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SIM Custom Tool ScriptOpen in a New Window

What I am trying to accomplish is to be notified with users are logged onto multiple systems at the same time.


Is there anyway to achieve this task within SIM?






HPSIM DB error using sqlcmdOpen in a New Window



I try to make an simple sql querry on the HP SIM DB, but I don't get a trusted connection to it.


Here is the command:


sqlcmd -E -d Insight_v50_0_8514220614 -Y 40 -i drives.sql -o drives.txt -s ";"


And the error message located in the "drives.txt":


Msg 4060, Level 11, State 1, Server HP-SIM, Line 1
Cannot open database "Insight_v50_0_8514220614" requested by the login. The login failed.
Msg 18456, Level 14, State 1, Server HP-SIM, Line 1
Login failed for user 'WURMLOCH\hpsim'.


The user 'WURMLOCH\hpsim' has admin credentials and it is the log on account for the SQL Server. I have a screenshot attached.


Thanks for your help!


CMS command-linw tool doesn't work when run as HPSIM toolOpen in a New Window

I execute a perl tool that SSH's to other local CMS's to check if their dial out task is enabled. This runs great from the command-line. I want to use hpsim to schedule the tool to run every 4 hours, but it appears that whenever the perl tool has to do an SSH to another CMS it fails that part of the script.


Is there some magic in the hpsim tool setup that allows an ssh within the tool you're executing?


ice user from active directoryOpen in a New Window


i have an ice suite installed on a custumer and i have notice that when im working with an active directory user i dont have the same priviliges as ice use have.

what can be the prablem?





Requesting hp SIM for the specific report using scriptOpen in a New Window

Dear Friends,


I have typical requirement at customer site where i have implemented hp SIM for monitoring there hp blade infrastructure, customer wants to integrated hp SIM commands with scripts so that whenever he runs particular script from his desktop or laptop he should be able to get the reports on the screen

Can you guys please help me with the steps for configuring the same.


for example:


if he wants to know the number of free bays in perticular blade enclosure, he just have to run the script from his desktop and get the on screen report.








HP Insight AgentOpen in a New Window

Hi All

Newbie here. 

Kindly advise if there is a SCOM monitoring tool and Insights Agent for HP Proliant servers running ESXi.

I've run into a brick wall because I cannot seem to find one. I have tried using the ESX version but does not monitor at all, comes up as blank. I then uninstalled from ESXi. 


Thank you and kind regards



Serial number(Logical) mappingOpen in a New Window

Hi all,


I am using SIM integration in ucmdb. The problem is the integration is creating duplicates because the servers are brought with serial number while same servers are coming from discovery with serial number logical and the values are different. 



The mapping file of the integration has the serial number mapped in there as below:


<target_attribute name="host_serialnumber" datatype="StrProp">

  <map type="direct" source_attribute="Node.SerialNumber" />



Can you please let me know what would be the source_attribute for the serial number logical or at least how can I find it so I can modify the mapping and avoid the duplicates?



Thank you,




Script: Checking Communication Host > Sim using a TrapOpen in a New Window



I am searching for a solution to check the communication from my hosts to the HP Sim Server.

Is there a way to send a test- trap from any Server to the HP SIM, using a script (vbs, etc..)?





Script to automate Set Alternate Virtual Machine Host TaskOpen in a New Window

We have to manually perform the task Set Alternate Virtual Machine Host under [Configure > Virtual Machine] for all ESX Virtual Machines.


Is there a way to automate or script out this task to run once a week?


HP Insight Management  7.0


Thank you very much!


Export WBEM Sensor StatusOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,

I did search the board, so I'm hoping someone will be able to help, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to HP Sim.


Normally we use our own inhouse software and monitor via the ILO but were forced to use HP Sim since deploying a VmWare ESXi on a Proliant DL380 with 6 trays of attached storage.


We are using HP Sim 6.3 because the only server available is Windows 2003 R1 x86


I've installed the offline bundle and HP Sim can see all the trays which is excellent, but I have two problems.

1. (Minor) - the server status shows as degraded as there is nothing plugged into the HBA card and two of the NIC's is is possible to ignore these from the monitoring?


2. (Main Issue) - Is there any way to query HP Sim or schedule a report to give me the status of all the WBEM sensors for a particular host, so we could export this regularly and integrate into our existing monitoring solution, or even any tools to query the Offline bundle direct and bypass HP Sim


Any help would be appreciated.


Many thanks.


bulk suspend and bulk resume using the mxnode command with xml file.Open in a New Window

video how to use the tool






 other forum links












Suspend - Resume tool for HP SIMOpen in a New Window

I made a tool to suspend and resume servers in HP SIM click here to download . I always had microsoft excel open when I have to suspend  or resume servers. so i made a tools that would alow me to just that from microsoft  excel. Also if your environment is anywhere like mine, whichmy server name were all different no conventional naming ...etc. I put all the requirements you need in a zip file ... have fun... :)



video how to use the tool



I want to add a manual discovery custom toolOpen in a New Window

I want to add a custom tool that will do a manual discovery.  I want it to add "Manual Discovery" to the "Options" drop down and when selected I want it to prompt for an ip address or system name and then do the discovery. 


I suspect the command I need is "mxnode -a <ip address>".  However I don't know how I can get the tool to prompt the user for the ip address.


Advanced search with empty valueOpen in a New Window



Does anyone knows method to find out all servers inside database of SIM where for example "Location" field is empty? I mean any other ways then query to SQL database.




HP-SIM forward alerts to SCOM 2007Open in a New Window

Any idea if forwarding alerts from SIM to SCOM 2007 is possible ?




How to fix this SIM defect for special character?Open in a New Window



We developed a script to modify the user password on all servers simultaneously. But today, I failed to modify the password of one account through HPSIM because of the special character “#" in the password. Error message said the password could not contain special characters like “&|#><” through HPSIM.


I believe this is constrains with HPSIM, because I can use this special character in the password when using CLI mode.


Can anyone share the experience and solutions about how to fix this issue?


Thanks in advance!!


How to install initial PSPs on Linux from SIM CMS on WindowsOpen in a New Window

I've installed HP SIM 6.3 on Windows 2008 R2.

When I go to "Initial Proliant Support Pack install" it tells me the target systems must be Windows.

When I go to "Deploy Drivers, Firmware, and Agents -> Install Software and Firmware" I'm able to select individual bits of software to install on a Linux system, but the task result is:



This tool cannot run on as it does not pass the conditions required for running it.

Operating System Name must equal WINNT


Operating System Name must equal Embedded


The properties that has for the failing conditions :
Operating System Name: LINUX.



What is the proper way to push agents from a SIM Server on Windows?

Thank you


Backup Script for HPSIM on linuxOpen in a New Window

I wrote a short backup script for my linux installation of HP SIM.  


Either copy and paste the following or grab the file below.


Feel free to use/modify this for your own purposes.


# Created by: Tim James - tajames@niu.edu
# Creation date: 8/20/2011

# Simple script to backup the whole lot of HP SIM
# Create a temp directory with all the config file locations already propagated
# Copy all of the existing config files into the temp location
# Dump the postgres DB into the temp location
# tar that beast and call it the current date

# NOTE: this makes use of a .pgpass file in the home directory of the user
# that is going to run the script.


bkup_date=`date +"%Y%m%d"`
bkup_day=`date +"%A"`


# Only save 7 days worth of backups.

if [ "$bkup_day" == "Sunday" ]; then
rm /backup/*


# Create temp locations for files.

mkdir -p $dir_loc/etc/opt/mx/config/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/config/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/etc/opt/hp/sslshare/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/logs/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/opt/mx/bin/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/opt/mx/patch/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/output/


cp -R /etc/opt/mx/config $dir_loc/etc/opt/mx/config
cp -R /var/opt/mx/config/ $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/config/
cp -R /etc/opt/hp/sslshare/ $dir_loc/etc/opt/hp/sslshare/
cp /var/opt/mx/logs/mx.log $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/logs/
cp -R /opt/mx/patch/ $dir_loc/opt/mx/patch/
cp /opt/mx/bin/server_cert.pem $dir_loc/opt/mx/bin/
cp /opt/mx/bin/CLIClientConfig.cfg $dir_loc/opt/mx/bin/
cp -R /var/opt/mx/output $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/output/


# PG-DUMP to get the file into a format able to be backed-up

/opt/hpsmdb/bin/pg_dump -h -p 50006 -U mxadmin insight_v1_0 > $dir_loc/saveHPSIMdb


# TAR that meagerie of stuff

tar -zcf $bkup_loc/$bkup_date.tar.gz $dir_loc


# Cleanup the temp files created.
rm -r $dir_loc/


opening sim from another software or from browserOpen in a New Window



Is there a way to open a given page (detail page from one server for example) of SIM from another software ? or through parameters in the url ?


For example calling this:




and/or  :




Is there a doc where all theses parameters are listed?


If we can't do that, is there another option?


Thanks a lot for your help




mxquery,mxtool,mxtask giving errorsOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


When i try to upload few queries or tools i get the below error. I get the same error when i try to just run mxquery --help.


Load the Queries into HPSIM

An internal error occurred while executing command mxquery: No syntaxes for help topic 'mxquery' found.An internal error

occurred while executing command mxquery: No syntaxes for help topic 'mxquery' found.-

Load the Custom Tool definitions into HPSIM

An internal error occurred while executing command mxtool: No syntaxes for help topic 'mxtool' found.An internal error o

ccurred while executing command mxtool: No syntaxes for help topic 'mxtool' found.-

Load the Automatic Event Handling Tasks definitions into HPSIM

An internal error occurred while executing command mxtask: No syntaxes for help topic 'mxtask' found.An internal error o

ccurred while executing command mxtask: No syntaxes for help topic 'mxtask' found.-


Below is an example of one of the commands i am trying to run,


mxquery -a -f .\simserver-win\HPSIMInt_ImportantEventsQuery.xml

has any one faced this issue before ? Can anyone guide me on this ?


Thanks & Regards,


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