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Performance Anywhere release 1.15 is now available!Open in a New Window

What’s New in HP Performance Anywhere 1.15


HP Performance Anywhere version 1.15 introduces the following additional enhancements: brand new interface for problem isolation, improved script recorder, and overall quality improvements.


New Isolation Page:

  • The new isolation page layout includes  increased functionality for clear problem isolation:
    • Holistic overview that displays the following:
      • Transactions overtime view that presents a comparative analysis against the baseline and static thresholds.
      • Related alerts.
  • Review of proposed top causes and their correlated metrics.
  • Automatic correlation of business metrics to infrastructure.

Script Recorder Enhancements:

  • Upgraded TruClient Script Recorder that provides the following improvements:
    • Recording mobile scripts
    • Recording in Internet Explorer


Upgraded Private Location:

  • Upgrade private location to latest HP Business Process Monitor version 9.22.


Quality Improvements:

  • There are overall application quality improvements in this version.



Performance Anywhere release 1.1 is now available!Open in a New Window

What’s new in Version 1.1:




  • Improved Time To Value - Creation of baseline after less than a day of data.
  • Improved predictive analytics alerting: In the event of a real problem, analytics will alert users immediately - not waiting for additional sample data (to be certain it is not a momentary spike). In cases when there is not clear performance problem it will wait for an additional sample data to avoid alerting on momentarily spikes)



  • Added more visibility into the mobile end user experience through the addition of wireless Points of Presence in HP  SaaS.  HP Performance Anywhere can now provide insight into carrier performance & availability.
  • Created the ability to compare between regular and mobile PoPs and see trends.


User Experience Improvements

  • Optimized first time user interaction: tips and tricks, user performance improvements, improved orientation, and created getting started videos
  • Improved Analytics Highlights User Interface with geographical visualization
  • Improved navigation (linkable breadcrumbs)


Synthetic Monitoring

  • Added snapshot on error for better investigation of end user issues
  • Improved support for historical synthetic monitoring reports
  • Added alerts indication in overtime reports




If you are still not a customer of Performance Anywhere and would like to give it a try, go to:http://www.hp.com/go/PerformanceAnywhere and ask for a free trial


Performance Anywhere 1st release is now available!Open in a New Window

The 1st release of Performance Anywhere is now available with the following capabilities:


- Synthetic End User monitoring with off-premise & on-premise locations.

- Application Server monitoring (Diagnostics) for Java, .NET and Python apps.

- Automated, self-provisioned management

- Smart Analytics for quick resolution.

- End-to-end view of application health span frontend and backend with application layer analysis.

- Report defects with supporting data for quicker resolution (Integrated with HP ALM/QC or HP Agile Manager).

- Correlate app issues in production with code changes (Integrated with HP ALM/ALI or HP Agile Manager).

- Social Collaboration among operations, development, and test teams.

- Lightweight scripting tool for Easy script creation & maintenance (with HP TruClient).

- Sharing scripts across testing and operations to improve productivity.

- Alerting capabilities for effective problem detection


If you are still not a customer of Performance Anywhere and would like to give it a try, go to: http://www.hp.com/go/PerformanceAnywhere and ask for a free trial

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