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HP SMH - CVE 2016-2017Open in a New Window


As a result of a Security Audit we found that HP SMH is vulnerable to CVE 2016-2017.

As there is no mention of this breach in Hp SMH (lastest version we found and installed) and the corrective did not mention it

Is there a way to correct it ? is it possible to upgrade the openssl library installed with HP-SMH ?


Thanks for your help,

Best regards



SIM - OMU IntegrationOpen in a New Window

Hello Support,

I am working on SIM 7.5 and i need to integrate it with OMU 8.x.

So i have downloaded HP Insight Integration for HP OperationsManager package (version 3.30) but i have noticed as prerequisites that it does not support SIM 7.5 version.

Please can you confirm it? Or is there any HF that cover this integration version as well?

Does 3.30 integration package is the latest available version about it?





Insight Manager 7.5.0 discovery faultsOpen in a New Window

Hi folks,

I'm currently building a new HP Insight Manager for our Managed Environment where many different customer IT environments are connected with. 

I have run the first time wizard and configured a couple of servers within the autodiscover window.

Unfortunately on every server I get a couple of errors. I have read many articles and topics on this forum but am lost in all information. Can someone please help me out?

Major: The system cannot be identified properly for HP SIM to manage;
unable to get one or more of the following: model, serial number or
unique identifier (UUID). For management processors, verify the
system is running the latest firmware. For Linux based operating
systems, you must have dmidecode installed, enable the
PermitRootLogin and PasswordAuthentication in sshd, and use root
credential. For HP-UX, verify the sign-in credential. For
Windows, check if WMIMapper is configured correctly on the CMS and
verify the sign-in credential.

Normal: Identification status is only available for servers, workstations,
or desktops, where monitoring is enabled. <-- is this one caused by the one above?

Minor: Identification cannot get computer system hardware data from the
WBEM / WMI providers.

Hope to hear from you.


More Questions regarding Agentless ManagementOpen in a New Window

I have some questions regarding AMS - per this thread "/t5/Systems-Insight-Manager-Forum/Data-collection-found-no-data/td-p/6896282" - but I figured I would start a new one.

1) In the iLO there is still a link/reference to the SMH on the server.  However, Andrew in the above post mentioned removing the SHM when you use the AMS.  Is that correct?  If so, why would the iLO still have a reference to SMH in it?

2) After removing the WBEM Agents (or SMNP Agents), the SMH, and the VCAgent from the server and installing the AMS agent, I still have these installed on the server:

  • HP Insight Diagnostics
  • iLO Online Config Utility (I believe this is still OK - but adding it to the list just in case)
  • Smart Storage Administrator
  • Smart Storage Administrator CLI
  • Smart Storage Diagnostics and SmartSSD Wear Gauge Utility
  • Integrated Log Viewer

Do any of these alse need to be removed?  For example are any of these rendered useless by the removal of the WBEM, SNMP and/or SHM and hence are no longer needed?




HP SIM 7.5.0 and SNMPv3Open in a New Window

Hi all,

I am having a few issues with HP SIM 7.5.0 and SNMPv3, a security requirement has forced us to update all CI's on the network to use SNMPv3 rather than SNMPv2.

I am currently testing SNMPv3 on an Onboard Administrator of an enclosure, I am able to snmpwalk to the CI with the credentials but HP SIM will not discover it.

I have created the user on the OA with the following settings (credentials omitted):

  • Username: admin
  • Authentication: SHA1
  • Password: password
  • Security authNoPriv
  • Access: read/write

I have also added the SNMP Alert (trap) destinations to point to my SIM server with the specified user above:

admin - 0x8000000b0453474836303559504852

At this point I am able to walk to the CI using Paessler's SNMP Tester and snmpwalk.exe, however SIM will not discover the CI even though I have entered the same credentials in the global credentials interface.

* Checking for SNMP protocol support on system...
Normal: The system did not respond to SNMP. Verify security settings and
community strings in Options->Security->Credentials->System
* Checking for SNMPv3 protocol support on system...
Normal: The system did not respond to SNMPv3. Verify security settings and
v3 credentials in Options->Security->Credentials->System

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, any help appreciated... I've been at it for hours, thanks!



Data collection found no dataOpen in a New Window

I just installed SIM 7.5, I have all of my servers updated with the most recent WBEM, SMH, agentless management.  SMH is configured to use WBEM.  I've confirmed a test WBEM notifications gets pushed to SIM (and emailed if appropriate)... but on most of my servers under events every night when data collection runs I get "Data collection found no data":

"The data collection task could not find any data to collect.  the target system may not have been running any supported instrumentation protocol, such as SNMP, WBEM or DMI."

If I look at the task itself i see:

"The Central Management System (CMS) cannot communicate with the
CIMOM locally installed on the managed system using the WBEM
protocol, Identification will try to identify Windows systems using
the WMI Mapper as proxy; for Linux and HP-UX systems, check
credentials by going to Options->Security->Credentials->System
Credentials. For Linux systems also check if the HP WBEM provider
is installed. "

Firewall is disabled on that machine as well.  Credentials are correct and that user has administrator priv on that machine.

Any thoughts?


VCRM unable to download VCRM_VERIFICATION.txt file, only 500 bytes servedOpen in a New Window

When trying to update VCRM 7.5.1, I am getting the following errors:

Error: unable to connect.
Unknown error: 12057
Invalid HTTP status 403 trying to read file remote file C:\Windows\TEMP\wh8F95.tmp.
Error downloading remote file to local file C:\Windows\TEMP\wh8F95.tmp

This occurs whether direct across the internet, or via Proxy.

From the look of the file saved in the TEMP folder, only 500 bytes of VCRM_VERIFICATION.txt are being served then the file truncates.

I have tried restarting VCRM and used multiple internet links and from different physical locations in the UK. All result in the same.


How to force ilo to report an incident using the server shortname instead of ilo shortname ?Open in a New Window


I got ilo incidents reported sometimes with the ilo card shortname sometimes with the server name
Any idea how to force the incident to be reported with the server shortname ?

Thx !!!


HPSIM : How to create a custom view to control IRS Ilo4 setup (Embedded Remote Support = Aggregate)Open in a New Window


I m using both HP Insight Manager and IRS

We had an issue this summer and IRS application crashed. While restarting it, a lot of Gen8 / Gen9 equipment with ilo4 card reported a message :

Event Details: (SNMP) iLO to Insight Remote Support communication failure (9020)


I would like HPSIM to help me sort the Ilo4 / Server with IRS setup correctly working from the one with a problem

The key exist, it is : 

Product Desciption \ 
Embedded Remote Support = Aggregate


But i do not finfd a way to setupo a cutom view in HPSIM 7.5 with it

Any idea ?


Unable to upgrade Ilo4 firmware using HPSIM 7.5 April updateOpen in a New Window



When i try to upgrade my ilo4 board firmware, HPSUM hung when i try to deploy multiple firware or give me this message when i try to upgrade only one : 


// HP Smart Update Manager for Node Started: Wed Aug 31 2016 10:52:37
// HPSUM Version: 7.5.2."2".29645M.x64
Inventory started
Inventory completed

Analysis started
Analysis completed

Analysis started
Analysis completed

Node is up to date, no updates were needed or nothing was installed before exiting.

// Exit Code for Node 3
// HP Smart Update Manager for Node Finished Wed Aug 31 2016 10:53:20


 the target is using firmware 1.5 ...

I tried a manual upgrade after that to 2.42 with no issue

pb, i got 460 ilo4 to upgrade :(


HP SIM Systems Insight Manager 7.5.0 - WindowsOpen in a New Window


I deployed a SIM 7.5 and everything was OK but two days after I had a trouble with my conectivity. after that 90 servers show as critical "Management Processor status" in the cathegory all servers. and in Health state show as critical in All Management Processors.

How can I update the status of "Management Processor status" and "Health state".
I validated the status of my servers and are OK.



Problem getting SNMPV3 traps from DataDomain DD880Open in a New Window

I'm having difficulty recieving SNMP traps from the DatasDomain DD880 to the HP-SIM CMS Server.  HP-SIM Version is V7.5.


So far I have configured all the SNMPv3 usernames and passphases on the Data Domain and HP-SIM for the system.  I have downloaded the DataDomain MIB directly from the DataDomain.  I ran mcompile and mxmib to addf the MIB to HP-SIM.  I have configured a Manasged System Type for the DD880 using the MIB I downloaded.  I even sent as far as doing what one post suggested in setting the Java SNMP Recioever to be true in glbalsettings.prop. When I discover the DataDomain it identifies it successfully with no errors.


After all of this I test the triggering of an event by removing the power cord from one of the redundant power supplies.  It triggers an email to the list of email reciepeints on the DataDomain but nothing to HP-SIM.


Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?





SNMP Trap forward - Port Number change from 162 to other portsOpen in a New Window

We want to forward the snmp traps to another system but looks like it can only forward the traps to 162 default 

Is there anyway to change the default to custom  like 1602?


HPE SIMOpen in a New Window

I have been trying to locate information on HPE road-map position on SIM (systems insight manager) .  Is there an "offical" End of Life for this product.  Would like to move to OneView and retire SIM.  Need offical EOL notice.


7.5 Post upgrade issueOpen in a New Window

Greetings All,

I recently upgraded from 7.3 -> 7.5. Everyting looked OK until I attempted to add (discover) an additional device. I'm getting a "There was a problem with your request, please try again later" message. After some google research, it looked like the April hotfix might solve the problem. That's been installed but the issue remains. All other functionality appears to be working fine. I did see an article about missing Java packages but it seems a bit of a hack, IMHO.

Anyone run into this?




HP SIM upgrade from 7.4 to 7.5 with move to new serverOpen in a New Window

We currently have installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2. Our plan is to move to 7.5.1 on a new Windows Server 2012 R2. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to best do this? Our SQL database is not on the same server so we should be able to point it at the new database.  


About System Management Homepage still show Crash Dump Configuration Condition: DegradedOpen in a New Window

Hi :

When I setting the pagefile file size bigger than RX6600 phyical memorys . 

And reboot. 

The system management homepage still show a warning that the Crash Dump Configuration Condition is degraded. 

How do I clear this condition?

Thanks , 


HP SIM 7.4 - Sign-In Event Settings - Only registers failed regardless of setting.Open in a New Window

HP SIM 7.4

Event Settings set to "All sign-in and sign-out activities"

When viewing events under Events - Shared - Sign-In Events - All Sign-In and Sign-Out Events ONLY listings are "Sign-In Failed Authentication" events.  There are numerous (too numerous) sign-ins throughout a workday, none are ever to be found.

The options are so stripped down, there is little for me to tinker with so far as i can see and I'm not finding any similar problems on forums in any web searches.

Any suggestions?


Split Version control repository to new serverOpen in a New Window

My environment has had some performance problems.  I created a new server to host the VCR and VCRM, which has been working "OK", but when I try to assign SW baselines from Insight Manager, I find that SIM doesn't know about my new VCR!  Is there a configuration that will allow me to seperate the Insight Manager functions and the Version control functions?






Unable to install WBEM Provider for WindowsOpen in a New Window

Dear Guys,

I just installed HPE SIM 7.5.0 on my server running on Windows Server 2008 R2. I've managed to discover some of my server via auto discovery. The others was block due to ICMP was disabled in firewall level. I've configured my SNMP and define the community string. I was able to manage my devices and ILO. I have few doubts on the WBEM provider. 

1. Do i need WBEM provider install on the management server?

2. When i try to run advise and repair i've received this error message. When i try to perform repair, it says failed to suscribe to WBEM.

Event Log

Could not subscribe to WBEM events because the required HP WBEM provider is not
installed or not running on the target system.
Check whether the target system has HP WBEM provider installed and running on th
e target system.
Subscribe to WBEM / WMI Indications ................................. [FAILED]

Configuring SSH authentication (START)...
Successfully added the user, '', to the target servers SSH pa
sswd file.
Successfully added the user, '', to the target servers SSH passwd file.
Successfully updated the permissions for user, '', on the tar
get servers SSH folders and files.
Successfully added the user, 'Administrator', to the target servers SSH passwd
Successfully added the user, 'Administrator', to the target servers SSH passwd
Successfully updated the permissions for user, 'Administrator', on the target s
ervers SSH folders and files.
To enable users other than "" to use the host-based public key
, add the usernames to the managed servers passwd file using the "sshuser" utili
ty on the managed server.
Successfully modified the target server's sshd_config file to enable host-based
SSH authentication.

Setting SNMP trap destination .......................................[SUCCESS]
Update SNMP setting to accept SNMP requests from the HP SIM instance.[SUCCESS]
Set Trust relationship to "Trust by Certificate"
Set Trust relationship to "Trust by Certificate" ................... [SUCCESS]
Added this instance of HP SIM to the trusted certificate list for System Managem
ent Homepage 2.0 or later.

Successfully restarted necessary management applications to ensure that all succ
essful changes will be effective.

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