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Running JSP report using batch process ( PL/SQL or PPM)Open in a New Window


I have one custom JSP report which I am running to display content of project and I am selecting project name as report paranmeter.
Our requirement is to schedule this report to run for all active projects with different report IDs ( not with in same report). I know that we have scheduling option in submit report screen, but I would like to run the report multiple times for multiple projects.

Can anyone please help me how to achieve this.

Best Regards,


Project - Create new tabOpen in a New Window

Is it possible to create a new tab in a project? How to make?


Portlet api 2.0 supportOpen in a New Window

Hey folks.


Does anybody know, is it possible to use some mechanics from portlet 2.0 api in custom portlets building, or we stuck hard with 1.0 right now ?


TEST instance refresh with ProducttionOpen in a New Window



We are planning to refresh our test instance with Production instance. For this, we are planning to refresh database from production to TEST instance. After database refresh , do we need to follow any other steps in PPM to complete refreshing. I know we may need to run kConfig.sh script. But not sure how to proceed and which values do we need to provide at the time of running this script.

Can anyone please help me to provide steps to refresh one instance with other.

Best Regards,




How to use custom function in RequestRulesUserLibrary.jsOpen in a New Window

Hi to everyone,

I upgraded from PPM 9.1 to PPM 9.30, and now I'm not able to call the custom function defined in RequestRulesUserLibrary.js

I would like to call a custom function when I save a Change Request.  Below there is the cutom function Inside RequestRulesUserLibrary.js:

function JSMycall(idtfs, reqid, rtype, rsubtype, reqstatus) {
alert('MyFunction'); }

Have I to modify other files? Or have to to apply other configurations?

Thanks for your help


How to move the request from one existing workflow to new workflow which has sub workflowsOpen in a New Window


We have requirement where we have designed new workflow (which has subworkflows) for one of the request type.But we have old requests asociated with old workflow
of this request type.

Now we would like to move all the existing old requests to associate with new workflow with first step of sub workflow.

I believe we need to update several workflow tables to acheive this. But we dont know exactly which tables to update.

Can anyone please help us how to move the old requests to new workflow which has sub workflows.

Appreciate your quick help.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


Sort or place Modules in Homepage:Dashboard>SharedOpen in a New Window


I have created new modules and these modules appear last in the HomePage: Menu: Dashboard > Shared.

I need to place/sort the modules based on the requirements provided. 

I am able to sort or move the modules in Personalize Dashboard. This wont be reflected for all the users. 

Any advise will be appreciated





Not able to migrate ldt files getting errorOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

Part of oracle concurrent programs object type AOL : Conc Prog files throwing an error ,attaching error log

Appreciate quick help

Thanks Regards,

Rama Naidu 


Not able to Migrate simple Oracle Function in KintanaOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

We are in middle of CRP , we are facing issue to migrate a simple Oracle function which is stopping our migration.

What we done is similary we placed .sql file in our custom top sql folder and in Kintana we have chosen object type as SQL script and then Sub-path as sql/ . so is this correct ? are we missing some thing ? please suggest .

Can you share us some user simple steps document for Oracle function migration process.

Appreciate quick help.

Thanks Regards,

Rama Naidu


SQL query to get data schedule finish date from baseline and actual finish date from work planOpen in a New Window


We have a requirement where we need to pull the tasks data like scheduled finish date should come from baseline and actual finish date should come from original work plan.

I have gone through the E-R diagram but I didnot find the mapping between workplan and baseline within database.

I have tried to put mapping through sequence number of task. But If we change the original task sequence, the query will be displaying wrong results.

Can anyone please help me to prepare query to pull schedule finish date from baseline and actual finish date from original work plan.

Any help would be much appriciated.


Best Regards,



Avoid language selection screen when using SSOOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

we have implemented generic Single Sign On on our HPE PPM instances running version 9.32. Our instances have MLU activated with languages German and English.

When a user navigates to the PPM URL, he is directly put through to the login page. He does not need to enter user name and password, but needs to select his language. Is there any way to have the language pre-selected or defaulted? We want to get rid of the extra click on the login page.

Thanks for any ideas!

Best regards,



Duplicate email notificaitons : PPM 7.0.1 SP 2Open in a New Window

Hi All,

Recently we had an issue where email notifications werent being triggered to the users for the ITG's raised from demand management. Upon investigating we found out that the DB server was restarted without PPM being stopped.

So we had to stop PPM service, clear tmp and work folders, run kupdatehtml.sh and start PPM service.

After doing this, the email notifications are being triggered in multiple copies and the number of copies is huge.

We checked SMTP server and everything looks fine. We updated the table knta_notif_txn_parents and set notification_sent_flags to 'Y' wherever it was 'N'. Even then the issue persists.

Kindly suggest what has to be done to resolve this issue. We are using PPM version 7.1 SP 9.


How to change Date of HP-PPM RequestOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,


Kindly assist with the below Query,

Customer wants me to change the Date of Implementation for the Change Request in HP-PPM. Can you please let me know how can I do So

When I open the Change Request it is showing the Date in READ ONLY Mode..


Went throught he documentation but still no luck.




Can we run kRunCachemanager.sh script through PL/SQL function or procedureOpen in a New Window

Hello all,

Can we run kRunCachemanager.sh script through PL/SQL function or procedure.

We can run this through by setting environments in PPM. But we dont have environment setups yet in our environment and standard environment "KINTANA_SERVER" is not working properly. So we thought to execute this command through PL/SQL function or procedure.

Can anyone please help me how to execute this command through PL/SQL.


Best Regards,




PPM licencingOpen in a New Window


I shearch a good description of the licensing mode for PPM. It's very difficult to understand the results of the license Administration tool according to the effective licenses.

Thanks in advance


how to pass the sysdate in Baseline creation of WorkPlanOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

I have an requirement that need to pass the sysdate while creating the baseline for Workplan.

Could any one pleas help me to fix this.

ksc_create_baseline BASELINE_NAME="Baseline 'sysdate' " like this way i need it




HP PPM Tool for EBS Code Migration/Deployement to different environmentsOpen in a New Window


Can anyone provide details on how to use HP PPM tool for deploying Oracle EBS R12 code objects to multiple environments like SIT,UAT,PROD.


RE: Cannot Start Server. The Server has been disabled. Install or upgrade may have failed KNTA-10658Open in a New Window


We are trying to start an instance of HP PPM 9.22 which was copied from our UAT Environment to a new Server and DB Server. I manually changed all of the necessary parameters and passwords in the server.conf to the new hostname and database parameters. After making the changes, I ran the kUpdateHtml.sh script which ran with no problems. But when I attempt to execute the kStart.sh -name kintana1 command, it fails with the following error

ERROR server:main:(ISIntegrityServerImpl.java:406):2016/11/15-13:59:04.999 EST: Cannot start server. The server has been disabled. Install or upgrade may have failed. (KNTA-10658)
ERROR server:main:(Server.java:729):2016/11/15-13:59:05.000 EST: com.kintana.core.server.ServerDeploymentException: Cannot start server. The server has been disabled. Install or upgrade may have failed. (KNTA-10658)

For the life of me I cannot figure out why this error is happening, I have not installed or upgraded the instance yet, that is my next step after getting the new instance to run.

******* Has anyone ever received this error before or know why this is happening?  ******************










We are going to upgrade PPM into 9.31 version from 9.22. It will be great if you have any documents related to, 

  1. Issues faced during upgrade and Action taken to address the issue.
  2. Any useful documents related to upgrade process.


Thank You.
Ujjwal Anand


what is the max size recomended or supported in a Attachment field?Open in a New Window


I would like to know the max size  recomended in a Attachment field?.


Hugo Cornejo

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