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HP WEBES software packageOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

Can any one provied me the download link for HP WEBES.

Also is this licenesed version? 



How to configure Email alerting when hardware failsOpen in a New Window


Possible to get Insight Manager to send SMS alerts WITHOUT using an SMS gateway ?Open in a New Window

HI there

Can anyone tell me if its possible to get HP Insight Mansger to send SMS alerts directly from the server e.g. without using an SMS gateway ?  

(background - we've had issues with the reliability of the email platform, meaning that SMS alerts are sometimes not sent.  So I'm wondering if we can eliminate the reliance on the email platfomr.  I expect this means the Insight Mgmnt software / ILO card needs its own SIM ?  )


Grateful fot any views and information.





Add Core Server (without GUI ) to SIM for MonitoringOpen in a New Window

Post originally by Chirag



I need help adding my core servers which don't have any GUI on them. 

What are the steps or is there any documentation for this. 


Any help would be appreciated



HP Systems Insight Manager and Xenservers 6.5Open in a New Window


I would like some advice please.

I have added a number of Citrix Xenservers (ProLiant XL230a Gen9) to Systems Insight Manager but cannot see the guests. How do I see the guests?



Discovery of DL380gen9 with Server 2016 failsOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

SIM: version 7.6.0
Target: ProLiant DL380 Gen9, Windows Server 2016

SIM is not able to discover servers with Windows Server 2016.
Error: "Critical: There are no valid WBEM / WMI credentials for the system(s). "

Discovery of servers with Windows Server 2012 R2 works fine.

I use same settings (Credentials, HPE agents, Windows Firewall, GPOs, etc.) for all systems.

Can anyone help?

Best regards,


(HP SIMV7.3) "unknow host exception" while discovery and host NE's are not showing in "All Systems"Open in a New Window

Post originally by ebzhang


We have issues when displaying several IP’s hostname under “all system” menu via HP-SIM web.

We have enable the debug log while discovery NEs and we can see below exceptions in the log:

08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-5] (Identification Via Discovery:38) Processing MxUnknownHostException  exception

08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:38) Unknown host:

         at com.hp.mx.cli.utilities.MxIdentifyUtility.normalize(MxIdentifyUtility.java:354)

         at com.hp.mx.core.tools.identification.DeviceIdentifyThread.verifyDNSLookupAndReportError(DeviceIdentifyThread.java:5860)

         at com.hp.mx.core.tools.identification.DeviceIdentifyThread.run(DeviceIdentifyThread.java:806)

         at com.hp.mx.core.utilities.CachedThread.run(CachedThread.java:209)

Below is a grep output of the unknown host exception.

Line 16615: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:30) Unknown host:        

Line 16829: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:37) Unknown host:        

Line 17061: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:38) Unknown host:        

Line 17074: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:39) Unknown host:        

Line 17085: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:40) Unknown host:        

Line 17096: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:41) Unknown host:        

Line 17111: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:42) Unknown host:        

Line 17268: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:43) Unknown host:        

Line 60123: 08/22 16:22:18 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:30) Unknown host:        

 We have confirmed that all the hostname of these IPs have been defined on the /etc/hosts file on HP-SIM.

here are the output of commands "mxgethostname" for some IPs: 

[root@wltpnj22-com-401-sim logs]# mxgethostname -n
Host name: wlfs1-host01
DNS Name: wlfs1-host01
[root@wltpnj22-com-401-sim logs]# mxgethostname -n
Host name: wlsg1-host01
DNS Name: wlsg1-host01
[root@wltpnj22-com-401-sim logs]# mxgethostname -n 2001:4888:a03:7101:c0:114:0:1d
Host name: s4sg1-host01
DNS Name: s4sg1-host01
[root@wltpnj22-com-401-sim logs]# mxgethostname -n
Host name: wlfs2-host01
DNS Name: wlfs2-host01

can any one give some guildence about what is required to check?


DL380 GEN 9 VMWARE ESX SNMP MonitoringOpen in a New Window

Post originally by GDENG


Hi everyone,

I am working on a system that holds multiple HP DL380 GEN 9 serves operating on a VMWARE -ESX OS. I want to be able to monitor the different status from the server through SNMP, some status includes:

  • Cpu utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Storage/disk utilization
  • i/o utilization
  • network utilization
  •  Fan & PWR supply alarms

I have seen information on downloading and installing the HPE Systems Insight Manager (SIM) into the server and updating the MIB bundle kit for monitoring. Howerver this utilities can only be download for Windows, Linux or UX operatng systems.

Is it possible to install the SIM and bundle kit into VMWARE? is there another method to enable SNMP Monitoring?

Thank you in advance


CPQLINOS-MIB OIDs missing with AMS and iLO4Open in a New Window


I have a DL385p G8 with iLO 4 version 2.54 and Debian 8 with hp-ams 2.6.0-2378.51 installed.

I can snmpwalk the iLO4 interface for the OID tree (Compaq Enterprise) and get status information about power, memory, fans etc.

But when I query the Linux OS I get no answer.

# snmpwalk -t 60 -v 2c -Ox -c public my.dl385p.com
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.232.23 = No more variables left in this MIB View (It is past the end of the MIB tree)

There is no other SNMP service installed and iLO has Agentless Management enabled.

Any ideas what's wrong here?


Many thanks,



HP Version Control Agent vs disk-based HPSUM updateOpen in a New Window

Post originally by KSA


Some time ago we've finished applying HP_SPP-2017.04 to all our servers

So in HPSIM servers are in HP_SPP-2017.04 compliant state now

To update components up to level of Reference Support Pack uploaded to repository we use HP Version Control Agent page on HPE System Management Homepage site

But now on some servers if I start HPSUM from disk I can see there are components requiring update: HPE Firmware Flash for Emulex Converged Network Adapters, for example

Which categories of components are not intended to be updated via HPE System Management Homepage ?

Should we use HPSUM for SAN-connected servers only? And VCA (which is our favorite as the update takes less effort) for the rest ?


trying to get System Management HP running on ML 350G4p and SLES 10Open in a New Window

i know these are old systems but they are still running fine. I had SMHP running on two systems, but without knowing why they don't work anymore. I have a ML 350 G5 with SLES 10 and on it SMHP is running fine.
On this system i have the following packages installed:
pc53200:~/compaq/csp/linux # rpm -qa|grep -i ^hp
I installed the same packages on the ML 350 G4p, but i get timeouts in SMHP and don't see the hardware in the browser. And i don't see "SNMP" in "Data source", which i think is an indication that everything is fine if it would be available. I installed the most recent versions of SMHP for the ML 350G4p (7.5.4-3), but starting it i get an error:
pc52842:~/hp_tools # /etc/init.d/hpsmhd start
Starting hpsmhd ...startproc: signal catched /opt/hp/hpsmh/sbin/smhstart: Floating point exception

And i would really like to know which additional packages i need for SMHP and integration in SIM. hpasm, hprsm, hp-health, hp-snmp-agents ... ? I'm totally confused of all the packages. 
I installed the most recent versions of hp-healt and hp-snmp-agents, but still don't succeed.
But installing the snmp-agents, i found some interesting output from rpm:
Following environment variables were used to configure snmpd/agents:
What is the value of these variables respectively how do i have to set the readonly and the readwrite community strings for SMHP on the host ?
Currently i have the following packages o the ML 350 G4p:
pc52842:/opt/hp/hpsmh # rpm -qa|grep -i ^hp

Thanks in advance.



Critical event message will not be displayed in SIM event list even some hardware was broken.Open in a New Window

Hello, all.
I have a question about the configurations of HP SIM.
Now I am using several ProLiant Server which are ML350 G5, ML150 G6, ML350p G8, and ML350 G9.
I have HP ACU(or SSA),SMH, SIM installed on each server.

A while ago, I noticed that the Smart Storage Battery for Smart Array P440ar Controller on ML350 G9 was broken, but it seems that there was no critical message displayed in SIM event list.
After several days, I confirmed that exactly the same phenomenon occurred on ML350p G8.
I checked SSA and sure that Smart Storage Battery was broken on both ML350 G9 and ML350p G8.

In the past the same occurred on ML350 G5 server, the following message was showed at events list correctly.
Critical: Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040)
Warning: Accelerator Board Status Change (3038)
But on ML350 G9 and ML350p G8, only "Accelerator Board Status Change (3038)" messages was displayed as "Warning".

I tried the following methods to solve this problem on ML350 G9, but it was not resolved.
"Critical: Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040)" message still was not displayed.
  -Update BIOS, iLO, Array Controller firmware to the latest version.
    BIOS: v1.32 to v2.42
    iLO: v2.10 to v2.54
    Array Controller: v2.14 to v5.52
  -Update SIM from 7.4.0 to ver7.6.0
  -Upadte SSA, SMH to the latest version.
   SSA: v2.65.7.0
   SMH: v7.6.1.9
   HPE Insight Management Agent: v10.70.0.0   

Below are the results I confirmed.
  -ML350Gen9, SIM ver7.4.0, SmartArray P440ar: NG (Critical: Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040) message was not displayed.)
  -ML350Gen9, SIM ver7.6.0 SmartArray P440ar: NG (Critical: Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040) message was not displayed.)
  -ML350pGen8, SIM ver7.1.0, SmartArray P420i: NG (Critical: Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040) message was not displayed.)
  -ML350 G5, SIM ver5.1.0, SartArray P400: OK (Critical: Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040) message was displayed.)

Have anyone ever seen the same phenomenon?
(Critical message was not displayed even though the hardware has failed)
Or do I need to change some congirugation manually at HP SIM?



HIP SIM 7.6 Limited ReleaseOpen in a New Window

I saw mentioned of HP SIM 7.6LR, which has support for Sum 8.0. I can't find anywhere to download either SIM 7.6LR or Sum 8.0.  Can anyone point me in the right direction - or are they just talking about software that hasn't been released yet?


No datasource SMH (Running on VM)Open in a New Window

Post originally by  jzoof

I've installed http://h20564.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c05350303 SIM 7.6 for windows on a windows vm. My purpose is to monitor our real baremetal gen8/9 servers from this VM using the SMH.


However when I log into the SMH on the VM, the datasource in the top right is Empty. SNMP server is running on the server. Am I missing some configuration, does this kind of setup work?


Insight Manager 7.6 Remote SQL Setup QuestionsOpen in a New Window

Post originally by JDWEBER 

Hello all

I am working on installing Insight Manager 7.6 using an Remote SQL Instance.

I have a couple of questions that I have not been able to find the answers to and was looking for a bit of help. Here is what I can tell you about our setup:

1. HP SIM - Server 2012 R2

2. SQL - Server 2012 R2 - SQL 2014

3. Logging in to SIM server as my self

4 . will use Domain Service account to make connection to SQL server during install.

5. SQL Server will be a shared SQL server


Questions, in no particular order:

1. I know that the service account requres "dbo" permissions to "Master". Does it need to keep that permission or can it be removed and given lower level permissions?

2. Does SIM require its own Instance of SQL or can SIM share the instance wtih other Databases? Our plan is to use this as a shared SQL server.

I may have more as time goes on.


Thanks in advace for any help


HPE SIM, iLO Agentless Management, and SNMP v3Open in a New Window

I am currently using SNMP with Agentless Management and HPE SIM.  I would like to move to SNMP v3, if possible.  However, I know little to nothing about SNMP v3 and have some questions:

1) In the iLO, do I need to set any SNMP values if I am using SNMP v3?  For example, do I need a Read community set?  What about traps?  How does SNMP v3 know where to send traps if I dont include this info in the SNMP section?  Do I still need to provide a trap community and alert detination?  Is this still clear text, or would SNMP v3 provide the encryption for the trap community?

2) Do I need both Authentication AND Privacy passphrase, or just one or the other?  If not, what are the benefits of using both?

3) Do I use SHA or MD5?  Why?

4) Do I use DES or AES? Why?

5) Do I need an Engine ID?  Why?

In HPE SIM, for the SNMP v3 discovery credentials, there are more "options" and hence do no match what the iLO is asking for.  For example:

  • HPE SIM asks for a Contact Engine ID and Context Name whereas the iLO does not ask for this and only asks for Engine ID.  What do I use here?
  • HPE provides for AES128/AES192/AES256 and DES/3DES whereas the iLO only provides for AES and DES.  Assuming I pick AES on the iLO, where version of AES do I select in SIM?

Thanks for any info.



HP System Management Homepage 7.6 on SLES11SP4: no items and data source is emptyOpen in a New Window

i just installed the HP SMHP 7.6 on a SLES 11 SP4. I used the SPP /871795_001_spp-2017.04.0-SPP2017040.2017_0420.14.iso from the HP webpage. Installation seemed to work fine, i didn't get an error.
I also installed the snmp agents. All init scripts start fine. SMHP is accessible on port 2381, but i just see "no items", and the "data source" is empty, nor wbem neither snmp. I found a lot of threads concnerning that problem, but mostly related to windows. I have SNMP running, this is my snmpd.conf:
# Following entries were added by HPE Insight Management Agents at
# Mon Jul 17 18:17:44 CEST 2017
dlmod cmaX /usr/lib64/libcmaX64.so
rwcommunity private
rocommunity public
rwcommunity idg-ha vm59093-4
rocommunity idg-ha vm59093-4
trapcommunity idg-ha
trapsink vm59093-4 idg-ha
syscontact Sysadmin (root@localhost)
syslocation ha-idg-1

VM59093-4 is my SIM box. I found a posting saying i need to install wbem providers
(http://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/content-webapp/document?docId=emr_na-c03783196&dtd=default&locale=en&details=no), but searching for it i found they are discontinued since ProLiant Gen 6. I have Gen 9.
I reinstalled HPSMHP already (although it's not a windows box).
I think the problem is that i can't chosse anything in "data source".
Can anyone help me ?



adding a pacemaker cluster to HP SIM 7.4Open in a New Window

first: sorry for crossposting. I asked already in another forum, but found this one later. But here my question is much better placed. Maybe someone (the morderator ?) can delete the old posting in the insight remote supprt forum, i didn't find a solution to delete my own posting (the internet will never forget ...).

My question:

We have several HP servers running, and a HP FC SAN. I currently established a two node cluster with pacemaker on SLES 11 SP4. Pacemaker has a resource agent "ClusterMon" which is intended to be used for monitoring the cluster via SNMP. My SIM is already running fine and monitoring several devices.
What i did already:
I configured SNMP. I created on both nodes a resource for the ClusterMon agent. I added pcmk-mib.mib and linux-ha-mib.mib from the pacemaker package to SIM using mcompile and mxbin. They are both listet now with mxmib -l.  I added one node to SIM. I have a successfull initial data collection from it and it is shown in "Events" as "Discovered system". When i mgrate e.g. a resource, several smnp packets are sent to the SIM server (checked with tcpdump). But i see nothing in events. What do i have to do that messages from the agent are shown in "Events" and i can configure SIM furthermore that i get e-Mails if something relevant happens in the cluster.

Choosing Options ==> Events ==> SNMP ==> PCMK-MIB.mib i see no traps.
Also "mxmib -t PCMK-MIB.mib" shows no traps. It seems my mib file is broken ...

Next try:
There is another possibility to monitor a pacemaker cluster with SNMP:
https://github.com/sys4/pacemaker-snmp . Everything on the side of the node of the cluster went fine.
But again "mxmib -t" for the two included mib files show no traps. I think that's the problem.
HP SIM seems to not like the mib files. 
mcompile throws a lot of warnings:


vm59093-4:/opt/mx/mibs # /opt/mx/bin/mcompile -d /opt/mx/mibs/ PACEMAKER.mib

HP Systems Insight Manager Mib Compiler, Version 1.0
Copyright (c) 2003 Hewlett Packard Corporation

Compiling PACEMAKER.mib

Line: 86: Warning: Expected comma, found STRING
Line: 86: Warning: Skipping unexpected comma ,
Line: 87: Warning: Expected comma, found Integer32
Line: 87: Warning: Skipping unexpected comma ,
Line: 88: Warning: Expected comma, found Integer32
Line: 91: Warning: Expected comma, found sys4PcmkNodeIndex
Line: 92: Warning: Expected comma, found SYNTAX
Line: 93: Warning: Expected comma, found MAX-ACCESS
Line: 94: Warning: Expected comma, found STATUS
Line: 95: Warning: Expected comma, found DESCRIPTION
Line: 96: Warning: Expected comma, found index
Line: 96: Warning: Expected comma, found the
Line: 96: Warning: Expected comma, found of
Line: 96: Warning: Expected comma, found pacemaker
Line: 97: Warning: Expected comma, found ::=
Line: 97: Warning: Expected comma, found sys4PcmkNodeEntry
Line: 200: Warning: Expected comma, found STRING
Line: 200: Warning: Skipping unexpected comma ,
Line: 201: Warning: Expected comma, found INTEGER
Line: 201: Warning: Skipping unexpected comma ,
Line: 202: Warning: Expected comma, found Integer32
Line: 205: Warning: Expected comma, found sys4PcmkResourceIndex
Line: 206: Warning: Expected comma, found SYNTAX
Line: 207: Warning: Expected comma, found MAX-ACCESS
Line: 208: Warning: Expected comma, found STATUS
Line: 209: Warning: Expected comma, found DESCRIPTION
Line: 210: Warning: Expected comma, found index
Line: 210: Warning: Expected comma, found the
Line: 210: Warning: Expected comma, found of
Line: 210: Warning: Expected comma, found pacemaker
Line: 211: Warning: Expected comma, found ::=
Line: 211: Warning: Expected comma, found sys4PcmkResourceEntry
Processing import file: SNMPv2-SMI.mib
Processing import file: SNMPv2-TC.mib
Processing import file: sys4-mib.mib
Mib Compilation completed successfully

Compilation for SYS4.mib went successfully.

Can anyone give me a clue what is wrong with the mib files and what i can do ? I'm not an expert with the syntax of these files.




Looking for the document "Compiling and customizing MIBs with HP SIM"Open in a New Window

due to urgent problems i would like to read this document. It's linked here: 
http://h17007.www1.hpe.com/us/en/enterprise/servers/solutions/info-library/index.aspx?cat=insightmanagement&subcat=ic#.WWY4aut95aR . But the link is broken. I found a lot of links googling for it, but either they are broken too or they lead to some great pages where i can read it in a viewer, but no download. 
Can anyone provide me with the document or a link ? I can create a seafile link for upload if desired. Or does this forum have the possibility for a pm ? 
I know that there is a chapter in the SIM manual with the same name, but i have the impression that this dedicated document is more extensive.



SMH Certificate Signing RequestOpen in a New Window

Running hpsmh-7.60.-11 on RHEL 6.  The org I am working with wants multiple OUs in the server certificate and wants it signed with at least a SHA256WithRSAEncryption signature signing algorithm.  Are either of those possible?

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