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PPM documentation - now live onlineOpen in a New Window

We're excited to announce that PPM help is now online at http://ppm-help.saas.hpe.com.

Online help is currently available for PPM 9.40 and PPM 9.41.

 PPM joins the other LM and ADM help centers. Check out our ADM docs gateway at http://admhelp.saas.hpe.com.


PPM - Schedule a dashboard to be sent by mailOpen in a New Window


We had a dashboard in PPM that download automaticaly in excel, we want to sent this dashboard by email in a schelude way. Could you please tell us is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Portfolio and Program Procedure and ProcessOpen in a New Window

Hi Guys,

Would you please share with me the procedures and processes for a portfolio and program of projects and for a Portfolio Management Office?

I need it very urgent for tomorrow.


DocumentationOpen in a New Window


How to get information about undocumented commands hp ppm, for example ksc_run_plsql_procedure?


PPM documentation - now live online!Open in a New Window

We're excited to announce that PPM help is now online at http://ppm-help.saas.hpe.com.

Online help is currently available for PPM 9.40..

 PPM joins the other LM and ADM help centers. Check out our ADM docs gateway at http://admhelp.saas.hpe.com


How to create Reports in PPMOpen in a New Window



Is there any document which can provide the reference on how to create the reports in PPM

Kindly suggest






HPPM DocumentationOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


I am not sure if I have posted on a correct forum.

Can someone please help me with the online documentation of HPPM or if there are any videos available

I am in a learning phase and want to start by reading.



Migrate Oracle Application patch through Kintana (PPM) toolOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

We are using kintana tool to migrate application code in our Oracle ERP system. Is it possible to migrate to Oracle Application patch also through Kintana tool?





Ready to Get Serious about DevOps?Open in a New Window

HPE has DevOps classes that will help you meet your training needs, no matter where you are in your DevOps journey. Training includes:

  • Workshops for Decision Makers
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Create custom Java PortletOpen in a New Window


I need to create a custom Java portlet, but i can't find any guidelines on how to do that. I found documents on how to deploy a custom java portlet (hp_man_PPM9.30_CreatPortletModule_pdf), but how to create one step by step?

Does anyone have a guideline or any other information on creating a custom java portlet to share?

Thanks for support


Closure of old timesheetsOpen in a New Window

We have to close/approve all the timesheets before 2014.

Since the number is quite large , is there any automated way or function to close this number of timesheets in HP PPM.


HP PPM Scenario PlanningOpen in a New Window

Hello - I am looking for a HOW TO kind of guide or video to show me how HP  PPM should work for portfolio optimization / scenario planning.  I find the manuals fragmented and hard to follow, so I'd like to see an easy start as to what to enter in the fields and what the outcome means from that input.  Is there such a tutorial?

thank you


what is "Specific Event" in define transition window (HP PPM 9.3-)Open in a New Window


In HP PPM 9.30, there is a workflow transition type called "Specific Event" with the options "Assign Demand", "Schedule Demand", "Reject Demand". Could anyone please explain what is this and at what situations can we use it? I searched HP PPM manuals but coudnt able to understand it properly.


Manoj Kumar N S


Documentation for Search Position Availability page.Open in a New Window

I was wondering what is the purpose of "Search Position Availability" page in PPM 9.31 (Open --> Resource Management --> Analyze Resources --> Search Position Availability). There is no reference of it in Resource Management User Guide for 9.30. Can some please shade some light on this functionality?





Understanding and Tuning PPM CacheOpen in a New Window

The white paper "Understanding and Tuning PPM Cache" describes the PPM Cache architecture up to PPM 9.30, as well as the changes introduced to the Cache in PPM 9.31. It should help PPM administrators to correctly tune PPM Caches in order to achieve optimal system performance.


To view and download this white paper, go to https://softwaresupport.hp.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/KM01777483.






How to use AntiSamy feature in PPM CenterOpen in a New Window

AntiSamy feature in PPM Center gains wisdom from the OWASP AntiSamy project. For PPM, AntiSamy makes sure user's HTML, CSS and JavaScript input strictly follows rules defined by the policy file antisamy-ppm.xml.


For detailed information about this feature, see the white paper from the following location:



Updating Staffing Profile status From the Request Workflow - Can this be done using Ksc_run_sql?Open in a New Window

What I'm attempting to do is update the Staffing Profile status based on the an action taken in the request workflow.


I was trying to build an execution step that would do this but it's failing every time.


I'm running ksc_run_sql... 


ksc_run_sql QUERY_STRING="UPDATE rsc_staffing_profiles set status_code = 1 where container_entity_id = [REQ.REQUEST_ID];" ENV_NAME="[SOURCE_ENV.ENVIRONMENT_NAME]"


Perhaps I can't run an Update statement here?



Source Command:update_status

Running query: UPDATE rsc_staffing_profiles set status_code = 1 where container_entity_id = 33370;
Unexpected error!
ERROR: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.


PPM Center 9.3x Master Release NotesOpen in a New Window

The PPM Center 9.3x Master Release Notes contains direct download links to the release notes and installation bundles for all patches that were released on top of PPM Center version 9.30. 


You can click release version number (in the Release column) for release notes, and click the patch bundle name (in the Patches column) for the patch details and download links. 


Here is the SSO link for the PPM Center 9.3x Master Release Notes:



Unknown error when trying to access Help Center on PPM Center v9.30 instanceOpen in a New Window

Problem: If you receive an unknown error as follows when trying to access the Help > Help Center via the Help menu on a v9.30 instance:


An unknown error has occurred. 
The attachment file could not be downloaded. The file: manual/PPM_help.htm no longer exists on the server. Please contact your HP Project and Portfolio Management system administrator. (KNTA-10697)


Workaround: Please rename all "..\manual\PPM930_help.*" files to "..\manual\PPM_Help.*" on the PPM Server.


Then, users should be able to launch the PPM Help Center properly.


PPM Report How ToOpen in a New Window

Can anyone guide me to some tutorials, documenation, whitepapers etc... on how to create reports using PPM.  I have two reports that I need to create and I do not have any guidance in this area.  I am pretty new to HP PPM.


Thank you

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