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Cost Rate is not changing for the Department value in Financial summaryOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

We need some information regarding the cost factors in PPM.

Actaully we have two departments like Departmment A and Department B with below effective rates from Jan 1, 2017.

Departmment A - Rate 20$
Departmment B - Rate 30$

Now we have assigned Resource1 to Department A for Jan Month FTE of 160 hours. so the total cost is 3200$ which is showing correctly in Resource Forecast under cost section in Project.
But when we changed the Department A to Department B for the same Resource1 then the total cost should be 4800$ for the Same month of JAN, but it is still showing 3200$ in Resource Forecast.

Please let us know when it will be reflect in the Cost section of financial summary if we update the department for the same resource and which scheduler it will be part of it.



Resoure Manager's dashboard to compare resources allocation and assignment.Open in a New Window

Hello everybody!

I wonder how resource manager can monitor his resources' assignments (made by project manager) vs allocations confirmed by himself? Is there any portlet in hp ppmc?


Thanks in advance!


how to include Require Notes on Transition token in Notification of workflowOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,


We have an requirement in workflow related to the Notification where we have included the Require Notes on Transistion for the button ' Need More Info',  Here when ever he clicked that button it has to ask the comments and that comments need to be send to the other user in the form an notification.  Well i have included that option Require Notes on Transistion  while creating transistion, but am unable to find the token related to this while trying to inlcude in the notification.

Please help me which token should i need to select to inlcude notes of this Require Notes on Transistion in the Notification.


RM notifications SQLOpen in a New Window

Does anyone have some SQL and/or know the tables involved with resource management notifications?


Is there any SP to add a task to existing WBSOpen in a New Window


I know there are some WebService that exposes some methods to add a task to workplan, I wonder if there are any packages/Procedure/Function available in PPM v9.32  (or may be custom packages) .to add a task to an exsiting workplan ? 

Any help is appreciated




Copy existing projects from PRODUCTION to TEST environmentOpen in a New Window


Is there any possibility where I can copy few requests from my production environment to my TEST environment for PPM - project request type. We need to migrate some new enhancements into production. Before that we need to check the impact on old projects that were already existed in production. For this purpose, we would like to copy some existing projects from production to TEST environment.

Can anyone please guide me how we can do this.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,



Create baseline step command failing intermittentlyOpen in a New Window



We have used ksc_create_baseline step command to take baseline for the workplan automatically using workflow.

But we have observed that this step is failing sometimes without giving any error output or without producing error in log. it is simply returing "Failed". But it is sccessfully executing with same user sometimes.

Can anyone please help me what could be the problem. Is it something related to performance.

I dont see we are facing performance issue because application is working well.

Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue.


Best Regards,




Updating "Hours per day" Setting Affecting Staffing Profile AllocationOpen in a New Window


I am attempting to update the hours per day setting within the "Modify Regional Calendar: US". 

I am able to update the hour setting fine, but it updates all of my resource's allocation within all staffing profiles. Is there anyway that I can update hours per day globally without disrupting the resource allocations within the staffing profiles?

thank you in advance,



HP PPM - MS TFS IntegrationOpen in a New Window


It would be great if you can share any inputs regarding PPM - MS TFC integration, interms of version control and defect tracking (with the help of HP QC/ ALM)






PPM with GIT repositoryOpen in a New Window

Would anyone who has gone through the process of transitioning their PPM repository to use Git (from any other repository - mine currently uses RCS) be willing to post documentation related to the actual cutover process, tips, pitfalls to avoid, successes, etc.?




[PPM] Sorting the values in a field (DOMAIN)Open in a New Window


I'm using the DOMAIN field in a PPM Request Header.
For the moment I use the simple list attached to a validation, in which I create the needed values on the fly.
But some customers want the list to be sorted alphabetically.
I tried to create a new validation validated by a SQL statement but:
1/ it erases the data in the former list,
2/ I don't know in which table I must search the values to display with the SQL statement.
Could you give me some help please?

Thank you.


Staffing profile gets Cancelled when we change the Driving process for the projectOpen in a New Window

Hello Team,

Currently we are working on enhancements for the project workflow where we have designed complete new workflow and sub workflows for the existing request type "PPM - Project".

We have old projects with old workflow. And we are planning to change them to new workflow.
For this, we have enabled "Driving process" field in summary and saved the project to new workflow.

But we have observed that staffing profile which was linked to this project gets Cancelled with this change.

Can anyone please let me know how to fix this.We should not change the staffing profile status to Cancelled with this change.

If it is standard functionality, then please let us know the workaround for this issue.

Best Regards,


Rename the column/field/Text Forecast in Financial Summary sectionOpen in a New Window


How do we rename the column/field/Text "Forecast" to something else in the financial summary section?

Any advise will be helpful




Limiting Request Form Request Header Type Edit in One Workflow Step on Security GroupOpen in a New Window

I have a need for a Security Group, Requesters, to be able to Create Requests, and Edit Request Header Types data when the Request is in several special Workflow Steps.  However, while in other Workflow Steps where other Security Groups may be able to Edit the Request Header Types data i would like to prevent the Requesters Security Group from being able to, and to only see, Edit the Request Header Types data.

I have not been able to find a configuration that sets Can (or cannot) Edit Request Form Request Header Type by Workflow Step by Security Group.  Is this possible to do something like this with existing configuration settings or some form of token or some form of customization?

You all in this forum have been most helpful and am hoping you have some solution to set this limitation for me.

Michael A.


PPM and AzureOpen in a New Window

Anybody already started on this?  Or any cloud integration with PPM?

Curious about pitfalls, successes, etc.


How to add custom task user data fields to workplan templateOpen in a New Window


We have requirement where we need to add custom task user data fields to work plan template.
We believe we cannot add any of the new fields other than below standard fields.

Scheduled Duration
Scheduled Effort

One way we were thinking is we can create one temporary project, update all the tasks along with data for those custom user data fields, and then convert that project to work plan template. But when we convert this temporary project to work plan template, we observed that data for those user data fields are not appearing.

Can anyone please help on whether we can add custom task user data fields to work plan template.


Best Regards,



HP PPM Workflow Security - limit 1 of many Workflow Step Transitions to one Security GroupOpen in a New Window

We are currently using HP PPM version 9.22.

 I have a PPM Workflow Step, Create ALM Project, which has 3 transitions out of it -

  • On Hold
  • Withdrawn
  • ALM Setup Complete

The Workflow Step has 2 security groups that can work within the step -

  • Approvers Security Group
  • ALM System Admin Security Group

I would like for the ALM System Admin Security Group to be able to perform all 3 transition moves.

However, I would like for Approvers Security Group to only be able to select between On Hold or Withdrawn transition moves.  The Approvers Security Group cannot be allowed to move to the ALM Setup Complete step transition.

I cannot find anyway to configure such a restriction on Approvers Security Group only, is this possible?

Michael A.


HP PPM Time Management Estimates vs. ActualsOpen in a New Window

We are using HP PPM version 9.22.  We are creating Requests using Demand Management.  I have set up Time Management Activities for all possible Request work items and have associated the Activities with appropriate Requests

In the HP PPM Workbench, for each Demand Management Request Type, I have configured on the Resources Tab to 1) Use Time Management to track actuals, and 2) Activity is required for time logged against requests.

Once a Request is approved we would like to estimate the breakdown of hours by all Activities for the Request, at the level of each individual Activity.

I cannot find anyway to do this in HP PPM.


  • Request ABC has been submitted and approved
  • Manager indicates "Activity - Designing" will have an estimate of 40 hours for Request ABC
  • Manager indicates "Activity - Coding" will have an estimate of 80 hours for Request ABC
  • Manager indicates "Activity - Implementing" will have an estimate of 10 hours for Request ABC
  • Worker enters in time in Time sheet, selects Time sheet "Add Request" adding Request ABC, then selects line item Request ABC on Time sheet and selects "Line Details", and selects "Activity - Designing", "Activity - Coding".
  • Worker enters actual hours against the Activities line details.

That is the scenario.  Then we wish to report Actuals vs Estimates by each Request, and each Request's individual Activities.


locking staffing profile data at a point in timeOpen in a New Window

My management is interested in locking a staffing profile at month end so that no more changes can be made from that point backwards.  We still want the ability to edit the staffing profile for future months.  Why?  Because too many people are wasting time making changes to the staffing profile history to have it reflect reality.  Another thought is that once the staffing profile data is stable/locked, we can export that data into timesheets (for a different reason i don't want to get into here).

Is it even possible to lock down the staffing profile at a certain date, but still allow future changes to be made?  I looked at the Lock Down status, but that does not allow me to make future changes and it affects the Forecast Planning page (what is that?)

thanks for any insight you can provide,


KNTA-10224 with PPM 9.32.0000 on RedHatOpen in a New Window

Hello PPM World,

I have just installed fresh 9.32 on Linux. It has accepted the jdbc string I provided, created a schema, and afterwards of the startup writes in log... what DB is not reachable. Strange, I have regenerated twice a password encrypted, have done updateHtml, tested the connection in sqlplus - all is fine, but PPM not sees the DB. How I test the jdbc string from inside of jboss? The string comes as jdbc:oracle:thin:@ - have tested with a real IP as well. Thanks for an advice!

Cache region validation not found in cache.conf. (KNTA-11043)
 at com.kintana.core.arch.DBAdapter.getCache(DBAdapter.java:386)
 at com.kintana.core.arch.DBAdapter.loadWrapper(DBAdapter.java:101)


STATUS server:Timer-0:(StreamEncoder.java:221):2016/12/29-05:20:11.162 PST: Dec 29, 2016 5:20:11 AM java.util.prefs.FileSystemPreferences syncWorld
WARNING: Couldn't flush system prefs: java.util.prefs.BackingStoreException: /etc/.java/.systemPrefs/com create failed.

STATUS server:localhost-startStop-1:(Server.java:534):2016/12/29-05:19:40.208 PST: Server is starting in standalone mode
STATUS server:localhost-startStop-1:(Server.java:973):2016/12/29-05:19:40.214 PST: Starting RMI on port 1099
STATUS server:localhost-startStop-1:(Server.java:641):2016/12/29-05:19:40.239 PST: HP Project and Portfolio Management v9.30
STATUS server:localhost-startStop-1:(Server.java:647):2016/12/29-05:19:40.290 PST: Local IP address =
STATUS server:localhost-startStop-1:(Server.java:653):2016/12/29-05:19:45.243 PST: License accepted.
STATUS server:localhost-startStop-1:(Server.java:655):2016/12/29-05:19:45.274 PST: OptQuest Engine Version
STATUS server:localhost-startStop-1:(Server.java:667):2016/12/29-05:19:45.276 PST: Thu Dec 29 05:19:45 PST 2016
STATUS server:localhost-startStop-1:(ISIntegrityServerImpl.java:394):2016/12/29-05:19:46.294 PST: Oracle Oracle Database 11g Release - Production
STATUS server:localhost-startStop-1:(ISIntegrityServerImpl.java:395):2016/12/29-05:19:46.295 PST: Oracle JDBC driver
STATUS server:localhost-startStop-1:(ISIntegrityServerImpl.java:396):2016/12/29-05:19:46.295 PST: jdbc:oracle:thin:@


STATUS server:Timer-0:(StreamEncoder.java:221):2016/12/29-05:20:41.099 PST: Dec 29, 2016 5:20:41 AM java.util.prefs.FileSystemPreferences syncWorld
WARNING: Couldn't flush system prefs: java.util.prefs.BackingStoreException: /etc/.java/.systemPrefs/com create failed.

ERROR :Thread-8:(PPMLicenseDataSource.java:334):2016/12/29-05:20:45.394 PST: The database could not be reached. (KNTA-10224)
The database could not be reached. (KNTA-10224)
nested detail:java.sql.SQLException: Connection Pool is disabled due to the previous failures
ERROR :Thread-8:(PPMLicenseDataSource.java:334):2016/12/29-05:20:45.542 PST: The database could not be reached. (KNTA-10224)
The database could not be reached. (KNTA-10224)
nested detail:java.sql.SQLException: Connection Pool is disabled due to the previous failures



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