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HP MIK (SCCM BCU)Open in a New Window

Post originally by Denis K


Hi. I install HP MIK on SCCM 2012 (ver. 1702) and MIK Client on windows 7 Pro. I have  HP EliteDesk800 G1. I create policy for change LegacyBootOrder and FastBoot. FastBoot - aplayed success. LegacyBootOrder - Failed.

                   <si:put_response_value  name="_LegacyBootOrder" code="2" inf
                   o="Permission denied." subcode="6" subcode_info="WMI result
                   code - Setting modification failed due to BIOS permissions."

Why? Please Help.

Log file from MIK client attached


HP CIK and SCCM 2012 R2 (V1702)Open in a New Window

Hello all,

Just getting started with SCCM and HP Client Management tools. I just  recently installed CIK on my primary site server. I am attempting to download and import HP driver packs and I am needing to specify the network share for Drivers and Drivers packages. My question is Does the share need to be created on my distribution point and what permissions need to be assigned to the share. "The  target location  needs to be an existing network path (UNC)" 

This in advance for any help/suggestions


if I integrate the spp's in sccm via scup ...Open in a New Window


if I integrate the spp's in sccm via scup, is it then possible to distribute single updates (service packs) or only the bundles ?



Files in SCUP catalog fails to installOpen in a New Window

Hi Folks

So I installed SCUP and made it work with my WSUS/SCCM. All pieces are working and this file


is eventually downlaoded to my target server

in Software center it tries and tries and eventuallu fails with error

The software change returned error code 0x80070643(-2147023293)

I have searched and searched but cannot find what is the reason behind it

HP has no instrauctions on any prereqs (IF ANY) for scup catalog to work and their phone support have no idea what they are talking

Did any one successfully used SCUP/SCCM to update HP proliant software and Hardware? are their any prereqs for SCUP catalog files to be able to install on servers.


Data Protector Management Pack - Incorrect AlertsOpen in a New Window

The HP Data Protector SCOM management pack seems to be incorrectly alerting us that the Data Protector Cell manager services are going offline. This is incorrect. Has anyone had this?


SCOM - Data Protector MP ErrorOpen in a New Window

We installed the HP Data Protector Management Pack version in to our SCOM Development system and we are receiving the following alerts which we aren't sure is the fix.

Event number 3 'An item with the same key has already been added.' - this is being generated by the rule 'Data Protector Server Log Watcher Generic Error Log Event Rule'. - The source of this is MPDPMonitorSvc.

Has anyone seen this before?


Operations Manager failed to run a WMI query for WMI events (HP StoreVirtual P4500)Open in a New Window

Hi everyone,

I've got 2x HP P4500 Gen2 StoreVirtual Nodes in a cluster and am using SCOM 2012 R2 CU9 and HP Storage Management Pack v4.2.1 to monitor.

However Operations Manager is receiving hundreds of repeat counts:

HPEnterpriseStorageLeftHandMP Operations Manager failed to run a WMI query for WMI events
Module was unable to execute the notification query.
Error: 0x80041004
Details: Provider failure
One or more workflows were affected by this. 
Workflow name: HPEnterpriseStorageLeftHandMP.BackplaneTrap.Catcher.Rule
Workflow name: HPEnterpriseStorageLeftHandMP.FANTrap.Catcher.Rule
Instance name: HP StoreVirtual SNMP Trap Catcher Rule
Instance ID: {}

P4500 SAN cluster is running software version
I have installed and Configured the HP Storage Management Pack v4.2.1
Enabled the HP SNMP object discoveries in Operations Manger 2012 R2 CU9
Configuring SNMP traps via CMC

There are about 33 HP StoreVirtual SNMP Trap Catcher Rules

How can they ever run WMI scripts given the P4500 Gen2's are Linux based?




HP MSA Storage Management Pack for System Center v4.2.1Open in a New Window

I am using the HP MSA Storage Management for System Center v I am having a problem with the HP MSA Storage Discovery rule. The discovery script times out after 5 minutes. I see an event id of 21402, with the following information:

Event ID:      21402

Task Category: None

Level:         Warning

Keywords:      Classic

User:          N/A


Forced to terminate the following process started at 8:03:59 PM because it ran past the configured timeout 300 seconds.

 Command executed:     "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\HPEnterpriseStorageDiscovery.exe"

This discovery script has a timeout value of 300 seconds. Is there a way to override this, or are there other troubleshooting tips you can share? 

We have a total of 41 MSAs discovered and still need to add several more.


Which SCOM integration solution should we be using?Open in a New Window

I need to get SCOM 2012 R2 monitoring ProLiant BL460c Gen9 blades in a C7000 blade chassis.

There are a bewildering and contradictory number of options and recommendations for how to have SCOM monitor the status of an HP Chassis.


Oneview is not available, HP SIM is, but ideally we’d have SCOM talking directly to the hardware, or at least not using OneVIew or SIM.


Which is the appropriate tool to do that?



  1. The HP BladeSystem Management Pack?
  2. The HP SCOM Integration kit that is a part of the “HP OneView for Microsoft System Center 7.6” download?
  3. Something else entirely?



Admion, I posted the same question over her http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/HP-BladeSystem-Management/Which-SCOM-integration-solution-to-use/m-p/6805928/highlight/false#M1221 and was poined tot hs forum. That topic can be deleted and my apologies for 


SCUP Catalog for HP Devices - Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1Open in a New Window

Dear Team,
We are Planning to deploy Driver regular for HP Machines - So far, We are downloading the Driver File, Doing Package and Deploy it using SCCM 2012 R2 (Microsoft Configuration Manager)
We are Currently in progress of deploying it using SCUP. We noticed that HP is having Default Catalog with SCUP. All We want to know does SCUP Catalog File Support all of these Models? for Driver (Driver - It should be all - BIOS, Display, Network, Sound, Etc.,)
We are not able to find the White Paper or any documents in the Online regarding this. Please help us on getting the List of Machines which supported by SCUP Catalog File for HP Devices which given by HP along with List of Drivers which are supported.
Note : We have also tried to download the Cab File, and try to Look into the XML, If we get any ReadMe Text or PDF File with list of Machines & Driver Supported - It would be very helpful.
Kindly, See the Following Model's which we are looking to deploy the driver Update with help of SCUP - HP Catalog File.
Initiated a Discussion on HP Forum, No Reply as of now.. Please do the needful


Where can download HP ProLiant Agentless Management Pack ( v 3 . 3) for SystemCenterOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone,

I have tryed to search "HP Software depot" and "Google" site,

But... I can not find download link about "HP ProLiant Agentless Management Pack ( v 3 . 3) for SystemCenter".

Can anyone help me to find the link ?


or I has miss something about HP ProLiant Agentless Management Pack ( v 3 . 3) for SystemCenter?



Thanks for advice.


HP SCUP catalog archive location.Open in a New Window



I followed the link "http://h20331.www2.hp.com/Hpsub/cache/486247-0-0-225-121.html" and from here I am able to download latest HP SCUP catalog under link "http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software/sms_catalog/HpCatalogForSms.latest.cab".


I tried but couldn't able to trace the link which points to HP SCUP catalog archive.

Please let me know if HP supports archive of SCUP catalog for older updates and automated download as well.



Thanks in advance.


HP SCCM 2012 Integratio​n Kit and the proliant generations?Open in a New Window



How to find the HP SCCM 2012 Integratio​n Kit version and the proliant generations?


I downloaded the HP OneView for Microsoft System Center 7.6 is that only for Proliant gen 9?


Is BIOS, ILO and disk diskconfiguration done with the "HP Scripting Tools for Windows PowerShell", and tolls for this is removed from the HP OneView for Microsoft System Center 7.6?




Free vs Paid functionalityOpen in a New Window



I'm looking for clarification of what functionality is provided free vs what requires an Insight Control/OneView license.


According to an old post on here (2009 - http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/ITRC-Microsoft-System-Center/Licensing-Costs/td-p/4452246) it is advised that "HP delivers the ProLiant Server Management Pack, BladeSystem Management Pack, and the HP Server Updates Catalog for Configuration Manager 2007 for free. Support is through email".




"We will continue to provide the ProLiant Server Management Pack, BladeSystem Management Pack, and the HP Server Updates Catalog for Configuration Manager 2007 for free. Support is only through email and a 24x7 service is not provided".


From the HP ProLiant Server Management Pack (v 1.x & 2.2) for Microsoft System Center User Guide:
If you purchased HP Insight Control for Microsoft System Center as part of an HP Insight Control license, you are entitled to 24 x 7 HP Software Technical Support and Update Service. See the information below on how to register and use this service.
If you did not purchase licenses for HP Insight Control, then you may receive technical assistance via e-mail at SMSIntegrationPack.Support@hp.com or from the HP Service Support Center forum at http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/ITRC-Microsoft-System-Center/bd-p/itrc-1235




From the HP SCOM Integration Kit (v 3.1) User Guide:
License: This kit, included with HP OneView for Microsoft System Center, is licensed as part of HP OneView
Advanced or HP Insight Control.


So I'm looking for clarity on whether the kit needs a license, but the 3 above mentioned management packs are still free to use but without support? Since the blade management pack now requires a DMS, is this also included for use without 24hr support?






Memory usage on the RMS server HPBladeSystemEnclosureMonitorService is using 26 GB RAMOpen in a New Window



I noticed check the Memory usage on the RMS server HPBladeSystemEnclosureMonitorService is using 26 GB RAM is it usual? should it be externalized?

it seems to take too much but not sure the needs.


HP BladeSystem Enclosure Monitor Service for HP c-Class BladeSystem Enclosures 

SCOM 2007 R2 - 24 Enclosures







HP Device Monitor Service ProblemOpen in a New Window



We are using SCOM 2012 R2 and have recently imported the HP SCOM Management Packs.  SCOM has successfully discovered HP Proliant servers but am having great difficulty in getting BladeCenter enclosures to be discovered.  We are using HP BladeCenter MP v3.0.2. 


I input the relevant details in Device Monitor Console and then get below in HP Device Monitor event log :-


Log Name:      HP Device Monitor
Source:        HP Device Monitor Core
Date:          21/01/2015 09:52:49
Event ID:      440
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com
The HP Device Monitor Service was unable to discover the device.  Please check the connection and configuration for the device and try to discover the device again.
Could not discover or identify xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.  Ensure the device is up and connected to the network.  Ensure the credentials are correct by verifying the community string for SNMP managed devices.  Ensure the Insight Management Agents are currently running on in-band server devices.  Ensure the Agentless Management is configured properly in the iLO Management Engine for out-of-band server devices.



HTTPS/SNMP have been successfully tested between SCOM server and BladeCenter chassis, chassis is sending traps to SCOM server as verified that using snmputil. 


Any help much appreciated.


HP SCOM Agentless Server state not resetting.Open in a New Window

I've set up the HP ProLiant Agentless Management Pack (v 3.2) for Microsoft System Center in an instance of SCOM 2012. I've added a couple of HP DL320e servers as agentless servers with the HP ProLiant Agentless Management Service. I successfully get alerts through to SCOM via iLO and the Device Monitoring Service e.g. for a NIC failure and the health monitor in SCOM for the agentless device goes red.

The problem I have is that the health monitor in SCOM does not return to green after the NIC connection is restored. Looking at the definition, the monitor should run every 15 minutes. I've tried leaving it overnight and it still doesn't go green. This is the case whether or not I close the alert.
Is it supposed to reset by itself. If it is, any idea why not?

Also, the alerts only appear in the top level "Active Alerts" folder, not within the Active Alerts folders within the management packs. Is this to be expected?



SCOM 2012 - HP Management Packs - WIll NOT Generate Alerts !!Open in a New Window



Anyone got any ideas how make HP Management Packs generate alerts in SCOM 2012??


I can see the problems coming in but no alerts are ever generated!!!

For some reason HP have decided to disable generating alerts by Default!!


I have tried to override the required alerts to Generate Alert = True and ticked Enforced but no joy.


Anyone got this working???





SCOM - Microsoft Biz Talk groupOpen in a New Window

We would like to get Microsoft.BizTalk servers and thier relationship over to RTSM.


Any one has added Microsoft.Biztalk SCOM group in the SCOM tolopolgy discovery ??





P.S. This thread has been moved from  Systems Management (OpenView-OP Mgmt) Support and News Forum to  ITRC Microsoft System Center Integration Forum. -HP Forum Moderator



HP OneView for Microsoft System Center (SCCM) 7.4.1 Install errorOpen in a New Window


after SCCM CU3 looking forward to update  Insight Control for System Center 7.3 to HP OneView for Microsoft System Center 7.4.1
Proceeded as guided in the install.

Ended with the following error in my lab and prod environment. Any kind of help or hint would be nice.

New-CMDriverPackage : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'packagesourcetype'.
At C:\TEMP\SCCM CU3\HP_OneView_for_Microsoft_System_Center_7.4.1_ISO_Oct_2014_Z7550-01514\hpsccm2012kit-2014.09.0.19\hpproliantsccmkit-install.ps1:326 char:84
+ ... package_folder -packagesourcetype StorageDirect
+                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (:) [New-CMDriverPackage], ParameterBindingException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NamedParameterNotFound,Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.Cmdlets.Osd.Commands.NewDriverPackageCommand

2014-10-23 17:07:19    message    START INSTALL
2014-10-23 17:07:20    debug    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Datacenter: 6.2.9200, DOMAIN\SERVICEACCOUNT
2014-10-23 17:07:23    debug    Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager: 5.00.7958.1000, 1, CM1, \\SERVER\sms_CM1
2014-10-23 17:07:23    debug    HP ProLiant SCCM 2012 Integration Kit: 2014.09.0.19
2014-10-23 17:07:43    message    Deleting \\SERVER\sms_CM1\OSD\Lib\Drivers\HP\ProLiant
2014-10-23 17:07:50    message    Deleting \\SERVER\sms_CM1\OSD\Lib\Drivers\HP\ProLiant = success
2014-10-23 17:07:50    message    Copying C:\TEMP\SCCM CU3\HP_OneView_for_Microsoft_System_Center_7.4.1_ISO_Oct_2014_Z7550-01514\hpsccm2012kit-2014.09.0.19\drivers to \\SERVER\sms_CM1\OSD\Lib\Drivers\HP\ProLiant
2014-10-23 17:07:55    message    Copying C:\TEMP\SCCM CU3\HP_OneView_for_Microsoft_System_Center_7.4.1_ISO_Oct_2014_Z7550-01514\hpsccm2012kit-2014.09.0.19\drivers to \\SERVER\sms_CM1\OSD\Lib\Drivers\HP\ProLiant = success
2014-10-23 17:07:55    debug    Processing file \\SERVER\sms_CM1\OSD\Lib\Drivers\HP\ProLiant\ws2008r2-x64\b57nd60a\b57nd60a.inf
2014-10-23 17:07:55    debug    Found driver HP Broadcom 1Gb Driver; HP ProLiant WS2008R2 x64 HP ProLiant Networking; HP ProLiant Windows 2008 R2 x64 Driver Package
2014-10-23 17:07:56    message    Creating driver package HP ProLiant Windows 2008 R2 x64 Driver Package, \\SERVER\sms_CM1\OSD\Lib\DriverPackages\HP\ProLiant\HP ProLiant Windows 2008 R2 x64 Driver Package
2014-10-23 17:07:56    ERROR    Failed to create driver package HP ProLiant Windows 2008 R2 x64 Driver Package, \\SERVER\sms_CM1\OSD\Lib\DriverPackages\HP\ProLiant\HP ProLiant Windows 2008 R2 x64 Driver Package


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