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VCA/VCRM "The specified repository is invalid or not reachable"Open in a New Window

This keeps popping up.  Getting error "The specified repository is invalid or not reachable" when trying to connect to or VCRM.

In the past, the fix was to make sure the version of VCA is up to date.  And in one instance, we had to run these commands on the VCRM server:


C:\HP\hpsmh\bin>smhconfig.exe -r

It is now not working again.  I've updated VRCM to the latest verion 7.6.0. 

One thing I can't seem to find anything newer for VCA other than ver. 7.3.5 which is pretty old. 

Is HP moving away from VCA/VCRM to firmware updates?


HPE Version Control Repository Manager (ver in a New Window

Hello All, I have received an HP Support Alert for the HPE Version Control Repository Manager (ver which I would like to download and install - however, the URL in the alert appears to be broken (Takes me to a 404 error page) and the search facilities on the HP Support Pages are not very good... they seem to only return hits for much older versions of the VCRM and I cannot find anything to do with I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction please.... thank you... Recommended Driver Alert - Nov 17 2016 HPE Version Control Repository Manager (ver Products: Servers OS: Windows Description: The HPE Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM) enables management of Service Pack for ProLiant, ProLiant Support Packs and components in a repository.


HPE System Managment Homepage - Unable to Login (SSO) from HP SIM 7.5Open in a New Window


I installed the latest HPE SPP (2016.10) on serveral server (2012 R2, 2008 R2,...). The included version of the System Managment Homepage (CP029674.EXE - version was also installed on these servers. After this update I am no longer able to use the SSO-capability from my HP SIM (7.5 - latest Hotfix-Pack 08/2016). The security of the SMH is configured with 'Trust-By-Name'. With the SMH-version it worked well.


Does anyone know details about this problem?


Cluster SNMP alertOpen in a New Window


I have an instance of SIM 7.5 installed & reporting on our servers.

We have a mscs cluster that I cannot seem to find the source of the alarm.

There is a major alarm on each of the nodes & also each of the clustered applications (SQL & DTC).

I can only see the alarm on the cluster (in SIM, not on the nodes). Cluster Disk 3 failed (quorum). This disk is showing online without any issues within failover cluster manager.

I have cleared all of the events that I can see. There are no events in cluster event log for the disk being offline.

If this is not the right place for this please let me know I have been looking unsuccessfully for the last 2 days.




Getting by mail if automatic event was disabled or enabledOpen in a New Window

Hello Forum !

Basically I want to know if someone made a change- disabled or enabled automatic event handling task .

Is there any chance to get notified about it by mail ?

If no - maybe there is a way to get some daily report regarding the current status on mail ?

thanks in advanced !!



HP SIM 7.5.0 - SNMP v3Open in a New Window

I've configured the Java SNMP v3 stack according to the installation manual for SNMP v3 traps and disabled the Microsoft SNMP Trap service. I'm trying to get HP SIM to correctly discover and authenticate to a Cisco Catalyst switch (IOS) using SNMP v3, SHA/AES128/authpriv. Every auth and priv passcode combination I've tried fails to work with SIM, but works fine with other SNMP managers like SnmpB. If I just configure auth and not priv, the same problem occurs. The only auth and/or priv passcodes that work are passcodes with a single letter repeated 8 times (or more) to fill the HP SIM requirement of 8 characters.

Can this be fixed by HP or do I have to switch to a different SNMP Manager that fully supports SNMP v3?


Getting a test mail daily from HPSIMOpen in a New Window

Hello Forum people , 

Need your help - I'm trying to automate a daily test mail from HPSIM to check if both: hpsim and SMTP service are working fine - but with no success... 

All i want is to set a daily test mail from hp sim to my mail accout - in automatic way.

By now i found an automatic option but it has dependancy on having events.

I saw a suggestion to send SMTP traps from some server - but I'm not allowed to do it , 

Is there any solution for that? Maybe some idea? that's supposed to be a very simple task but my furstration level is  on 100% full. 

Thanks so much in advanced ! 



HP SMH No Item sur DL380 G7 sous XenServer 6.5Open in a New Window


Je rencontre un problème de fonctionnement de la remontée d'informations H/W par le logiciel HP System Management Homepage sur certains serveurs HP DL380 G7 qui tournent sous XenServer.





Après plusieurs solutions glaner sur le Web pour régler notamment le problème No item sous "Component Status Summary" appliquées sans succès, j'ai entièrement réinstallé un serveur (qui fonctionne sous XenServer 6.5 SP1), mise à jour iLo3 vers la version 1.88, mais j'ai toujours le même problème.

Pour info, j'utilise la dernière version de HP SMH dispo, identique à celui installé sur 10 autres serveurs sans que ceux-ci ne rencontrent de soucis.

Donc si vous avez des suggestions pour m'aider à régler ce soucis je suis tout ouï.

D'avance merci pour votre aide.


Google Translated


I am experiencing a problem with the HP System Management Homepage on some HP DL380 G7 servers running on XenServer.





After several solutions gleaned on the Web to fix problem No item under "Component Status Summary" applied without success, I completely reinstalled a server (which works under XenServer 6.5 SP1), iLo3 update to version 1.88, but I still have the same problem.

For info, I use the latest version of HP SMH dispo, identical to that installed on 10 other servers without these do not encounter worries.

So if you have any suggestions to help me fix this worry I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance for your help.


SIM consoleOpen in a New Window

We are using Systems Insight Manager 7.4.0 - Windows.  We had a server lose power and we received an "System is unreachable" email message.  The server hung in POST for several days because the array configuration was lost.  We receive dozens of "unreachable" messages so I rely on the SIM console to alert me to problems.  The issue is that the SIM console had no entry in Critical Uncleared Events and did not increment the number of items in the System Status box.

Can someone tell me if that is the correct result given the scenario?  Email sent but no entry in the console?



SIM 7.4 Command line discovery configurationOpen in a New Window


We are trying to program a custom in-site application to remove our servers cleanly from a number of monitoring & control systems.

One of them is HP SIM, which monitors certain part of our infrastructure.

I have seen that using the cmd tools (mxnode) a node can be deleted from the SIM server, and we have sucessfully tested it.

However, the server is still available at the discovery section:


We tried toying around some of the commands but we ar elost on how to do this...

Any help will be appreciated.






Version Control Repository Manager, Error code: 2147500037Open in a New Window


Every night the automatic update fails with a lot of SPPs and other updates mentioned in the error log:

Entry Details
Severity Error
Date / Time 2016-11-15 00:18:48
Message The automatic repository update process encountered an error while obtaining one or more files from the download site.
Additional Data
Error for file: SPP2016040.2016_0317.20.iso
Error code: 2147500037
The system cannot find the file specified.
File not found in location 404.
Error downloading remote file https://downloads.hpe.com/pub/softlib2/software1/cd-generic/p67859018/v121399/SPP2016040.2016_0317.20.iso to local file C:\Repository\SPP2016040.2016_0317.20.iso.
Error for file: SPP2015100.2015_0921.6.iso
Error code: 2147500037
The system cannot find the file specified.
File not found in location 404.
Error downloading remote file https://downloads.hpe.com/pub/softlib2/software1/cd-generic/p67859018/v113584/SPP2015100.2015_0921.6.iso to local file C:\Repository\SPP2015100.2015_0921.6.iso.
Error for file: SPP2015060.2015_0605.106.iso
Error code: 2147500037
The system cannot find the file specified.
File not found in location 404.
Error downloading remote file https://downloads.hpe.com/pub/softlib2/software1/cd-generic/p67859018/v110210/SPP2015060.2015_0605.106.iso to local file C:\Repository\SPP2015060.2015_0605.106.iso.
Error for file: cp027862.exe
Error code: 2147500037
The system cannot find the file specified.
File not found in location 404.
Error downloading remote file https://downloads.hpe.com/pub/softlib2/software1/sc-windows-fw-array/p1909480458/v112249/cp027862.exe to local file C:\Repository\cp027862.exe.
Error for file: cp027866.exe
Error code: 2147500037
The system cannot find the file specified.
File not found in location 404.
Error downloading remote file https://downloads.hpe.com/pub/softlib2/software1/sc-windows-fw-array/p1982434731/v112289/cp027866.exe to local file C:\Repository\cp027866.exe.
Error for file: cp027830.exe
Error code: 2147500037
The system cannot find the file specified.
File not found in location 404.
Error downloading remote file https://downloads.hpe.com/pub/softlib2/software1/sc-windows-fw/p96215710/v112169/cp027830.exe to local file C:\Repository\cp027830.exe.
Error for file: cp027817.exe



Windows Server 2012 Standrad






SysMgmtWeb Login in browser failsOpen in a New Window

Login to System Management Homepage via web browser fails.  Error on web page is, "ERROR: Username and password do not match".  Smh.log shows, "WARNING LOG (severity=1) Mon Nov 14 14:53:53 2016
User:root from was DENIED access to System Management Homepage".  The IP shown is my laptop IP.

I shutdown smh, changed root password and then restarted smh as follows:

1.  /opt/hpsmh/lbin/hpsmh stop

2.  Manually killed smhstartd

3.  /opt/hpsmh/lbin/hpsmh start

4.  /opt/hpsmh/lbin/hpsmh autostart

Runnins the following version:  SysMgmtWeb A.

Server is a BL860c i4 running HPUX 11.31

I have used sysmgmtweb on this server before.  Suddenly it does not work.

I have tried IE 11.0.9600.18499 and Google Chrome version 54 with no luck.

What am I missing?

- Burk


HP SIM - Move to new domainOpen in a New Window


I am an new here and am looking for some help on how to go about moving an existing SIM to a new domain.   Our company was purchased and are in the process of moving our environment over to their domain.    I've been searching but have not found any documents on how to reconfigure SIM.
I have SIM 7.02 running on a 2008 R2 VM. 
Any info would be greatly appreciated. 


Configuring HP System Inisght Manager on HP UX using CLI commandsOpen in a New Window


I run into problems when trying to configure HP SIM on an rx28000 i4 server running HPUX 11.31 without using the First time Wizard, just executing HP SIM CLI commands instead. Communication to other servers that should be added as managed systems runs over in isolated LAN, not accessible from external clients.




Only uuid appearing in HPSIMOpen in a New Window

Hi Guys,

I am a newbie in managing HPSIM server so would appreciate your help on this.

We have HP SIM 7.5 in our env., I noticed lots of server records only as uuid in the HPSIM.

So basically server records in the form 34373134-3835-4753-4837-33383946394C does not make sense and does not contribute to hardware monitoring,  my concern is why does HPSIM discovers some servers as uuid only which is garbage data instead of proper server record and how do i prevent it?

Thanks in advance for your help!


VCRM now untrusted after updating SMHOpen in a New Window

My SIM server is virtual, but I believe requires SMH installed on it regardless (probably because VCRM uses it).  I updated SMH to the latest version (from HPE October Service Pack for Proliant) and now my VCRM shows as untrusted in SIM.  I have confirmed the cert from the SIM server is in the SMH security settings.

At the same time, all my servers in SIM when "BLUE" (unknown) for software status.  Prior to this breaking, I had 100% reporting of software status for all servers.  Now I have 100% unknown of all servers.  I can only assume at this time that when I updated SHM this broke the reporting of the software status, and I am guessing it might be related to VCRM is untrusted.

Does anyone know how to make VCRM trusted again?  As mentioned above, I have already confirmed the cert is in place in SMH.




how to monitor HP Servers behind NAT device using HPSIM?Open in a New Window

Hi all,

I'm using net-snmp agents with snmp-proxy feature for forwarding OID inside a NAT device to a public HPSIM server. But HPSIM not support to inventory all devices behind the NAT device. Is there any proxy agent for hpsim? Note: Only use Linux system with SNMP (not using WMI)


HPE System Management Homepage 7.6.0Open in a New Window


I just start deploying HP System Management Homepage 7.6.0 and for the machines receiving 7.6.0 the shortcut previously used is broken.... (Previous version using this shortcut 7.5.5)

URL: https://localhost:2381

Internet explorer cannot display the webpage.

With 7.5.5 the same shortcut is working fine

Any idea?




Lost power to PS - no alert generated from Agentless ManagementOpen in a New Window

I have a server I recently moved to Agentless management.  The server is properly discovered in SIM, and when I send test alerts from the iLO, SIM picks them up.  Everything checks out 100%...

Today the server lost power to one of the power supplies.  The server turned orange in SIM indicating an error and if I go into the iLO I can clearly see the error in both the iLO status and in the IML.  Yet, no alert was sent from the iLO to SIM (so that status of the server updated correctly, but no alert was generated and hence no email).  The only think I can think of if that I have some sort of SNMP filter setup to block that trap...but trying to find what traps I have disabled is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Anyone have any suggestions how to track this down?




Need help with SQL queryOpen in a New Window

I have a report that's run daily and is used to keep an inventory list updated. I'm tying to add hyperlinks in the inventory that will link directly to the device pages of our servers in HP SIM. The url of the page is https://server:port/mxportal/DevicePage/devicepage.jsp?nodeId=<MxGUID>.

I thought I'd be able to just include the MxGuid in the report but it doesn't look like this value can be included in a report. My next thought was to modify the SQL query that generates the report. The only problem - I only know the most basic of T-SQL and haven't been able to figure it out. Any SQL gurus out there that can modify the query below to include the MxGUID value from the dbo.devices table in the output?

select R_Inventory.DeviceName, R_Inventory.IPAddress, R_Inventory.DeviceStatus, R_Inventory.ProductName, R_Inventory.SerialNumber, R_Inventory.MemorySize, R_Inventory.OSName, R_Inventory.Location, R_Inventory.DeviceOwner, R_Inventory.DeviceBootTime, R_Inventory.numberOfCPU
from R_Inventory
WHERE ((R_Inventory.SnapShotID=-1) OR (R_Inventory.SnapShotID is NULL)) AND DeviceKey in (select devices.deviceKey from devices
LEFT OUTER JOIN DB_deviceInfoEx ON devices.deviceKey = DB_deviceInfoEx.deviceKey
LEFT OUTER JOIN IPAddress ON devices.deviceKey = IPAddress.deviceKey and IPAddress.ipIndex = 0
LEFT OUTER JOIN associated_device_data ON devices.deviceKey = associated_device_data.deviceKey
LEFT OUTER JOIN deviceProtocolInfo ON devices.deviceKey = deviceProtocolInfo.deviceKey
LEFT OUTER JOIN simAggrStatus ON devices.deviceKey = simAggrStatus.deviceKey
LEFT OUTER JOIN DeviceStatusValue ON devices.deviceKey = DeviceStatusValue.deviceKey and DeviceStatusValue.StatusSourceId= 6
JOIN consolidatedNodeAuths ON devices.mxGuid = consolidatedNodeAuths.NodeId and consolidatedNodeAuths.userID = '00000022649872840000000400000014'
WHERE ( ( devices.productType = 1) ) ) order by R_Inventory.DeviceName ASC

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