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CIM and storage disksOpen in a New Window

We have Clusters (DL580's) running fibered to EMA 12000's. My problems are this:
1) The SANs drive disks are not showing up or reporting to CIM when they go bad
2) The servers show up in CIM as failed - Mass Storage is red -Under Storage System Information for the controllers it shows "no agent".

All the management agents are active (including fibre array info) - so what agent are they referring to? Steam agent is running on one cluster per every storage frame.




CIM and Proliant Disk Enclosure question.Open in a New Window

Is there a way to tell which model of Proliant Disk Enclosure (4214, 4254, 4314, 4354) I have attached to a server using Compaq Insight Manager? If not, I have the Survey.txt but it gives the model # as "4LEE" or "4L7E DB" or "4L7E DT". So how do I convert that to the Model #?




Help with SIM/IRSAOpen in a New Window

Hello everyone.  I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this but if any of you out there need help implementing SIM/IRSA/Insight Online, my company can help you.  I'm former HP.  Here's my company contact info: 

Kathleen Desmond


HS Software Consulting

Email: Kathleen_desmond@hssoftconsult.com

Site: www.hssoftconsult.com

Direct: 877-581-3624


cpqiml.nlm on Netware 6.5 SP7, can't authenticateOpen in a New Window

(This is working fine on the other 8 Netware file and print servers we have on our Network)

On all of our Netware servers, I can't clear the IML log via the web interface, so I file and clear it via the cpqiml.nlm interface. That's all fine except for one server, which won't allow me to authenticate to do the clear (as my "admin.treename" user or as my own user which has rights to the whole tree).

Two possible solutions, as I see it:
- find out where the IML is and clear it some other way (so far I've not been able to figure out where that data is stored)
- fix cpqiml.nlm so it authenticates properly

Any advice on either would be greatly appreciated!




Insight Mgr 7 monitoring new DL380 g6Open in a New Window

I'm having a hard time getting Insidht Mgr 7 running on my Admin XP workstation to see our new DL380 G6 servers. I have been monitoring our existing proliant servers and Compaq workstions just fine for years.

New servers running Win 2003 server. I checked the SNMP settings and all is correct.

Any ideas



Failed diskOpen in a New Window

We have a situation where on a Netware server there was a failed disk reported. Disk was replaced but light on disk remained red. Insight Manager is telling us that disk is fine. Tried replacing disk but with same result. Have rescanned and everything still looks fine in insight manager.
It is difficult to reboot server because uptime is god here. Has anyone seen this before and what suggestions would you have to find out what is going on. Would hate to just trust insight manager and one day find out that we had faulty hardware. Both disks we used were proved to be working on other servers.

Any ideas would be gratefully considered


WMIMapper installation IssuesOpen in a New Window

Have try many times to uninstall install WMIMapper but the service refusses to start. Found that I need to add to the variable path the directory : C:\WINDOWS\System32\wbem;

just for every one to find


Failed Disk not reported on insight manager 5.2Open in a New Window

Does anyone know why a failed disk is not being reported on insight manager, it is configured to scan the servers every 5 minutes. Also, is there any way of changing the severity of an alert? ie making a failed disk a critical alert instead of a minor alert.


insight manager not acknologing server changesOpen in a New Window


I was looking at the some of the servers that are down in insight manager, and wondering why since these servers have been repaired... iml acknologed that the servers are still showing down?

I've looked at the status polling and I thought that this wouldn't be necessary since the server should send a trap notification saying it was fixed correct?

here's what I have to do every day

- run hardware status polling on all equipment with a status (red orange yellow) to get the "real" status of the equipment.

could someone please let me know what I've got to do to get insight manager to acknologe the "i'm fixed" trap messages?


Event Type text has changed to unclear messagesOpen in a New Window

if we get an Alarm in insight (also email or sms) the Event type is now for example: "Trap cpqMeRisingAlarmExtendet".
Before it was someting like: Critical Rising Threshold Passed (10007): Insight Alert.
How can we change back?


Older version of insight managerOpen in a New Window

I have a windows 2003 server without SP.
Is there an insight manager version that can be installed without installing SP on 2003srv ?


How to configure IM 7 for auto shutdownOpen in a New Window

Is there a way to configure Insight Manager 7 for auto shutdown? I'm looking to issue the shutdown command if the server starts to over heat.


Insight Manager 7 SP2 login failuresOpen in a New Window


I have an old install of Insight Manager 7 SP2 on a win2k3 server. The previous admin mapped a domain admin account to IM, but the password related to this account was changed a couple of times since then. All Insight related services are set to use the Local System account and are all started successfully. Now it seems that using any combinations of username / password / domain (previous and current passwords and with or without the domain) on the https Insight Manager login page brings a login failure each time. I've gone all the way to try pretty much each domain accounts, hoping that another one would be allowed access.

Anyone knows an easy way to reset the whole thing without having to reinstall / upgrade ? I've took a look at some posts related to login issues, without luck. I want to be able to look at the console, before upgrading to SIM.

Any feedback or help would be appreciated,


ML350 G5 Not Reporting Hard Drive Failure in OVOw or CIMOpen in a New Window

When we test the alerting by pulling out one of the drives on a G5 we don't receive alerts to OVOw or CIM. The alerts do however show up in the Windows event log and the Integrated log. Also when viewing the System Management Homepage the error is not listed. We have G4's and this problem does not occur. The Management agent version is


Insight Manager 7Open in a New Window

My organisation is now purchasing Proliant DL360 G5 servers. When they are installed into Insight Manager 7, they generate a minor alert, which I believe is associated with the agent enumeration of the ILO ver 2.0 boards, which is not understood by Insight Manager 7. There is no definitive error found when the drilling into the server from the Insight Manager console. Is there a patch or solution available for this problem?


Compaq Insight Manager RAID Storage Subsystem Information IncorrectOpen in a New Window

Hi there :-) I have a problem with the display of the Storage Subsystem information via Insight Manager 5.50. The problem is purely a visual problem but annoying all the same:

We have one machine that runs the STEAM service in our cluster to catch any broadcast message from our HSG80's. This machine running the STEAM serveice is configured to catch these messages and report them to Insight Manager whereby the storage appears under the devices 'Mass Storage' information as 'RAID Storage Subsystem 1/RAID Storage Subsystem 2' (two array cabinets controlled via two HSG controllers each!).

The problem I see is that Insight Manager reports this information incorrectly (storage subsystem 1 is shown as storage subsystem 2 and vice versa). Selecting to view the storage subsystem information display the information box with the serials of the HSG controllers (this information is incorrect and out of date - we replaced a HSG 6 months ago and it's serial is still shown in this dialogue even though physical an new HSG with a different serial is present).

However opening the Storage Window to view the attached disks shows the information for the other array!

Looking for any way to make a forced update of this information to display correctly!


Advice: ISS HIDS generating sensor wanring and registry autorun changedOpen in a New Window


Need help on this matter.

We have 3 servers using Compaq Proliant DL580G1 and the server is installed with Compaq Insight Manager version 7.1.

These servers also have HIDS, ISS Realsecure 7.0 installed.

Lately, these 3 servers are generating tons of false alerts and ISS support indicate to upgrade the CIM as in https://iss.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/iss.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_sid=D85AdKlh&p_lva=&p_faqid=1787 but the CIM is already in version 7.1.

Does anybody have similar problem encountered and resolved?

Hope to hear from you.


upgrade server agent from 6.30 to 7.70Open in a New Window

Can I upgrade directly?
Any problems or issues going straight from 6.30 server agent to 7.70 server agent?


Compaq Insight Manager 5.3Open in a New Window

Hi all,

We have Compaq Insight manager 5.3
1. How to Set the Alarm Setting for the servers which is going Yellow and Red.
2. When we set email-Farwarding i am using Outlook 2003 and security policy desn't allow CIM to send email it will ask for Security Warning saying " A Program Trying to Send email of behalf of you do you want to allow" if you click yes only it sends email using your curren MAPI settings pls let me know how to disable this security warnings.


Installation of Insight Manager 7 stops at Proliant Performance AnalyzerOpen in a New Window

I am installing Insight Manager 7 in a Windows 2003 Server ML350 box, but the installation stops at installation of Proliant Performance Analyzer. I left it overnight (about16 hours)but when I came back, the setup is still not yet finished. Is there anything I missed in the pre-installation requirements?

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