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Server rename, now I cannot delete it from SIMOpen in a New Window

A co-worker of mine renamed a server.  Normally this is not a problem - I delete from SIM and re-add it with the new name.  However, this time it will not delete.  I click the checkbox next to it and click the delete button and nothing happens - no error, no message box.  I was able to delete the ILO object for it without problems.

If I click the the server name itself, I get this message:

The drilldown tool cannot be launched.  The current user is not authorized to run the tool on the particular system...

I am a full admin of the SIM system - I have full access to all systems and have never seen this error before.  Does anyone know of a way to force this old object to be deleted?




smh 7.7.xOpen in a New Window

Hi anyone know where i can download SMH 7.7.x?

Would be a favor.  :)


Do HP-SIM require any agent to be installed on end server which i want to monitor from HP-SIMOpen in a New Window


Can someone please advise if do HP-SIM require any agent to be installed to end server which i want to monitor from HP-SIM?



VCA not showing as a component that can be configured in VCRMOpen in a New Window

I'm fairly new to Insight Manager but am trying to configure the VCA settings so that I can push all of the settings to my HP servers.  I only have 7.6.0 in my repository and suspect that the VCA is not a softpaq that is in this bundle.  Is there any way for me to add it to my repository so that it can be configured? 


hpsim cannot login to the database due to password changeOpen in a New Window

Hello Forum , 

Long story short: 

I have tried to upgrade my hpsim 7.5 to 7.6 ,

I reset the password for the default service account user , cause I didn’t know it password,

HPSIM 7.5 stopped working due to the error he cannot login to the database.


I updated through mxpassword –g the passwords, and did everything hpsim guides and internet had to offer.


Please help me . Working for 2 days on this.  

thanks in advance


WMI has stopped WMIPRVSE.EXE because a quota reached a warning value and related to HPWBEMOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I have 2 HP server (ProLiant DL380 Gen9), installed HPE Insight Management WBEM Providers, and showed warning log as below:

Windows Management Instrumentation has stopped WMIPRVSE.EXE because a quota reached a warning value. Quota: HandleCount Value: 4097 Maximum value: 4096 WMIPRVSE PID: 26908 Providers hosted in this process: C:\Program Files\HPWBEM\Server\dll\HPWmiDiskTEvt.dll, C:\Program Files\HPWBEM\Storage\dll\HPWMIFCA.dll, C:\Program Files\HPWBEM\Server\dll\HPWmiCpuTEvt.dll, C:\Program Files\HPWBEM\Server\dll\HPWmiSensorEvt.dll, C:\Program Files\HPWBEM\Storage\dll\HPWMISA.dll, C:\Program Files\HPWBEM\Server\dll\HPWmiTestEvt.dll

Anybody know the meaning of above message?  What is the root casue of this?  How to slove and how to avoid this message?




Installing HP-SIM 7.5 give error in database configuration(database credentials are not valid)Open in a New Window


I am installing HP-SIM version 7.5. i am having sql server 2012 installed with sysadmin right on the same server where i want to install HP-SIM. i can confirm that i can use the database credentials on SQL management studio.

I am using service account(Non expiry account) to install HP-SIM and when HP-SIM wizards detects database and require a credential and then putting database account credentials are not working.it is giving me error that database credentials are not valid.(My service account and database account both are different).

Can someone please advise where i am doing wrong? or is there a bug in SIM?


WBEM PROTOCOLOpen in a New Window

New SQL CLUSTER was added recently in our environment. But that is not perfectly discovered. It is showing under Major Clusters Tab. When i try to re-discover them, for a while the nodes are showing under the SQL CLUSTER and then disappears. When i see the Discovery results, it says that " HP SIM cannot communicate with these systems using the WBEM protocol.".  I checked for the ports 5988/5989they doest show up.

Valueble information is appreciated.


Install HP SIM 7.6 as a fresh install using existing databaseOpen in a New Window

Current environment, HP SIM v7.6 on Windows Server 2008R2, database on SQL Server 2012.

This was upgraded from HP SIM v7.2 and SQL Server 2008 by upgrading to v7.3, then v7.5 and finally v7.6. The  database was then moved from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012. The system appears to be running fine, meeting expectations monitoring hundreds of Windows and Linux servers in a heavily virtualized environment.

The next step is getting to Windows Server 2012 and off Windows Server 2008.

We tried a fresh install of HP SIM v7.6 on WIndows Server 2012 with a different name and IP address which created a new HP SIM database. The fresh install was pointed to the previous database, but no tasks came across. The tasks were recovered by importing from  an export of tasks and changing the owners of the tasks. A couple event driven tasks could not be imported because the associated collections were not found. The lack of the event driven monitoring forced a fallback to the previous server, using the same database. Things are fine now back on tge Windows Server 2008.

Because of networking requirements with the new virtualization cluster, the new server must have a new IP address.

The new plan is to perform a mxexport on the existing Windows Server 2008, perform a fresh install of V7.6 on Windows Server 2012 to a new database, import the export from Windows Server 2008 and test with both systems active.. Once testing shows success, change the CNAME record for the trap ID and update systems with hardcoded trap IP addresses. and update firewall rules to reflect the new IP address/name. Then shut the Windows Server 2008 down..

Comments, suggestions, are these the right steps, what are we missing here, ANYTHING!? THANKS for your feedback.


System Management Homepage showing blank/incomplete displayOpen in a New Window

Im having problem with System Management Homepage when accessing the server as it was showing incomplete details sometimes blank screen. I've already reset my IE settings and use chrome.


If Management Processor embedded & ilo Failed does affect my System Operating System?Open in a New Window

Hi All

If my Management Processor embedded & ilo Failed does affect my System Operating System?

or slow down on snything?

please provide Document or a PDF file by HPE to prove the answer, thanks


HPSIM 7.4 sql express 2012 sp1 - number of managed systemOpen in a New Window

Hello Forum , 

My HPSIM 7.4 is getting extremely slow , i wanted to check if it's cause of there are too many managed systems on it , 

Please help me to figure our this table (file attached) 

I have markered all the not understood lines 

1) It says that HPSIM can contain 5000 system , but then it mention that it can have 2500 on a single CMS ,

I have a single CMS with hpsim on it , so How many can I manage? 5000? or 2500? 

2) What are the proliand managed servers? they mean physical servers ? 

3) What are the Integrity managed nodes? 


Thank you so much in advance , Hope to hear some answers from you guys  : ) 



Cant connect to HP System management homepageOpen in a New Window


I cant connect to my fresh installed HP System Management Homepage.

I have HP ProLiant ML310 Gen8 running Windows 2012 with newest SMH. Installation was done in way that works on other machines I manage.
Error log says:
AH00558: hpsmhd.exe: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using MYLOCALIPV6. Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message.

I tried:




always with AV and Firewall turned off.




failed dependency and omithost is set.Open in a New Window

When I tried to doing updated using HP SUM

Deploy Skipped as one of the installable has failed dependency  and Omithost is set

Tried using /On_failed_dependency:Force switch like below but ended up with error.

.\hpsum.bat deploy /nodes  <nodename> /On_failed_dependency:Force

Error: cannot parse /On_failed_dependency:Force for command deploy.
Use 'hpsum deploy /help' for more details on syntax of deploy command.


Any assistance will be helpful. 


SNMP V3Open in a New Window



I'm testing to use SNMP V3 for ILO4. This seems to work with a combination of SHA & AES authentication but when i discover the ILO the OS remains a Serial. If i reenable the SNMP community, delete the server and ILo and run a rediscover the server name is discovered OK.

So my conclusion is that if i want the server name i still need SNMP V1 ? Is that correct ? Also if i disable V1 traps the SIM server no longer receives test traps. So when i disable SNMP traps V1 i no longer receive hardware error traps ?


Automatic Event Handling 'You are not authorized to access this page' HP SIM 7.6Open in a New Window

Dear Friends, Romans and fellow HP SIM headscratchers

Trying to create a new Automatic Event Handling task for a fresh installation of HP SIM 7.6 hosted on a VMware box with Windows Server 2012 R2 (Dual core processor and 8Gb RAM). Process starts ok and i can select name, select events ( I have a preformed collection) , use system attributes that I specify ( I use system type = server, Management Processor and tape Library). Takes a long time to load this page but eventually does. I then select actions in my case an email in HTML format. When I click next i get ' You are not authorized to access this page'

I am using the bundled SQL Express version. I am using an account which is Domain Admin, was used to install HP SIM and has Full Rights, Limited rights and All tools to the CMS and All Tools to All Managed Systems

Any advice gratefully received


unnistaling 6.3 to install 7.5 serial Key licenseOpen in a New Window

Hi all, i have a doubts

I have Insight Manger 6.3 installed and i decide to uninstall this version for install the 7.5

my problem is: i dont remember my serial key . i need to find my serial key license before uninstall the 6.3 and install the 7.5
how can i find them? 


Sign In CredentialsOpen in a New Window

Hello Forum , 

I have a question , 

Which protocols using the sign in credentials option? 

i haven't found it in the user guide, 

I have a lack of  understanding how the sign in credentials option works in general ,

Thanks in advance ! 



Creating Custom BaselineOpen in a New Window


What is the process of creating a custom baseline for HPE SIM?  Here's what I did but it is not working, what did I do wrong?

1. Download required firmware/drivers

2. Copy them in the VCRM Repository

3. Create a custom baseline including the new firmware/drivers

4. Once it appears in HPE SIM, apply it to equipment

5. Run the tasks Software Version Status Polling

The problem I have after that is that when I compare the equipment with the baseline, it says "No Data".  But when I look at the equipment itself, everything has been discovered, so the credentials are fine.  What should I try?



Need to how to upgrade HP System Management homepage <7.6 Multiple Vulnerabilities (HPSBMU03653)Open in a New Window

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