are present it will return all of them. It kinda makes sense based on the description on how the operation searches but I'm hoping I've made a mistake and theres an simple way to make it only return the name of the current folder and parent property.


Problem with pageSize in Get Flow Schedules operationOpen in a New Window


I'm trying to use the operation Get Flow Schedules inside the HPE Solutions content pack to access all of the schedules of a flow, but this step is just getting 50 schedules. I saw on the API_Guide.pdf document, that the default value of the page size is 50, but if I add the input pageSize to the operation, still gets just 50 schedules. Does anybody know how to change pageSize in that operation?



Add/Remove Workers RAS by Automation OperationsOpen in a New Window


I'm implementing the automation to execute the restart of services from RAS servers, and I created the logic to verify services running, apply stopping and start and take care for the RAS executing context don't kill your own service (I'm use the variable the Override Group $overrideNRAS for this) , but I need remove this RAS server from the Workers topology before the stop services, for the I don't have none flow executing for this server.

So, how I can to add and remove the RAS server from workers by command line or by operations from OO studio.

note: my infrastructure OO is based Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

thanks for your help.


André Leão


Issues with installing CentralOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

Have issues installing Central. During the installation, the "start central" stage will fail after a time out. I can install by disabling Central Start, but when I try to access http://localhost:8080/oo, the browser get stuck displaying “you are about to be redirected to HPE Operations Orchestration web application.

In the WRAPPER log from TOMCAT, get strange SEVERE logs:

SEVERE: Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class liquibase.integration.servlet.LiquibaseServletListener

Tried several install with same issue.

My Environment:

  • Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter (on azure)
  • MySQL 5.7 x64
  • MySQL Java connector 6.0.3

Database was created manually. Install script MYSQL.SQL just gone fine.

My.ini was adapted as follow from the standard mysql file, according to install doc and other MySQL issues.



transaction-isolation = READ-COMMITTED

default-storage-engine = INNODB

character-set-server = utf8

max_allowed_packet = 250M

innodb_log_file_size = 256M

max_connections = 1000




user = myusername

password = "mypassword"   # <----------------------- VERY IMPORTANT (quotes)

host = localhost

Any idea?,




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