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HPE Software Products: ITRC Remote Lights-Out Mgmt (iLO 2, iLO, RILOE II) Forum
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Issue with iLO 2 login from OA...Open in a New Window


I have been searching for a while for an answer to this and haven't been successful yet. When I try to connect to one of my blades using integrated remote console, or web administration, it takes me to the login screen (which usually uses auto-login) and stops there. The username and password fields are on the opposite side of the screen than they usually are and no matter what username or password combination I type in when I click the login button it does nothing, no error or anything.

My OA is using firmware version 4.22 (Jun 13, 2014) and hardware version A3.

My iLO is using firmware versions 2.02 - 2.12 (this is happening on 7 of my 16 blades.

I have successfully completed these tasks before, and have done no upgrades since the last time I successfully connected.

Any help, or a point in the right direction would be appreciated.




Overview Java-Versions for ILO2, ILO3, ILO4Open in a New Window


I'm running a Terminalserver in a secured environment to give admins access to remote consoles (HP ILO2, ILO3, ILO4 and Dell DRAC5-iDRAC8). A long time we're using Firefox 19 with Java 6 U26 which was working fine.

What?!?!?! You're using such an old Firefox and Java-Version - are you crazy?!?!?!

Well...I'm not! The reason for that setup is, that old remote-consoles are not able to work with new Java-Versions. And new Browsers are not accepting old Java-plugins due to security.

I'm interested in updating these software as soon as possible.

Does anyone have an overview about java-requirements for all the different HP-remote-consoles?



No PCI-E information in iLO Device InventoryOpen in a New Window

Hi there,

as you can see in the attached image, there aren't any information about the storage controller for the IO Accelerators PCI-E cards.

What do we need to do to get these information?


iLO Data CollectionOpen in a New Window

Hi, I need to run CPQLOCFG to grab information for HP's Oneview spreadsheet. I have a script to run and it outputs the data to a text file. The script is below, however I have over 150 servers to run this against so is there anyway to not have to run this by individually typing in the servername? Also, I only need the following info:








The thing is, they want me to run this script and then copy and paste the above information into their spreadsheet. Is there anyway to automate this without having to manually copy and paste the above data from the xml files into the spreadsheet?


c:\HPQLOCFG.exe -s myserver-ilo -f hpscript.xml



<?xml version="1.0"?>

<?xmlilo output-format="xml"?>


<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="mylogon" PASSWORD="mypass">

<RIB_INFO MODE="read">














Thank you.


iLo Remote Console - needs major updateOpen in a New Window

HPE - the iLo 4 looks great but can we please brin the remote console up to current technologies !!!!!

The .net extensions for firefox (don't exist anymore) and chrome (not sure which one to use).

The Java verion, everyone else is getting away from becuase of the security nightmare that comes with the java versions .   Can't you come up with one solution that works with every browser ?

Please look in to this. 




HP ilo connection error with Powershell + HP ilo cmdletsOpen in a New Window


I just downloaded and installed the latest HP ILO commandlet package (1.3.1)

When I run a simple command I get the an error which I do not understand:

PowerCLI C:\> Get-HPiLOFirmwareInfo -Server -Username Admin


Error - - - retrieving information from iLO
Ausnahme beim Aufrufen von "UploadString" mit 3 Argument(en): "Die zugrunde liegende Verbindung wurde geschlossen: Unerwarteter Fehler beim Senden.."

In C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\PowerShell\Modules\HPiLOCmdlets\HPiLOCmdlets.psm1:12334 Zeichen:21
+ throw $retobject.err
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+CategoryInfo :OperationStopped: (Ausnahme beim A...beim Senden.."
:String) [], RuntimeException
+FullyQualifiedErrorId :Ausnahme beim Aufrufen von "UploadString" mit 3 Argument(en): "Die zugrunde liegende Verbindung wurde geschlossen: Unerwarteter Fehler beim Senden.."

Does anyone have the same issue and know a workaround or answer for this problem?


I have found a post with a same error post, but without a reply or solution:

PS C:\Windows\System32> Get-HPiLOServerName -Server usraciPV100-r  -Username "RILOE_ADMIN" –Password "password" -DisableCertificateAuthentication

Error - - usraciPV100-r - Error retrieving information from iLO Exception calling "UploadString" with "3" argument(s): "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found." At C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\PowerShell\Modules\HPiLOCmdlets\HPiLOCmdlets.psm1:19218 char:25 + throw $retobject.err + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +CategoryInfo :OperationStopped: (Exception calli...4) Not Found." :String) [], RuntimeException +FullyQualifiedErrorId :Exception calling "UploadString" with "3" argument(s): "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found."

 I’ve verified the ILO name is correct. The ILO is running version 2.05. It’s online and running. And I can log into the ILO with the username and password. I get this error message for any of the ILO’s in our environment.



How do I set screen resolution in HP ILO 4 before the OS boots? We are using BL360C blades. Thanks.Open in a New Window

How do I set screen resolution in HP ILO 4 before the OS boots?  We are using BL360C blades.

Its annoying the screen resolution is changing like 2 - 3 times before the OS boots and some screens are hard to read.   Help would be very much appreciated.   Thanks.


record/playback feature configurationOpen in a New Window

Hello Dear,

any one have an idea if need an agent to be installed on the servers to activate the record/playback feautre in iLO ?


Prevent Powershell Script printing in raw resultOpen in a New Window


I have developed a flow using Powershell script to fetch the remote Server Details. I am getting the required results.

But in the raw result, I am able to see the script which i used. I have used Invoke-command and password is visible in clear text on "Raw Result".

Can anyone help on the above issue.




iLO LDAP integration letting everyone in!?Open in a New Window

I have configured iLO with LDAP directory integration. I am able to successfully login to iLO using my AD credentials. However, other AD users are also able to login to iLO. Users who are NOT in the "iloadmins" security group shown below are able to successfully login to iLO.

Settings I am using:
Administration > Security > Directory
"User Directory Default Schema"
Directory Server Address: <FQDN of AD server>
Port: 636
Directory User Context 1: OU=groups,OU=employees,DC=contoso,DC=dc,DC=com

Administration > User Administration
Directory Groups: CN=iloadmins,OU=groups,OU=employees,DC=contoso,DC=dc,DC=com


Why does ILO4 attempt to connect to Amazon AWS ?Open in a New Window

I've just updated the firmware of a BL465c Gen 8 to the latest version 2.40.

When I now try and load the Web Interface, it takes ages to load, and in the status bar of Internet Explorer I can see that it's trying to download files from URL !

Unsurprisingly this fails as the ILO network is isolated from the internet, and the resulting web page doesn't appear to render correctly...

Surely all resources for the ILO web interface should be served from the ILO itself, and not be dependent on external sites ?!


ILO2 TLS upgradeOpen in a New Window

Dear all,

As per the above link TLS 1.0 is no longer accepted, and is already blocked by Google Chrome.


The question is: are there any plans of HP to release a version of iLO 2 with TLS > 1.2 backed in? 

Or has support ended for these kind of machines? 

And is there anything we - as users - can do to mitigate this issue - appart from using Internet Explorer, which is bound to fail in the future too.


Accessing the ILO network from the Host networkOpen in a New Window


I like to ask if it's possible to jump from the host network into the ilo network  ?

I'm having this concern because it is possible to configure the ILO from the host machine.


Thank in advance,



Upgrade DL360 G7 ILO3 -> ILO4 ?Open in a New Window


Is it possible to upgrade the ILO on a DL360 G7 from 3 to 4?




Updating firmware on c3000 blades and the OA. Two blades won't allow iLO-Web Administration accessOpen in a New Window

I have updated the O.A. to version 4.50, which is what HPSUM says to put on it, and updated the firmware on 6 of the 8 blades to version 2.29, which is what HPSUM says to put on them.  Two of the blades won't allow me to access the iLO Web Administration page.  I get a popup error that says "Autologin failed:  Cannot delete user information for currently logged in user".  I've tried multiple browsers, and clearing cache in the browsers, etc.  I don't understand why these two blades aren't behaving the same as the other 6.  Anyone have a fix for me???


ILO ProblemOpen in a New Window



iLo responds to ping yet cannot connect via https .The probelm happened after restarting the server.



iLO Powershell Write-Host Error MessageOpen in a New Window

I'm running the HP iLO cmdlets on a Task Schedule on Windows 2012 R2 Server. The script works great except I am tyring to find a way the Get-HPiLOHealthSummary cmdlet to output certain errors. Currently it only sends this part of the error: "System.Management.Automation.RuntimeException: You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression", if it detects that a server is offline.
What im looking to accomplish, is to only send me the iP Address Error info that outputs on the first line on the cmdlet via the email Body. It looks something like this: "Error - - - retrieving information from iLO". That way if a server is offline (over 40 Servers in the array), I can quickly determine which server is offline with the IP address.

It looks like the HP iLO cmdlet is possibly using a Write-Host to output their error message and that may be the issue. Can somoene please assist. 

Get-Content C:\iLO.txt |
ForEach-Object {
$all = Get-HPiLOHealthSummary -Server $_ -Username User -Password Pass -DisableCertificateAuthentication 
foreach ($status in $all)
        New-Object psobject -Property @{
            Fans = $status.Fans.STATUS
            PSupply = $status.POWER_SUPPLIES.STATUS
            Temperature = $status.TEMPERATURE_STATUS
            Status = $status.STATUS_TYPE
            Drives = $status.STORAGE_STATUS
            BIOS = $status.BIOS_HARDWARE_STATUS
            Memory = $status.MEMORY_STATUS
            Network = $status.NETWORK_STATUS
            CPU = $status.PROCESSOR_STATUS
            IP = $status.IP
            Hostname = $status.HOSTNAME 
    } | Select-Object Hostname,IP,Fans,PSupply,Temperature,Status,Drives,BIOS,Memory,Network,CPU  | Export-Csv -Path C:\Scripts\ilo\ilo.csv -Append -NoTypeInformation
$body = $Error[1]|ConvertTo-Html |Out-String
	Subject = 'ilo Status'
	Attachments = 'C:\ilo.csv'
	SmtpServer = 'MyServer'
	From = 'Ilo@hpilo'
Send-MailMessage @mailprops -Body $body


Stupid question, but where is the bridge that is on the iLO login screenOpen in a New Window

This maybe a stupid question, but where is the bridge that is on the iLO login screen. Just curious.


How can Remote Console be used with ILO FederationOpen in a New Window

When setting up ILO Federation groups, there is an associated list of privileges that includes "Remote Console Privilege".

Does anyone know how exactly you would make use of this privilege, please? I can see how login, virtual media or power, for example, work via I/F but I cannot fathom how Remote Console would work.






Why does ILO3 replace underscore characters in OU field with spaces when a CSR is generated?Open in a New Window

Hope someone can help with this.

On an ILO3 system (running firmware version 1.87), if we generate a CSR whose OU field contains an underscore character, the underscore character is *silently* transformed to a space character. As the content of the OU field has to be validated against a known list when the CSR is submitted for approval, the validation fails and hence no cert is issued which is a show-stopper for us.

If there is some good technical reason for the non-acceptance of underscore characters, then the GUI panel for filling out the CSR/cert fields should issue a warning at that stage., surely?

Here is one link:

showing that underscore is not a forbidden character in OU fields.

Alternatively, is there an "escape sequence" that should be used to prefix/surround the underscore so that it is accepted?


This does not happen on ILO4 systems, btw.





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