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HPSIM 7.4 sql express 2012 sp1 - number of managed systemOpen in a New Window

Hello Forum , 

My HPSIM 7.4 is getting extremely slow , i wanted to check if it's cause of there are too many managed systems on it , 

Please help me to figure our this table (file attached) 

I have markered all the not understood lines 

1) It says that HPSIM can contain 5000 system , but then it mention that it can have 2500 on a single CMS ,

I have a single CMS with hpsim on it , so How many can I manage? 5000? or 2500? 

2) What are the proliand managed servers? they mean physical servers ? 

3) What are the Integrity managed nodes? 


Thank you so much in advance , Hope to hear some answers from you guys  : ) 



Cant connect to HP System management homepageOpen in a New Window


I cant connect to my fresh installed HP System Management Homepage.

I have HP ProLiant ML310 Gen8 running Windows 2012 with newest SMH. Installation was done in way that works on other machines I manage.
Error log says:
AH00558: hpsmhd.exe: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using MYLOCALIPV6. Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message.

I tried:




always with AV and Firewall turned off.




failed dependency and omithost is set.Open in a New Window

When I tried to doing updated using HP SUM

Deploy Skipped as one of the installable has failed dependency  and Omithost is set

Tried using /On_failed_dependency:Force switch like below but ended up with error.

.\hpsum.bat deploy /nodes  <nodename> /On_failed_dependency:Force

Error: cannot parse /On_failed_dependency:Force for command deploy.
Use 'hpsum deploy /help' for more details on syntax of deploy command.


Any assistance will be helpful. 


SNMP V3Open in a New Window



I'm testing to use SNMP V3 for ILO4. This seems to work with a combination of SHA & AES authentication but when i discover the ILO the OS remains a Serial. If i reenable the SNMP community, delete the server and ILo and run a rediscover the server name is discovered OK.

So my conclusion is that if i want the server name i still need SNMP V1 ? Is that correct ? Also if i disable V1 traps the SIM server no longer receives test traps. So when i disable SNMP traps V1 i no longer receive hardware error traps ?


Automatic Event Handling 'You are not authorized to access this page' HP SIM 7.6Open in a New Window

Dear Friends, Romans and fellow HP SIM headscratchers

Trying to create a new Automatic Event Handling task for a fresh installation of HP SIM 7.6 hosted on a VMware box with Windows Server 2012 R2 (Dual core processor and 8Gb RAM). Process starts ok and i can select name, select events ( I have a preformed collection) , use system attributes that I specify ( I use system type = server, Management Processor and tape Library). Takes a long time to load this page but eventually does. I then select actions in my case an email in HTML format. When I click next i get ' You are not authorized to access this page'

I am using the bundled SQL Express version. I am using an account which is Domain Admin, was used to install HP SIM and has Full Rights, Limited rights and All tools to the CMS and All Tools to All Managed Systems

Any advice gratefully received


unnistaling 6.3 to install 7.5 serial Key licenseOpen in a New Window

Hi all, i have a doubts

I have Insight Manger 6.3 installed and i decide to uninstall this version for install the 7.5

my problem is: i dont remember my serial key . i need to find my serial key license before uninstall the 6.3 and install the 7.5
how can i find them? 


Sign In CredentialsOpen in a New Window

Hello Forum , 

I have a question , 

Which protocols using the sign in credentials option? 

i haven't found it in the user guide, 

I have a lack of  understanding how the sign in credentials option works in general ,

Thanks in advance ! 



Creating Custom BaselineOpen in a New Window


What is the process of creating a custom baseline for HPE SIM?  Here's what I did but it is not working, what did I do wrong?

1. Download required firmware/drivers

2. Copy them in the VCRM Repository

3. Create a custom baseline including the new firmware/drivers

4. Once it appears in HPE SIM, apply it to equipment

5. Run the tasks Software Version Status Polling

The problem I have after that is that when I compare the equipment with the baseline, it says "No Data".  But when I look at the equipment itself, everything has been discovered, so the credentials are fine.  What should I try?



Need to how to upgrade HP System Management homepage <7.6 Multiple Vulnerabilities (HPSBMU03653)Open in a New Window


Replay failing due to j_security_checkOpen in a New Window

While replaying web(http/html) script, i am getting warning "web_submit_data("j_security_check") highest severity level was "warning", 367415 body bytes, 3391 header bytes   [MsgId: MMSG-26388]" and after that script is failing with message  "HTTP Status-Code=500 (Internal Server Error) for "https://xxxx" 


Can any one help please


Cannot Recieve events from linux server through snmp trapOpen in a New Window

Hello Forum ,

Trying to solve this problem for couple of days now ,

I cannot get traps from the linux servers I'm monitoring ,

Each of them configured to send traps to the hpsim server,

All ports are open in both servers , Agents are installed, snmp trap is set 

What am I probably missing ?

Please help ! I'm afraid to be losing hope

Thanks !!


Cluster Shared Volumes disk namesOpen in a New Window


Is a there a possibility to change the Cluster Shared Volumes disk names in HP SIM 7.4.0. It is very difficult to know in which disk the low space issue is there after getting an alert as all the disk names are named same. In our environment there are C+4CSV so we need to know in which CSV the disk space is low.

Please Help


Understanding of Insight management Agents VS WBEM providersOpen in a New Window

Hello Forum people, 

Since i ran into a problem with getting events from some windows running servers , i got deep and long hours on every piece of documantation i had\found. 

Can you please help me understand some simple rules? Since my head is in a great mess 

Hp Insight management Agents - are used to collect information from  server and then sending it through SNMP protocol only ! 

In order to use WBEM credentials I supposed to install the WBEM provider on the windows managed servers , and any Insight management Agents are not needed ? 

Please , please help me to get a clear image of that- confused a LOT. 

Thanks !!!!!! 


Problems filtering out "Association Removed" alerts in HP SIM 7.5, migrating from 7.2Open in a New Window


I am migrating my HP SIM from version 7.2 to 7.5 I have all my servers imported, and everyhting seems to be workign rigth now, so I've started to set up my email alerts.  this is where I've run into some trouble.  

Our old paging alert excluded some Power Thermal Events, and i can't find that category to exclude these events.  Can anyone help find this?  We excluded Aggregaton Error, Analysis Error, Communication Error, etc.  

I'm honestly not certain what these exclusions did, I'm ust trying to build the new system as close to the old as possible.

I'm fairly new to HP SIM, but have leanred pretty quickly getting to this point.








Agents for Windows server 2012 R2?Open in a New Window

Hi all, 

does exist any agents for windows server 2012 R2? i found this topic https://community.hpe.com/t5/Systems-Insight-Manager-Forum/Insight-Management-Agents-for-Windows-Server-2012-R2/td-p/6308547

but these links are unavaliable for now.

need to work with SNMP


VCRM invalid or not reachable from all VCA'sOpen in a New Window

I have 5 DL360P servers all on the same subnet has vca ver. 7.3.5, vcrm 7.6 and system management homepage 7.6

The vca can only connect to vcrm if i configure it for localhost.

on the other servers if i configure the vca to go to for the vcrm i get the error VCRM invalid or not reachable.

I ran wireshark packet capture on the server the vca doesnt even go an look at no packets sent.

I also disabled the firewall on all servers this didn't help.

any ideas please i dont want to have to load vcrm on all servers






HP Management Home page upgraded for windows 2008*64bit on IE* getting errorOpen in a New Window

HP Management Home page upgraded for windows 2008*64bit on IE* getting error

Kindly advice  me ..

SHM 7.6.0. not able to open for IE8 ..

Getting error like unable to open page...

this sever IE8 options doeen't have TSL 1.1 and TSL 1.2 to enable ..



HPSIM is not picking up OS upgrades on monitored RHEL VM'sOpen in a New Window

I'm running HPSIM 7.5.0 on a Windows 2012 VM and like most, we use it to monitor our environment across multiple OS flavors.  I have over 1000 RHEL VMs in SIM that are being monitored for server up/down events. This works fine. I've noticed that HPSIM is not picking up the correct RHEL OS version whenever we perform an OS upgrade on the RHEL VM's.

As an example, server rc-lx111 is a RHEL VM and was at rhel 5.8 when it was initialy discovered. We've since upgraded this VM to RHEL 5.11, but SIM still sees it at 5.8.  I have a daily task to Identify Systems and this VM is part of the polling list. I've tried Repair Agent, re-disovery to VM but SIM still show RHEL 5.8. If i delete the VM from SIM and run a new discovery, it then shows RHEL 5.11. The server is not running SNMP or WBEM, only SSH.

Short of deleting the VM's and rediscover, any one have any ideas ?  


esxi monitoring without root password ?Open in a New Window


Can I montior ESXi hosts through HP SIM without using root password, but using some other account ? or using other way... ?


Since upgrading to sim 7.6 i can no longer see anything in the All HP Service EventsOpen in a New Window

I have insight remote support running on our HP SIM server, and since i've upgraded to version 7.6 i have now noticed that under service events, I used to select "All HP service events"  to see all the jobs which inight remote supoprt had automatically logged itseflf.

But for some reason this view brings up nothing, and i can manually look at events on a server and see calls that insight remote support has logged itself but for some reason the view in HP SIM isn't working now.

Just wondering if anyone knows why, and if thsi can be resolved.


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